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20200910 ‘Nothing nefarious at all’: Backlash as ex-NSA chief, involved in mass surveillance revealed by Snowden, joins Amazon board ALEXANDER, KEITH B. / AMAZON
20200909 NSA Chief Who Oversaw Sweeping Domestic Phone Surveillance Joins Amazon Board As Director ALEXANDER, KEITH B.
20130915 Inside the mind of NSA chief Gen Keith Alexander - A lavish Star Trek room he had built as part of his 'Information Dominance Center' is endlessly revealing ALEXANDER, KEITH B.
20130801 IT-Konferenz Black Hat: Geheimdienst-General auf Kuschelkurs ALEXANDER, KEITH B.
20130731 NSA Director accused of lying to Congress at Black Hat USA 2013 keynote ALEXANDER, KEITH B.
20130731 NSA Director Heckled At Conference As He Asks For Security Community's Understanding ALEXANDER, KEITH B.
20130720 Innenminister Friedrich zur Prism-Affäre: "Ich weiß nicht, was Herr Alexander da gesagt hat" ALEXANDER, KEITH B. / FRIEDRICH, HANS-PETER / NSA
20130715 The crux of the NSA story in one phrase: 'collect it all' - The actual story that matters is not hard to see: the NSA is attempting to collect, monitor and store all forms of human communication ALEXANDER, KEITH B. / NSA
20130715 For NSA chief, terrorist threat drives passion to ‘collect it all,’ observers say ALEXANDER, KEITH B. / NSA
20130711 NSA director Keith Alexander to speak at hacker conference in Las Vegas - Keynote address at Black Hat comes days before Def Con, whose organiser has urged federal employees to stay away ALEXANDER, KEITH B. / BLACKHAT / DEFCON
29.07.2012 NSA-Chef an Hacker: Wir beschatten nicht alle US-Bürger DEFCON / NSA / ALEXANDER, KEITH B.