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20231206 New Trump admin would try to prosecute journalists, former Trump adviser says PATEL, KASH / TRUMP, DONALD
20231110 Ehemaliger US-Präsident Trump erwägt im Fall einer Wiederwahl FBI-Einsatz gegen seine Gegner TRUMP, DONALD
20231109 Trump open to Tucker Carlson for VP / The former Fox News host has “great common sense,” the ex-president has said TRUMP, DONALD / CARLSON, TUCKER
20230811 Trump Coming Back Is Already Spooking Western Elites TRUMP, DONALD
20230810 Federal Court Declares Trump A Flight Risk In Secret Subpoena Decision TRUMP, DONALD
20230809 Trump requests to review classified documents at Mar-a-Lago ahead of trial - Trump’s lawyers asked for a secure facility to be reinstalled at the same Mar-a-Lago club where he hoarded classified documents TRUMP, DONALD / SCIF
20230808 Trump Trashes 'Bidenomics'; Asserts "I Care About Enriching Your Family" TRUMP, DONALD
20230403 Anklage gegen Ex-US-Präsident Trump will New Yorker Staatsanwalt »aufmischen« / Die Anklage steht, am Dienstag wird Donald Trump in New York vor Gericht erwartet. Im Vorfeld provoziert er Staatsanwalt Alvin Bragg – und könnte sich damit noch weiter schaden. TRUMP, DONALD
20230331 24 Dollar oder mehr Trump nutzt Anklage zu Spendenaufruf TRUMP, DONALD
20230331 Schweigegeldaffäre um Pornodarstellerin Anklage gegen Trump soll wohl kommenden Dienstag verlesen werden TRUMP, DONALD
20230324 Anger as Trump posts picture of himself wielding baseball bat next to Alvin Bragg’s head / Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg is leading probe into hush money payments allegedly made to Stormy Daniels TRUMP, DONALD
20230324 Trump warns of ‘death and destruction’ / The former president says there is potential for disastrous consequences if he’s changed by New York prosecutors TRUMP, DONALD
20230318 US security forces brace for possible Trump ‘arrest’ – media / The former leader could face charges as early as next week, multiple senior officials told US media TRUMP, DONALD
20230214 Trump wants firing squads and televised executions – Rolling Stone / While the former president’s team called the report “fake news,” Trump is a firm proponent of the death penalty TRUMP, DONALD
20230116 Adam Schiff Admits Possible National Security Jeopardized With Biden Documents SCHIFF, ADAM / BIDEN, JOSEPH / TRUMP, DONALD


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20221115 Gen. Flynn Warns Of An FBI Perjury Trap For Trump, 'Like They Tried To Set Me Up' FLYNN, MICHAEL / FBI / TRUMP, DONALD
20220828 Trump Bragged He Had ‘Intelligence’ on Macron’s Sex Life - The FBI seized a document with “info” on the French president during the Mar-a-Lago raid, and that has officials in both countries hunting for answers TRUMP, DONALD / MACRON, EMMANUEL
20220130 Trump says Biden sending troops to wrong border - Former US president urged Biden to secure US border first before “talking about invasions of other countries” TRUMP, DONALD



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20211222 Trump reveals why he didn’t pardon Snowden or Assange TRUMP, DONALD / ASSANGE, JULIAN / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20211215 Julian Assange extradition could mean even more legal trouble for Donald Trump - The WikiLeaks founder could say how much Trump knew about Russian election interference. ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS / TRUMP, DONALD / FIGLIUZZI, FRANK


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20210707 Ärger über gesperrte Accounts Trump verklagt Twitter, Facebook und Google TRUMP, DONALD / TWITTER / FACEBOOK / GOOGLE
20210701 Oops: The Trump Organization Kept Literal Spreadsheets of Its Crimes TRUMP, DONALD


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20210120 Assange pardon could have been Trump’s lasting legacy. He failed to secure a place in history TRUMP, DONALD
20210120 Trumps finale Gnadenwelle Du kommst aus dem Gefängnis frei TRUMP, DONALD
20210120 Trump Pardons Lil Wayne, Steve Bannon, But Not Himself, Or Julian Assange TRUMP, DONALD
20210120 Trump pardons ex-strategist Bannon & rapper Lil Wayne along with scores of others in 11th-hour clemency spree TRUMP, DONALD
20210120 Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding Executive Grants of Clemency TRUMP, DONALD
20210120 Trump declassifies ‘binder of materials’ related to Russiagate probe, but caves to FBI & keeps saucy bits secret TRUMP, DONALD / HASPEL, GINA
20210120 With time running out, pressure grows on Trump to pardon Assange amid reports aides persuaded him not to TRUMP, DONALD
20210119 Executive Order on Taking Additional Steps to Address the National Emergency with Respect to Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities TRUMP, DONALD
20210119 Snowden And Assange: There Is Still Time For Trump To Do The Right Thing TRUMP, DONALD
20210119 Who will Trump pardon? As pundits and activists continue to make the case for Assange, Joe Exotic’s reportedly on the list TRUMP, DONALD
20210118 We Told You Trump Was Sexually Compromised TRUMP, DONALD
20210118 Trump to issue around 100 pardons and commutations Tuesday, sources say TRUMP, DONALD
20210117 Prospect of Pardons in Final Days Fuels Market to Buy Access to Trump - The president’s allies have collected tens of thousands of dollars — and potentially much more — from people seeking pardons. TRUMP, DONALD
20210116 Trump Calls in Pillow Salesman to Discuss Possibility of Instituting Martial Law - Turns out you can have good ideas for pillows and still have bad opinions about fascism TRUMP, DONALD
20210116 Kurz vor Amtsende: Trump will Warenkauf aus China unterbinden TRUMP, DONALD / US / US-CN / US-CU / US-IR
20210115 Trump Declassifies 'Foot-High' Stack Of Russiagate, Obamagate Documents; Set For Release Within Days TRUMP, DONALD
20210113 Neuer Herrschertypus "Social Media Leader" Trump hat via Twitter regiert TRUMP, DONALD
20210113 YouTube SUSPENDS Trump’s channel for ‘inciting violence,’ becoming 3rd major platform after Twitter & Facebook to do so YOUTUBE / TRUMP, DONALD
20210111 All the platforms that have banned or restricted Trump so far TRUMP, DONALD
20210109 Wegen »Anstiftung zum Aufstand« Demokraten wollen Impeachment einleiten TRUMP, DONALD
20210109 US-Präsident Twitter sperrt Trump-Account dauerhaft TRUMP, DONALD / TWITTER
20210107 Iraqi court issues ARREST WARRANT for Trump over killing of Soleimani & local militia leader IQ / TRUMP, DONALD
20210107 "This Is An Emergency": Pelosi Calls For 25th Amendment To Be Invoked On Trump, Says Congress Prepared To Proceed With Impeachment TRUMP, DONALD
20210107 Ankündigung von Mark Zuckerberg Facebook und Instagram sperren Trumps Accounts bis zum Ende seiner Amtszeit TRUMP, DONALD / ZUCKERBERG, MARK / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM
20210107 It's Over: Trump Promises "Orderly Transition" On Jan. 20 After Biden Win Certified TRUMP, DONALD



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20201230 Uno-Menschenrechtsexperten Begnadigungen von Blackwater-Söldnern verstoßen gegen Völkerrecht TRUMP, DONALD
20201229 Trump pardon for Julian Assange would ‘secure President’s legacy as defender of free speech’ - Nobel laureates TRUMP, DONALD / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20201224 Trump issues 26 new pardons, including for Stone, Manafort and Charles Kushner TRUMP, DONALD
20201223 Caitlin Johnstone: EVERYONE was wrong about Trump JOHNSTONE, CAITLIN / TRUMP, DONALD
20201223 Trumps langsamer Abgang Er macht es schrecklich TRUMP, DONALD
20201223 Trump ‘killed justice’ with pardon of ‘war criminals’: Twitter erupts with disgust as Blackwater contractors walk free TRUMP, DONALD
20201216 ‘Drug dealers’ or whistleblowers? Report that Trump may pardon Silk Road founder Ulbricht sparks debate over who deserves clemency TRUMP, DONALD
20201216 ‘Too soon to give up’: Trump slams Senator Mitch McConnell for congratulating Biden, urges Republicans to ‘learn to fight’ TRUMP, DONALD
20201202 Presidential Records Act Klage gegen Trump soll Vernichtung von Schriftverkehr verhindern TRUMP, DONALD


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20201128 Todesstrafe in den USA Trumps Regierung erlaubt zusätzliche Hinrichtungsmethoden TRUMP, DONALD / US
20201120 Einladung an Abgeordnete aus Michigan Trumps neue Taktik für den Machterhalt TRUMP, DONALD
20201119 Trump lawyers allege ‘MASSIVE’ election fraud, point to sworn statements & efforts to threaten and silence them (VIDEO) GIULIANI, RUDOLPH W. / POWELL, SIDNEY / TRUMP, DONALD
20201115 Behind Trump’s Yearslong Effort to Turn Losing Into Winning TRUMP, DONALD
20201113 Report: Trump Has Repeatedly Asked If He Can “Preemptively” Pardon Himself TRUMP, DONALD
20201111 & other spooks go full conspiracy theorist over suggestion ‘cornered’ Trump will indeed ‘DECLASSIFY EVERYTHING’ TRUMP, DONALD
20201110 Ex-CIA Chief Under Obama Urges Palace Coup Against Trump So He Doesn't "Declassify Everything" TRUMP, DONALD
20201104 Trump calls results ‘big WIN’ & accuses opponents of ‘trying to STEAL’ election, gets ‘misleading’ label from Twitter TRUMP, DONALD
20201104 "Offen gesagt, wir haben gewonnen" Trump reklamiert Wahlsieg – obwohl das Ergebnis nicht feststeht TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20201010 US-Außenminister Mike Pompeo will E-Mails von Hillary Clinton veröffentlichen TRUMP, DONALD / POMPEO, MIKE / CLINTON, HILLARY
20201006 ‘Don’t let Covid-19 dominate you’: Trump tells Americans to ‘get out’ & ‘be careful’ in first statement after hospital stay TRUMP, DONALD
20201006 Erkrankter US-Präsident Donald Trump ist aus Krankenhaus entlassen TRUMP, DONALD
20201006 Auf dem Narrenschiff TRUMP, DONALD
20201005 feel better than I did 20 years ago': Trump announces he's ready to leave the hospital Monday evening TRUMP, DONALD
20201005 Bulletin von Trumps Leibarzt US-Präsident ist noch nicht "über den Berg" - Trumps Behandlung könne im Weißen Haus fortgesetzt werden, sagt sein Arzt Sean Conley. Doch für eine endgültige Entwarnung sei es noch zu früh. TRUMP, DONALD
20201004 Corona-kranker US-Präsident Filmprofis halten Trumps Videobotschaft für bearbeitet TRUMP, DONALD
20201003 Trump does NOT require ‘any supplemental oxygen’, but started on Remdesivir antiviral therapy – White House physician TRUMP, DONALD
20201003 White House superspreader event? Sens. Thom Tillis & Mike Lee, ex-Trump aide Kellyanne Conway latest to test positive for Covid-19 TRUMP, DONALD / WHITE HOUSE
20201002 Trump's campaign was half dead. Catching Covid might just be the boost he needs to win the election TRUMP, DONALD
20201002 Trump Faking COVID-19 Result To Escape The Debate: Conspiracy Theorists TRUMP, DONALD
20201002 Trump Faking Covid? Michael Moore, Other Leftists Peddle New Conspiracy Theory TRUMP, DONALD / MOORE, MICHAEL
20201002 Trump Heads To Walter Reed Military Hospital As "Precautionary Measure" TRUMP, DONALD
20201002 Erkrankter US-Präsident Trump soll mehrere Nächte im Krankenhaus verbringen TRUMP, DONALD
20201002 Nach Corona-Infektion Trump setzt persönliche Wahlkampfauftritte aus TRUMP, DONALD
20201002 Trump being moved to Walter Reed military hospital as 'precautionary measure' for Covid-19, White House says TRUMP, DONALD
20201002 Trump ‘fatigued but in good spirits’ after Covid diagnosis, treated with experimental antibody cocktail – doctor TRUMP, DONALD
20201002 Corona-Test bei US-Präsident Trump zeigt offenbar leichte Symptome TRUMP, DONALD
20201002 US-Präsident mit Corona infiziert Auf diesen Terminen war Trump zuletzt TRUMP, DONALD
20201002 Donald Trump hat Covid-19 Der amerikanische Patient TRUMP, DONALD
20201002 Trump & Melania ‘will begin quarantine process’ pending test results after close aide Hope Hicks contracts Covid-19 TRUMP, DONALD
20201002 US-Präsident infiziert Donald und Melania Trump positiv auf Corona getestet TRUMP, DONALD / TRUMP, MELANIA / COVID-19


Date Source Title Tags
20200930 "Will You Shut Up Man?" - Debate Post-Mortem: Trump Dominant But Biden Better Than Expected TRUMP, DONALD / BIDEN, JOSEPH
20200929 Steuervorwürfe gegen Trump Präsident im Schuldenpalast TRUMP, DONALD
20200927 Six key findings from the New York Times' Trump taxes bombshell TRUMP, DONALD
20200927 New York Times publishes details of Donald Trump's tax returns TRUMP, DONALD
20200918 Trump offered to pardon Assange if he provided source for Democratic emails, London court hears TRUMP, DONALD / ROHRABACHER, DANA / JOHNSON, CHARLES / ASSANGE, JULIAN / DNC
20200918 Trump offered Julian Assange a PARDON deal in return for 2016 DNC emails source disclosure, lawyer says TRUMP, DONALD / ROHRABACHER, DANA / JOHNSON, CHARLES / ASSANGE, JULIAN / DNC
20200917 Trump announces creation of national '1776 Commission' to promote 'patriotic education' TRUMP, DONALD
20200917 ‘I was in his grip’: Donald Trump’s latest sexual assault accuser details incident at US Open tennis tournament DORRIS, AMY / TRUMP, DONALD
20200916 Trump: Americans will develop ‘herd mentality’, coronavirus vaccine weeks away TRUMP, DONALD
20200915 Trump ad asks people to support US troops. But it uses a picture of Russian jets TRUMP, DONALD
20200912 Trump attacks Robert Mueller's 'hit squad' in row over 'wiped' phones TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / HOROWITZ, MICHAEL / STRZOK, PETER / DURHAM, JOHN
20200909 CNNgate? CNN chief Jeff Zucker offered Trump ‘WEEKLY SHOW’ & gave ‘the boss’ tips for presidential debate in leaked 2016 audio ZUCKER, JEFF / CNN / TRUMP, DONALD
20200909 Neues Woodward-Buch Trump kannte angeblich schon im Februar die tödliche Corona-Gefahr TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20200904 Donald Trump tells supporters to try to vote twice, sparking uproar TRUMP, DONALD
20200824 "Vanity Fair"-Bericht Ehemaliger Trump-Anwalt Cohen soll Buchmanuskript im Gefängnis verbrannt haben COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20200820 Trump über QAnon-Verschwörungstheoretiker "Sie mögen mich offensichtlich" TRUMP, DONALD / QANON
20200818 Trump-Brief an Putin "Ich bin ein großer Fan" TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20200818 Bericht zu russischer Manipulation der US-Wahl "Offen für Einflussnahme und Manipulation" TRUMP, DONALD / MANAFORT, PAUL / STONE, ROGER / MUELLER, ROBERT
20200818 If not Flynn or Snowden, then who? Trump teases upcoming pardon for ‘VERY IMPORTANT’ person TRUMP, DONALD
20200816 Whistleblower Trump will Begnadigung von Snowden prüfen TRUMP, DONALD / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20200816 ‘Seems to be a split decision’: Trump says he’ll take ‘a very good look’ at idea of pardoning Snowden TRUMP, DONALD / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20200815 Trump says he will 'take a look' at pardon for Edward Snowden SNOWDEN, EDWARD / TRUMP, DONALD
20200815 Trump Says He’ll Look Into a Pardon for Edward Snowden TRUMP, DONALD / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20200815 Trump To Pardon Edward Snowden? TRUMP, DONALD / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20200814 Mohammed bin Zayed schließt Frieden mit Israel Der Schattenherrscher TRUMP, DONALD / BIN ZAYED AL-NAHYAN, MOHAMED / AE
20200814 Kein Geld für die Post US-Präsident Trump räumt Blockade der Briefwahl offen ein TRUMP, DONALD / US
20200813 Trump: ‘A lot of people’ think Edward Snowden ‘not being treated fairly’ SNOWDEN, EDWARD / TRUMP, DONALD
20200813 Trump says ‘historic’ Israel-UAE deal on diplomatic ties will ‘suspend’ Israeli annexation of Palestinian lands IL / PS / AE / TRUMP, DONALD
20200809 Feature: Unwanted Truths: Inside Trump’s Battles With U.S. Intelligence Agencies - Last year, intelligence officials gathered to write a classified report on Russia’s interest in the 2020 election. An investigation from the magazine uncovered what happened next. TRUMP, DONALD / DNI / CIA
20200806 Kinder und das Virus "Schädliche" Falschinformation - Facebook und Twitter gehen gegen Trump-Beitrag vor TRUMP, DONALD / FACEBOOK / TWITTER
20200805 Covid-19 misinformation’: Facebook scrubs Trump post stating children ‘virtually immune’ to coronavirus TRUMP, DONALD / MISINFORMATION / FACEBOOK / TWITTER
20200802 Deutsche Bank Launches Investigation Into Personal Banker To Trump, Kushner Over 2013 Transaction VRABLIC, ROSEMARY / DEUTSCHE BANK / TRUMP, DONALD / KUSHNER, JARED


Date Source Title Tags
20200730 Trump says US won’t protect Germany as it ‘pays Russia billions for energy’ in 1st tweet after Pentagon announces troop withdrawal US ARMY / DE / TRUMP, DONALD
20200722 Trump says ‘always possible’ he’ll shut down more Chinese consulates after Beijing vows retaliation for Houston facility closure TRUMP, DONALD / US-CN
20200722 Fall Jeffrey Epstein Trump wünscht Ghislaine Maxwell alles Gute MAXWELL, GHISLAINE / TRUMP, DONALD
20200716 Trump Secretly Authorized CIA To Run "Very Aggressive" Cyberwar Ops With No Oversight TRUMP, DONALD / US / CYBERWAR / CIA
20200711 Trump wants Christopher Steele, UK spy behind ‘Russiagate’ dossier ‘tried and thrown into jail’ TRUMP, DONALD / STEELE, CHRISTOPHER
20200711 Trump bestätigt Cyberangriff gegen Russland 2018 - US-Präsident Donald Trump bestätigt im Interview einen Cyberangriff gegen Russland. Die Einmischung Russlands zugunsten von Trump bestreitet der Präsident. INTERNET RESEARCH AGENCY / CYBERWAR / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20200711 'A free man': Trump commutes longtime adviser Roger Stone's prison sentence TRUMP, DONALD / STONE, ROGER
20200708 TRUMP ‘NAMED’ Epstein ‘victim’ alleges she was ‘paraded in front of Trump at Mar-a-Lago when she was 14’, lawsuit claims EPSTEIN, JEFFREY / MAXWELL, GHISLAINE / TRUMP, DONALD
20200702 US-Präsident missachtet Urheberrecht Twitter entfernt Foto aus Trump-Tweet TRUMP, DONALD
20200701 Laut CNN-Bericht: Trump beleidigte Merkel CNN / TRUMP, DONALD / MERKEL, ANGELA
20200701 Streit in den USA um Kopfgeld-Affäre Trump brüskiert das Militär TRUMP, DONALD / TALIBAN


