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|20191105||rt.com||[https://www.rt.com/usa/472698-mueller-report-illustrated-comic/ Is collusion still a thing? Washington Post publishing ‘illustrated Mueller report’ book]||[[WASHINGTON POST]] / [[MUELLER, ROBERT]]
|20190726||zerohedge.com||[https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-26/desperate-dem-rep-goes-full-conspiracy-theorist-claims-somebody-got-mueller  Desperate Dem Rep Goes Full Conspiracy Theorist: Claims "Somebody Got To Mueller"]||[[MUELLER, ROBERT]]
|20190726||zerohedge.com||[https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-26/desperate-dem-rep-goes-full-conspiracy-theorist-claims-somebody-got-mueller  Desperate Dem Rep Goes Full Conspiracy Theorist: Claims "Somebody Got To Mueller"]||[[MUELLER, ROBERT]]

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Date Source Title Tags
20191105 rt.com Is collusion still a thing? Washington Post publishing ‘illustrated Mueller report’ book WASHINGTON POST / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190726 zerohedge.com Desperate Dem Rep Goes Full Conspiracy Theorist: Claims "Somebody Got To Mueller" MUELLER, ROBERT
20190724 rt.com Mueller’s testimony was a major anti-climax. Will Democrats finally realize he won’t save them? MUELLER, ROBERT
20190724 spiegel.de US-Sonderermittler Mueller verweigert Trump Entlastung in der Russlandaffäre MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20190722 zerohedge.com DoJ Responds To Mueller Inquiry: "Remain Within The Boundaries" Of Your Report US DOJ / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190711 rt.com Another nail in Russiagate coffin? Federal judge destroys key Mueller report claim MUELLER, ROBERT
20190626 zerohedge.com Trump Slams Mueller For 'Illegally Deleting Evidence' On Wiped Phones MUELLER, ROBERT
20190626 spiegel.de Russland-Sonderermittler Mueller wird Mitte Juli vor US-Kongress aussagen MUELLER, ROBERT
20190529 spiegel.de Russlandermittlungen Muellers Mahnung MUELLER, ROBERT
20190529 rt.com 'Case closed!' Trump tweets nothing's changed as resigned Mueller says charging him wasn't an option MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20190529 zerohedge.com Did Special Counsel Mueller Lie To The Attorney General? MUELLER, ROBERT / BARR, WILLIAM
20190525 spiegel.de Kurzauftritt von Sonderermittler Mueller Anklage gegen Trump war "keine Option" MUELLER, ROBERT
20190522 zerohedge.com Why Was Mueller Investigation Needed If Witnesses Are Asked To Testify Again? MUELLER, ROBERT
20190521 zerohedge.com Mueller Refuses To Testify Publicly Before Congress, Infuriating Democrats MUELLER, ROBERT
20190516 zerohedge.com FBI-CIA Dispute Erupts Over Whether Comey Or Brennan Pushed Steele Dossier MUELLER, ROBERT / COMEY, JAMES / FBI / BRENNAN, JOHN / CIA / STEELE, CHRISTOPHER
20190512 zerohedge.com Why Hasn't A Single Democrat Looked At The 99.9% Unredacted Mueller Report Provided To Congress? MUELLER, ROBERT
20190510 zerohedge.com Craig Murray: The Real Muellergate Scandal MUELLER, ROBERT
20190508 spiegel.de Russlandaffäre Trump will Kongress kompletten Mueller-Bericht verwehren TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190507 zerohedge.com Ilargi: Mueller Never Wanted The Truth MUELLER, ROBERT
20190506 zerohedge.com Major Mueller Report Omissions Suggest Incompetence Or A Coverup MUELLER, ROBERT
20190501 zerohedge.com Watch Live: 'Steele Dossier' May Have Been Part Of Russian Disinformation Campaign, Barr Says BARR, WILLIAM / STEELE, CHRISTOPHER / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190501 zerohedge.com Congress Releases 'Mueller Letter' To AG Barr MUELLER, ROBERT / BARR, WILLIAM
