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|20200801||theguardian.com||[https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/31/china-hong-kong-security-law-american-citizen-exile China uses Hong Kong security law against US and UK-based activists]||[[HK]]
|20200706||scmp.com||[https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/education/article/3092043/national-security-law-hong-kong-schools-told-remove-books National security law: Hong Kong schools told to remove books that might fall foul of the legislation]||[[HK]]
|20200706||scmp.com||[https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/education/article/3092043/national-security-law-hong-kong-schools-told-remove-books National security law: Hong Kong schools told to remove books that might fall foul of the legislation]||[[HK]]

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Date Source Title Tags
20200801 theguardian.com China uses Hong Kong security law against US and UK-based activists HK
20200706 scmp.com National security law: Hong Kong schools told to remove books that might fall foul of the legislation HK
20200702 spiegel.de Reaktion auf Chinas neues Gesetz Demokratie-Aktivist Law flieht aus Hongkong HK
20200702 spiegel.de Proteste in Hongkong "Die Welt soll wissen, dass wir immer noch kämpfen" HK
20200701 spiegel.de Chinesische Sonderverwaltungszone Polizei meldet erste Festnahme unter neuem Sicherheitsgesetz in Hongkong HK
20200701 spiegel.de Hongkong Mehr als 300 Festnahmen bei Protesten gegen Sicherheitsgesetz HK
20200701 theguardian.com Protests break out in Hong Kong as China says new security law will allow extraditions HK
20200630 scmp.com National security law: tough new reality for Hong Kong as offenders face maximum sentence of life in jail HK
20200630 scmp.com National security law: Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam demands international respect for the legislation as it is added to city’s Basic Law CN / HK
20200630 theguardian.com China passes controversial Hong Kong national security law CN / HK
20200630 spiegel.de Medienbeichte: China verabschiedet offenbar umstrittenes Hongkong-Gesetz CN / HK
20200603 bangkokpost.com UK talks to 'Five Eyes' allies about potential Hong Kong exodus GB / FIFE EYES / HK
20200531 rt.com US govt wants to sell multimillion-dollar Hong Kong property as it revokes city's special status HK
20200530 scmp.com US-China tensions expected to escalate further after Donald Trump promises action over Hong Kong US-CN / HK
20200530 scmp.com Rush for US dollars forces Hong Kong money changers to turn away customers in droves after supplies run out HK
20200529 scmp.com Hong Kong security law: city’s future is in servicing Chinese firms, says top city economist HK
20200529 globaltimes.cn US should stand with Minnesota violent protesters as it did with HK rioters CN / US / HK
20200528 spiegel.de Geplantes Sicherheitsgesetz in Hongkong USA beantragen Uno-Sicherheitsratssitzung - China blockt HK
20200527 spiegel.de Sitzung zu umstrittenem Gesetz Polizei sichert Hongkongs Parlament HK
20200527 scmp.com Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China, US determines, as Mike Pompeo makes certification that may mean sanctions HK / US / POMPEO, MIKE
20200527 rt.com Hong Kong ‘no longer autonomous’ says Pompeo admitting changing system in China failed HK
20200522 spiegel.de Geplantes chinesisches Sicherheitsgesetz - Das Ende des freien Hongkongs HK
20200522 spiegel.de Hongkong Der Westen reagiert besorgt auf geplantes Sicherheitsgesetz HK
20200521 zerohedge.com "This Is The End Of Hong Kong": China Congress Announces Crackdown On Hong Kong With New "National Security" Law; Abandons GDP Target HK
20200519 theguardian.com MPs hear why Hong Kong had no Covid-19 care home deaths HK / COVID-19
20200510 scmp.com Coronavirus: Hong Kong residents to begin receiving reusable masks from Monday HK
20200217 scmp.com Two arrested after armed gang makes run for toilet rolls in HK$1,000 heist as coronavirus panic shows no signs of easing HK / 2019-nCoV
20200205 scmp.com Coronavirus: Hong Kong Disneyland Resort hotels suggested as quarantine centres HK
20200205 scmp.com Coronavirus: mandatory quarantine for all arriving in Hong Kong from mainland China as city leader rebuts claims of slow response HK / 2019-nCoV