Date Source Title Tags
20200618 Trump said journalists deserve to be executed during a meeting with former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, according to a former aide TRUMP, DONALD
20200612 Donald Trump authorises sanctions against International Criminal Court TRUMP, DONALD / POMPEO, MIKE / ICC
20200606 Trump Contaminates Swab Factory By Refusing To Wear A Mask TRUMP, DONALD
20200606 Is the US still the world's moral leader? Not after what Trump just did this week US / TRUMP, DONALD
20200605 Bürgerrechtler verklagen Trump wegen Polizeieinsatzes gegen Demonstranten TRUMP, DONALD
20200603 US-Wahl 2020 Donald Trumps Strategien für den Staatsstreich TRUMP, DONALD
20200602 Möglicher Militäreinsatz gegen Demonstranten Trump spielt Diktator TRUMP, DONALD / US
20200602 Rede vor dem Weißen Haus Trump droht mit Einsatz des Militärs gegen US-Bürger US / TRUMP, DONALD
20200602 Trump threatens to deploy army as teargas fired so he can pose at church TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20200530 Nach Protesten gegen Polizeigewalt New Yorks Bürgermeister verurteilt harten Polizei-Einsatz in seiner Stadt US / DE BLASIO, BILL / TRUMP, DONALD
20200530 Donald Trump says the US is ‘terminating’ its relationship with the World Health Organisation TRUMP, DONALD / US / WHO
20200529 ‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts’: Trump says military is ready to act against Minneapolis ‘THUGS’ MINNEAPOLIS / TRUMP, DONALD
20200528 Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship US / TRUMP, DONALD / SOCIAL MEDIA / FREEDOM OF SPEECH
20200528 Two can play Section 230 game: Trump’s EO uses key statute against social media censorship SOCIAL MEDIA / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20200528 Nach Twitter-Disput Weißes Haus kündigt Trump-Verfügung zu sozialen Medien an TWITTER / TRUMP, DONALD
20200527 Trump To Sign Social Media Executive Order On Thursday After 'Fact-Check', Political Bias Exposed TRUMP, DONALD
20200527 Behauptungen über Briefwahl Twitter zerpflückt Trump-Tweet in erstem Faktencheck TWITTER / TRUMP, DONALD
20200526 In Unprecedented Move, Twitter Tags Trump Tweets As 'Misinformation TWITTER / TRUMP, DONALD
20200522 Auch bei zweiter Viruswelle Weißes Haus schließt neuen Lockdown der USA aus TRUMP, DONALD / US
20200519 Kritik an Trumps fragwürdiger Corona-Prophylaxe "Leichtsinnig, einfach leichtsinnig" TRUMP, DONALD
20200516 Trump Fires Obama-Appointed State Department IG. TRUMP, DONALD / LINICK, STEVE / POMPEO, MIKE
20200514 ‘We’ll cut off the whole relationship’ – Trump throws some signature shade at China in new interview TRUMP, DONALD / US-CN / ATTRIBUTION


Date Source Title Tags
20200424 No, Trump did NOT suggest injecting disinfectant to treat Covid-19 TRUMP, DONALD
20200424 Trump owes tens of millions to the Bank of China — and the loan is due soon BANK OF CHINA / TRUMP, DONALD
20200424 Trump says his 'injecting disinfectant' comments about Covid-19 were 'sarcastic question to reporters' (VIDEO) TRUMP, DONALD / US
20200424 Coronavirus: Outcry after Trump suggests injecting disinfectant as treatment TRUMP, DONALD / US
20200419 Pandemie in den USA Trump droht China wegen Coronavirus mit Konsequenzen TRUMP, DONALD
20200418 Trumps Twitter-Attacken "Befreit Minnesota! Befreit Michigan!" TRUMP, DONALD
20200407 ‘WHO blew it!’ Trump accuses global health watchdog of being CHINA-CENTRIC despite ‘largely US-funded’ TRUMP, DONALD / WHO
20020404 'I'm not going to do it': Trump rejects his own administration's advice on masks - The CDC has issued new guidance on wearing non-medical masks as a voluntary public health measure – and the first lady supports it TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20200304 Eigene Firma in der Coronakrise Donald Trump ruft die Deutsche Bank zu Hilfe TRUMP, DONALD / DEUTSCHE BANK
20200331 Russian Covid-19 aid plane to US: Putin asked Trump if he needed help & he accepted, Kremlin spokesman says RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20200327 USA und China in Coronakrise Trump und Xi beteuern Bereitschaft zur Zusammenarbeit JINPING, XI / TRUMP, DONALD
20200324 US-Regierung torpediert G7-Erklärung Streit über "Wuhan-Virus" G7 / TRUMP, DONALD / POMPEO, MIKE / ATTRIBUTION / COVID-19
20200324 Trump und die Coronakrise Präsident im Panikmodus TRUMP, DONALD / COVID-19 / US
20200318 US military ‘did not give it to ANYBODY’, coronavirus came from CHINA: Trump gets involved in bioweapon conspiracy spat ATTRIBUTION / COVID-19 / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20200228 Afghanistan Trump bestätigt baldige Unterzeichnung von Abkommen mit den Taliban TRUMP, DONALD / TALIBAN / AF
20200226 Acting DNI chief Grenell ‘was taking orders’ from Trump when he sought to secure Assange’s arrest, leaked call suggests TRUMP, DONALD / GRENELL, RICHARD / ASSANGE, JULIAN / SCHWARTZ, ARTHUR / FAIRBANKS, CASSANDRA
20200220 Wechsel nach DC Berlin-Botschafter Grenell wird Trumps Geheimdienstkoordinator DNI / GRENELL, RICHARD / TRUMP, DONALD
20200220 Trump ‘hitman’ Richard Grenell tapped to take over as US intelligence boss DNI / GRENELL, RICHARD / TRUMP, DONALD
20200219 Vor Auslieferungsverfahren Assange beschuldigt Trump ASSANGE, JULIAN / ROHRABACHER, DANA / TRUMP, DONALD
20200219 Julian Assange: Trump 'offered pardon for Russia denial' ASSANGE, JULIAN / ROHRABACHER, DANA / TRUMP, DONALD / GRISHAM, STEPHANIE / WHITE HOUSE
20200219 Assange Lawyer Says Trump Offered Pardon For Exonerating Russia Over Leaks; White House Denies ASSANGE, JULIAN / ROHRABACHER, DANA / TRUMP, DONALD
20200219 Donald Trump 'offered Julian Assange a pardon if he denied Russia link to hack' ASSANGE, JULIAN / ROHRABACHER, DANA / KELLY, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD
20200219 Assange Lawyers Say Trump Offered a Pardon If He ‘Played Ball’ ASSANGE, JULIAN / TRUMP, DONALD
20200217 Huawei row: Trump chief of staff to meet Dominic Cummings - Mick Mulvaney is expected to demand that UK drop Huawei from 5G networks TRUMP, DONALD / MULVANEY, MICK / HUAWEI
20200217 US President Donald Trump warns Germany Huawei 5G deals will put intelligence sharing at risk TRUMP, DONALD / HUAWEI / GRENELL, RICHARD / DE
20200205 Donald Trump Acquitted In Senate Impeachment Trial TRUMP, DONALD
20200205 Impeachment over: Senate votes to acquit Trump TRUMP, DONALD
20200205 Impeachment-Verfahren US-Senat spricht Trump von allen Vorwürfen frei TRUMP, DONALD
20200203 Leak: Man Who Bankrolled Brexit Boasted of WikiLeaks Backchannel BANKS, AARON / FARAGE, NIGEL / BREXIT / TRUMP, DONALD / CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA
20200202 Trump's ‘deal of the century’ contradicts UN resolutions - Kremlin TRUMP, DONALD / NETANYAHU, BENJAMIN / IL / PS / UN / RU
20200201 Palestinian territories: Palestinians cut ties with Israel and US after rejecting Trump peace plan LEAGUE OF ARAB STATES / TRUMP, DONALD / PS / ABBAS, MAHMOUD
20200201 Donald Trump: Trump appears to confirm killing of al-Qaida leader in Yemen - New York Times reports Qassim al-Rimi of AQAP believed dead - President retweets intelligence analyst and reporter TRUMP, DONALD / TARGETED KILLING / AL-RIMI, QASSIM / AQAP
20200201 Arab League rejects Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ at Cairo summit with Abbas LEAGUE OF ARAB STATES / TRUMP, DONALD / PS / ABBAS, MAHMOUD


Date Source Title Tags
20200131 Trump-Impeachment Senatoren stimmen über zentrale Streitfragen ab TRUMP, DONALD
20200129 ‘Take it or leave it’: Trump’s empire-style plan to bring war rather than peace to Middle East TRUMP, DONALD / NETANYAHU, BENJAMIN / IL / PS
20200129 Trumps Nahost-Vorhaben Ein Plan, der Zorn sät - Benjamin Netanyahu und Donald Trump feiern ihren Nahostplan. Doch das Vorhaben sorgt bei Palästinensern für Entsetzen - auch nicht alle Israelis halten es für eine gerechte Lösung. TRUMP, DONALD / NETANYAHU, BENJAMIN / IL / PS
20200128 Abschlussplädoyer im Senat Trumps Verteidiger vergleichen Impeachment mit Putsch TRUMP, DONALD
20200128 'Jerusalem is not for sale, your conspiracy deal will not pass' – Abbas reacts to Trump's Middle East peace deal TRUMP, DONALD / NETANYAHU, BENJAMIN / US / IL / PS / ABBAS, MAHMOUD
20200128 Palästinenserpräsident Abbas lehnt Trumps Friedensplan als "Verschwörung" ab TRUMP, DONALD / NETANYAHU, BENJAMIN / US / IL / PS / ABBAS, MAHMOUD
20200128 ‘Deal of the century’: What’s in Trump’s peace plan for Israel and Palestine TRUMP, DONALD / NETANYAHU, BENJAMIN / US / IL / PS
20200128 Trumps Nahost-Plan Fauler Frieden TRUMP, DONALD / NETANYAHU, BENJAMIN / US / IL / PS
20200128 Explosives Buch von John Bolton: Plötzlich wankt Trumps Verteidigung BOLTON, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD
20200127 Guess Who Was In Charge Of Reviewing Bolton's Leaked Book At The NSC? BOLTON, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD / US NSC
20200127 Ukrainekrise Ex-Sicherheitsberater Bolton belastet Trump schwer - Ein Schlag für Donald Trump im laufenden Amtsenthebungsverfahren: Sein Ex-Sicherheitsberater John Bolton widerspricht laut "New York Times" der wichtigsten Verteidigungslinie des Präsidenten. BOLTON, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD
20200126 Trump Tied Ukraine Aid to Inquiries He Sought, Bolton Book Says - Drafts of the book outline the potential testimony of the former national security adviser if he were called as a witness in the president’s impeachment trial. BOLTON, JOHN/ TRUMP, DONALD
20200126 Schiff 'Demands' Bolton As Witness After "Explosive Revelation" Manuscript Leaked To NYT SCHIFF, ADAM / BOLTON, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD
20200126 Impeachment-Verfahren Leiter des Anklageteams wertet Trump-Tweet als Drohung SCHIFF, ADAM / TRUMP, DONALD
20200125 ‘Once in a lifetime opportunity for Israel’: Netanyahu to join Trump – but no Palestinians – to unveil ‘deal of the century’ NETANYAHU, BENJAMIN / TRUMP, DONALD
20200122 Whistleblower Was Overheard in '17 Discussing With Ally How to Remove Trump CIARAMELLA, ERIC / MISKO, SEAN / SCHIFF, ADAM / TRUMP, DONALD / / ATKINSON, MICHAEL / MCCORD, MARY / GOHMERT, LOUIE
20200112 Trump impeachment - Impeachment: Trump fumes as Pelosi prepares to send articles to the Senate PELOSI, NANCY / TRUMP, DONALD
20200111 John Bolton impeachment testimony will be blocked, Donald Trump says TRUMP, DONALD / BOLTON, JOHN
20200110 "I'd Like To See Them Call Me": How Trump Used An Encrypted Swiss Fax Machine To Defuse The Iran Crisis US / IR / TRUMP, DONALD / CH



Date Source Title Tags
20191210 House releases articles of impeachment against Trump (READ THEM HERE) TRUMP, DONALD
20191203 House Intel Democrats Releases Trump Impeachment Report TRUMP, DONALD
20191202 Absage des Weißen Hauses Trump verweigert Teilnahme an Impeachment-Anhörung TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20191108 Handelsstreit mit China Donald Trump will Zollsenkungen nicht zugestimmt haben TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20191031 Congress approves ‘impeachment’ resolution authorizing Schiff’s secret probe of Trump US / TRUMP, DONALD / SCHIFF, ADAM
20191031 Trump invades Brexit: ‘We can’t make’ US-UK trade pact with current EU deal & Corbyn’s ‘so bad’ for Britain, he tells Farage TRUMP, DONALD / BREXIT
20191031 Förmlicher Beschluss US-Repräsentantenhaus stützt mit Votum Impeachment-Ermittlungen gegen Trump TRUMP, DONALD
20191022 Ukraineaffäre US-Diplomat in der Ukraine belastet Trump schwer TRUMP, DONALD / UA / BIDEN, JOSEPH
20191018 What does THAT mean? Trump says US ‘secured the oil’ in Syria, causes confusion SY / TRUMP, DONALD
20191010 Offensive in Nordsyrien Trump will "Deal" zwischen Türkei und Kurden vermitteln TRUMP, DONALD / US / TR / SY / KURDS
20191009 Trump Again Threatens To "Wipe Out" Turkey's Economy As Full Ground Invasion Begins TRUMP, DONALD / TR


Date Source Title Tags
20190921 Trump defers WikiLeaks question as DOJ seeks Assange extradition ASSANGE, JULIAN / TRUMP, DONALD
20190920 Rätselhafte Ukraine-Verbindung Whistleblower-Fall um Trump elektrisiert Washington TRUMP, DONALD
20190919 Sicherheitsberater O'Brien Der nächste Hardliner - rät er Trump zum Angriff auf Iran? O'BRIEN, ROBERT / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20190913 ‘Bolton held me back!’ Trump says he’s a BIGGER hawk on Venezuela & Cuba than fired adviser BOLTON, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20190817 Trump Reviews Controversial US-Taliban Peace Deal Which Critics Call A "Betrayal" TRUMP, DONALD / US / TALIBAN
20190816 Nach umstrittenem Einreiseverbot Israel erlaubt US-Abgeordneter Besuch im Westjordanland TRUMP, DONALD / IL / OMAR, ILHAN / TLAIB, RASHIDA
20190816 Streit um Israel-Reise zweier US-Abgeordneter Ungebeten unbequem TRUMP, DONALD / IL / OMAR, ILHAN / TLAIB, RASHIDA
20190815 Trump says jump, Netanyahu asks ‘how high?’ US lawmakers denied entry to Israel after WH pressure TRUMP, DONALD / NETANYAHU, BENJAMIN
20190815 Treffen mit Xi Jinping vorgeschlagen Trump mischt sich in Hongkong-Konflikt ein TRUMP, DONALD
20190813 ‘Can’t imagine why’: Trump has no idea why anyone would relate Hong Kong protests to US meddling TRUMP, DONALD / HK
20190813 Soldaten gegen Demonstranten? Trump berichtet von chinesischem Truppenaufmarsch vor Hongkong TRUMP, DONALD / HK / CN
20190813 Green Cards und US-Staatsbürgerschaft Trump will legale Zuwanderung drastisch erschweren TRUMP, DONALD / IMMIGRATION / US
20190811 Trump Privately Urged Israel To Bar Entry To Reps. Omar & Tlaib: Report TRUMP, DONALD / IL / OMAR, ILHAN / TLAIB, RASHIDA
20190809 Epstein Documents Hit; Accuser Says Trump 'Didn't Partake In Any Sex With Any Of Us' EPSTEIN, JEFFREY / TRUMP, DONALD
201090802 USA Trump zieht Kandidat für Leitung der Geheimdienste zurück RATCLIFFE, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD
20190801 Trump threatens to release 2,500 captured ISIS fighters ‘back into Europe’ TRUMP, DONALD / ISLAMIC STATE


Date Source Title Tags
20190729 Streit über US-Metropole Was hinter Trumps Baltimore-Attacke steckt TRUMP, DONALD / CUMINGS, ELIJAH / BALTIMORE
20190727 US-Präsident Trump attackiert afroamerikanischen Abgeordneten TRUMP, DONALD / CUMINGS, ELIJAH / BALTIMORE
20190726 Fall A$AP Rocky Trump attackiert Schweden wegen inhaftierten Rappers US / TRUMP, DONALD / US-SE / SE / A$AP ROCKY
20190725 Veto gegen Kongressblockade Trump gibt grünes Licht für Waffengeschäfte mit Saudi-Arabien TRUMP, DONALD / WEAPONTRADE / SA
20190724 US-Sonderermittler Mueller verweigert Trump Entlastung in der Russlandaffäre MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20190722 Comey Under DOJ Investigation For Misleading Trump While Targeting Him In FBI Probe COMEY, JAMES / TRUMP, DONALD
20190716 Trump To Turkey: "We're Not Going To Sell You The F-35" After Russian Missile Purchase TRUMP, DONALD / US / TR / US-TR
20190716 Demokratinnen kritisieren Trump "Das ist die Agenda weißer Nationalisten" TRUMP, DONALD
20190711 ‘Fake news less important than social media,’ says Trump ahead of WH social media summit TRUMP, DONALD / SOCIAL MEDIA
20190709 ‘Wacky, very stupid, foolish & pompous’: Trump tears into May & UK envoy amid leaked memo scandal TRUMP, DONALD / US / MAY, THERESA / GB / DARROCH, KIM
20190709 Nach Depeschen-Leak Trump wütend, weil May an Botschafter festhält DARROCH, KIM / GB / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20190708 Diplomaten-Kritik an Trump Britischer Außenminister distanziert sich von Botschafter DARROCH, KIM / GB / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20190708 Leak of UK ambassador’s Trump views shows honesty has no place in international relations DARROCH, KIM / GB / TRUMP, DONALD / US