20190501 rt.com Mueller, unsatisfied with media misinterpreting Barr’s summary, sparks more misinterpretations MUELLER, ROBERT / BARR, WILLIAM
20190427 zerohedge.com Why Didn't Mueller Investigate Whether Steele Dossier Was Russian Disinfo? MUELLER, ROBERT / STEELE, CHRISTOPHER
20190426 zerohedge.com Trump Makes Post-Mueller Vow To Release "Devastating" FISA Docs TRUMP, DONALD / FISA / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190425 zerohedge.com Mueller Report Reveals Russia Taped Bill Clinton Having Phone Sex With Monica Lewinsky MUELLER, ROBERT / CLINTON, BILL / LEWINSKY, MONICA
20190423 washingtonexaminer.com Mueller report contains claim Russia taped Bill Clinton having phone sex with Monica Lewinsky MUELLER, ROBERT / CLINTON, BILL / LEWINSKY, MONICA
20190419 zerohedge.com CNN Admits "Mueller's Report Looks Bad For Obama": Op-Ed MUELLER, ROBERT / CNN
20190419 rt.com Let’s hear out Assange? US intelligence veterans say Mueller failed to prove ‘Russian hacking’ VIPS / MUELLER, ROBERT / WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20190419 rt.com US House Judiciary Chair subpoenas attorney general for unredacted Mueller report NADLER, JERROLD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190418 rt.com Mueller was supposed to be the Democrats' savior, but now they’re out for blood US DEMOCRATIC PARTY / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190418 spiegel.de Bericht zur Russlandaffäre Was Robert Mueller wirklich über Donald Trump herausgefunden hat MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20190418 zerohedge.com Top Mueller Report Takeaways So Far MUELLER, ROBERT
20190418 zerohedge.com Mueller Report Released, Read It Here MUELLER, ROBERT
20190418 justice.gov Report On the Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election MUELLER, ROBERT / USUS DOJ
20190418 spiegel.de USA Justizminister will Mueller-Bericht erst nach Pressekonferenz veröffentlichen BARR, WILLIAM / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190416 consortiumnews.com VIPS Fault Mueller Probe, Criticize Refusal to Interview Assange VIPS / MUELLER, ROBERT / FUSION GPS / STEELE, CHRISTOPHER / DNC / WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20190416 spiegel.de Vor Veröffentlichung von Mueller-Bericht Trump bringt sich in Stellung MUELLER, ROBERT
20190415 spiegel.de Russlandaffäre Mueller-Bericht soll am Donnerstag veröffentlicht werden MUELLER, ROBERT
20190410 rt.com Those who started Russia probe were attempting a ‘coup’, AG must start investigation – Trump TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / BARR, WILLIAM
20190410 rt.com ‘Spying did occur’ by intelligence agencies on Trump campaign – AG Barr BARR, WILLIAM / MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20190409 zeruhedge.com Barr Forms Team To Investigate FBI Malfeasance During 2016 Election BARR, WILLIAM / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190405 spiegel.de Medienberichte Muellers Bericht soll schädlicher für Trump sein als bisher angenommen MUELLER, ROBERT / BARR, WILLIAM
20190402 zerohedge.com RussiaGate: "Why Did This Ever Start In The First Place?" DNC / CLINTON, HILLARY / FUSION GPS / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190401 rt.com Russiagate endgame? Democrats to issue subpoena for full, unredacted Mueller report MUELLER, ROBERT / US DEMOCRATIC PARTY
20190331 pjmedia.com "Trump Was Not Just Spied Upon, It Was Entrapment" CROSSFIRE HURRICANE / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / FBI / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190329 zerohedge.com Mueller Report Will Be Released By "Mid-April, If Not Sooner", AG Barr Says MUELLER, ROBERT
