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|20200212||rt.com||[https://www.rt.com/news/480693-australia-senator-bring-assange-home/ Australian senator calls on govt to bring Assange home as journalist faces ‘death’ if extradited to US]||[[ASSANGE, JULIAN]] / [[AU]] / [[WHISH-WILSON, PETER]]
|20200104||wsws.org||[https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/01/04/assa-j04.html Ex-Australian foreign minister calls for release of Julian Assange to halt damage to US alliance]||[[ASSANGE, JULIAN]] / [[CARR, BOB]] / [[AU]]
|20200104||wsws.org||[https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/01/04/assa-j04.html Ex-Australian foreign minister calls for release of Julian Assange to halt damage to US alliance]||[[ASSANGE, JULIAN]] / [[CARR, BOB]] / [[AU]]

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Date Source Title Tags
20200212 rt.com Australian senator calls on govt to bring Assange home as journalist faces ‘death’ if extradited to US ASSANGE, JULIAN / AU / WHISH-WILSON, PETER
20200104 wsws.org Ex-Australian foreign minister calls for release of Julian Assange to halt damage to US alliance ASSANGE, JULIAN / CARR, BOB / AU


Date Source Title Tags
20191013 theago.com.au Barnaby Joyce joins calls to stop extradition of Assange to US JOYCE, BARNABY / CARR, BOB / AU / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20190604 theguardian.com Federal police raid home of News Corp journalist Annika Smethurst: AFP officers execute search warrant over 2018 report about new powers for intelligence agencies to spy on Australians FREEDOM OF PRESS / AU / SMETHURST, ANNIKA


Date Source Title Tags
20180722 zerohedge.com Super-Rich Now Spend Up To $23 Million For Second Passport AU
20180608 smh.com.au Australian officials spotted in mysterious Assange visit ASSANGE, JULIAN / AU
20180525 rt.com Colombia to become NATO 'global partner' next week – president CO / NATO / AF / AU / IQ / JP / KP / MN / NZ / PK
20180522 zerohedge.com "It's Ridiculous" - Parents Furious As Australia Seeks To Ban Use Of "Boy" Or "Girl" In Books AU
20180509 zerohedge.com Australia Bans Payments Over $10k, Unleashes "Mobile Strike Teams" In War On Cash AU / CASH
201801 meaa.org Stop criminalising journalism: Petition to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Attorney-General Christian Porter AU / FREEDOM OF PRESS / LEAKS


Date Source Title Tags
20171230 zerohedge.com Australian Banks Reportedly Freeze Accounts Of Bitcoin Users AU / BTC
20170802 zerohedge.com Aussie 'War On Cash' Tsar: "Consumers Are Part Of The Problem" CASH / AU
20170616 german-foreign-policy.com Waffen für die Welt WEAPONTRADE / DE / SA / AE / DZ / EG / KR / AU / SG
20170202 rt.com ‘Worst so far’: Trump ‘hangs up’ on Australian PM after heated call, report says AU / US / TURNBULL, MALCOLM / TRUMP, DONALD


Date source Title Tags
20160121 bangkokpost.com Australia seeks to aid terror fight Keenan to meet Prawit before heading to KL AU / TH / KEENAN, MICHAEL / WONGSUWON, PRAWIT


Date Source Title Tags
20151213 gizmodo.com.au In Australia, Even Learning About Encryption Will Be Illegal Soon ENCRYPTION / AU
20151023 news.com.au Survivor of alleged elite paedophile ring including former prime minister speaks out AU / CHILD ABUSE / KOMPROMAT / BARNETT, FIONA
20150811 spiegel.de Festnahme in Sydney: 91-Jähriger schmuggelt 4,5 Kilogramm Kokain AU / COCAINE
20150806 rt.com ‘Assange is my hero’: Australian defense employee on trial for ‘leaking confidential intel report’ AU / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20150627 thesaturdaypaper.com.au Secret Australia-Saudi deal on intelligence BIN SULTAN, BANDAR / SA / HAWKINS, NEIL / AU


Date Source Title Tags
20140324 newsnation.in Missing Malaysian plane: Australia clutching at MH370 leads after new data MH370 / AU
20140317 spiegel.de Flug MH370: Australien übernimmt Boeing-Suche im Südwesten MH370 / AU