Date Source Title Tags
20190628 ‘Take a seat’: Trump ‘humiliates’ Spanish PM at G20, says outraged Spanish press (VIDEO) TRUMP, DONALD / G20 / SANCHEZ, PEDRO
20190628 Trump trolls press, ‘orders’ Putin not to meddle in US elections (VIDEO) TRUMP, DONALD
20190626 Zuspitzung des Konflikts Trump droht Iran mit "Auslöschung" TRUMP, DONALD / US / ROHANI, HASSAN / IR
20190625 Trump threatens Iran with ‘OBLITERATION’ by ‘overwhelming force’ if it attacks ‘anything American’ TRUMP, DONALD
20190623 Trump: If it was up to John Bolton we’d be fighting WHOLE WORLD at once TRUMP, DONALD / BOLTON, JOHN
20190621 Trump zog Genehmigung für Attacke auf den Iran wieder zurück TRUMP, DONALD / IR
20190621 "We Were Cocked & Loaded": Trump Explains Why He Called Off Iran Strikes In Last Moment TRUMP, DONALD / IR
20190620 Trump Says DOJ Investigating Whether Obama Tapped His Phone TRUMP, DONALD / OBAMA, BARACK
20190617 Trump not in control of Iran policy, should perhaps fire Bolton – EU foreign policy chief’s adviser EU / MOGHERINI, FEDERICA / TOCCI, NATHALIE / TRUMP, DONALD / BOLTON, JOHN
20190617 Netanyahu opens Trump Heights – a non-existent settlement in illegally-occupied Golan NETANYAHU, BENJAMIN / IL / GOLAN HEIGHTS / TRUMP, DONALD
20190617 Trump: "I Think I Know" Who Was Behind 9/11 Attacks TRUMP, DONALD / US 20010911
20190617 Trump ‘thinks he knows’ who was behind 9/11 TRUMP, DONALD / US 20010911
20190616 "Treason!" NYT Story Reveals US Cyber Ops Against Russian Power Grid Hidden From Trump TRUMP, DONALD / CYBERWAR / US / RU
20190612 Nato-Partner Trump erwägt, US-Truppen von Deutschland nach Polen zu verlegen TRUMP, DONALD / US ARMY / DE / PL
20190612 "Give Me A Break": Trump Says Foreign 'Dirt' Not Election Interference; Would Listen If Offered TRUMP, DONALD
20190610 Mnuchin confirms Trump could use 'security threat' Huawei as bargaining chip in trade war TRUMP, DONALD / MNUCHIN, STEVEN / HUAWEI
20190606 D-Day-Gedenken in der Normandie Geschichtsstunde für Donald Trump TRUMP, DONALD / US / EU
20190605 Irish funeral firm rents out four limousines to Trump for $1m: Cars could be used for short jaunt to Doonbeg at a cost of $116,879 per mile – or not at all IE / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20190531 Leftist Professor Who Nailed Last 9 Elections Says Trump Wins 2020 Unless Democrats Impeach LICHTMAN, ALLAN / TRUMP, DONALD
20190529 'Case closed!' Trump tweets nothing's changed as resigned Mueller says charging him wasn't an option MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20190524 Trump Attacks Military Industrial Complex, Urges Infrastructure Investments In Middle East TRUMP, DONALD
20190523 Trump Orders FBI, CIA To "Fully Cooperate" With Barr; Grants "Full And Complete Authority To Declassify" TRUMP, DONALD / FBI / CIA / BARR, WILLIAM
20190517 Reform der Visa-Vergabe Trumps wunderbare neue Einwanderer-Welt TRUMP, DONALD / IMMIGRATION / US
20190511 Trump Pulls The Trigger: Begins Process Of Raising Tariffs On All Remaining $300 Billion China Imports TRUMP, DONALD / US / CN
20190508 Russlandaffäre Trump will Kongress kompletten Mueller-Bericht verwehren TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190504 is going to ‘trade a lot’ with Russia, Trump says, after ‘long & very good’ phone call with Putin TRUMP, DONALD
20190504 Trump defends Facebook banned ‘extremists,’ attacks ‘radical left-wing’ media TRUMP, DONALD / FREEDOM OF SPEECH / FACEBOOK
20190503 We have FREEDOM OF SPEECH in America! Trump reacts to Facebook ban TRUMP, DONALD / FREEDOM OF SPEECH / FACEBOOK


Date Source Title Tags
20190428 Trump says DNC ‘working its magic again’ to destroy Sanders in favor of Biden TRUMP, DONALD / DNC
20190426 Trump Makes Post-Mueller Vow To Release "Devastating" FISA Docs TRUMP, DONALD / FISA / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190426 Trump announces US withdrawing from UN Arms Trade Treaty US / TRUMP, DONALD / WEAPONTRADE / UN ARMS TRADE TREATY
20190424 Trump zu weiteren Ermittlungen "Es reicht" TRUMP, DONALD
20190424 Enough is enough? Trump opposes aides testifying to Congress in post-Mueller probes TRUMP, DONALD
20190419 Staatsbesuch im Mai Japans neuer Kaiser empfängt Trump als ersten Staatsgast JP / JP-US / TRUMP, DONALD
20190418 Bericht zur Russlandaffäre Was Robert Mueller wirklich über Donald Trump herausgefunden hat MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20190417 CIA showed Trump photos of sick kids & dead ducks so he would expel Russian diplomats – NYT HASPEL, GINA / CIA / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / TRUMP, DONALD
20190417 Präsident gegen Kongress Trump hält US-Militärhilfe im Jemen per Veto aufrecht TRUMP, DONALD / US / YE
20190416 Trump-Clan Deutsche Bank soll Beweise für Russen-Connection liefern DEUTSCHE BANK / TRUMP, DONALD
20190412 ‘I know nothing’ - Trump changes his tune on WikiLeaks ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS / TRUMP, DONALD
20190411 From hatred to love to cold indifference: Trump's changing tune on Wikileaks ASSANGE, JULIAN / TRUMP, DONALD
20190410 Those who started Russia probe were attempting a ‘coup’, AG must start investigation – Trump TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / BARR, WILLIAM
20190410 ‘Spying did occur’ by intelligence agencies on Trump campaign – AG Barr BARR, WILLIAM / MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20190405 Dear Mr. President, A Warning... ASSANGE, JULIAN / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20190331 "Trump Was Not Just Spied Upon, It Was Entrapment" CROSSFIRE HURRICANE / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / FBI / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190326 Nach Mueller-Bericht Trumps Rachefeldzug TRUMP, DONALD
20190325 Trump signs declaration recognizing Israel's sovereignty over disputed Golan Heights TRUMP, DONALD / IL
20190325 Donald Trump und der Mueller-Bericht Ist doch eine gute Nachricht TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190325 Nach Mueller-Bericht Trump fordert Konsequenzen für seine Gegner TRUMP, DONALD
20190325 Trump und die Russlandaffäre Was Mueller herausfand - und was nicht MUELLER, ROBERT / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20190324 Zusammenfassung des Mueller-Berichts Sonderermittler sieht keinen Beweis für Absprachen zwischen Trump und Russland MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20190324 Trump "Totally Exonerated", Calls For Investigation Into "Illegal Takedown That Failed" TRUMP, DONALD
20190321 It’s time for US to fully recognize Israel’s ‘sovereignty’ over disputed Golan Heights – Trump TRUMP, DONALD / IL
20190311 The Making of the Fox News White House - Fox News has always been partisan. But has it become propaganda? DANIELS, STORMY / TRUMP, DONALD / FOX NEWS / HANNITY, SEAN / MURDOCH, RUPERT / SHINE, BILL
20190305 Trump to terminate India trade benefits, demands ‘equitable & reasonable’ access to its markets TRUMP, DONALD / US / IN
20190305 Bericht des "New Yorker" Fox News wusste offenbar schon vor US-Wahl von Stormy-Daniels-Affäre DANIELS, STORMY / TRUMP, DONALD / FOX NEWS
20190304 US-Repräsentantenhaus Justizausschuss leitet größere Untersuchung gegen Trump ein US / TRUMP, DONALD / TRUMP, DONALD JR.
20190301 To Expose Cohen Lies, Trump Says "Congress Must Demand Transcript Of Michael's New Book" COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20190227 Ex-Anwalt Michael Cohen Abrechnung mit Trump im US-Kongress COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20190227 The Most Explosive Claims From Cohen's Prepared Testimony COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20190226 Cohen testimony on Trump: 'He is a racist. He is a conman. He is a cheat.' - The president's former lawyer will also tell Congress that Roger Stone told Trump he'd spoken with WikiLeaks about disclosing Democratic emails. COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20190217 Auf Bitte der USA Abe schlug Trump für Friedensnobelpreis vor ABE, SHINZO / TRUMP, DONALD
20190213 Border Deal Hits Snag As Trump Says He Will Look For "Landmines" TRUMP, DONALD
20190213 Russland-Ermittlungen US-Senat findet vorerst wohl keine Beweise gegen Trump US / TRUMP, DONALD
20190201 Trump praises US intelligence a day after telling them to ‘go back to school’ over Iran nukes] TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20190131 US-Milliardär Tom Steyer 100 Millionen Dollar, um Trump aus dem Amt zu jagen STEYER, TOM / TRUMP, DONALD
20190125 Ablenkung, Öl, Wählerstimmen Warum sich Trump in Venezuela einmischt TRUMP, DONALD / US / VE
20190123 Inside The FBI's 'Police State' Operation Against Trump FBI / TRUMP, DONALD
20190123 Pelosi Blocks Trump's "State Of The Union" Speech PELOSI, NANCY / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20190123 Streit über Rede zur Lage der Nation Pelosi sperrt Trump aus dem Repräsentantenhaus aus PELOSI, NANCY / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20190122 Trump Told Sarah Sanders "Not To Bother" With Press Briefings Anymore TRUMP, DONALD
20190114 Trump Discussed Pulling U.S. From NATO, Aides Say Amid New Concerns Over Russia TRUMP, DONALD / NATO
20190114 Trump in der Kritik "Herr Präsident, arbeiten Sie für Russland?" TRUMP, DONALD
20190102 Trump wants 'insane' public releases of Pentagon watchdog reports to end TRUMP, DONALD



Date Source Title Tags
20181225 Ex-NATO Commander Wesley Clark To CNN: Did Erdogan Blackmail Trump? CLARK, WESLEY / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / TRUMP, DONALD
20181221 We Know How Trump’s War Game Ends TRUMP, DONALD / US / AF / SY
20181221 National Security: A tumultuous week began with a phone call between Trump and the Turkish president ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / TRUMP, DONALD / SY
20181218 Trump-Russia dossier was created so Clinton could challenge 2016 election results – Steele STEELE, CHRISTOPHER / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / CLINTON, HILLARY
20181216 Nach angeblicher Trump-Aussage Türkei fordert "konkrete Schritte" zur Gülen-Auslieferung GUELEN, FETHULLAH / TR / TRUMP, DONALD
20181214 Schiff says House Intelligence panel will examine possible foreign funding of Trump’s inaugural committee US HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE / SCHIFF, ADAM / TRUMP, DONALD
20181214 Michael Cohen Says ‘Of Course’ Trump Knew Hush Payments Were Wrong COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20181214 Israelgate? As Russia probe runs dry, Mueller may turn to Middle East to pursue Trump ‘collusion’ MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD / AE / SA / IL
20181214 In Explosive Interview, Cohen Says Mueller Has "Substantial" Evidence Against Trump COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20181213 Futures Tumble On Report Trump Present During Enquirer Hush Money Meeting NATIONAL ENQUIRER / COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD / MCDOUGAL, KAREN
20181212 National Enquirer Publisher Admits To Trump Hush-Money Scheme Hours After Cohen Sentenced NATIONAL ENQUIRER / COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD / MCDOUGAL, KAREN
20181207 In Furious Tweetstorm, Trump Slams FBI And "Lyin'" Comey Ahead Of Critical Moment In Russia Probe TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / MANAFORT, PAUL / COHEN, MICHAEL
20181205 Trump ignores stone-faced Hillary, greets Obamas as all sit awkwardly together at Bush 41’s funeral TRUMP, DONALD / CLINTON, HILLARY


Date Source Title Tags
20181204 Palm Beach trial could reveal details of billionaire’s alleged abuse of teen girls EPSTEIN, JEFFREY / EDWARDS, BRADLEY / DERSHOWITZ, ALAN / STARR, KENNETH / TRUMP, DONALD / BLOOM, LISA
20181130 Kein Treffen beim G20-Gipfel Trumps Absage in letzter Minute brüskiert Putin TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / G20
20181129 Putin Was To Get $50 Million Penthouse In Trump Tower Moscow; Michael Cohen And FBI Informant Negotiated Failed Deal COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20181128 Ermittlungen zur Russland-Affäre Manafort-Anwälte gaben Mueller-Ergebnisse an Trumps Anwälte weiter MANAFORT, PAUL / TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20181122 Trump takes credit for Thanksgiving traffic jams, because his Saudi friendship makes gas so cheap TRUMP, DONALD
20181122 Rebuffing C.I.A., Trump Says It Only Has ‘Feelings’ About Khashoggi Killing BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TRUMP, DONALD / CIA
20181122 Trump brushes aside CIA assertion that crown prince ordered killing, defends him and Saudi Arabia BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TRUMP, DONALD / CIA
20181122 Buchanan: Are The Saudi Princes True Friends? KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20181121 Trump’s Amoral Saudi Statement Is a Pure Expression of Decades-Old “U.S. Values” and Foreign Policy Orthodoxies TRUMP, DONALD / US / SA / US-SA
20181121 Trump slammed after thanking Riyadh for low oil prices amid Khashoggi drama BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TRUMP, DONALD
20181121 Trump says he ‘does not know anything’ about Assange, gets called out on hypocrisy ASSANGE, JULIAN / TRUMP, DONALD
20181121 Trump hands over written responses to Mueller's Russia probe questions MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / TRUMP, DONALD
20181120 For Trump, the bottom line on Saudi Arabia takes precedence over human rights KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181120 Trump slanders Khashoggi and betrays American values KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181120 Trump Stands Up for Saudi Arabian Values KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181120 In Extraordinary Statement, Trump Stands With Saudis Despite Khashoggi Killing KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181120 Fall Khashoggi Trump schwört Saudi-Arabien die Treue KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181120 Schlagabtausch mit Premier Imran Khan Trump-Tweets stürzen USA in Krise mit Pakistan KHAN, IMRAN / PK / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20181118 Trump refuses to listen to audio tape of Jamal Khashoggi's 'vicious' murder: Turkish defence minister says killers of Khashoggi may have taken his dismembered body out of Turkey in a luggage KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TR / TRUMP, DONALD
20181118 "Sehr gewalttätig, sehr schrecklich" Trump will sich Tonband vom Khashoggi-Mord nicht anhören TRUMP, DONALD / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181118 ‘It’s a suffering tape’: Sensitive Trump says he won’t listen to audio record of Khashoggi killing TRUMP, DONALD / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181118 Premature but possible? Trump awaits ‘full report’ on Khashoggi murder after CIA implicates MbS TRUMP, DONALD / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / CIA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181117 Trump says he’ll speak with CIA about Khashoggi killing TRUMP, DONALD
20181117 ‘We Were Told That He Did Not Play a Role’ in Khashoggi Killing, Trump Says of Saudi Crown Prince BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / TRUMP, DONALD / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / CIA
20181116 Russlandaffäre Trump will Fragen von Sonderermittler Mueller beantwortet haben TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20181113 'They were starting to learn German in Paris before US came along' – Trump taunts Macron TRUMP, DONALD / MACRON, EMMANUEL
20181113 Trump Mocks Macron: "They Were Starting To Learn German In Paris Before The US Came Along" TRUMP, DONALD / MACRON, EMMANUEL
20181110 Spannungsgeladenes Treffen Trump und Marcon begrüßen sich mit Daumen-hoch-Geste MACRON, EMMANUEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20181109 Pläne für europäische Armee US-Präsident wirft Macron Beleidigung vor MACRON, EMMANUEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20181107 Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns at Trump’s request SESSIONS, JEFF / TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / US
20181105 Saudis ‘don’t know how to use’ US bombs: Trump condemns deadly Yemen school bus strike… kind of SA / WEAPONTRADE / US / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20181029 Czechoslovakia ramped up spying on Trump in late 1980s, seeking US intel CZ / TRUMP, DONALD / STB / KGB
20181024 When Trump Phones Friends, the Chinese and the Russians Listen and Learn TRUMP, DONALD
20181024 Saudi prince may be involved, but I want to believe he's not – Trump TRUMP, DONALD / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / BIN ABDULAZIZ AL SAUD, SALMAN / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181023 Sicherheitsberater Bolton in Moskau Was Trumps Drohung für Putin bedeutet NUCLEAR WEAPONS / BOLTON, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20181023 "Worst Coverup Ever": Trump Blasts Saudis Over Khashoggi Murder; US To Revoke Visas KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD / COVERUP
20181020 Trump finds Saudi version of Khashoggi death ‘credible,’ touts arms deals with ‘great ally’ TRUMP, DONALD / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181020 Trump says Khashoggi death ‘unacceptable’, but he ‘prefers’ to keep defense contracts with Saudis TRUMP, DONALD / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181019 ‘It certainly looks like’ Khashoggi is dead, consequences will be ‘severe’ – Trump KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181019 US-Präsident Trump zum Fall Khashoggi "Bad stuff" KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181018 In Shift on Khashoggi Killing, Trump Edges Closer to Acknowledging a Saudi Role KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181018 Fall Khashoggi US-Demokraten fordern Aufklärung über Trumps Geschäfte mit Saudi-Arabien KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181017 Verschwundener Journalist Khashoggi Trump nimmt Saudi-Arabien in Schutz TRUMP, DONALD / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181016 Pompeo, Khashoggi and the problem MBS created - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on a quest to sell an utterly unbelievable story about Jamal Khashoggi's death. KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / POMPEO, MIKE / TRUMP, DONALD / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181016 Trump spins cover-up for Saudi killing, signaling no ‘turning-point’ in US relations TRUMP, DONALD / SA
20181016 Telefonat mit Trump: Saudischer Kronprinz bestreitet Kenntnis im Fall Khashoggi KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / BIN ABDULAZIZ AL SAUD, SALMAN / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / POMPEO, MIKE / TRUMP, DONALD
20181016 Verschwundener Journalist Trumps Taktieren im Fall Khashoggi KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181015 Rogue killers or state murder? Riyadh gets benefit of doubt from Trump where Russia doesn’t TRUMP, DONALD / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181015 'Rogue killers' might have killed Saudi journalist - Trump TRUMP, DONALD / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL|
20181015 Verschwundener Journalist Khashoggi Trump schickt Außenminister nach Saudi-Arabien KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TRUMP, DONALD / US / SA / POMPEO, MIKE
20181015 Interview-Aussagen Trump hält Verstrickung Putins in Attentate für möglich TRUMP, DONALD
20181014 Saudi Arabia rejects ‘threats’ after Trump vows ‘severe punishment’ on Khashoggi disappearance KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181013 Trump vows ‘severe punishment’ if U.S. determines Saudi Arabia killed Khashoggi KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TRUMP, DONALD / US / SA
20181011 Trump’s $110 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia: still fake] TRUMP, DONALD / US / SA / WEAPONTRADE
20181010 Verschwundener Journalist Khashoggi Trump verschärft Ton gegenüber Saudi-Arabien KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20180908 Amtseinführung von Donald Trump US-Behörde hat Fotos nachträglich bearbeitet TRUMP, DONALD
20180906 Mueller Reportedly Offers Trump Legal Team "Formula" For In-Person Interview MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20180824 Trump cancels Pompeo’s N. Korea trip but sends ‘warmest regards’ to Kim TRUMP, DONALD / POMPEO, MIKE / KP
20180824 Cohen-Ermittlungen Trump-Finanzchef erhielt Immunität für Aussage in Schweigegeld-Affäre COHEN, MICHAEL / WEISSELBERG, ALLEN / TRUMP, DONALD
20180824 Trump accuses social media giants of censorship, says ‘millions’ being silenced TRUMP, DONALD / FACEBOOK / GOOGLE / TWITTER
20180823 Trump says the stock market would crash if he were impeached: 'Everybody would be very poor' TRUMP, DONALD
20180823 Trump impeachment: Is it possible – and how would it play out? TRUMP, DONALD
20180822 Donald Trump: 'worst hour' for president as Manafort and Cohen guilty TRUMP, DONALD
20180822 US-Präsident unter Druck Wie sich Trump in der Cohen-Affäre verteidigt TRUMP, DONALD
20180822 Paul Manafort und Michael Cohen vor Gericht Ein schwarzer Tag für Donald Trump TRUMP, DONALD / MANAFORT, PAUL / COHEN, MICHAEL
20180818 White House Counsel "Cooperating Extensively" With Obstruction Probe, Trump Says He Allowed It MUELLER, ROBERT / WHITE HOUSE / TRUMP, DONALD
20180815 Brennan Lashes Out After "Tyrant" Trump Revokes Security Clearance: "Americans Should Gravely Worry" BRENNAN, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD
20180815 Trump revokes clearance of former CIA chief Brennan BRENNAN, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD
20180812 The Real Reason Why Trump Cancelled The Iran Deal TRUMP, DONALD / SUNNI ISLAM / SA / IR / CA / SHIA ISLAM
20180812 Trump Gives Mueller Three Weeks For Sitdown: WSJ MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20180811 Trump Slams Sessions: "He Is Scared Stiff And Missing In Action" SESSIONS, JEFF / TRUMP, DONALD
20180811 Streit um Atomprogramm Nordkorea schreibt Wutbrief an US-Regierung KP / US / TRUMP, DONALD / POMPEO, MIKE / BOLTON, JOHN
20180809 US State Dept sanctions against Russia aimed at 'undercutting' Trump, analysts say US / RU / SANCTIONS / TRUMP, DONALD / PAUL, RAND
20180801 Mueller Wants To Ask Trump About Obstruction Of Justice MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20180801 Twitter-Tirade Trump drängt Justizminister zu Intervention in Russlandermittlungen TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / SESSIONS, JEFF
20180801 Trump Tells Jeff Sessions To End Mueller Investigation "Right Now" TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / SESSIONS, JEFF


