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20200604 Exklusiver Bericht des „Telegraph“ - Ex-MI6-Chef überzeugt: Corona stammt aus einem chinesischen Labor DEARLOVE, RICHARD / ATTRIBUTION
20200603 Exclusive: Coronavirus began 'as an accident' in Chinese lab, says former MI6 boss - Sir Richard Dearlove tells Telegraph's Planet Normal podcast that new scientific report suggests key elements of the virus were 'inserted' DEARLOVE, RICHARD / ATTRIBUTION
20200528 China Proposes A Law Allowing Citizens To Sue US For Starting Coronavirus Pandemic ATTRIBUTION
20200516 Japan to join calls for probe into WHO’s coronavirus response ATTRIBUTION
20200515 Außenminister Lawrow Russland weist Merkels Hacker-Vorwurf zurück LAVROV, SERGEY / ATTRIBUTION / RU-DE / MERKEL, ANGELA
20200514 ‘We’ll cut off the whole relationship’ – Trump throws some signature shade at China in new interview TRUMP, DONALD / US-CN / ATTRIBUTION
20200514 Beijing signals harsh counter-sanctions for US lawmakers & STATES targeting China over Covid-19 outbreak ATTRIBUTION / CN-US
20200511 ‘We are at war. Make no mistake’: WH official kicks anti-China rhetoric up a notch ATTRIBUTION / US-CN / NAVARRO, PETER / WHITE HOUSE
20200510 WHO dementiert Telefongespräch mit Chinas Präsident WHO / SPIEGEL / BND / CN / ATTRIBUTION
20200510 WHO rebuts German reports of China-WHO withholding COVID-19 info SPIEGEL / WHO / CN / ATTRIBUTION
20200510 China Asked WHO To Delay Pandemic Announcement, Deny Human-To-Human Transmission: German Intelligence ATTRIBUTION
20200507 Recherchen des NDR BND zweifelt an Corona-Geheimdienstdossier über China ATTRIBUTION / BND
20200507 Australia ‘concerned’ over reports US may have leaked documents to boost Trump’s Wuhan lab claims AU / ATTRIBUTION / FIFE EYES
20200507 China backs WHO investigating origin of Covid-19, hits out at US ‘politicising issue’ ATTRIBUTION
20200505 China Slams 'Evil Liar' Pompeo Over Wuhan Lab 'Nonsense' CN-US / POMPEO, MIKE / ATTRIBUTION
20200505 Ursprung des Coronavirus Geheimdienste halten Laborunfall für "höchst unwahrscheinlich" ATTRIBUTION
20200505 Reparationen für Coronavirus "Soll China dem Rest der Welt einen Scheck über zehn Billionen Dollar ausstellen?" ATTRIBUTION
20200505 US will have ‘definitive’ report on Covid-19 origins, Trump says, after pushing ‘Wuhan lab’ theory ATTRIBUTION
20200505 Five Eyes spies have NO EVIDENCE that coronavirus emerged from Wuhan lab, report suggests in U-turn from previous leaks FIFE EYES / ATTRIBUTION
20200503 "Five Eyes"-Geheimdienstpapier Schwere Vorwürfe gegen China wegen Coronavirus ATTRIBUTION
20200502 Coronavirus NSW: Dossier lays out case against China bat virus program ATTRIBUTION / AU / FIFE EYES
20200501 spiegel Anschuldigung von US-Präsident Trump sieht Hinweise auf Coronavirus-Ursprung in chinesischem Labor ATTRIBUTION
20200428 Deutsche Außenpolitiker fordern unabhängige Untersuchung in Wuhan ATTRIBUTION
20200427 Western Spy Agencies Investigating Wuhan Scientist Highlighted By Zero Hedge In January ATTRIBUTION
20200424 China rejects Pompeo's request for access to Wuhan lab POMPEO, MIKE / CN / ATTRIBUTION
20200416 Chinese Coronavirus Is a Man Made Virus According to Luc Montagnier the Man Who Discovered HIV ATTRIBUTION