20190328 nytimes.com Mueller Report Exceeds 300 Pages, Raising Questions About Four-Page Summary MUELLER, ROBERT
20190328 zerohedge.com Mueller's Record Of Framing Innocent People To Protect The Guilty MUELLER, ROBERT
20190325 spiegel.de Donald Trump und der Mueller-Bericht Ist doch eine gute Nachricht TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190325 spiegel.de Trump und die Russlandaffäre Was Mueller herausfand - und was nicht MUELLER, ROBERT / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20190324 zerohedge.com Top Democrat: Mueller Report Doesn't Matter, "We Know There Was Collusion" MUELLER, ROBERT / NADLER, JERRY
20190324 speaker.gov Pelosi, Schumer Joint Statement On Attorney General Barr’s Summary Of The Mueller Report PELOSI, NANCY / SCHUMER, CHUCK / BARR, WILLIAM / MUELLER, ROBERT / US
20190324 rt.com Mueller probe finds no collusion or conspiracy between Trump & Russia BARR, WILLIAM / MUELLER, ROBERT / US
20190324 spiegel.de Zusammenfassung des Mueller-Berichts Sonderermittler sieht keinen Beweis für Absprachen zwischen Trump und Russland MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20190324 judiciary.house.gov AG March 24 2019 Letter to House and Senate Judiciary Committees MUELLER, ROBERT / BARR, WILLIAM / US
20190323 spiegel.de US-Medien zu Mueller-Bericht "Eine Abrechnung mit dem System" MUELLER, ROBERT
20190323 rt.com Russiagaters recover from initial shock after Mueller probe winds up & are hell-bent on hunting on MUELLER, ROBERT
20190323 spiegel.de US-Medien zu Mueller-Bericht "Eine Abrechnung mit dem System" MUELLER, ROBERT
20190323 spiegel.de US-Demokraten zum Mueller-Report "Amerikaner haben ein Recht auf die Wahrheit" MUELLER, ROBERT
20190322 spiegel.de Im Wortlaut Der Brief des US-Justizministers an die Abgeordneten MUELLER, ROBERT / US / BARR, WILLIAM
20190322 zerohedge.com First Lawsuit Filed Seeking To Make Mueller Report Public; Congress To See Conclusions This Weekend MUELLER, ROBERT / US
20190322 rt.com No new indictments!? Mueller concludes Russiagate probe, Dems demand ‘underlying evidence’ MUELLER, ROBERT / US
20190322 theguardian.com Trump-Russia investigation: Mueller report: special counsel delivers findings of Trump-Russia inquiry MUELLER, ROBERT
20190322 spiegel.de Untersuchung zu Trump und Russland Sonderermittler Mueller hat seinen Bericht übergeben MUELLER, ROBERT / US
20190225 zerohedge.com "Collusion Conspiracy Theorist" Schiff Vows To Subpoena Mueller If Final Report Not Released SCHIFF, ADAM / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190222 thehill.com Mueller won't deliver report to Justice Dept. next week MUELLER, ROBERT
20190216 spiegel.de Russland-Ermittler Mueller Lange Haftstrafe für Ex-Trump-Berater Manafort gefordert MUELLER, ROBERT / MANAFORT, PAUL / YANUKOVYCH, VIKTOR
20190131 spiegel.de Möglicher Hackerangriff Dokumente der Russland-Ermittlungen im Internet aufgetaucht MUELLER, ROBERT
20190131 rt.com Mueller claims evidence shared with Russian firm’s defense leaked to ‘discredit investigation’ MUELLER, ROBERT
20190130 nbcnews.com Mueller says Russians are using his discovery materials in disinformation effort MUELLER, ROBERT
20190129 spiegel.de Russlandaffäre Muellers Ermittlungen sollen kurz vor dem Abschluss stehen MUELLER, ROBERT


Date Source Title Tags
20181227 zerohegde.com Michael Cohen's Phone Reportedly Pinged Towers in Prague, Inciting New Steele Dossier Discussion COHEN, MICHAEL / MUELLER, ROBERT
20181227 zerohegde.com Mueller Must Be Investigated For Destruction Of FBI Evidence: Giuliani MUELLER, ROBERT