Date Source Title Tags
20180731 "Ohne Vorbedingungen" Trump zu Treffen mit iranischer Führung bereit IR / ROHANI, HASSAN / TRUMP, DONALD
20180729 Treffen zwischen Sulzberger und US-Präsident "New York Times"-Verleger warnt Trump TRUMP, DONALD / SULZBERGER, ARTHUR GREGG / NEW YORK TIMES
20180727 Russlandaffäre Sonderermittler Mueller untersucht Trumps Tweets TRUMP, DONALD
20180726 Mueller Digging Through Trump's Tweets To Make Obstruction Case MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20180724 CNN Leaks Confidential Trump-Cohen Recording COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20180720 Michael Cohen Secretly Taped Trump Discussing Playboy Model Payoff COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD / FBI
20180720 Mögliche Zahlungen an Playboy-Model Brisante Tonaufnahmen könnten Trump in Bedrängnis bringen COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD / FBI
20180720 Michael Cohen Secretly Taped Trump Discussing Payment to Playboy Model COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD / FBI
20180719 Trump invites Putin to Washington this autumn - White House TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20180719 Trump: ‘Reckless’ media pushing for ‘major confrontation with Russia that could lead to war’ TRUMP, DONALD / US / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU
20180718 Trump: No, Russia isn't targeting US TRUMP, DONALD
20180718 Haters would rather ‘go to war’ than see me getting along with Putin – Trump TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20180717 Paul Craig Roberts: "Is President Trump A Traitor Because He Wants Peace With Russia?" TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / US-RU
20180717 Pat Buchanan: "Trump Calls Off Cold War II" BUCHANAN, PATRICK / TRUMP, DONALD
20180717 Lights go out at White House as Trump pledges loyalty to US intelligence (VIDEO) TRUMP, DONALD / US
20180717 Nach Kritik Präsident Trump räumt russische Einmischung in jüngster US-Wahl ein TRUMP, DONALD
20180717 Trump Reverses: "I Accept Intelligence Conclusion That Russia Meddled In 2016" TRUMP, DONALD
20180717 Putin über Russlandermittlungen der USA "Sie interessieren mich kein bisschen" PUTIN, VLADIMIR / DNC / TRUMP, DONALD
20180717 Mish: "Mass Hysteria" US / TRUMP, DONALD / US-RU
20180716 I wanted Trump to win - Putin (VIDEO) PUTIN, VLADIMIR / TRUMP, DONALD
20180716 One-on-one meeting with Putin a ‘good start,’ Trump says after over 2 hours of tete-a-tete talks TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20180716 Minutenprotokoll So lief das Gipfeltreffen zwischen Trump und Putin TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US-RU
20180716 Gipfeltreffen US-Präsident Trump lobt verbesserte Beziehungen zu Russland TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US-RU
20180716 Tweets vor Treffen mit Putin Trump macht Obama für schlechtes Verhältnis zu Russland verantwortlich TRUMP, DONALD / US / OBAMA, BARACK / RU
20180716 John Brennan Blasts Trump's Press Conference As "Nothing Short Of Treasonous" BRENNAN, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD
20180715 UK PM Theresa May says Donald Trump told her to sue the EU MAY, THERESA / TRUMP, DONALD
20180713 Putin on the Trump: ‘New York’ dons tinfoil hat, claims Soviet-era kompromat on The Donald TRUMP, DONALD
20180713 Donald Trump in Großbritannien "Theresa May hat den Brexit verbockt" TRUMP, DONALD / GB / JOHNSON, BORIS / MAY, THERESA
20180713 Trump arrives in the UK wielding a Brexit dagger, 'a true friend stabs you in the front' GB / TRUMP, DONALD
20180713 Ex-Außenminister Sigmar Gabriel fordert härtere Gangart gegenüber Trump GABRIEL, SIGMAR / DE / TRUMP, DONALD
20180712 Trump says his ‘talented’ friend Boris Johnson would be a ‘great’ PM, ahead of meeting with UK’s May TRUMP, DONALD / JOHNSON, BORIS / MAY, THERESA
20180711 Trump bei der Nato: Es tut noch nicht weh genug NATO / TRUMP, DONALD
20180709 Trump, In First Meeting With Merkel: ‘You Owe Me One Trillion Dollars’ MERKEL, ANGELA / TRUMP, DONALD
20180708 Will Trump Be Meeting With His Counterpart — Or His Handler? A plausible theory of mind-boggling collusion. TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20180706 ‘Trump's attempt to control oil prices is the beginning of chaos’ – economist IR / OIL / TRUMP, DONALD / OPEC
20180704 Trump considered invading Venezuela at height of political crisis – reports VE / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20180629 Trump's business career is more connected to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy than we ever knew KENNEDY, ANTHONY / KENNEDY, JUSTIN / DEUTSCHE BANK / TRUMP, DONALD
20180628 Inside the White House’s Quiet Campaign to Create a Supreme Court Opening KENNEDY, ANTHONY / SUPREME COURT / WHITE HOUSE / TRUMP, DONALD
20180628 Rosenstein Refuses To Discuss Whether Obama Spied On Trump Campaign ROSENSTEIN, ROD / OBAMA, BARACK / TRUMP, DONALD
20180627 Date & venue of Putin-Trump meeting agreed – presidential adviser TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20180627 Donald Trump und Wladimir Putin Kreml kündigt Gipfeltreffen an TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20180627 "Not On My Watch": Trump Warns Left Over Escalating Confrontations, Tells Voters "Time To Defend Our Principles" TRUMP, DONALD
20180616 Interessenkonflikte des Trump-Clans Herrschaft der Kleptokraten TRUMP, DONALD
20180616 Via Twitter Trump verbreitet eigene Fotos vom G7-Gipfel TRUMP, DONALD
20180615 ‘Prove that you are independent’: Russian MP Poklonskaya invites Trump to Crimea POKLONSKAYA, NATALIA / TRUMP, DONALD
20180615 New York files suit against Trump, alleging his charity engaged in ‘illegal conduct’ TRUMP, DONALD / TRUMP FOUNDATION
20180615 Trump: "Comey Was The Criminal Ringleader Of A Den Of Thieves" TRUMP, DONALD
20180615 USA US-Präsident witzelt über folgsame Nordkoreaner - und Exekutionen TRUMP, DONALD / JONG UN, KIM
20180614 Treason or respect? Trump draws ire for returning North Korean general’s salute (VIDEO) TRUMP, DONALD
20180612 North Korea sanctions to 'remain in effect’ – Trump JONG UN, KIM / KP / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20180612 Trump und Kim in Singapur Die Erklärung im Wortlaut (englisch) JONG UN, KIM / KP / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20180612 Koreanische Halbinsel Trump kündigt Stopp der Militärmanöver an JONG UN, KIM / KP / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20180612 Gipfel in Singapur Trump und Kim unterzeichnen Vereinbarung JONG UN, KIM / KP / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20180612 Historic handshake: Kim, Trump face off at Singapore summit (VIDEO, PHOTOS) JONG UN, KIM / KP / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20180612 Historisches Treffen in Singapur Trump sagt "großartige Beziehung" zu Kim voraus JONG UN, KIM / KP / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20180611 ‘There’s a special place in hell’ for Trudeau for backstabbing Trump, White House trade adviser says TRUDEAU, JUSTIN / TRUMP, DONALD
20180610 More Than Just Russia — There’s a Strong Case for the Trump Team Colluding With Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the UAE TRUMP, DONALD / SA / IL / AE
20180609 Justin Trudeau trolls Trump with framed photo of his grandfather's Canadian brothel TRUDEAU, JUSTIN / TRUMP, DONALD
20180609 Trump und Kim in Singapur Die Vertrauensfrage JONG UN, KIM / TRUMP, DONALD
20180607 Interviews von Anwalt Giuliani Kim soll um Treffen mit Trump "gebettelt" haben TRUMP, DONALD / GIULIANI, RUDOLPH W. / JONG UN, KIM
20180607 Trump über Gipfel mit Kim "Ich glaube nicht, dass ich mich sehr vorbereiten muss" TRUMP, DONALD / JONG UN, KIM
20180606 Russland-Ermittlungen Warum Donald Trump wirklich nervös ist TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / GIULIANI, RUDOLPH W.
20180605 Will Trump Fire John Bolton Next? BOLTON, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20180531 Trump will Daimler vom US-Markt aussperren DAIMLER BENZ / TRUMP, DONALD
20180525 Special Report: The London-to-Langley Spy Ring TRUMP, DONALD / MI6 / CIA
20180525 Donald Trump´s 2016 Presidential Campaign - Analysis PSY-GROUP / CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA / TRUMP, DONALD / FACEBOOK / TWITTER
20180525 Israeli Intelligence Firm’s Election-Meddling Analysis Comes Under Mueller’s Scrutiny - Psy-Group presentation outlines ways Trump campaign was helped by fake social media accounts PSY-GROUP / CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA / TRUMP, DONALD / FACEBOOK / TWITTER
20180524 The Word That Derailed the Trump-Kim Summit KP / KR / US / TRUMP, DONALD / LY
20180523 Israeli Intelligence Company Formed Venture With Trump Campaign Firm Cambridge Analytica -Psy-Group is owned by entrepreneur Joel Zamel, who has been questioned by special-counsel investigators PSY-GROUP / ZAMEL, JOEL / CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA / TRUMP, DONALD / FACEBOOK / TWITTER
20180519 Mueller Probe Expands to Israeli Entrepreneur With U.A.E. Ties - Investigation has sought testimony regarding work of Joel Zamel, founder of several private consulting firms PSY-GROUP / ZAMEL, JOEL / CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA / TRUMP, DONALD / FACEBOOK / TWITTER
20180525 Nach Absage an Nordkorea Gipfeltreffen könnte laut Trump doch noch stattfinden TRUMP, DONALD
20180523 Trump Lawyer Received $400,000 "Secret Payment" To Arrange Meeting Between Ukraine President And Trump POROSHENKO, PETRO / COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20180522 Second Spy Tried To Infiltrate Trump Campaign Says Former Adviser: "This Is Just The Beginning" CAPUTO, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20180522 Angeblicher "FBI-Spion" Trump zwingt Russland-Ermittlern seinen Willen auf TRUMP, DONALD / US DOJ / FBI
20180521 ‘Too inconvenient’: Trump goes rogue on phone security TRUMP, DONALD
20180521 Trump Meeting With Rosenstein, Wray On Spying Concludes: Congress To See All "Highly Classified" Information TRUMP, DONALD / US DOJ / FBI
20180520 DoJ Confirms Inspector General Will Probe "Impropriety, Political Motivation" Of Obama FBI Spying On Trump TRUMP, DONALD / US DOJ / FBI
20180520 Angebliche Überwachung im Wahlkampf Trump will Rolle des FBI prüfen lassen TRUMP, DONALD / FBI
20180519 FBI Spy-Op Exposed, Trump Campaign Infiltrated By Longtime CIA And MI6 Asset HALPER, STEFAN / CIA / MI6 / PAPADOPOULOS, GEORGE / PAGE, CARTER / TRUMP, DONALD
20180519 Halper – Latest character in Russiagate drama spied for the CIA in the 80s HALPER, STEFAN / CIA / FBI / PAPADOPOULOS, GEORGE / PAGE, CARTER / TRUMP, DONALD
20180519 Treffen im Trump Tower Golfmonarchien boten Trump Hilfe für Wahl an TRUMP, DONALD / AE / SA / PRINCE, ERIK / ZAMEL, JOEL
20180519 Iran-Sanktionen Trumps Dollar-Keule TRUMP, DONALD / US / SANCTIONS / IR
20180517 Sonderermittler zu Russland Mueller soll eingeräumt haben, dass Trump Immunität genießt MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD
20180515 How Scott Adams Got Hypnotized by Trump ADAMS, SCOTT / TRUMP, DONALD
20180510 Michael Cohen Novartis räumt Millionenzahlung an Trumps Anwalt ein NOVARTIS / COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20180508 Exclusive: Mueller's team questions Russian oligarch about payments to Cohen VEKSELBERG, VIKTOR / COHEN, MICHAEL / ESSENTIAL CONSULTING / TRUMP, DONALD
20180508 Stormy Daniels Lawyer's Bombshell Claim: Putin-Linked Oligarch Paid Cohen $500K For "Hush" Payment VEKSELBERG, VIKTOR / COHEN, MICHAEL / ESSENTIAL CONSULTING / TRUMP, DONALD
20180508 Trump Pulls US Out Of "Unacceptable, Defective" Iran Deal; Obama Slams Decision As "So Misguided TRUMP, DONALD / IR
20180508 USA vs. Iran Die Erklärung des Weißen Hauses im Wortlaut (englisch) TRUMP, DONALD / US / IR
20180508 Atom-Deal Trump verkündet Ausstieg aus Iran-Abkommen TRUMP, DONALD / US / IR
20180508 Reaktion auf Trump Iran droht mit Uran-Anreicherung "in den nächsten Wochen" TRUMP, DONALD / US / IR
20180508 Trumps Iran-Entscheidung Einfach brandgefährlich TRUMP, DONALD / US / IR
20180505 Trump aides hired Israeli private intelligence firm to dig up dirt on Obama officials: report TRUMP, DONALD / IL / IR
20180505 Revealed: Trump team hired spy firm for ‘dirty ops’ on Iran arms deal TRUMP, DONALD / IL / IR
20180506 Trump vor Mueller-Kommission Giuliani schließt Aussageverweigerung nicht aus GIULIANI, RUDOLPH W. / TRUMP, DONALD
20180506 Anwalt von Stormy Daniels "Trump wird zum Rücktritt gezwungen sein" DANIELS, STORMY / AVENATTI, MICHAEL / COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20180428 House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence: Report on Russian Active Measures US / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20180428 Mystery Group Of "Wealthy Donors" And Soros Spends $50 Million For "Private Trump-Russia Investigation" SOROS, GEORGE / FUSION GPS / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20180423 Trump Asked Netanyahu: "Do You Actually Care About Peace?" NETANYAHU, BENJAMIN / TRUMP, DONALD
20180420 Trump To "Counter" DNC Lawsuit; Seeks Servers, Clinton Emails And "Pakistani Mystery Man TRUMP, DONALD / DNC / WASSERMAN SCHULTZ, DEBBIE / AWAN, IMRAN / MALIK, REHMAN
20180420 Verschwörungsklage der US-Demokraten Trumps Wahlkampfteam nennt Vorwürfe "wertlos" und "albern" TRUMP, DONALD / DNC
20180420 Vorwurf der Wahlbeeinflussung Demokraten verklagen Russland und Trumps Team wegen Verschwörung DNC / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / WIKILEAKS
20180420 Democratic Party files lawsuit alleging Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks conspired to disrupt the 2016 campaign DNC / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / WIKILEAKS
20180419 As Macron heads to US, 'strong relationship' with Trump under test MACRON, EMMANUEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20180416 Trump Halts Plan For More Russia Sanctions; Russian Stocks, Ruble Jump TRUMP, DONALD / SANCTIONS / RU
20180416 Interview für US-Fernsehsender Ex-FBI-Chef nennt Trump "moralisch ungeeignet" fürs Präsidentenamt COMEY, JAMES / TRUMP, DONALD
20180415 Pressestimmen zu US-Luftschlägen "Trump ist eine Belastung für Amerika und die Welt" SY / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20180415 Trump-Enthüllungsbuch von James Comey Die Rache des Juristen COMEY, JAMES / TRUMP, DONALD
20180413 RNC fundraiser resigns after report of $1.6 million Playmate payoff BROIDY, ELLIOTT / COHEN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20180413 Trump-Enthüllungsbuch von Ex-FBI-Chef Vernichtung auf 384 Seiten COMEY, JAMES / FBI / TRUMP, DONALD
20180412 Comey: Trump asked me to investigate ‘pee tape’ to reassure Melania TRUMP, DONALD
20180412 Trump’s allies worry that federal investigators may have seized recordings made by his attorney TRUMP, DONALD
20180412 Möglicher US-Angriff in Syrien Trumps Sprecherin: "Noch ist nichts entschieden" TRUMP, DONALD / US / SY
20180411 Moskaus Antwort auf Trump-Drohung "Wir beteiligen uns nicht an Twitter-Diplomatie" PESKOW, DMITRI / RU / SY / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20180411 luongo-coup-complete-trump-doneLuongo: "The Coup Is Complete - Trump Is Done" TRUMP, DONALD
20180411 Stocks plunge, gold spikes after Trump taunts Russia with missile strikes in Syria TRUMP, DONALD
20180411 Get ready Russia, missiles will be coming at Syria, nice and new and ‘smart’! TRUMP, DONALD / RU / SY
20180411 Trump: 'Get Ready Russia', Missiles Will Be Coming 'Nice' and 'New' and 'Smart' TRUMP, DONALD / SY / RU
20180411 Schweigegeld für Stormy Daniels Verhängnisvolle Affäre TRUMP, DONALD / NATIONAL ENQUIRER
20180410 Weißes Haus Trump hält sich für befugt, Ermittler Mueller zu entlassen TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20180410 FBI raids Trump's private lawyer in what he calls ‘total witch hunt’ COHEN, MICHAEL / FBI / TRUMP, DONALD
20180409 Stormy-Daniels-Affäre FBI durchsucht Büro von Trumps Anwalt COHEN, MICHAEL / FBI / TRUMP, DONALD
20180405 Trump threatens China with $100bn more in tariffs as response to Beijing’s ‘unfair retaliation’ TRUMP, DONALD / USCN
20180403 Jared Kushner und Ivanka Trump Das Power-Paar gerät ins Abseits KUSHNER, JARED / TRUMP, IVANKA / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20180326 Stormy Daniels’ Legal Strategy Strongly Suggests She Has Photos of Donald Trump DANIELS, STORMY / TRUMP, DONALD / KOMPROMAT
20180326 Trump orders expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats, closure of Seattle consulate TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU
20180325 Trump suggests American military may pay for US-Mexico border wall since it’s now 'rich' US / MX / TRUMP, DONALD
20180324 Strategie der Strafzölle Trumps Attacke auf den Welthandel TRUMP, DONALD / US / WTO
20180322 "Now I’m F---ing Doing It My Way": Trump Prepares For War With Mueller TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20180322 'No collusion': House Intel Committee votes to end Russia probe US / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / WIKILEAKS
20180321 Amerika-Serie Der Trump-Moment TRUMP, DONALD
20180320 Datenskandal Trumps Wahlerfolg und das Facebook-Rätsel KUSHNER, JARED / BANNON, STEVE / TRUMP, DONALD / FACEBOOK / CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA /
20180320 Skandal um Datensammlung Was treibt eigentlich Cambridge Analytica? CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA / FACEBOOK / MERCER, ROBERT / BANNON, STEVE / TRUMP, DONALD
20180315 ‘Looks like Russians were behind spy poisoning’ - Trump SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / RU / TRUMP, DONALD
20180313 Different mindset with Tillerson, good chemistry with Pompeo - Trump TRUMP, DONALD / POMPEO, MIKE / TILLERSON, REX
20180313 Trump Personal Assistant Fired, Escorted Out Of White House, Under Investigation For "Serious Financial Crimes" MCENTEE, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD
20180313 Nächster Rauswurf: Trumps persönlicher Assistent offenbar aus Weißem Haus eskortiert MCENTEE, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD
20180313 USA Trump entlässt Außenminister Rex Tillerson US / TRUMP, DONALD / TILLERSON, REX / POMPEO, MIKE / HASPEL, GINA / CIA
20180313 Rex Tillerson Out as Trump’s Secretary of State, Replaced by Mike Pompeo US / TRUMP, DONALD / TILLERSON, REX / POMPEO, MIKE / HASPEL, GINA / CIA
20180311 A felon pleaded his case on ‘Fox & Friends.’ Days later, Trump pardoned him. TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20180222 Trump suggests arming teachers & staff could prevent school massacres TRUMP, DONALD / US
20180214 Congressman Says He Tried to Brief Trump on WikiLeaks and Russia After Meeting With Julian Assange, But John Kelly Blocked Him ROHRABACHER, DANA / JOHNSON, CHARLES / WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN / TRUMP, DONALD
20180212 Trump back to slamming Middle East wars as he pushes infrastructure spending TRUMP, DONALD / US
20180210 ‘National security concerns’: Trump returns ‘sensitive’ memo to House Democrats for revision SCHIFF, ADAM / TRUMP, DONALD
20180206 'What We Did Was a Scam': The Apprentice Creators Give Behind the Scenes Reveal of Trump's Show TRUMP, DONALD
20180203 Trump versus FBI Der Memo-Krieg FISA / NUNES, DEVIN / TRUMP, DONALD
20180203 Memo zur Russlandaffäre FBI-Chef nimmt Mitarbeiter in Schutz FBI / TRUMP, DONALD / WRAY, CHRISTOPHER
20180202 FISA Memo Released: Here's What It Says NUNES, DEVIN / FBI / FISA / TRUMP, DONALD
20180201 Trump to Release Memo Friday Morning Without Redactions FBI / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20180131 Russland-Affäre FBI warnt vor Veröffentlichung von Geheimbericht US / FBI / TRUMP, DONALD
20180130 Second "Trump Dossier" Emerges One Day After FISA Memo Vote SHEARER, CODY / FSB / STEELE, CHRISTOPHER / FUSION GPS / TRUMP, DONALD
20180126 Donald Trump in Davos Selbstgespräch auf der Weltbühne TRUMP, DONALD
20180125 Trump Officially Restores Cold War TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / CN
20180118 Trump reveals ‘Fake News Awards,’ website crashes TRUMP, DONALD / FAKE NEWS
20180117 The Highly-Anticipated 2017 Fake News Awards TRUMP, DONALD / FAKE NEWS
20180113 ‘CIA friends’ asked Moby to spread word of Trump-Russia collusion on social media MOBY / CIA / TWITTER / PROPAGANDA / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20180113 Donald Trump must apologise for comments - African Union TRUMP, DONALD / RACISM
20180112 Trump cancels UK visit… so much for the ‘special relationship’ US-GB / US / GB / TRUMP, DONALD
20180112 "Why Would We Come?" Norwegians Respond To Trump's Immigration Offer TRUMP, DONALD / RACISM / NO
20180112 'Security concerns’ or ugly embassy? Trump cancels UK visit with ANOTHER odd Tweet TRUMP, DONALD / GB / LONDON
20180111 "Steele-Dossier" über Trump "Von einer feindlichen Staatsmacht kompromittiert" TRUMP, DONALD / STEELE, CHRISTOPHER / SIMPSON, GLENN / FUSION GPS / FEINSTEIN, DIANNE / MUELLER, ROBERT / PAPADOPOULOS, GEORGE / LEVY, JOSHUA
20180111 ‘Trump intensified war on whistleblowers, wants Assange’s head on a platter’ – fmr CIA officer to RT KIRIAKOU, JOHN / ASSANGE, JULIAN / TRUMP, DONALD
20180111 Trump und die Russlandaffäre Befragung durch Ermittler Mueller "eher unwahrscheinlich" TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / US
20180108 Russlandaffäre Sonderermittler Mueller will Trump persönlich befragen TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / US
20180108 Streit mit Medien Trump verschiebt "Fake News Award" FAKE NEWS / TRUMP, DONALD
20180106 In Bizarre Tweetstorm, Trump Defends His Sanity: "I Am A Very Stable Genius" TRUMP, DONALD
20180106 Reaktion auf Skandalbuch Trump feiert sich selbst als "mental gefestigtes Genie" TRUMP, DONALD
20180104 Did Britain spy on Trump? Tony Blair thinks so… or so he allegedly told a senior White House aide GB / BLAIR, TONY / TRUMP, DONALD / WOLFF, MICHAEL
20180103 Buch zur Russlandaffäre Steve Bannon attackiert Trump junior BANNON, STEVE / TRUMP, DONALD
20180103 Trump disavows Bannon, says former campaign strategist ‘lost his mind’ BANNON, STEVE / TRUMP, DONALD
20180103 Trump reagiert auf Kims Drohung "Mein Atomwaffenknopf ist größer als seiner" TRUMP, DONALD / US / JONG UN, KIM / KP
20180103 Russland-Ermittlungen Trump verschärft seine Kampagne gegen das FBI TRUMP, DONALD / FBI / ABEDIN, HUMA / COMEY, JAMES
20180102 Huma Abedin Forwarded Top Secret Passwords To Yahoo Account Hacked By Russian With Odd Clinton Connection ABEDIN, HUMA / CLINTON, HILLARY / RU / YAHOO / TRUMP, DONALD