Date Source Title Tags
20191224 spiegel.de Hongkong Polizei setzt Tränengas und Schlagstöcke in Einkaufszentren ein HK
20191202 zerohedge.com Hong Kong Retail Sales Suffer "Very Enormous" Crash As Tourism Collapses HK
20191202 rt.com China suspends review of visits by American warships & sanctions NGOs in response to US signing of Hong Kong bill CN / HK / SANCTIONS
20191201 spiegel.de Hong Kong Plunges Into Post-Election Chaos; Pro-Democracy Protesters Thank Trump For Signing Bill HK
20191121 zerohedge.com Wealthy Hong Kongers Are "Activating Contingency Plans" As Violence Spirals Out Of Control HK
20191111 rt.com Hong Kong rioters SET MAN ON FIRE for not backing anti-China protests (DISTURBING VIDEO) HK
20191108 zerohedge.com Hong Kong Student Dies From Injuries In First Fatality Linked To Protests HK
20191107 economist.com Black terror: Mainland Chinese are being attacked in Hong Kong - To some, the city feels increasingly menacing HK
20191106 zerohedge.com Profits, Trading Plunge At World's 3rd Largest Exchange As Hong Kong Chaos Spreads HK / HKEX
20191020 spiegel.de Protest gegen Regierung Zehntausende demonstrieren in Hongkong - erneute Krawalle HK / US
20191016 spiegel.de Spannungen mit China US-Kongress will Menschenrechte in Hongkong schützen US / HK
20191013 rt.com Xi warns any attempt to divide China will end in ‘SHATTERED BONES’ JINPING, XI / HK
20191010 rt.com Apple removes app that Hong Kong protesters used to track police movements following vandalism, attacks on officers APPLE / HK
20190819 zerohedge.com Beijing's Secret Plan B: Converting Shenzhen Into The New Hong Kong SHENZHEN / HK
20190817 zerohedge.com "The Impact On Tourism Is Huge:" Hong Kong Hotel Crisis Erupts Amid Escalating Protests HK
20190816 spiegel.de Chinas Eliteeinheit vor Hongkong Option Gewalt HK
20190815 spiegel.de Vor neuen Protesten Chinesische Staatszeitung droht mit Militäreinsatz in Hongkong HK
20190815 zerohedge.com Hong Kong Activist Leader Calls For A Run On Chinese Banks Tomorrow HK
20190814 zerohedge.com Satellite Images Confirm Chinese Armored Vehicles Parked On Hong Kong Border HK
20190814 spiegel.de Hongkong-Propaganda Was China seinen Bürgern erzählt HK
20190814 spiegel.de Massenproteste Satellitenbilder zeigen chinesisches Militär an der Grenze zu Hongkong HK / CN
20190814 spiegel.de Signal an Washington China verbietet US-Kriegsschiffen die Einfahrt nach Hongkong HK / CN / US
20190813 spiegel.de Soldaten gegen Demonstranten? Trump berichtet von chinesischem Truppenaufmarsch vor Hongkong TRUMP, DONALD / HK / CN
20190813 rt.com ‘Can’t imagine why’: Trump has no idea why anyone would relate Hong Kong protests to US meddling TRUMP, DONALD / HK
20190812 rt.com ‘World is watching’: US reaction points to Hong Kong as a ‘color revolution’ US / HK / COLOR REVOLUTIONS
20190809 spiegel.de Proteste gegen Chinas Politik "Halte durch, Hongkong!" HK
20190808 zerohedge.com US Calls China "Thuggish Regime" For Releasing Identity Of US Official Caught Meeting With HK Protesters HK
20190808 rt.com Hong Kong activist goes on defensive after being photographed with US consulate official HK
20190807 spiegel.de Anhaltende Proteste "Hongkong erlebt die schlimmste Situation seit 1997" HK
20190804 zerohedge.com "Very Dangerous Situation": Hong Kong Government Issues Warning As Protests Become Increasingly Violent HK
20190802 zerohedge.com What Would Chinese Military Intervention In Hong Kong Look Like? HK
20190801 spiegel.de Nach Massenprotesten Chinas Militär droht Demonstranten in Hongkong CN / HK
20190801 zerohedge.com Watch Hong Kong Protesters Use Lasers To Disrupt Facial Recognition Cameras HK / CCTV
20190731 zerohedge.com China Accuses US Of Orchestrating Hong Kong Protests HK / CN / US
20190726 zerohedge.com "There's No End In Sight": Hong Kong Protests Spark Comparisons To France's Yellow Vest Movement HK
20190724 zerohedge.com "This Cannot Be Tolerated": Beijing Hints It Could Send Troops Into Hong Kong If Protests Don't Stop HK
20190709 spiegel.de Hongkongs Regierungschefin Carrie Lam bezeichnet Auslieferungsgesetz als "tot" HK / LAM, CARRIE
20190709 scmp.com Politics: Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam says extradition bill ‘is dead’ HK / LAM, CARRIE
20190703 rt.com Chinese ambassador to UK: ‘Hands off Hong Kong’ HK / CN / GB
20190702 reason.com Hong Kong - Hong Kong Protests Show Dangers of a Cashless Society - Many digital payments can be tracked, potentially assisting an authoritarian crackdown. HK / CASH
20190701 zerohedge.com Watch Live: Hong Kong Riot Police Fire Tear Gas, In Running Battles With Protesters HK
20190616 spiegel.de Nach Aussetzung des Auslieferungsgesetzes Demonstranten übernehmen Hongkongs Straßen HK
20190610 spiegel.de Massenproteste in Hongkong Die Angst vor dem Ende der Freiheit HK
20190609 spiegel.de Gewalt bei Massenprotesten gegen Auslieferungsgesetz HK
20190526 spiegel.de Aus Hongkong geflüchteter Aktivist "Krieg zwischen freier Welt und Totalitarismus" HK
20190209 zeit.de Hongkong: It's Over HK