20181214 rt.com Israelgate? As Russia probe runs dry, Mueller may turn to Middle East to pursue Trump ‘collusion’ MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD / AE / SA / IL
20181213 zerohedge.com After Russia Collusion Theory Falls Flat, Mueller Turns To Middle East In Search Of Trump "Gotcha" MUELLER, ROBERT
20181210 theamericanconservative.com Mueller’s Investigation is Missing One Thing: A Crim - If he had something on Trump, we would have been watching impeachment hearings by now. MUELLER, ROBERT
20181210 rt.com Blackmailed to lie? Roger Stone associate sues Mueller, intel agencies for $350mn CORSI, JEROME / STONE, ROGER / WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN / PODESTA, JOHN / MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / CIA / NSA
20181208 spiegel.de US-Sonderermittler Mueller Russland suchte schon früh Kontakt zu Trumps Wahlkampfteam MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI
20181207 zerohedge.com In Furious Tweetstorm, Trump Slams FBI And "Lyin'" Comey Ahead Of Critical Moment In Russia Probe TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / MANAFORT, PAUL / COHEN, MICHAEL
20181128 spiegel.de Ermittlungen zur Russland-Affäre Manafort-Anwälte gaben Mueller-Ergebnisse an Trumps Anwälte weiter MANAFORT, PAUL / TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20181128 theguardian.com Trump adviser sought WikiLeaks emails via Farage ally, Mueller document alleges MALLOCH, TED / FBI / STONE, ROGER / MUELLER, ROBERT
20181127 spiegel.de Trumps Ex-Wahlkampfmanager Manafort soll Russland-Ermittler belogen haben MANAFORT, PAUL / MUELLER, ROBERT
20181126 zerohedge.com In "Stunning Turaround", Mueller Says Manafort Lied, Violated Plea Agreement, Should Be Sentenced Immediately MANAFORT, PAUL / MUELLER, ROBERT
20181121 rt.com Trump hands over written responses to Mueller's Russia probe questions MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / TRUMP, DONALD
20181116 spiegel.de Russlandaffäre Trump will Fragen von Sonderermittler Mueller beantwortet haben TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20181107 washingtonpost.com Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns at Trump’s request SESSIONS, JEFF / TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / US
20181020 zerohedge.com Judge Orders Mueller To Prove Russian Company Meddled In Election MUELLER, ROBERT
20180906 zerohegde.com Mueller Reportedly Offers Trump Legal Team "Formula" For In-Person Interview MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20180818 zerohegde.com White House Counsel "Cooperating Extensively" With Obstruction Probe, Trump Says He Allowed It MUELLER, ROBERT / WHITE HOUSE / TRUMP, DONALD
20180812 zerohegde.com Trump Gives Mueller Three Weeks For Sitdown: WSJ MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20180809 zerohedge.com Mueller To Subpoena Roger Stone's Alleged "Backchannel" To WikiLeaks: MSNBC FBI / MUELLER, ROBERT / CREDICO, RANDY / STONE, ROGER / ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS
20180809 zerohegde.com "It's Going To Blow Up On Them": Giuliani Says Mueller's Team In Deep Trouble GIULIANI, RUDOLPH W. / MUELLER, ROBERT
20180801 zerohedge.com Mueller Wants To Ask Trump About Obstruction Of Justice MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20180801 spiegel.de Twitter-Tirade Trump drängt Justizminister zu Intervention in Russlandermittlungen TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / SESSIONS, JEFF
20180801 zerohegde.com Trump Tells Jeff Sessions To End Mueller Investigation "Right Now" TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / SESSIONS, JEFF