20200413 ‘Where was your patient zero?’ Chinese official speculates AMERICANS may have infected Wuhan at army games & calls to ‘come clean’ ATTRIBUTION
20200325 Pompeo’s focus on blaming China for coronavirus derails joint G-7 statement POMPEO, MIKE / ATTRIBUTION / G7
20200324 US-Regierung torpediert G7-Erklärung Streit über "Wuhan-Virus" G7 / TRUMP, DONALD / POMPEO, MIKE / ATTRIBUTION / COVID-19
20200324 Pompeo Issues '5 Facts' Claiming Iran Exported COVID-19 To "At Least 5 Countries" POMPEO, MIKE / ATTRIBUTION / COVID-19
20200318 US military ‘did not give it to ANYBODY’, coronavirus came from CHINA: Trump gets involved in bioweapon conspiracy spat ATTRIBUTION / COVID-19 / TRUMP, DONALD
20200316 Pompeo tells China to quit spreading ‘outlandish rumors’ and blaming US for Covid-19 pandemic POMPEO, MIKE / ATTRIBUTION / COVID-19 / CN
20200314 The Article That Got Me Booted Off BUYNISKI, HELEN / COVID-19 / ATTRIBUTION
20200313 Beijing won't disown spokesman’s theory of US hand in coronavirus outbreak ATTRIBUTION / CN / COVID-19
20200313 Twitter Won’t Remove Chinese Official’s Tweet Suggesting US Army Introduced Virus Into Wuhan ATTRIBUTION
20200313 Twitter Won't Remove Chinese Official's Conspiracy Theory Suggesting US Army Secretly Infected Wuhan With COVID-19 ATTRIBUTION / COVID-19
13.03.2020 ‘Where was your patient zero?’ Chinese official speculates AMERICANS may have infected Wuhan at army games & calls to ‘come clean’
20200313 Ursprung des Coronavirus: China zeigt auf die USA COVID-19 / ATTRIBUTION / CN
20200312 'US Army Behind Covid-19 In Wuhan': China's Foreign Ministry Levels Bombastic Charge ATTRIBUTION / COVID-19 / CN
20200311 Trump admin blames China for 2 months lost in coronavirus prep as experts warn flaws in US health system doom its readiness COVID-19 / ATTRIBUTION
20200310 Médico iraquí: EEUU introdujo coronavirus por gorras infectadas COVID-19 / ATTRIBUTION
20200305 Сoronavirus may be a product of US ‘biological attack’ aimed at Iran & China, IRGC chief claims COVID-19 / IR / ATTRIBUTION
20200203 Creator Of US BioWeapons Act Says Coronavirus Is Biological Warfare Weapon 2019-nCoV / BOYLE, FRANCIS / COTTON, TOM / BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS / ATTRIBUTION
20200203 Francis Boyle Creator Of BioWeapons Act Says Coronavirus Is Biological Warfare Weapon BOYLE, FRANCIS / 2019-nCoV / BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS / ATTRIBUTION
20200201 The American crown or biological war against China. COVID-19 / ATTRIBUTION / US
20200131 Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag ATTRIBUTION


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20190621 Cyber-sleuths responsible for Russiagate now warn of ‘Iranian hackers’ ATTRIBUTION
20190618 Solar flare, aging infrastructure or Russia: Who gets blamed when the US has a massive power outage? ATTRIBUTION / US


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20810821 ‘Faith-based attribution': Microsoft unable to identify those behind pre-midterm hacking – experts ATTRIBUTION
20180503 Burning Umbrella: An Intelligence Report on the Winnti Umbrella and Associated State-Sponsored Attackers ATTRIBUTION / CN