Date Source Title Tags
20171224 Wife Of Fusion GPS Founder Admits Her Husband Was Behind Fake "RussiaGate" Story STEELE, CHRISTOPHER / FUSION GPS / JACOBY, MARY / SIMPSON, GLENN / TRUMP, DONALD
20171220 In From The Cold: CIA Gesture Indicates Thawing US-Russia Ties PUTIN, VLADIMIR / TRUMP, DONALD / CIA
20171218 Trump’s new security strategy to keep Russia & China as main competitors TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / CN
20171217 Putin thanked Trump for CIA tip-off which helped Russia prevent terror attack PUTIN, VLADIMIR / TRUMP, DONALD / FSB / CIA / ST. PETERSBURG
20171217 Trump to Putin: US was glad to save many lives in Russia by helping foil major terrorist attack PUTIN, VLADIMIR / TRUMP, DONALD / CIA / POMPEO, MIKE
20171210 CIA veterans: Spooks know names of DNC leakers - 'WikiLeaks can't protect their sources – we have too many ways to uncover those sources' DNC / CIA / WIKILEAKS / RUSTMANN, FRED / POMPEO, MIKE / ROHRABACHER, DANA / ASSANGE, JULIAN / TRUMP, DONALD
20171206 Trotz Sorge um Stabilität im Nahen Osten Trump erkennt Jerusalem als Hauptstadt Israels an TRUMP, DONALD / US / IL / PS / JERUSALEM
20171205 Russlandaffäre Trump ist noch lange nicht am Ende TRUMP, DONALD
20171205 Trump informs Abbas of intention to move US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem TRUMP, DONALD / US / IL / PS / JERUSALEM
20171201 US intel sources warn Israel against sharing secrets with Trump administration IL / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20171201 Mike Pompeo: Der Mann nach dem Rexit POMPEO, MIKE / TRUMP, DONALD / US STATE DEPARTMENT / TILLERSON, REX


Date Source Title Tags
20171130 "New York Times"-Bericht Ex Tillerson POMPEO, MIKE / TRUMP, DONALD / US STATE DEPARTMENT / TILLERSON, REX
20171129 Briten empört über Trumps Anti-Muslim-Tweets "Er ist weder ein Verbündeter noch ein Freund" FRANSEN, JAYDA / TRUMP, DONALD / GB
20171129 Anti-Islam-Videos Donald Trump verbreitet Tweets britischer Rechtsextremistin FRANSEN, JAYDA / TRUMP, DONALD
20171120 Trump declares North Korea state sponsor of terrorism TRUMP, DONALD / US / KP
20171115 Julian Assange’s Hatred of Hillary Clinton Was No Secret. His Advice to Donald Trump Was. ASSANGE, JULIAN / CLINTON, HILLARY / TRUMP, DONALD / BROWN, BARRETT
20171114 Fazit zu Trumps Asienreise Amerika dankt ab US / TRUMP, DONALD
20171113 ‘Nobody thinks Russia had impact on election’ – US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin MNUCHIN, STEVEN / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20171112 Trump believed Putin ‘means it when he says no’ to meddling claims, now sides with US intel agencies TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20171107 Nach Dutzenden Festnahmen Trump stellt sich hinter saudischen König und Kronprinz SA / TRUMP, DONALD / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20171105 Größter Börsengang der Welt Trump will Ölkonzern Saudi Aramco nach New York locken SA / SAUDI ARAMCO / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20171101 Russlandaffäre Trumps mögliche Exit-Strategie TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT


Date Source Title Tags
20171030 Vorwürfe gegen Ermittler Trump beklagt "Hexenjagd" in Russlandaffäre TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / FLYNN, MICHAEL / MANAFORT, PAUL
20171027 Kennedy-Attentat US-Nationalarchiv gibt Geheimakten frei - aber nur teilweise KENNEDY, JOHN F. / TRUMP, DONALD
20171026 The Latest: Trump_ It’s disgrace Democrats paid for dossier TRUMP, DONALD
20171019 New York Richter befasst sich mit Trump-Deals TRUMP, DONALD
20171015 President Trump Subpoenaed Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations TRUMP, DONALD
20171014 Anzeige in "Washington Post" Porno-Produzent bietet zehn Millionen Dollar für Material gegen Trump TRUMP, DONALD / FLYNT, LARRY
20171012 Kritik an Fake News Trump stellt Lizenzen für TV-Sender infrage TRUMP, DONALD / FREEDOM OF PRESS / NBC
20171001 "Zeitverschwendung" Nordkorea-Sondierungen - Trump brüskiert seinen Außenminister TILLERSON, REX / TRUMP, DONALD / US / KP


Date Source Title Tags
20170924 Sportler gegen Präsident Diesen Gegner hat Trump unterschätzt TRUMP, DONALD
20170921 Sonderermittler zur Russland-Affäre Trump muss umfangreiche Unterlagen herausgeben MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / COMEY, JAMES / FLYNN, MICHAEL
20170920 USA Die Russland-Affäre holt Trump wieder ein TRUMP, DONALD
20170919 Trumps Rede im Wortlaut "Rocket Man On A Suicide Mission" TRUMP, DONALD
20170919 Rede vor der Uno Trump droht Nordkorea mit "völliger Zerstörung" TRUMP, DONALD
20170919 Trump bei der Uno Amerika, Amerika. Und dann der Rest der Welt TRUMP, DONALD
20170919 ‘Trump was right!’ Twitter goes wild after CNN admits FBI wiretapped Trump aide Manafort MANAFORT, PAUL / FBI / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20170918 Trump’s pardon of Arpaio can — and should — be overturned ARPAIO, JOE / TRUMP, DONALD
20170915 GOP rep proposed Assange pardon deal: report ASSANGE, JULIAN / ROHRABACHER, DANA / TRUMP, DONALD
20170915 Rep. Dana Rohrabacher: Someone leaked 'very important' call with John Kelly concerning WikiLeaks ROHRABACHER, DANA / KELLY, JOHN / ASSANGE, JULIAN / TRUMP, DONALD
20170914 Trumps Gesundheitszustand "Er erscheint verwirrt" TRUMP, DONALD
20170909 ‘US taboo’: Assange rubbishes climate change denial in hurricane tweet ASSANGE, JULIAN / TRUMP, DONALD / CLIMATE
20170904 'Unacceptable': China slams Trump's threat to end commerce with N. Korea's trade partners CN / US / TRUMP, DONALD / KP
20170902 USA Ministerium hat keine Beweise für Lauschangriff auf Trump TRUMP, DONALD
20170902 Entlassung von FBI-Chef Comey Sonderermittler untersucht Trump-Brief MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD / COMEY, JAMES
20170901 Konflikt zwischen USA und Russland Trump gibt den Kalten Krieger TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20170831 'Russian consulate shutdown: Deep State victory or Trump’s attempt to avoid impeachment?' TRUMP, DONALD
20170831 Trump to discuss Assange & DNC hack in Rohrabacher ‘rendezvous’ ROHRABACHER, DANA / TRUMP, DONALD / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20170830 ‘Talking is not the answer’ for North Korea, Trump tweets TRUMP, DONALD / KP
20170827 Begnadigung für Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio Blankoscheck für Trumps Vasallen TRUMP, DONALD / ARPAIO, JOE
20170824 'Lying to Congress': Trump lashes out at former spymaster over CNN comments CLAPPER, JAMES / TRUMP, DONALD
20170823 Outed CIA agent seeks to raise $1bn to buy Twitter and ban Trump PLAME WILSON, VALERIE / CIA / TWITTER / TRUMP, DONALD
20170819 Regierungschaos in Washington Angst vor dem Trump-Crash TRUMP, DONALD / US / COHN, GARY
20170818 Trump elevates US Cyber Command to independent status CYBERWAR / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20170817 California politics updates: Rohrabacher says he'll take info he learned from Julian Assange back to President Trump ROHRABACHER, DANA / ASSANGE, JULIAN / TRUMP, DONALD
20170816 Trumps Pressekonferenz im Wortlaut Die Verharmlosung des Hasses TRUMP, DONALD
20170816 Kim Jong-un 'made very wise & well reasoned decision' over Guam - Trump TRUMP, DONALD / US / KP
20170816 Trumps Pressekonferenz Lehrstunde in Nazi-Verharmlosung TRUMP, DONALD
20170815 Gewalt in Charlottesville Trump sieht Schuld weiter bei Rechten und Linken TRUMP, DONALD
20170814 White House says Trump condemns KKK & neo-Nazis after Charlottesville statement backlash TRUMP, DONALD
20170814 Trump zu Charlottesville "Rassismus ist böse" TRUMP, DONALD
20170809 This Is What European Diplomats Really Think About Donald Trump TRUMP, DONALD / EU
20170808 Streit um Einwanderungspolitik Chicago klagt gegen Trump-Regierung CHICAGO / TRUMP, DONALD
20170808 Umfrage Nur jeder vierte Amerikaner glaubt Nachrichten aus dem Weißen Haus TRUMP, DONALD / PROPAGANDA
20170808 Atomkonflikt Trump droht Nordkorea mit "Feuer, Wut und Macht" TRUMP, DONALD / US / KP
20170803 Trump und die Russland-Sanktionen Liebesgrüße an Moskau TRUMP, DONALD
20170802 Weißes Haus Donald Trump unterschreibt Gesetz zu Russlandsanktionen TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / SANCTIONS
20170802 Trump: Newly-signed Russia sanctions law ‘significantly flawed’ TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / SANCTIONS
20170801 Chaos im Weißen Haus Feuer frei SCARAMUCCI, ANTHONY / WHITE HOUSE / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20170731 Trump Saw A Disturbing Video, Then He Shut Down The CIA's Covert Syria Program CIA / SY / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20170721 Sean Spicer Resigns as White House Press Secretary SPICER, SEAN / TRUMP, DONALD / US / SCARAMUCCI, ANTHONY
20170721 Russlandaffäre Trump-Kontakt war Anwältin des russischen Geheimdiensts FSB VESELNITSKAYA, NATALIA / FSB / TRUMP, DONALD
20170719 Citing Recusal, Trump Says He Wouldn’t Have Hired Sessions SESSIONS, JEFF / TRUMP, DONALD
20170719 Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria, a move sought by Moscow SY / CIA / TRUMP, DONALD
20170712 Trump Didn’t Even Decide Who Got Fired On ‘The Apprentice,’ Clay Aiken Says - “NBC made those decisions,” the former contestant said. TRUMP, DONALD
20170708 Trump: Meeting with Putin was ‘tremendous’ TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20170707 Syrien Russland und USA einigen sich auf neue Waffenruhe PUTIN, VLADIMIR / TRUMP, DONALD / SY
20170707 Trump trifft Putin Turtelnde Machos G20 / TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20170706 Besuch in Polen Trump wirft Russland destabilisierendes Verhalten vor TRUMP, DONALD
20170706 Gesundheit des Präsidenten Leidet Donald Trump an Demenz? TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20170630 Attacken, Affronts, Drohungen Trump eskaliert seinen Krieg gegen die Medien TRUMP, DONALD
20170628 NSA director frustrated Trump won't accept Russia interfered in election: report ROGERS, MIKE / NSA / TRUMP, DONALD
20170627 US-Einreiseverbot Trumps zynisches Spiel TRUMP, DONALD
20170624 Russische Wahleinmischung Trump wirft Obama Untätigkeit vor TRUMP, DONALD / OBAMA, BARACK
20170619 Data used by Trump campaign on 198mn Americans found exposed online BIG DATA / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20170618 ‘Grave concerns’ prompt new probe into Trump admin’s proposed cuts to civil rights enforcement US / TRUMP, DONALD
20170618 Russlandaffäre Trumps Anwalt bestreitet Berichte über Ermittlungen TRUMP, DONALD / US
20170618 Neue US-Sanktionen Russland verurteilt Trumps Kuba-Wende US / CU / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170617 Finanzen des US-Präsidenten Trump hat mehrere Hundert Millionen Dollar Schulden TRUMP, DONALD
20170616 US ethics office releases Trump financial disclosure forms TRUMP, DONALD
20170615 Ermittlungen gegen Trump Tatort Weißes Haus TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT / US
20170615 US-Sonderermittler Mueller ermittelt nun offenbar gegen Trump persönlich MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20170612 Trump friend says president considering firing Mueller RUDDY, CHRIS / TRUMP, DONALD / MUELLER, ROBERT
20170612 Hotelgeschäfte Generalstaatsanwälte erheben Anklage gegen Präsident Trump TRUMP, DONALD
20170612 White House: When Trump Said He’d Testify, He Didn’t Mean to Congress TRUMP, DONALD
20170612 Israel Successfully Hacked ISIS Computers; Trump Leaked It to the Russians, NYT Reports ISLAMIC STATE / IL / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170611 White House: Trump gives Priebus until July 4th to clean up White House PRIEBUS, REINCE / TRUMP, DONALD
20170611 Trump Says Qatar Funds Terror. Here’s His Record Of Trying To Get It To Fund Him. TRUMP, DONALD / QA
20170609 Keine Auskunft für US-Demokraten Deutsche Bank verweigert Informationen zu Trumps Krediten DEUTSCHE BANK / TRUMP, DONALD
20170609 Nach Comey-Vorwürfen Trump in Russland-Affäre zu Aussage unter Eid bereit TRUMP, DONALD / COMEY, JAMES
20170609 Qatar has 'historically been a funder of terrorism at a very high level' ‒ Trump QA / TRUMP, DONALD / TILLERSON, REX
20170608 Trump ‘may not have known’ Qatar hosts 11,000 US troops when he attacked the nation on Twitter QA / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20170608 Trump’s lawyer calls for investigation of Comey for leaking 'privileged communications' KASOWITZ, MARC / TRUMP, DONALD / COMEY, JAMES
20170608 Ex-FBI-Chef Public Viewing bei Comey-Aussage COMEY, JAMES / TRUMP, DONALD
20170608 Senatsanhörung im Liveblog und im Livestream Ex-FBI-Chef Comey nennt Trump "Lügner" COMEY, JAMES / TRUMP, DONALD
20170607 Früherer FBI-Chef Comey bekräftigt Vorwürfe gegen Trump COMEY, JAMES / TRUMP, DONALD
20170607 Medienbericht Aufzeichnungen von US-Geheimdienstdirektor sollen Trump belasten COATS, DAN / TRUMP, DONALD / COMEY, JAMES
20170605 Trump National Security Team Blindsided by NATO Speech NATO / TRUMP, DONALD
20170602 How the Trump administration’s secret efforts to ease Russia sanctions fell short TRUMP, DONALD / FRIED, DAN / SANCTIONSUS / RU
20170601 Trump announces US withdrawal from Paris climate change deal CLIMATE / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20170601 Nigel Farage is 'person of interest' in FBI investigation into Trump and Russia FARAGE, NIGEL / TRUMP, DONALD / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20170601 Le FBI s’intéresse aux relations entre Nigel Farage, l’équipe Trump et Julian Assange FARAGE, NIGEL / TRUMP, DONALD / ASSANGE, JULIAN