Date Source Title Tags
20180907 globaltimes.cn China calls UK reports on Hong Kong ‘ridiculous,’ autonomy guidelines working HK
20180201 zerohedge.com Chinese Stocks Tumble As Hong Kong Officials Monitor Surge In ATM Withdrawals CN / HK


Date Source Title Tags
20170731 zerohedge.com Hong Kong Interbank Rates Spike To Highest Since Lehman HK
20170701 spiegel.de Hongkongs Rückgabe-Jahrestag Tausende protestieren gegen Peking HK
20170307 aljazeera.com Asylum seekers pay price for sheltering Edward Snowden: At least four asylum seekers who hosted the US whistle-blower in Hong Kong say they have been targeted. SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / REFUGEES
20170210 rt.com Hong Kong residents squeeze into ‘coffin homes’ as housing crisis worsens HK
20170102 spiegel.de Chinesische Sonderverwaltungszone "Das unabhängige Verlagswesen in Hongkong ist tot" HK / PU, BAO


Date Source Title Tags
20160910 rt.com ‘He is one of us:’ Snowden’s lawyer on how whistleblower hid among refugees in Hong Kong SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / TIBBO, ROBERT
20160909 nationalpost.com How Snowden escaped SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK
20160407 spiegel.de Weltrangliste der Steueroasen: Dreister als Panama PANAMAPAPERS / TAX AVOIDANCE / VG / SC / LU / LI / KY / KN / GI / MH / IM / CY / LU / HK / CK / EE / SM / MT / PA / IS


Date Source Title Tags
20151020 bbc.com Hong Kong 'forced shopping' attack sees tourist killed HK
20150803 spiegel.de Protest gegen Urteil in Hongkong: "Brüste sind keine Waffen" HK


Date Source Title Tags
20141005 spiegel.de Triaden bei Demokratie-Demo: Mafia-Schläger mischen Hongkong-Protest auf HK
20141002 telesurtv.net Wikileaks: HK Protests Linked to US Government HK / US / NED
20141001 spiegel.de Proteste in Hongkong: Hacker greifen Smartphones von Demonstranten an HK
20140128 bloomberg.com Hong Kong Crime Falls as Blackmail Doubles on Naked Chat BLACKMAIL / HK