20180322 ‘Pentagon cyber-espionage op’: US reportedly behind Slingshot malware targeting Mid East & Africa KASPERSKY / PENTAGON / US / ATTRIBUTION
20180322 GRU’D UP - EXCLUSIVE: ‘Lone DNC Hacker’ Guccifer 2.0 Slipped Up and Revealed He Was a Russian Intelligence Officer GUCCIFER 2.0 / GRU / DNC / ATTRIBUTION / STONE, ROGER
20180320 Kaspersky's 'Slingshot' report burned an ISIS-focused intelligence operation KASPERSKY / PENTAGON / US / ATTRIBUTION
20180315 Cyberattacks Put Russian Fingers on the Switch at Power Plants, U.S. Says US / CYBERWAR / ATTRIBUTION / RU
20180310 Putin on alleged US election interference: I don’t care PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / ATTRIBUTION
20180307 Leaked Files Show How the NSA Tracks Other Countries’ Hackers ATTRIBUTION
20180226 Who Wasn’t Responsible for Olympic Destroyer? ATTRIBUTION
20180219 A Consensus Emerges: Russia Committed an “Act of War” on Par With Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Should the U.S. Response Be Similar? DNC / ATTRIBUTION / US / RU
20180126 Dutch ‘Cozy Bear’ Farce Does Not Show DNC Emails Were Hacked By Russians AIVD / COZY BEAR / DNC / ATTRIBUTION / FSB / GRU
20180126 Cozy Bear Niederländischer Geheimdienst soll russische Hacker überwacht haben AIVD / COZY BEAR / DNC / ATTRIBUTION
20180125 Dutch intelligence agency spied on Russian hacking group: media AIVD / COZY BEAR / DNC / ATTRIBUTION / RU / CIA / NSA
20180123 DLD18: Cybersecurity als Aufgabe für Staat, Unternehmen und die Bürger CROWDSTRIKE / ATTRIBUTION


Date Source Title Tags
20171219 Erpressersoftware USA machen Nordkorea für "WannaCry"-Attacke verantwortlich ATTRIBUTION / US / KP
20171211 Ex-Spy Chief: Russia’s Election Hacking Was An ‘Intelligence Failure’ MORELL, MICHAEL / RU / DNC / ATTRIBUTION / CIA
20171004 Masquerading Hackers Are Forcing a Rethink of How Attacks Are Traced ATTRIBUTION
20170911 Unsere Angst macht Putin stark - Die Warnungen vor russischen Hackerangriffen nehmen im Westen hysterische Züge an. Besser könnte es für Moskaus Geheimdienst gar nicht laufen. ATTRIBUTION / RU
20170704 Neuer Bericht: Verfassungsschutz fürchtet mehr Cyberattacken aus Russland und China MAASSEN, HANS-GEORG / DE MAZIERE, THOMAS / BFV / ATTRIBUTION / RU / CN
20170621 Cyberattacke Russische Hacker sollen US-Wahlsystem in 21 Bundesstaaten angegriffen haben ATTRIBUTION
20170609 Russia doesn’t cry ‘Washington hackers’ despite daily attacks from US territory – Kremlin ATTRIBUTION
20170607 CNN Exclusive: US suspects Russian hackers planted fake news behind Qatar crisis QA / FBI / ATTRIBUTION
20170603 ‘Saying it’s Russians’ fault like blaming everything on Jews’ – Putin’s best quotes at SPIEF PUTIN, VLADIMIR / ATTRIBUTION
20170603 Putin tells NBC's Megyn Kelly that hacking of Democratic Party during last year's election may have been CIA-run false flag operation designed to incriminate Russia PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / US / DNC / ATTRIBUTION / CIA
20170602 ‘WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 cache shows US – not Russia – hacked past French elections’ MACHON, ANNIE / CIA / WIKILEAKS / ATTRIBUTION