Date Source Title Tags
20170531 Rätselhafte Wortschöpfung Ist Trump beim Twittern eingeschlafen? TRUMP, DONALD
20170530 Trump’s cellphone diplomacy raises security concerns TRUMP, DONALD
20170528 Merkel nach Gipfel mit Trump "Die Zeiten, in denen wir uns auf andere völlig verlassen konnten, sind ein Stück vorbei" MERKEL, ANGELA / G7 / DE / TRUMP, DONALD
20170528 Russlandaffäre "War Room" soll Vorwürfe gegen Trump abwehren WHITE HOUSE / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / PRIEBUS, REINCE / BANNON, STEVE
20170525 Gipfel in Brüssel Trump fordert von Nato-Partnern "enorme Mengen Geld" NATO / TRUMP, DONALD
20170525 Trump im Nato-Hauptquartier Er will alles, und er will es jetzt TRUMP, DONALD / NATO
20170525 Trump in Brüssel "Die Deutschen sind böse, sehr böse" TRUMP, DONALDDE
20170525 Im Telefongespräch mit Duterte Trump soll Atom-U-Boot-Tabu gebrochen haben DUTERTE, RODRIGO / TRUMP, DONALD / KP / US
20170524 Read the Full Transcript of Trump’s Call With Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte DUTERTE, RODRIGO / TRUMP, DONALD
20170524 The Pope gave Donald Trump a 192-page letter he wrote on climate change BERGOGLIO, JORGE MARIO / TRUMP, DONALD / CLIMATE
20170523 Trumps Etat-Plan Weniger für die Armen, mehr fürs Militär TRUMP, DONALD / US
20170523 US-Präsident besucht Bethlehem Trump will Frieden, Abbas einen Staat TRUMP, DONALD / ABBAS, MAHMOUD / PS / IL
20170522 Saudis gave the U.S. $360b in deals. Now they want Trump to rescind 9/11 lawsuit law. US / US 20010911 / TRUMP, DONALD / SA
20170522 Widow of 9/11 victim to Trump: Saudis should be held accountable for ‘role in murdering 3,000’ US / US 20010911 / TRUMP, DONALD / SA
20170522 Trump sieht neue Hoffnung auf Frieden in Nahost TRUMP, DONALD / IL
20170521 Grundsatzrede in Riad Donald Trump und wie er den Islam sieht TRUMP, DONALD / ISLAM / SA
20170520 Trumps Reiseauftakt in Saudi-Arabien ...und dann ein "unglaublicher Tag" beim König TRUMP, DONALD / SA / US / WEAPONTRADE
20170520 Trump strikes arms deal with Saudis worth $350bn, $110bn to take effect immediately SA / TRUMP, DONALD / US / WEAPONTRADE
20170520 Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner 'person of interest in Russia investigation' FBI / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / KUSHNER, JARED
20170519 Russland-Affäre Enger Trump-Mitarbeiter offenbar im Visier der Ermittler FBI / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170519 Medienbericht Trump nennt Ex-FBI-Chef Comey einen "Spinner" TRUMP, DONALD / COMEY, JAMES
20170518 Sympathie für Trump Der Wuschelkopf im Weißen Haus AUGSTEIN, JAKOB / TRUMP, DONALD
20170518 Trump: Russia probe is greatest witch hunt of a politician in US history TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU
20170518 Cassandra Fairbanks Loved Bernie Sanders. Now She's a Donald Trump Superfan. FAIRBANKS, CASSANDRA / SPUTNIK / CERNOVICH, MIKE / SANDERS, BERNIE / TRUMP, DONALD
20170517 House majority leader to colleagues in 2016: ‘I think Putin pays’ Trump MCCARTHY, KEVIN / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / ROHRABACHER, DANA
20170517 Michael Moore: Dokumentation über Donald Trump mit großen Ambitionen in Arbeit MOORE, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20170517 Putin ready to provide records of Trump-Lavrov talks to prove no secrets were leaked PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / US / TRUMP, DONALD / LAVROV, SERGEY
20170517 USA Putin bietet Mitschrift von Trump-Lawrow-Treffen an LAVROV, SERGEY / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / TRUMP, DONALD
20170516 Trump-Leak Ausgeplauderte Informationen stammen offenbar aus Israel TRUMP, DONALD / IL
20170516 Trump-Leak Top-Republikaner wünscht sich "weniger Drama" im Weißen Haus TRUMP, DONALD
20170516 Kopflos im Weißen Haus Trump gegen Trump TRUMP, DONALD
20170516 Weißes Haus Trump gibt Weitergabe von Informationen an Russland zu TRUMP, DONALD
20170516 Medienberichte Trump soll streng geheime Informationen an Russen weitergegeben haben TRUMP, DONALD
20170515 Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador TRUMP, DONALD
20170515 Edward Snowden and others urge Trump to drop case against Assange ASSANGE, JULIAN / TRUMP, DONALD
20170513 Papst zum Trump-Besuch "Es gibt immer Türen, die nicht geschlossen sind" BERGOGLIO, JORGE MARIO / TRUMP, DONALD
20170513 Entlassung von James Comey Trump will neuen FBI-Chef rasch nominieren TRUMP, DONALD / FBI
20170512 Donald Trump's Financial Ties to Russian Oligarchs and Mobsters Detailed In Explosive New Documentary from the Netherlands: Dutch TV did what no American TV network dares, suggesting Trump's past includes illegal racketeering. SATER, FELIX / TRUMP, DONALD
20170512 WikiLeaks trolls Trump hard over president’s ‘Comey tapes’ tweet TRUMP, DONALD / COMEY, JAMES / WIKILEAKS
20170512 Geheimdienst-Ausschuss zur Russland-Affäre Comey sagt ab TRUMP, DONALD / COMEY, JAMES / KOMPROMAT
20170512 ‘Comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations’ before leaking to press – Trump TRUMP, DONALD / COMEY, JAMES / KOMPROMAT
20170511 ‘Trump’s only ideology is ‘me’, deeply authoritarian & very dangerous’ – Noam Chomsky CHOMSKY, NOAM / US / REPUBLICAN PARTY / TRUMP, DONALD / WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20170511 Präsident vs. FBI Trumps vier große Problemfelder TRUMP, DONALD / COMEY, JAMES / FBI
20170511 Rauswurf von FBI-Chef Comey Trump tritt nach COMEY, JAMES / TRUMP, DONALD
20170510 Der Comey-Skandal Trump, Russland und das FBI FBI / COMEY, JAMES / TRUMP, DONALD / FLYNN, MICHAEL / MANAFORT, PAUL / PAGE, CARTER / STONE, ROGER
20170510 Der Comey-Skandal Trump, Russland und das FBI TRUMP, DONALD / FBI / RU / COMEY, JAMES
20170510 Geschasster FBI-Chef Comey wollte Russland-Ermittlungen offenbar ausweiten COMEY, JAMES / FBI / TRUMP, DONALD
20170510 Lavrov: Trump admin are business people, dialogue free from ideological bias RU-US / US / LAVROV, SERGEY / TRUMP, DONALD
20170509 F.B.I. Director James Comey Is Fired by Trump US / COMEY, JAMES / TRUMP, DONALD
20170508 From Russia With Love: Eric Trump Reportedly Bragged About Access to $100 Million in Russian Money - “We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia. TRUMP, ERIC / TRUMP, DONALD / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20170423 Floyd Abrams Sees Trump’s Anti-Media Tweets as Double-Edged Swords FREEDOM OF PRESS / ABRAMS, FLOYD / TRUMP, DONALD / WIKILEAKS
20170422 Yale Psychiatrists Just Warned There Is Something Seriously Wrong With Trump TRUMP, DONALD
20170421 Donald Trump on US charging Julian Assange: 'It's OK with me' TRUMP, DONALD / US / ASSANGE, JULIAN / SESSIONS, JEFF
20170416 Carter Page Went to Moscow With a Tape of Donald Trump Offering Treason For Hacking PAGE, CARTER / MANAFORT, PAUL / EPSHTEYN, BORIS / TRUMP, DONALD
20170416 "Tax Day" in den USA Demonstranten fordern Trumps Steuerunterlagen TRUMP, DONALD
20170415 Besuch bei der Queen Trump besteht auf Fahrt in goldener Kutsche TRUMP, DONALD / GB
20170415 Trump dumps campaign pledges, goes ballistic in Syria & Afghanistan TRUMP, DONALD / SY / AF
20170414 Surprise: Trump has suddenly found a way to use anti-Russia talking points in his favor TRUMP, DONALD / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20170414 USA Trump schränkt Transparenz im Weißen Haus ein TRUMP, DONALD / WHITE HOUSE
20170413 Trump gegen Assad Ein bisschen Krieg - Ein paar "Tomahawks" - und schon wird Trump von seinen schärfsten Kritikern gelobt. Wer Bomben wirft, der wird geliebt. So irre ist unsere Welt. Der US-Präsident wird sich das merken - und wir werden es bereuen. TRUMP, DONALD
20170413 Trump und Russland Britischer Geheimdienst soll früh vor Kontakten nach Moskau gewarnt haben GCHQ / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / HANNIGAN, ROBERT / BRENNAN, JOHN
20170413 WTF Headline Of The Day: NATO General Says Trump Has Been "Very Consistent" On NATO Support NATO / TRUMP, DONALD / STOLTENBERG, JENS
20170413 US & Russia ‘will work out fine’: Trump promises ‘lasting peace’ TRUMP, DONALD
20170412 Trump on North Korea: “After listening for 10 minutes, I realized it’s not so easy” TRUMP, DONALD / JINPING, XI / US / KP
20170411 Nach US-Militärschlag Trump berät mit Merkel und May über Lage in Syrien SY / TRUMP, DONALD / MERKEL, ANGELA / MAY, THERESA
20170411 Trump approves Montenegro's NATO membership ME / NATO / TRUMP, DONALD
20170410 Ex-MI6 chief fears Trump will launch catastrophic war on North Korea SAWERS, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD / US / KP
20170409 Trump considering sanctions against Russia & Iran over Syria – US envoy to UN HALEY, NIKKI / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / IR
20170408 Don’t Forget Your Base SHADOW BROKERS / TRUMP, DONALD / NSA
20170409 Trump faces 'open warfare' with Breitbart if Bannon is fired, says former executive of the far-right website TRUMP, DONALD / BANNON, STEVE / BARDELLA, KURT
20170408 Trump-Inszenierung in Florida Gipfelkulisse und Kanonendonner JINPING, XI / TRUMP, DONALD / SY
20170407 ‘Another Neo-Con puppet’: Trump’s former backers jump ship after Syria airstrike TRUMP, DONALD / INFOWARS / WATSON, PAUL JOSEPH / INGRAHAM, LAURA
20710407 The Spoils of War: Trump Lavished With Media and Bipartisan Praise For Bombing Syria TRUMP, DONALD / SY / US
20170407 Luftschlag in Syrien Trump verprellt seine treuesten Anhänger TRUMP, DONALD / SY
20170406 Donald Trump's travel expenses in 10 weeks cost US taxpayers as much as Barack Obama spent in two years TRUMP, DONALD
20170406 Trump und Syrien Reality-Star trifft Realität TRUMP, DONALD
20170405 Chinas Präsident Xi bei Trump Tacheles unter Palmen JINPING, XI / TRUMP, DONALD
20170405 Trump nach Giftgasangriff "Meine Einstellung zu Syrien und Assad hat sich sehr verändert" TRUMP, DONALD / SY
20170403 White House Meeting With Egypt’s Tyrant Highlights Key Trump Effect: Unmasking U.S. Policy EG / TRUMP, DONALD / OBAMA, BARACK / US-EG
20170401 Thailand on Trump's trade hit list TRUMP, DONALD / TH