Date Source Title Tags
20130715 thedailybeast.com Snowden Case Roils Major U.S.-China Dialogue SNOWDEN, EDWARD / US / CN / HK
20130712 guardian.co.uk US 'disappointed' with China for letting Edward Snowden leave Hong Kong - Refusal to extradite NSA whistleblower 'not consistent with the new type of relationship we both seek to build' SNOWDEN, EDWARD / US / HK
20130627 spiegel.de Snowdens Flucht aus Hongkong: Name im Haftbefehl soll falsch gewesen sein SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK
20130626 guardian.co.uk US got NSA leaker Edward Snowden's middle name wrong, says Hong Kong - Justice secretary explains why White House's request for arrest of whistleblower was turned down SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK
20130626 scmp.com The US is the one with some explaining to do SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / US
20130625 spiegel.de Flucht von Edward Snowden: Pizza, Hühnchen, Pepsi SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK
20130624 rt.com Kerry says would be deeply troubled if China, Russia had known of Snowden's travel plans SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / RU / CU / KERRY, JOHN
20130624 zerohedge.com Moody's Retaliates At Hong Kong For Snowden Insubordination HK / US / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / MOODYS
20130624 guardian.co.uk Edward Snowden seeks asylum in Ecuador amid diplomatic storm - Whistleblower escapes from Hong Kong to Moscow on a commercial flight despite a formal US extradition request SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / US / RU / EC / WIKILEAKS
20130623 guardian.co.uk Whistleblower Snowden escapes arrest in Hong Kong thanks to US errors - Edward Snowden heads for Ecuador after flight to Russia leaves authorities in various countries amazed and infuriated SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / RU / EC / US
20130623 wikileaks.org WikiLeaks Statement On Edward Snowden’s Exit From Hong Kong WIKILEAKS / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK
20130623 guardian.co.uk Venezuela or Ecuador: where next for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden? Having left Hong Kong for Moscow, Edward Snowden will be assessing a number of criteria as decides on a final destination SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / RU / VE / EC
20130623 guardian.co.uk Edward Snowden 'arrives in Moscow' - NSA whistleblower lands in Russia after Hong Kong allows him to leave, with WikiLeaks saying it is providing assistance SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / HK
20130623 spiegel.de US-Informant Snowden in Moskau gelandet: Der Kreml als Fluchthelfer SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / RU
20130623 scmp.com Hong Kong has 'no legal basis' to keep Snowden, bound for Venezuela via Moscow and Cuba SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / VE / RU / CU
20130623 spiegel.de US-Informant: Edward Snowden hat Hongkong verlassen SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK
20130623 info.gov.hk HKSAR Government issues statement on Edward Snowden SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK
20130623 bangkokpost.com Hong Kong allows Snowden to leave SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK
20130623 syracuse.com Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaves Hong Kong; he reportedly has ticket to Cuba SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / CU
20130622 nytimes.com U.S. Petitions for Extradition in N.S.A. Case SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / US / EXTRADITION
20130615 rawstory.com Hong Kong protesters back Edward Snowden, denounce allegations of U.S. spying SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK
20130614 correntewire.com Six reasons why choosing Hong Kong is a brilliant move by Edward Snowden SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK
20130612 guardian.co.uk Edward Snowden vows not to 'hide from justice' amid new hacking claims - NSA whistleblower says he is not in Hong Kong to 'hide from justice' and alleges US hacked hundreds of targets in China SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / CN
20130612 guardian.co.uk Edward Snowden could remain in Hong Kong for years, legal experts say - Whistleblower could make case for rejecting US application for his return on grounds that alleged offence was political SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK
20130610 guardian.co.uk Beyond Hong Kong: Edward Snowden's best options for asylum - Choice of Hong Kong as refuge is admired, but speculation remains that he could seek sanctuary in Iceland SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / IS / JONSDOTTIR, BIRGITTA
20130610 guardian.co.uk Edward Snowden: what might China do? Whistleblower may have bought time by holing up in Hong Kong, but long-term prospects are uncertain SNOWDEN, EDWARD / CN / HK


Date Source Title Tags
02.09.2012 spiegel.de Patriotismus-Unterricht in Hongkong: "Hat das Gehirn ein Problem, muss man es waschen" HK / PATRIOTISM / BRAINWASHING