20170601 Maybe Private Russian Hackers Meddled in Election, Putin Says PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / DNC / ATTRIBUTION / US / CYBERWAR
20170601 Putin: ‘Patriotic hackers’ could exist, but ‘Russia does not order state level cyberattacks’ PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / CYBERWAR / ATTRIBUTION
20170601 Putin zu Cyberangriffen "Auf staatlicher Ebene machen wir so etwas nicht" PUTIN, VLADIMIR / CYBERWAR / ATTRIBUTION
20170517 Weltweiter Hackerangriff So arbeiten die "WannaCry"-Jäger FORENSICS / ATTRIBUTION / RANSOMWARE
20170516 Spekulationen über "WannaCry"-Attacke Was ist dran an der Nordkorea-Spur RANSOMWARE / ATTRIBUTION / KP
20170403 Vault 7: Von Wikileaks veröffentlichte CIA-Werkzeuge könnten Geheimoperationen enttarnen WIKILEAKS / CIA / ATTRIBUTION
20170403 CIA operations may be disrupted by new Wikileaks' data release WIKILEAKS / CIA / ATTRIBUTION
20170403 Wikileaks macht Tool zur Erkennung von CIA-Malware öffentlich WIKILEAKS / CIA / ATTRIBUTION
20170402 Risk Assessment — Wikileaks releases code that could unmask CIA hacking operations WIKILEAKS / CIA / ATTRIBUTION
20170331 National Security - WikiLeaks’ latest release of CIA cyber-tools could blow the cover on agency hacking operations WIKILEAKS / CIA / ATTRIBUTION
20170308 CIA knew #Vault7 was coming, focus turns to contractors as source of leak - officials ATTRIBUTION / CIA / WIKILEAKS
20170307 How the CIA steals hacking fingerprints to cover its tracks WIKILEAKS / CIA / ATTRIBUTION
20170110 FBI verwechselt die Schweiz mit Swasiland ATTRIBUTION
20170107 US-Geheimdienst: Der Putin-Report ATTRIBUTION / US / RU
20170106 ‘Propaganda intended to incite Americans’: John McAfee to RT on ‘Russian hacking’ claims MCAFEE, JOHN / ATTRIBUTION / PROPAGANDA
20170106 Young Russian denies she aided election hackers: ‘I never work with douchebags’ SHEVCHENKO, ALISA / ESAGE LAB / ZOR / RU / US / DIALOGNAUKA / BRIAN BARTHOLOMEW / KASPERSKY / ATTRIBUTION
20170106 Putin Ordered ‘Influence Campaign’ Aimed at U.S. Election, Report Says US / RU / ATTRIBUTION / DNC / WIKILEAKS
20170101 Facts force Washington Post to backtrack on report that Russia hacked US power grid ATTRIBUTION / US / RU / GRIZZLY STEPPE / BURLINGTON ELECTRIC


Date Source Title Tags
20161231 "Grizzly Steppe" Russische Hacker sollen US-Stromversorger angegriffen haben ATTRIBUTION / US / RU / GRIZZLY STEPPE / BURLINGTON ELECTRIC
20161230 Something About This Russia Story Stinks ATTRIBUTION / US / RU / CYBERWAR
20161231 ‘Russian hackers’ penetrate US power grid with ‘outdated Ukrainian malware’ ATTRIBUTION / US / RU
20161230 Creator of NSA’s Global Surveillance System Calls B.S. On Russian Hacking Report ATTRIBUTION / DNC / US / RU / WIKILEAKS / BINNEY, WILLIAM
20161021 John McAfee: 'Iran hacked the DNC, and North Korea hacked DYN' MCAFEE, JOHN / DNC / DYN / IR / KP / RU / ATTRIBUTION



Date Source Title Tags
20200407 Epoch Times: 1st documentary movie on the origin of CCP virus, Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus EPOCH TIMES / COVID-19 / ATTRIBUTION
20170604 President Vladimir Putin On Russian Election Interference (Full Exclusive) Megyn Kelly - NBC News PUTIN, VLADIMIR / KELLY, MEGYN / ATTRIBUTION