20180726 zerohedge.com Mueller Digging Through Trump's Tweets To Make Obstruction Case MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20180724 newyorker.com What the Latest Mueller Indictment Reveals About WikiLeaks’ Ties to Russia—and What It Doesn’t MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / DNC / WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN / GUCCIFER 2.0 / DCLEAKS / GRU
20180722 zerohegde.com Clapper: Obama Was Behind The Whole Thing CLAPPER, JAMES / OBAMA, BARACK / MUELLER, ROBERT
20180718 theintercept.com What Mueller’s Latest Indictment Reveals About Russian and U.S. Spycraft MUELLER, ROBERT / FBIDNCGRU
20180716 rt.com If Mueller investigation sends official request to question suspects, Russia will do that - Putin MUELLER, ROBERT / DNC / RUPUTIN, VLADIMIR
20180715 telepolis.de Anklage von 12 russischen Geheimdienstmitarbeitern ist politisch motiviert MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / DNC
20180714 theintercept.com Indictment of Russian Intelligence Operatives Should Quell Harebrained Conspiracy Theories on DNC Hack DNC / FBI / MUELLER, ROBERT
20180713 washingtonpost.com How the Russians hacked the DNC and passed its emails to WikiLeaks DNC / GRU / GUCCIFER 2.0 / DCLEAKS / WIKILEAKS
20180713 zerohegde.com Mueller Indicts 12 Russian Intel Officials For Hacking DNC, Hillary Campaign MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / DNC / GRU / GUCCIFER 2.0 / DCLEAKS
20180713 spiegel.de Cyberattacken im US-Wahlkampf Zwölf russische Geheimdienstmitarbeiter angeklagt MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / DNC / GRU / GUCCIFER 2.0 / DCLEAKS
20180713 rt.com Mueller indicts 12 Russians for 2016 presidential election hacking offences MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / DNC / GRU / GUCCIFER 2.0 / DCLEAKS
20180713 justice.gov United States of America v. Viktor Borisovich Netyksho, Boris Alekseyevich Antonov, Dmitriy Sergeyevich Badin, Ivan Sergeyevich Yermakov, Aleksey Viktorovich Lukashev, Sergey Aleksandrovich Morgachev, Nikolay Yuryevich Kozachek, Pavel Vyacheslavovich Yershov, Artem Andreyevich Malyshev, Aleksandr Vladimirovich Osadchuk, Aleksey Aleksandrovich Potemkin and Antaloiy Sergeyevich Kovalev - INDICTMENT MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / DNC / GRU / GUCCIFER 2.0 / DCLEAKS[ / NETYKSHO, VIKTOR BORISOVICH / ANTONOV, BORIS ALEKSEYEVICH / BADIN, DMITRIY SERGEYEVICH / YERMAKOV, IVAN SERGEYEVICH / LUKASHEV, ALEKSEY VIKTOROVICH / MORGACHEV, SERGEY ALEKSANDROVICH / KOZACHECK, NIKOLAY YURYEVICH / YERSHOV, PAVEL VYACHESLAVOVICH / MALYSHEV, ARTEM ANDREYEVICH / OSADCHUK, ALEKSANDR VLADIMIROVICH / POTEMKIN, ALEKSEY ALEKSANDROVICH / KOVALEV, ANATOLIY SERGEYEVICH
20180624 kurtnimmo.blog Poof. There Goes the Mueller Investigation MUELLER, ROBERT
20180606 spiegel.de Russland-Ermittlungen Warum Donald Trump wirklich nervös ist TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / GIULIANI, RUDOLPH W.
20180606 zerohedge.com Bombshell Claim Raises New Questions: Mueller Threatened To Charge Papadopoulos As Unregistered Agent Of Israel PAPADOPOULOS, GEORGE / MUELLER, ROBERT / IL
20180606 cnbc.com Special counsel Robert Mueller's team is requesting that witnesses turn in their personal phones to inspect their encrypted messaging programs MUELLER, ROBERT / WHATSAPP / CONFIDE / SIGNAL / DUST / ENCRYPTION
20180522 zerohedge.com Why Hasn't Mueller Indicted Anybody For The DNC Hack? DNC / FBI / MUELLER, ROBERT
20180520 rt.com Mueller’s Trump obstruction probe to end by Sept 1 - Giuliani MUELLER, ROBERT / GIULIANI, RUDOLPH W.