Date Source Title Tags
20170331 Here’s what we know so far about Team Trump’s ties to Russian interests TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170331 Journalists sue Trump over 'kill list' designations: report TRUMP, DONALD / ALJAZEERA
20170331 Trump will US-Kultursubventionen streichen Der Präsident gegen die Künste TRUMP, DONALD
20170330 'Donald Trump is the fifth straight American president to bomb Iraq TRUMP, DONALD / US / IQ
20170329 Who is ‘Source D’? The man said to be behind the Trump-Russia dossier’s most salacious claim. MILLIAN, SERGEI / TRUMP, DONALD / STEELE, CHRISTOPHER / PAPADOPOULOS, GEORGE
20170328 Exxon Urges Trump To Stay In Paris Climate Agreement EXXON / CLIMATE / TRUMP, DONALD / GAS
20170324 Umstrittene Gesundheitsrefom Abstimmung über "Trumpcare" abgesagt US / TRUMP, DONALD
20170323 US-Präsident vs. FBI: Trump und die Russen-Disco TRUMP, DONALD / FBI / RU
20170323 Schlappe für Trump Republikaner verschieben Abstimmung über Abschaffung von Obamacare US / TRUMP, DONALD
20170322 Ausschuss-Chef Trump vielleicht zufällig im Geheimdienst-Visier NUNES, DEVINE / TRUMP, DONALD
20170321 Im April Nato-Generalsekretär Stoltenberg trifft Trump STOLTENBERG, JENS / TRUMP, DONALD / NATO
20170321 Abhörvorwürfe gegen Obama Fox News nimmt Experten vom Sender NAPOLITANO, ANDREW / CNN / OBAMA, BARACK / TRUMP, DONALD / GCHQ
20170321 Vorwürfe gegen Trump-Team Ex-BND-Chef nennt Untersuchung in Russland-Affäre "absolut gravierend" HANNING, AUGUST / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170321 Trump vs. FBI Im Spiegelkabinett der Lügen TRUMP, DONALD
20170320 FBI confirms probe into Trump’s alleged ties with Moscow during 2016 election campaign FBI / COMEY, JAMES / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170320 FBI-Chef widerspricht Trump Öffentliche Demontage COMEY, JAMES / FBI / TRUMP, DONALD
20170320 FBI & NSA chiefs testify in Congress on Trump, Russia, wiretapping (WATCH LIVE) FBI / NSA / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / COMEY, JAMES / ROGERS, MIKE
20170319 Trump billboard with Nazi-like dollar signs, nuclear mushroom clouds erected in US (VIDEO) USD / TRUMP, DONALD
20170319 Ex-UK ambassador calls White House wiretap claims 'gratuitously damaging' WESTMACOTT, PETER / GCHQ / TRUMP, DONALD
20170318 Trump nach Merkel-Besuch "Deutschland schuldet NATO riesige Summen" TRUMP, DONALD / NATO / DE / MERKEL, ANGELA
20170317 GCHQ dismisses 'utterly ridiculous' claim it helped wiretap Trump GCHQ / SPICER, SEAN / TRUMP, DONALD / OBAMA, BARACK
20170317 US will 'not repeat' claims GCHQ wiretapped Donald Trump GCHQ / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20170317 Washington: Trump behauptet weiter, Obama habe ihn abhören lassen TRUMP, DONALD / OBAMA, BARACK
20170317 Treffen von Trump und Merkel Muss halt - Erstmals treffen sich Donald Trump und Angela Merkel. Die Gespräche im Weißen Haus verlaufen ohne größere Unfälle. Aber hier und da wird klar, wie schwierig das werden könnte mit den beiden. MERKEL, ANGELA / TRUMP, DONALD
20170316 US-Kongress Geheimdienstausschuss hat keine Beweise für Trumps Abhörvorwürfe TRUMP, DONALD / OBAMA, BARACK
20170316 Trumps Haushaltsplan Etats für Außen- und Umweltpolitik sollen sinken, Militärausgaben steigen US / TRUMP, DONALD
20130314 Vorwürfe gegen Obama Trump meinte nicht Abhören, als er Abhören twitterte SPICER, SEAN / TRUMP, DONALD / OBAMA, BARACK
20170314 Trump gave CIA power to authorize drone strikes – report CIA / PENTAGON / TRUMP, DONALD / US / DRONES / ASSASSINATIONS
20170311 Preet Bharara US-Bundesanwalt wurde offenbar "gefeuert" BHARARA, PREET / TRUMP, DONALD
20170310 Trump’s state visit to Britain could be postponed to let ‘the heat die down’ TRUMP, DONALD / GB
20170310 In light of CIA cyber arsenal, Trump’s wiretap claims are totally plausible TRUMP, DONALD / CIA / WIKILEAKS
20170310 'Time has come' for peace deal: Trump finally speaks with Abbas, invites him to White House ABBAS, MAHMOUD / TRUMP, DONALD / PS / IL
20170308 Trump personally met with Russian ambassador during campaign - Trump has repeatedly denied meeting with any Russian officials as a candidate KISLYAK, SERGEY / TRUMP, DONALD
20170305 Weißes Haus US-Kongress soll Abhörvorwürfe gegen Obama untersuchen US / TRUMP, DONALD / OBAMA, BARACK
20170304 USA Obama-Sprecher weist Trumps Abhörvorwürfe zurück OBAMA, BARACK / TRUMP, DONALD
20170304 ‘This is McCarthyism!’ Trump accuses Obama of wire tapping Trump Tower before election win TRUMP, DONALD
20170304 US-Präsident Trump wirft Obama Abhören seines Telefons vor TRUMP, DONALD / OBAMA, BARACK / KISLJAK, SERGEY IVANOVICH
20170303 Trump und Russland Obamas Gift OBAMA, BARACK / TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU
20170302 Trump May Choose “Alternative Intelligence” to Support His “Alternative Facts,” Former Agents Warn BAKOS, NADA / TRUMP, DONALD / INTELLIGENCE
20170302 WTO Trump stellt Regeln der Welthandelsorganisation infrage WTO / TRUMP, DONALD
201703 How to Build an Autocracy - The preconditions are present in the U.S. today. Here’s the playbook Donald Trump could use to set the country down a path toward illiberalism. TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20170227 Trump will Wehretat ausbauen "Wir müssen wieder Kriege gewinnen" TRUMP, DONALD / US
20170225 Weißes Haus Trump will nicht zu traditionellem Presse-Dinner TRUMP, DONALD / JOURNALISM
20170221 USA Trump will noch viel mehr Einwanderer ausweisen US / TRUMP, DONALD
20170221 Neuer US-Sicherheitsberater McMaster Trump entscheidet sich - und erntet Lob MCMASTERS, HERBERT RAYMOND / TRUMP, DONALD
20170220 Britische Anti-Trump-Proteste Zu peinlich für die Queen GB / TRUMP, DONALD
20170218 Nato-Finanzierung Münchner Unsicherheitskonferenz MSC / NATO / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20170217 Trump on Russia: Getting along is great, sinking their ship isn’t TRUMP, DONALD
20170217 Trump yells at CIA director over reports intel officials are keeping info from him TRUMP, DONALD / POMPEO, MIKE / CIA
20170216 US intel agencies keep Trump in dark citing alleged ‘Russian contacts’ – media US / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170216 Chaotische US-Regierung Präsident Trump steckt in seiner ersten echten Krise TRUMP, DONALD
20170215 U.S. - U.S. Allies Conduct Intelligence Operation Against Trump Staff and Associates, Intercepted Communications US / TRUMP, DONALD / FLYNN, MICHAEL / KISLYAK, SERGEY / DUTERTE, RODRIGO / ANTONIO, JOSE E.B. / NATO / MAY, THERESA / MERKEL, ANGELA / TILLERSON, REX / SECHIN, IGOR
20170215 FBI releases files on Trump apartments' race discrimination probe in '70s TRUMP, DONALD / FBI / RACISM
20170210 Trump speaks with China’s Xi, agrees to uphold ‘One China’ policy JINPING, XI / CN / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20170208 Leaks über Donald Trump Hilferufe aus dem Weißen Haus WHITE HOUSE / TRUMP, DONALD
20170207 We thank Trump for exposing the reality of the U.S.: Ayatollah Khamenei KHAMENEI, AYATOLLAH / IR / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20170205 ‘You think our country is so innocent?’ – Trump asks after O’Reilly calls Putin ‘a killer’ TRUMP, DONALD
20170205 Trump is a ‘fraud’ who’ll ‘sell out middle & working class’ – Bernie Sanders SANDERS, BERNIE / TRUMP, DONALD
20170204 ‘Big mistake’: Florida heroin bust reveals bags stamped with Donald Trump’s face (PHOTOS) HEROIN / TRUMP, DONALD
20170203 ‘I haven’t eased anything,’ Trump says after Treasury amends sanctions on Russian FSB TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / FSB
20170202 ‘Worst so far’: Trump ‘hangs up’ on Australian PM after heated call, report says AU / US / TURNBULL, MALCOLM / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20170131 Nach Kritik an Einreiseverbot Trump entlässt kommissarische Justizministerin Yates YATES, SALLY / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20170128 Dekret des US-Präsidenten Trump verhängt Einreisestopp für sieben muslimische Staaten TRUMP, DONALD / US / REFUGEES / SY / IQ / SD / LY / SO / YE / IR
20170128 Trump’s executive order bars Syrian refugee program, halts entry for citizens of 7 Arab countries TRUMP, DONALD / US / REFUGEES / SY / IQ / SD / LY / SO / YE / IR
20170127 Berlins Bürgermeister zu Trump "Dear Mr. President, don't build this wall" MUELLER, MICHAEL / BERLIN / TRUMP, DONALD
20170127 Donald Trump trifft Theresa May "Der Brexit wird fantastisch" MAY, THERESA / TRUMP, DONALD / BREXIT
20170127 Trump committed to NATO but would like to fight ISIS with Putin TRUMP, DONALD / US / NATO / ISIS / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20170127 Regieren per Erlass Was kann, was darf Präsident Trump? TRUMP, DONALD / US
20170126 Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a weak leader. Terrible! TRUMP, DONALD / MANNING, CHELSEA
20170126 Mexiko reagiert auf Trumps Mauerbau Wie eine Kriegserklärung TRUMP, DONALD / US / MX
20170126 Trumps Skandale Lauter leise Knaller TRUMP, DONALD
20170125 Does Donald Trump Now Hold a Significant Stake in Rosneft? TRUMP, DONALD / ROSNEFT
20170125 Umweltpolitik Trump will Klimaseite der Umweltbehörde schließen CLIMATE / TRUMP, DONALD / EPA
20170124 The true, correct story of what happened at Donald Trump’s inauguration TRUMP, DONALD
20170124 Trump executive order pulls out of TPP trade deal TRUMP, DONALD / TPP / US
20170123 Weigerung des US-Präsidenten Wikileaks sucht nach Trumps Steuererklärung WIKILEAKS / TRUMP, DONALD
20170123 Trumps Pressesprecher "Es ist unsere Absicht, Sie nie anzulügen" SPICER, SEAN / TRUMP, DONALD
20170123 Russian State TV Praises Trump for Avoiding ‘Democracy’ in Inauguration Speech: The Kremlin's ‘chief propagandist’ welcomes America's new president and slams his millions of critics TRUMP, DONALD / RU / KISEYOV, DMITRY
20170123 Sources say Trump's CIA visit made relations with intel community worse CIA / TRUMP, DONALD
20170123 Freihandelsabkommen Trump besiegelt Ausstieg aus TPP TRUMP, DONALD / TPP / US
20170121 President Trump Remarks Given at CIA Headquarters (as delivered) TRUMP, DONALD / CIA
20170121 Trump to CIA: Media made it sound like I had a feud with intelligence community TRUMP, DONALD / CIA
20170121 Donald Trump Versöhnungsbesuch im CIA-Hauptquartier TRUMP, DONALD / CIA
20170121 Trumps Amerika Day One - Donald Trump macht Ernst: Schon am ersten Amtstag beginnt er damit, das politische Erbe seines Vorgängers auszuradieren: "Wir spielen nicht mehr rum." TRUMP, DONALD
20170120 Making Our Military Strong Again CYBERWAR / TRUMP, DONALD
20170120 Trump admin outlines policy priorities for first 100 days on revamped WH website TRUMP, DONALD
20170120 Climate Change Disappears From White House Website Under Trump CLIMATE / TRUMP, DONALD
20170119 Trump Versus The CIA CIA / TRUMP, DONALD
20170119 "He Is Going To Fail": Georges Soros Slams "Would Be Dictator" Trump SOROS, GEORGE / TRUMP, DONALD
20170117 Putin Says Doesn’t Believe Trump Met Prostitutes in Russia PUTIN, VLADIMIR / TRUMP, DONALD
20170117 ‘Worse than prostitutes’: Putin slams those behind Trump ‘leak’ PUTIN, VLADIMIR / TRUMP, DONALD
20170116 Trump calls CIA chief ‘fake news leaker’ after Brennan warns him about ‘talking & tweeting’ BRENNAN, JOHN / CIA / TRUMP, DONALD
20170116 Trump: US may lift Russian sanctions in exchange for nuclear reduction deal – Times, Bild TRUMP, DONALD
20170116 Künftiger US-Präsident Trump nennt Nato "obsolet" TRUMP, DONALD
20170115 Nach Kritik an Geheimdiensten Scheidender CIA-Direktor watscht Trump ab BRENNAN, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD
20170115 Vor Amtsantritt Bürgerrechtsikone Lewis bezeichnet Trump als illegitimen Präsidenten LEWIS, JOHN / TRUMP, DONALD
20170114 Beijing to Trump: ‘One China’ principle non-negotiable TRUMP, DONALD / US / CN
20170114 Intelligence insiders call Russian dossier ‘complete fraud’ – Trump TRUMP, DONALD
20170114 Report: CIA set up task-force in 2016 to investigate possible Russian funding of Trump's campaign TRUMP, DONALD / CIA / RU
20170113 Mystery order: Troops providing inauguration security to lose commanding general mid-ceremony US / TRUMP, DONALD
20170113 Glenn Greenwald: Democrats hoping intelligence agencies will 'undermine and subvert' Trump presidency TRUMP, DONALD / GREENWALD, GLENN / US / CIA
20170112 Wilde Sex-Vorwürfe gegen Trump "Wall Street Journal" enttarnt britischen Ex-Agenten als Quelle STEELE, CHRISTOPHER / ORBIS INTELLIGENCE / TRUMP, DONALD
20170112 Kommentare zu Trumps Pressekonferenz "Wie ein Hund, der zu seinem Erbrochenen zurückkehrt" TRUMP, DONALD
20170111 Christopher Steele, Ex-British Intelligence Officer, Said to Have Prepared Dossier on Trump - Former spy is director of London-based Orbis Intelligence Ltd. STEELE, CHRISTOPHER / ORBIS INTELLIGENCE / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170111 The story of the Trump dossier: secret sources, an airport rendezvous, and John McCain TRUMP, DONALD / RU / FBI / MCCAIN, JOHN / CORN, DAVID / COMEY, JAMES
20170111 The Deep State Goes to War with President-Elect, Using Unverified Claims, as Democrats Cheer TRUMP, DONALD
20170111 Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him US / TRUMP, DONALD
20170111 These Reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties To Russia TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / KOMPROMAT
20170108 Hacking-Verdacht Abgeordnete zweifeln an Trumps Kuschelkurs mit Russland TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / CIA / FBI / NSA
20170106 ‘Who gave them this and why?’ Trump blasts leaks of secret report on ‘Russian hacking’ TRUMP, DONALD
20170105 Trump vs. China Das nächste Pulverfass TRUMP, DONALD / CN
20170105 Trump says he’s ‘big fan’ of intelligence amid criticism of his agency restructuring plans TRUMP, DONALD
20170105 Senator Dan Coats Früherer Botschafter in Deutschland soll US-Geheimdienstdirektor werden COATS, DAN / US / TRUMP, DONALD / DNI
20170105 WikiLeaks-Wende Trump und Assange - eine merkwürdige Allianz ASSANGE, JULIAN / TRUMP, DONALD
20170105 Key Trump surrogates once led fight vs. WikiLeaks and Assange WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN / KING, PETER / WOOLSEY, JAMES / GINGRICH, NEWT / PALIN, SARAH / TRUMP, DONALD
20170104 SEC Trump macht Wall-Street-Anwalt zum Chef der Börsenaufsicht CLAYTON, JAY / SEC / TRUMP, DONALD
20170101 Trump questions claim of Russia hacking DNC, says he ‘knows things other people don’t’ TRUMP, DONALD / DNC



Date Source Title Tags
20161231 Trumps Neujahrsgrüße "Liebe!" TRUMP, DONALD
20161230 Ärger um US-Sanktionen Trump schwärmt von Putin US / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20161229 Russia sanctions? Trump says US needs to ‘get on with our lives’ instead TRUMP, DONALD / RU / SANCTIONS
20161223 ‘So correct’: Trump responds to Putin’s holiday letter TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20161222 Auf Twitter Trump fordert atomare Aufrüstung der USA TRUMP, DONALD
20161219 USA Wahlleute wählen Donald Trump zum US-Präsidenten US / TRUMP, DONALD
20161218 Mossad, Shin Bet heads brief Trump team TRUMP, DONALD / MOSSAD / SHIN BET / COHEN, YOSSI / NAGEL, YAAKOV / DERMER, RON
20161217 FBI chief agrees with CIA on Russia’s alleged election help for Trump – report US / FBI / CIA / RU / TRUMP, DONALD
20161216 Israel-Botschafter der USA Friedman soll US-Botschafter werden - in Jerusalem FRIEDMAN, DAVID / TRUMP, DONALD / IL / US / JERUSALEM
20161216 Radio-Interview Obama kündigt Vergeltung für russische Hackerangriffe an PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / CIA
20161215 Bigger Than Watergate? Legitimate Concerns That Anti-Clinton Faction Within FBI May Have Conspired To Hand Election To Trump FBI / CLINTON, HILLARY / TRUMP, DONALD
20161215 US-Demokraten Putin soll in Hackerangriff involviert gewesen sein PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / CIA
20161215 U.S. Officials: Putin Personally Involved in U.S. Election Hack PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / CIA / MCFAUL, MICHAEL
20161214 Trump-Treffen mit Tech-Bossen "Ruft mich einfach an" TRUMP, DONALD
20161213 Scientists are frantically copying U.S. climate data, fearing it might vanish under Trump CLIMATE / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20161213 Exclusive: Top U.S. spy agency has not embraced CIA assessment on Russia hacking - sources CIA / RU / ODNI / TRUMP, DONALD
20161213 Donald Trump could be like John F Kennedy, says Bill Gates GATES, BILL / TRUMP, DONALD
20161213 Bill Gates says Donald Trump has chance to inspire like JFK GATES, BILL / TRUMP, DONALD
20161212 Trump legt im Streit mit China nach TRUMP, DONALD / CN
20161212 White House attacks Trump over connections to Russia and RT EARNEST, JOSH / WHITE HOUSE / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20161212 Angebliche Hilfe aus Moskau Der Russland-Krimi belastet Trump TRUMP, DONALD / CIA / RU
20161211 Trump: I don't need daily briefings TRUMP, DONALD
20161211 ‘It’s ridiculous’: Trump on CIA claims that Moscow helped him win US Presidency TRUMP, DONALD / CIA / RU
20161211 Angebliche Wahlhilfe durch Russland Trump nennt CIA-Bericht "lächerlich" TRUMP, DONALD / CIA / RU
20161210 CIA concludes Russia interfered to help Trump win election, say reports CIA / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / WIKILEAKS
20161210 Hacker-Angriffe Moskau wollte laut CIA Trump zum Sieg verhelfen CIA / RU / US / CLINTON, HILLARY / TRUMP, DONALD / WIKILEAKS
20161210 USA-Newsblog Trump kommuniziert offenbar weiterhin unverschlüsselt TRUMP, DONALD
20161209 Neues US-Kabinett Trump nominiert Burgerketten-Chef als Arbeitsminister PUZDER, ANDREW / TRUMP, DONALD
20161209 National Security: Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House CIA / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20161209 Russia Hacked Republican Committee but Kept Data, U.S. Concludes RNC / RU / US / WIKILEAKS / TRUMP, DONALD
20161208 Twitter-Chef über Donald Trump "Es ist kompliziert" DORSEY, JACK / TWITTER / TRUMP, DONALD / THIEL, PETER
20161203 Ich habe nur gezeigt, dass es die Bombe gibt - Der Psychologe Michal Kosinski hat eine Methode entwickelt, um Menschen anhand ihres Verhaltens auf Facebook minutiös zu analysieren. Und verhalf so Donald Trump mit zum Sieg. KOSINSKI, MICHAL / FACEBOOK / TRUMP, DONALD / PSYCHOMETRICS / ASHBURNER NIX, ALEXANDER JAMES / CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA / KOGAN, ALEKSANDR / STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION LABORATORIES
20161203 US sells weapons, but I can't get a call? Trump baffled about outrage over his Taiwan phone call ING-WEN, TSAI / TRUMP, DONALD / TW / US / WEAPONTRADE
20161203 Trump's Taiwan phone call preceded by hotel development inquiry ING-WEN, TSAI / TRUMP, DONALD / TW / US / CN
20161203 Taiwan-Telefonat: Trumps erster Affront gegen Peking ING-WEN, TSAI / TRUMP, DONALD / TW / US / CN
20161203 Handelsbeziehungen Trump telefoniert mit Taiwan - und provoziert China ING-WEN, TSAI / TRUMP, DONALD / TW / US / CN
20161202 Telefongespräch Trump lädt Duterte ins Weiße Haus ein DUTERTE, RODRIGO / TRUMP, DONALD
20161202 'New era of peace': Trump vows to stop US toppling of regimes during 1st stop of 'Thank You' tour TRUMP, DONALD
20161201 Russia accuses Ukraine of sabotaging Trump: A Foreign Ministry official says Ukrainian officials hampered Trump by targeting Manafort. MANAFORT, PAUL / TRUMP, DONALD / UA / RU
20161201 Trump taps 'Mad Dog' Mattis to be secretary of defense MATTIS, JAMES / TRUMP, DONALD
20161201 US-Wirtschaft Trump warnt Firmen vor Abwanderung ins Ausland TRUMP, DONALD / CARRIER
20161201 Künftiges US-Kabinett Trumps Klub der Milliardäre TRUMP, DONALD / ROMNEY, MITT / DEVOS, BETSY / ROSS, WILBUR / MNUCHIN, STEVEN / RICKETTS, TODD