Date Source Title Tags
20131204 abc.net.au ASIO raided office of lawyer representing East Timor in spying case AU / ASIO / TL
20131107 smh.com.au Australian spy agency helped BHP negotiate trade deals AU / ESPIONAGE / BHP / KLOPPERS, MARIUS
20130725 spiegel.de Videobotschaft: Assange gründet WikiLeaks-Partei in Australien ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS / AU
20130528 spiegel.de Australien: Hacker stehlen angeblich Pläne für Geheimdienstzentrale AU / CN / ASIO
20130424 dailymail.co.uk Australian police arrest 24-year-old 'leader' of hacking group LulzSec which was behind attack on CIA website LULZSEC / CIA / AU


Date Source Title Tags
27.09.2012 smh.com.au US calls Assange 'enemy of state' ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS / US / AU / EC
19.08.2012 timesofindia.indiatimes.com Australia 'preparing' for Assange extradition to US AU / US / ASSANGE, JULIAN
18.08.2012 abc.net.au Assange refused offer of assistance from Australia ASSANGE, JULIAN / AU
18.08.2012 smh.com US intends to chase Assange, cables show ASSANGE, JULIAN / AU / US
28.07.2012 gizmodo.com.au ONLINE: Anonymous Dumps Australian Telco Data Online [Updated] ANONYMOUS / AU
25.06.2012 patrickgaley.wordpress.com Aussie journalist still trapped in Egypt EG AU
19.06.2012 wikileaks.org Effective Declaration of Abandonment from Australian Government: Legal advisor to Julian Assange, Jennifer Robinson, met with Australian Attorney General Nicola Roxon on May 2 2012, to ask Australia for basic assistance to protect Mr. Assange. The Australian government issued an effective "declaration of abandonment", refusing to protect Mr. Assange, or make any requests on his behalf. ASSANGE, JULIAN AU
08.05.2012 telepolis.de Australiens Polizei setzt auf iFace: Die Gesichtserkennungstechnologie ist nach ihren Angaben ein in der Praxis erfolgreiches Mittel zur Identifizierung von Verdächtigen. Nun fordert man den Ausbau der Datenbanken FACE RECOGNITION / AU
13.04.2012 delimiter.com US slams Australia’s on-shore cloud fixation AU US
30.03.2012 afr.com Murdoch fires Twitter salvo at Fairfax MURDOCH, RUPERT / NDS / FAIRFAX
30.03.2012 aft.com NDS demands AFR retraction NDS
30.03.2012 afr.com Dinner and a ‘digital fingerprint’ NDS / KOEMMERLING, OLIVER / ADAMS, RAY / PELED, ABE / HASAK, REUVEN / SAGGIORI, JAN / MURDOCH, JAMES / MURDOCH, RUPERT
30.03.2012 afr.com Piracy allegations ‘irrelevant’ to takeover: Austar AUSTAR / FOXTEL / NDS
30.03.2012 afr.com ACMA monitoring piracy allegations] MURDOCH, RUPERT / NDS / AUSTAR / OPTUS / FOXTEL
29.03.2012 afr.com Federal police join News probe NEWS CORP NDS AU
29.03.2012 afr.com What the world’s media is saying] NDS
29.03.2012 afr.com Social media shows its mettle MURDOCH, RUPERT / NDS
29.03.2012 afr.com Gillard government conspicious in its aloofness NDS AU
29.03.2012 afr.com Governance concerns at News Corp NDS / AU
29.03.2012 afr.com Pay TV claims are ACMA’s beat, says Conroy NDS
17.03.2012 spiegel.de WikiLeaks-Gründer: Assange will Senator in Australien werden ASSANGE, JULIAN / AU
07.03.2012 castancentre.com Extradition and Mutual Assistance Changes Slip in under the Radar


Date Source Title Tags
20100806 news.com.au It's OK to tell police officers to 'f*ck off' AU / FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION


Name URL Location Comment
Australian Financial Review http://www.afr.com/


Date Source Title Tags
20130528 abc.net.au HACKED! By Andrew Fowler and Peter Cronau ASIO / AU / CN / ESPIONAGE