20180517 spiegel.de Sonderermittler zu Russland Mueller soll eingeräumt haben, dass Trump Immunität genießt MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20180413 mcclatchydc.com Sources: Mueller has evidence Cohen was in Prague in 2016, confirming part of dossier COHEN, MICHAEL / MUELLER, ROBERT
20180410 spiegel.de Weißes Haus Trump hält sich für befugt, Ermittler Mueller zu entlassen TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20180405 spiegel.de Russlandaffäre Mueller knöpft sich russische Oligarchen vor MUELLER, ROBERT
20180322 zerohedge.com "Now I’m F---ing Doing It My Way": Trump Prepares For War With Mueller TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20180315 spiegel.de Russlandaffäre Mueller zwingt Trumps Unternehmen zu Dokumenten-Herausgabe MUELLER, ROBERT
20180111 spiegel.de "Steele-Dossier" über Trump "Von einer feindlichen Staatsmacht kompromittiert" TRUMP, DONALD / STEELE, CHRISTOPHER / SIMPSON, GLENN / FUSION GPS / FEINSTEIN, DIANNE / MUELLER, ROBERT / PAPADOPOULOS, GEORGE / LEVY, JOSHUA
20180111 spiegel.de Trump und die Russlandaffäre Befragung durch Ermittler Mueller "eher unwahrscheinlich" TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / US
20180108 spiegel.de Russlandaffäre Sonderermittler Mueller will Trump persönlich befragen TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / US


Date Source Title Tags
20171217 spiegel.de Russland-Affäre Trumps Team erhöht Druck auf Sonderermittler Mueller MUELLER, ROBERT
20171205 foreignaffairs.com How to Stand Up to the Kremlin: Defending Democracy Against Its Enemies BIDEN, JOSEPH / CARPENTER, MICHAEL / US / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RS / GE / UA / KG / MD / ME / WIKILEAKS / INTERNET RESEARCH AGENCY / NL / IT / ES / CATALONIA / AFD / NORTHERN LEAGUE / LE PEN, MARINE / TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20171125 zerohedge.com "He Can't Accept The Fact He Screwed Up" - Special Counsel Mueller's Surprisingly Flawed Past MUELLER, ROBERT
20171103 zerohedge.com "Hopelessly Compromised": Judiciary Member Calls For Mueller's Resignation Over Uranium One Scandal MUELLER, ROBERT / URANIUM ONE
20171102 zerohgedge.com 13 Shocking Facts About Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller MUELLER, ROBERT
20171101 spiegel.de Russlandaffäre Trumps mögliche Exit-Strategie TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20171030 spiegel.de Anklagen in Russlandaffäre: Tricks, Betrug und viele Lüge MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / MANAFORT, PAUL / GATES, RICHARD / PAPADOPOULOS, GEORGE / JANUKOWITSCH, VIKTOR / UA / RU
20171030 spiegel.de Anklagen in Russlandaffäre: Tricks, Betrug und viele Lüge MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / MANAFORT, PAUL / GATES, RICHARD / PAPADOPOULOS, GEORGE / YANUKOVYCH, VIKTOR / UA / RU
20170921 spiegel.de Sonderermittler zur Russland-Affäre Trump muss umfangreiche Unterlagen herausgeben MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / COMEY, JAMES / FLYNN, MICHAEL
20170902 spiegel.de Entlassung von FBI-Chef Comey Sonderermittler untersucht Trump-Brief MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD / COMEY, JAMES
20170824 washingtonpost.com At CIA, a watchful eye on Mike Pompeo, the president’s ardent ally US / CIA / POMPEO, MIKE / RU / MUELLER, ROBERT
20170615 spiegel.de Ermittlungen gegen Trump Tatort Weißes Haus TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / US
20170615 spiegel.de US-Sonderermittler Mueller ermittelt nun offenbar gegen Trump persönlich MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20170612 thehill.com Trump friend says president considering firing Mueller RUDDY, CHRIS / TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20170518 bloomberg.com Ex-FBI Chief Mueller Named Special Counsel on Russia Probe MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / US / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20130613 guardian.co.uk FBI chief Mueller says spy tactics could have stopped 9/11 attacks - Robert Mueller dismisses congressional concerns and vows to take action against NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden NSA / MUELLER, ROBERT


Date Source Title Tags
20120308 foxnews.com Mueller grilled on FBI's release of al-Awlaki in 2002 AL-AWLAKI, ANWAR / MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI


Date Source Title Tags
20111012 spiegel.de US-Ermittlungen gegen Iraner: Falscher Killer deckt Attentatsplan auf US / SA / DEA / HOLDER, ERIC / MUELLER, ROBERT / AL-DSCHUBEIR, ADEL / ARBABSIAR, MANSSOR / SCHAKURI, GHOLAM / FBI


Date Source Title Tags
20040518 villagevoice.com This Made Ashcroft Gag: Translator keeps blowing 9-11 whistle on FBI; U.S. Keeps shutting her up US 20010911 / EDMONDS, SIBEL / FBI / AF / ASHCROFT, JOHN / MUELLER, ROBERT / WHISTLEBLOWING / COVERUP / SECRECY