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20180509 Veteran CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Assaulted By Police While Protesting Nomination Of Gina Haspel MCGOVERN, RAY / US / HASPEL, GINA
20180509 Former CIA analyst dragged from Haspel hearing by Capitol Police after anti-torture protest MCGOVERN, RAY / USHASPEL, GINA
20180222 My First Day as CIA Director MCGOVERN, RAY
20180203 CIA, FBI Agents Respond To Nunes' Memo FISA / NUNES, DEVIN / CIA / FBI / MCGOVERN, RAY
20170516 CIA is world’s most dangerously incompetent spy agency – Assange CIA / HORNIAK, HEATHER FRITZ / WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN / MCGOVERN, RAY
20170313 'CIA dilemma: Must hire millennials, very group that respects the Constitution’ MCGOVERN, RAY / CIA
20141031 Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Arrested While Trying to Attend David Petraeus Event in New York MCGOVERN, RAY / CIA / PETRAEUS, DAVID
20140101 NSA stands for ‘No Such Amendment’: Intelligence agency violates US Constitution NSA / US / MCGOVERN, RAY / CIA / SWARTZ, AARON / MANNING, CHELSEA / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20131014 Ex-CIA-Analyst behauptet: Edward Snowdens Laptops enthielten keine Geheimnisse SNOWDEN, EDWARD / MCGOVERN, RAY
20131010 Whistleblower treffen Edward Snowden in Moskau WHISTLEBLOWING / ROWLEY, COLEEN / DRAKE, THOMAS / RADACK, JESSELYN / MCGOVERN, RAY
20131010 'US unchained itself from constitution': Whistleblowers on RT after secret Snowden meeting WHISTLEBLOWING / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / US / ROWLEY, COLEEN / DRAKE, THOMAS / RADDACK, JESSELYN / MCGOVERN, RAY