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20200326 Washington brings NARCO-TERRORISM charges against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro POMPEO, MIKE / US / MADURO, NICOLAS / VE
20200326 Venezuelas Staatschef USA setzen 15 Millionen Dollar für Festnahme Maduros aus POMPEO, MIKE / US / MADURO, NICOLAS / VE
20191111 ‘Coup against Bolivian people’ forced Morales out of office, Corbyn says MADURO, NICOLAS / VE
20191110 ‘Morales’ resignation undermines claims he is dictator, US may be behind push to oust him’ MADURO, NICOLAS / VE
20191110 Bolivian President Morales announces his resignation MADURO, NICOLAS / VE
20181012 'Trump Wants To Have Me Killed', Says Venezuela's Maduro MADURO, NICOLAS / VE
20160803 Venezuela: Reverol neuer Innenminister - trotz Drogenklage in den USA VE / REVEROL, NESTOR / MADURO, NICOLAS
20151120 Venezuelan President Calls NSA Spying On State Oil Company “Vulgar,” Orders Official Inquiry VE / MADURO, NICOLAS
20150907 Europe has to deal with refugee disaster caused by US – Nicolas Maduro to RT MADURO, NICOLAS / REFUGEES / US / IQ / LY / SY
20140303 The Washington Post Uses Biased Experts to Promote Propaganda on Venezuela WASHINGTON POST / VE / PROPAGANDA / MADURO, NICOLAS / LOPEZ, LEOPOLDO / USAID / INTER-AMERICAN DIALOGUE / / SHIFTER, MICHAEL / NAIM, MOISES
20130919 Venezuelan president denied travel through US airspace - Caracas VE / US / MADURO, NICOLAS
20130702 Edward Snowden's options dwindle after political asylum rejections - Several countries have denied whistleblower's request to seek asylum and others say he must be on their territory to apply SNOWDEN, EDWARD / ASYLUM / RU / EC / CORREA, RAFAEL / VE / MADURO, NICOLAS / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / LAVROV, SERGEI
20130305 Venezuela orders U.S. Embassy attache to leave country VE / US / MADURO, NICOLAS / DEL MONACO, DAVID