Date Source Title Tags
20161128 Debatte um Neuauszählung Jetzt streut selbst Trump Zweifel am Wahlergebnis TRUMP, DONALD
20161121 Neuer US-Präsident Trump zieht ohne Ehefrau und Sohn ins Weiße Haus TRUMP, DONALD
20161119 Treffen mit Widersacher Trump und Romney halten sich bedeckt ROMNEY, MITT / TRUMP, DONALD
20161119 ‘If you don’t like Trump, leave the country,’ US judge tells new citizens US / TRUMP, DONALD
20161118 US-Berichte Trump will Ex-Geheimdienstchef als Sicherheitsberater FLYNN, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20161117 The Intersect: Facebook fake-news writer: ‘I think Donald Trump is in the White House because of me’ FACEBOOK / TRUMP, DONALD
20161116 You Are Still Crying Wolf TRUMP, DONALD / US
20161115 Assange may ask Trump to end probe ASSANGE, JULIAN / TRUMP, DONALD
20161115 Milliardengeschäfte von Donald Trump Beispielloser Interessenkonflikt TRUMP, DONALD / US
20161115 USA und Russland Putin telefoniert erstmals mit Trump TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20161114 Trump wants his kids to have top security clearance TRUMP, DONALD
20161114 WSJ: Team Trump 'Unaware' That They'd Have To Replace West Wing Staff OBAMA, BARACK / TRUMP, DONALD
20161114 China vs. USA Präsident Xi setzt auf Zusammenarbeit mit Trump JINPING, XI / CN / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20161113 President-elect Trump speaks to a divided country on 60 Minutes TRUMP, DONALD
20161113 TV-Interview Trump will zwei bis drei Millionen Migranten abschieben TRUMP, DONALD / US
20161113 Globale Sicherheit Nato mahnt Trump zur Bündnistreue NATO / TRUMP, DONALD / STOLTENBERG, JENS
20161112 Clinton-adviseur: overwinning Trump is staatsgreep van FBI BLUMENTHAL, SIDNEY / FBI / CLINTON, HILLARY / TRUMP, DONALD
20161112 Pläne des neuen US-Präsidenten Wie Trump das Klima vergiften will TRUMP, DONALD
20161112 Trump praises Clintons, vows to keep parts of Obamacare in 1st post-vote TV interview TRUMP, DONALD
20161112 Mutmaßliches Trump-Opfer "Ich lasse mich nicht zum Schweigen bringen" ZERVOS, SUMMER / TRUMP, DONALD
20161112 NATO mulls worst-case scenario in case Trump pulls US troops out of Europe – report NATO / TRUMP, DONALD
20161112 Trump won’t last four years before being impeached or resigning - Michael Moore MOORE, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20161112 Militär-Bündnis Nato verschiebt Gipfeltreffen wegen Trump NATO / TRUMP, DONALD
20161111 Donald Trump Says He’d ‘Absolutely’ Require Muslims to Register TRUMP, DONALD / ISLAM
20161111 Peter Thiel To Join Trump Transition Team THIEL, PETER / TRUMP, DONALD
20161110 Trump’s Victory: A Rebellion Against Silicon Valley US / TRUMP, DONALD / THIEL, PETER
20161110 US-Wahl Russland hatte Kontakt zu Trumps Wahlkampfteam TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20161110 Gespräch im Weißen Haus Obama nennt Treffen mit Trump "exzellent" TRUMP, DONALD / OBAMA, BARACK
20161110 Newsblog zur US-Wahl Trump löscht zentrale Forderungen von seiner Website TRUMP, DONALD
20161110 Trumps Rechtsstreitigkeiten Ein gewählter Präsident, 75 offene Verfahren TRUMP, DONALD
20161110 Donald Trump: triumphiert Sieg des Zerstörers TRUMP, DONALD
20161110 Nationwide anti-Trump protests rock the US US / TRUMP, DONALD
20161109 Trump’s Win Signals Open Season for Russia’s Political Hackers TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20161109 Trump has 'every intention' of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital NETANYAHU, BENJAMIN / TRUMP, DONALD / IL / PS / JERUSALEM
20161109 Nächster US-Präsident Trump Der Moment seines Lebens TRUMP, DONALD
20161109 Intelligence community is already feeling a sense of dread about Trump US / TRUMP, DONALD / HAYDEN, MICHAEL
20161109 ‘I hope he’ll be a successful president’: Clinton says Americans ‘owe’ Trump chance to lead CLINTON, HILLARY / TRUMP, DONALD
20161109 Reaktionen in Presse und Netz "Sind die USA ein gescheiterter Staat?" TRUMP, DONALD / US
20161109 Congratulations not celebrations: Countries who slammed Trump send best wishes TRUMP, DONALD
20161109 Trump campaign manager does not rule out special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton - MSNBC CONWAY, KELLYANNE / TRUMP, DONALD / CLINTON, HILLARY
20161109 Putin on Trump victory: Russia is ready to restore relations with US PUTIN, VLADIMIR / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / US
20161108 Donald Trump Recruits Corporate Lobbyists to Select His Future Administration TRUMP, DONALD
20161104 USA vor der Wahl Stürzt die Welt zurück in die Dreißiger? TRUMP, DONALD / US
20161103 Meet Donald Trump’s Top FBI Fanboy - Trump supporters with strong ties to the agency kept talking about surprises and leaks to come—and come they did. GIULIANI, RUDOLPH W. / FBI / TRUMP, DONALD
20161103 Donald Trump child sex abuse claims: Woman who accused Trump of raping her as a 13-year-old to speak for first time TRUMP, DONALD
20161101 Operation Alamo So plant Trump seine Zeit nach der Wahl TRUMP, DONALD
20161101 the Problem With the Story Connecting Russia to Donald Trump’s Email Server TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20161031 Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia? TRUMP, DONALD
20161031 A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump TRUMP, DONALD / RU / FBI
20161101 Trump leads with 46% while Clinton trails at 45% after FBI reboots email scandal investigation TRUMP, DONALD
20161031 Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia TRUMP, DONALD / FBI / RU
20161029 Trump zu Clintons Syrien-Politik "Dann gibt es einen Dritten Weltkrieg" TRUMP, DONALD
20161028 Inside The Invisible Government: John Pilger On War, Propaganda, Clinton And Trump PROPAGANDA / CLINTON, HILLARY / TRUMP, DONALD / ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS
20161025 Obama should be investigated over Clinton emails – Trump TRUMP, DONALD / OBAMA, BARACK / CLINTON, HILLARY
20161024 ‘So Much Fun’: Inside Donald Trump’s One-Stop Parties: Attendees Recall Cocaine and Very Young Models TRUMP, DONALD / PLAZA HOTEL NEW YORK / COCAINE
20161018 Überraschende Filmpremiere "Michael Moore in Trumpland" MOORE, MICHAEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20161017 Election officials brace for fallout from Trump’s claims of a ‘rigged’ vote US / TRUMP, DONALD / CLINTON, HILLARY
20161015 US-Wahlkampf Trump will Drogentest vor TV-Debatte TRUMP, DONALD
20161014 Vorwürfe gegen Trump Weitere Frauen berichten von sexuellen Übergriffen TRUMP, DONALD
20161013 If Trump leaks are OK and Clinton leaks aren't, there's a problem TRUMP, DONALD / CLINTON, HILLARY / WIKILEAKS
20161013 Michelle Obama reagiert auf Donald Trump "Es reicht" OBAMA, MICHELLE / TRUMP, DONALD / NEW YORK TIMES
20161013 US-Präsidentschaftswahl Trump gibt umkämpften Bundesstaat Virginia verloren TRUMP, DONALD
20161013 Donald Trump’s ‘woman problem’ continues to grow TRUMP, DONALD
20161012 Trump Says He'll Imprison Clinton's Lawyers, Too - Jailing her isn't enough. He wants to prosecute the lawyers who advised her on her emails. TRUMP, DONALD
20161009 Producer: There’s video of Trump saying the N-word but it’ll cost $5 million to get it TRUMP, DONALD
20161009 Angry Trump Declares War On GOP TRUMP, DONALD
20161009 The Fix: 35 Republicans have now called for Donald Trump to drop out TRUMP, DONALD / REPUBLICAN PARTY
20161008 The Fix: Donald Trump just retweeted Juanita Broaddrick calling Bill Clinton a rapist. All bets are now off. TRUMP, DONALD / CLINTON, HILLARY / CLINTON, BILL / BROADDRICK, JUANITA
20161008 US-Wahl Video mit vulgären Trump-Äußerungen aufgetaucht TRUMP, DONALD
20161003 Is trump purposely sabotaging his campaign? TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20160926 Trump vows to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital after meeting Netanyahu NETANYAHU, BENJAMIN / TRUMP, DONALD / JERUSALEM / IL
20160925 Bill Clinton’s former lover says she’ll attend presidential debate as Donald Trump’s guest FLOWER, GENNIFER / CLINTON, BILL / CLINTON, HILLARY / TRUMP, DONALD
20160923 "Anhalten und filzen" Wie Trump Chicago das Morden austreiben will TRUMP, DONALD
20160917 Entwaffnung von Leibwächtern Trump deutet erneut Gewalt gegen Clinton an TRUMP, DONALD
20160916 ‘Jane Doe’ Plans to Re-File Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Trump With ‘Additional Witness’ TRUMP, DONALD / EPSTEIN, JEFFREY
20160916 US-Präsidentschaftswahlkampf Trump halbiert sein Billionen-Versprechen TRUMP, DONALD
20160915 Europaparlamentschef Schulz "Trump ist ein Problem für die ganze Welt" SCHULZ, MARTIN / TRUMP, DONALD
20160915 Gesundheit im US-Wahlkampf Trump veröffentlicht Brief seines Leibarztes TRUMP, DONALD
20160914 US presidential campaign generating 'ridiculous & dangerous' charges against Vladimir Putin RUSSIA TODAY / TRUMP, DONALD / WAGNER, DANIEL
20160914 Geleakte Emails Ex-Außenminister Powell nennt Trump "nationale Schande" POWELL, COLIN / TRUMP, DONALD / CLINTON, HILLARY
20160912 Trump says health will be an election issue after Clinton falls ill at 9/11 memorial TRUMP, DONALD / CLINTON, HILLARY
20160910 predicts demographics make 2016 'last election Republicans can win' TRUMP, DONALD
20160902 Mexican senator to propose anti-Trump expropriation law MX / TRUMP, DONALD / US


Date Source Title Tags
20160831 US-Wahlkampf: Clinton fast so unbeliebt wie Trump US / CLINTON, HILLARY / TRUMP, DONALD
20160830 USA: Früherer Ku-Klux-Klan-Anführer ruft zur Trump-Wahl auf TRUMP, DONALD / DUKE, DAVID / KKK
20160826 Assange slams Clinton for ‘Russian hysteria’ & US media for politicized election coverage ASSANGE, JULIAN / CLINTON, HILLARY / TRUMP, DONALD
20160823 Trump more psychopathic than Hitler, Oxford study finds TRUMP, DONALD
20160822 ‘MY GOAL’ - Steve Bannon, Trump's Top Guy, Told Me He Was 'A Leninist' Who Wants To ‘Destroy the State’ BANNON, STEVE / TRUMP, DONALD
20160817 No more Mr. Nice Trump: Candidate shuffles campaign, hires Breitbart exec TRUMP, DONALD / CONWAY, KELLYANNE / BANNON, STEPHEN K. / BREITBART
20160816 Enthüllungen über Chefberater: Trumps geheime Russland-Connection TRUMP, DONALD / MANAFORT, PAUL / RU
20160809 analysis of Trump's tweets confirms he writes only the (angrier) Android half TRUMP, DONALD / TWITTER
20160809 Rede über Waffenbesitz: Trump fabuliert über Schüsse auf Clinton TRUMP, DONALD / CLINTON, HILLARY
20160808 Trumps Wirtschaftspolitik: Der Fantast TRUMP, DONALD
20160806 US-Präsidentschaftswahl: Donald Trump und die Furcht vorm Atom-Affekt TRUMP, DONALD / NUCLEAR WEAPONS / NUCLEAR FOOTBALL
20160806 Versöhnungskurs: Trump macht Zugeständnisse an Republikaner TRUMP, DONALD
20160805 Angebliches Beweisvideo: Donald Trump gesteht Fehler ein TRUMP, DONALD / US / IR
20160805 US-Präsidentschaftskandidat: Trumps Kernschmelze TRUMP, DONALD
20160805 US-Elite-Studenten: Harvard-Republikaner wenden sich gegen Trump TRUMP, DONALD
20160804 USA: Kasino Trump Taj Mahal schließt TRUMP, DONALD
20160804 Trump calls Hillary Clinton 'founder of ISIS,’ crowd cheers ‘lock her up’ TRUMP, DONALD
20160802 Who does the Kremlin want to win: Clinton or Trump? RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / CLINTON, HILLARY / TRUMP, DONALD
20160802 Trump warns US presidential election will be ‘rigged’, calls Hillary Clinton ‘the Devil’ TRUMP, DONALD
20160801 Nach Hackerangriff: Clinton wirft russischen Geheimdiensten Partei-Ausspähung vor CLINTON, HILLARY / RU / WIKILEAKS / DNC / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20160731 Mutter von gefallenem US-Soldaten: "Trump hat einen schwarzen Charakter" US / TRUMP, DONALD
20160728 US-Präsidentschaftskandidat: Trump schließt Anerkennung der Krim-Annexion nicht aus TRUMP, DONALD
20160727 US-Präsidentschaftswahl: Trump fordert Russland zum E-Mail-Hack auf TRUMP, DONALD
20160727 Trump Says Russia Should Find Clinton's Missing Emails TRUMP, DONALD / RU / CLINTON, HILLARY / DNC
20160724 As Democrats Gather, a Russian Subplot Raises Intrigue DNC / WIKILEAKS / RU / TRUMP, DONALD
20160723 Hungarian PM Orban Becomes First EU Leader To Endorse Trump ORBAN, VIKTOR / TRUMP, DONALD
20160722 ‘I am your voice!’: Trump vows to put 'America first’ in RNC nomination acceptance speech TRUMP, DONALD / RNC
20160707 Would Donald Trump Quit if He Wins the Election? He Doesn’t Rule It Out TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20160630 2016 US Election: The president of France says if Brexit won, so can Donald Trump HOLLANDE, FRANCOIS / TRUMP, DONALD
20160630 The Billionaire Pedophile Who Could Bring Down Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton TRUMP, DONALD / CLINTON, HILLARY / EPSTEIN, JEFFREY / CLINTON, BILL
20160625 Erdogan calls for swift removal of Trump name from Istanbul Towers over The Donald’s - ‘Islamophobia’ ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / TRUMP, DONALD
20160624 Here's How That Wild Lawsuit Accusing Trump of Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl Hit The Headlines TRUMP, DONALD
20160624 Trump on Brexit: EU break-up on the cards, people want their borders back TRUMP, DONALD / BREXIT
20160623 Exclusive Trump Would Support Israeli Annexation of Parts of West Bank, Says Adviser TRUMP, DONALD / IL / PS
20160622 Donald Trump accused of raping 13yo girl in new lawsuit TRUMP, DONALD / EPSTEIN, JEFFREY
20160621 Is There Anything to a Lawsuit Accusing Donald Trump of Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl with Bill Clinton’s Billionaire Sex Buddy? TRUMP, DONALD / EPSTEIN, JEFFREY / CLINTON, BILL
20160617 Rekord-Gagen für Reden: Deutsche Bank überweist Millionenbetrag an Clintons DEUTSCHE BANK / CLINTON, HILLARY / CLINTON, BILL / TRUMP, DONALD
20160603 Donald Trump is blatantly racist — and the media is too scared to call him out on it TRUMP, DONALD / RACISM
20160601 Politiker versus Medien: Trumps neuer Feind Nummer eins TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20160528 Judge bashed by Trump orders release of company records TRUMP, DONALD
20165028 #ChickenTrump: Twitter Pounds Candidate for Backing Down on Sanders Debate SANDERS, BERNIE / TRUMP, DONALD
20160527 Photos: This Chinese mask factory is betting Donald Trump will be the next US president TRUMP, DONALD
20160526 Trump reaches magic number of delegates, officially presumptive GOP nominee TRUMP, DONALD
20160524 Donald Trump und Wladimir Putin: Liebesgrüße aus Moskau PUTIN, VLADIMIR / TRUMP, DONALD
20160524 Gesprächsangebot an Kim Jong Un: Nordkoreas Uno-Botschafter nennt Trumps Worte Unsinn KP / TRUMP, DONALD
20160513 Donald Trump inkognito: Der Mann, der jede haben kann TRUMP, DONALD
20160510 Silicon Valley Titan Peter Thiel Is Backing Donald Trump THIEL, PETER / TRUMP, DONALD
20160509 US will never default on debt 'because you print the money' – Trump TRUMP, DONALD
20160505 Trumps Schlachtplan im US-Wahlkampf: Erst die Partei, dann das Land TRUMP, DONALD
20160505 Streit mit den Rolling Stones: Trump can't always get what he wants TRUMP, DONALD
20160504 Trumps Triumph über Cruz: Der Knockout TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20160419 Trump-Fauxpas: 9/11 oder 7/11, ist doch egal TRUMP, DONALD
20160417 Artist threatened with lawsuits if she sells nude Donald Trump painting TRUMP, DONALD / GORE, ILLMA
20160408 Trump is ‘offensive, absurd & dangerous’ – Alex Salmond SALMOND, ALEX / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20160331 Donald Trump refuses to rule out nuclear strike on Europe TRUMP, DONALD
20160323 Reaktionen nach Brüssel-Anschlägen: Trump will wieder foltern BRUSSELS / TRUMP, DONALD / TORTURE
20160322 Milliardenkredite: Wenn Donald Trump Geld braucht, wählt er die Deutsche Bank TRUMP, DONALD / DEUTSCHE BANK
20160322 US-Wahlkampf: Trump fabuliert von "Drittem Weltkrieg mit Russland" TRUMP, DONALD / AIPAC / IL / PS / JERUSALEM / UN
20160321 A transcript of Donald Trump’s meeting with The Washington Post editorial board TRUMP, DONALD
20160321 We met with Donald Trump. Electing him will still be a radical risk. TRUMP, DONALD
20160316 Trump warns of possible 'riots' if he doesn't get White House nod TRUMP, DONALD
20160316 George Soros pumping millions into Democrats, alarmed by Trump’s rise SOROS, GEORGE / CLINTON, HILLARY / TRUMP, DONALD
20160312 Chaos bei Trump-Veranstaltung: Der Hass bricht aus TRUMP, DONALD / CHICAGO
20160304 TV-Debatte der Republikaner: "Donald - lern mal ruhig zu bleiben" TRUMP, DONALD
20160303 Psychiatric hospitals filling up with time travellers sent back to kill Donald Trump TRUMP, DONALD / US


Date Source Title Tags
20160224 US-Vorwahl der Republikaner: Erste Hochrechnungen sehen Trump in Nevada vorn TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20160101 Al-Qaeda video features Trump TRUMP, DONALD / AL QAEDA


Date Source Title Tags
20151230 Trump may be barred from Britain for 'public good' as petition gains 656,000 signatures TRUMP, DONALD / GB
20151220 Republikaner: Trump akzeptiert Putins Komplimente - "im Namen unseres Landes" TRUMP, DONALD
20151209 Bemerkungen über "radikalisierte Gegenden": Jetzt legt sich Trump auch mit London an TRUMP, DONALD
20151208 Kampf gegen IS: Trump will das Internet "dichtmachen" TRUMP, DONALD
20151207 Republikanischer Präsidentschaftsbewerber: Trump fordert Einreiseverbot für Muslime TRUMP, DONALD / US
20151126 Terror-Hype und Islamophobie: Amerikas Hassprediger drehen auf US / HATE SPEECH / TRUMP, DONALD
20151125 Court Papers: Trump Ate At Jeffrey Epstein’s House EPSTEIN, JEFFREY / TRUMP, DONALD
20151012 Interview im US-Fernsehen: Trump nennt Merkels Flüchtlingspolitik "irrsinnig" TRUMP, DONALD
20151006 El Chapo Puts $100 Millon Bounty on Trump, Dead or Alive GUZMAN, JOAQUIN / TRUMP, DONALD
20150829 Eintrittsgeld für Trump-Rede: "Bitte halten Sie Bargeld bereit" TRUMP, DONALD
20150816 Donald Trump just had one of his most combative interviews yet TRUMP, DONALD
20150816 Trump und Clinton in Iowa: Kotelett am Stiel muss sein TRUMP, DONALD / CLINTON, HILLARY / IOWA
20150813 Clown Genius TRUMP, DONALD
20150106 Revealed: Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger and Donald Trump were in black book of Prince Andrew’s sex abuser friend Jeffrey Epstein EPSTEIN, JEFFREY / CLINTON, BILL / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20000123 Sunday In The Loop TRUMP, DONALD / KOMPROMAT


Date Source Title Tags
19900901 After The Gold Rush: Unfortunately for Donald and Ivana Trump, all that glittered wasn’t gold. TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
201600620 JANE DOE, proceeding under a pseudonym, Plaintiff, v. DONALD J. TRUMP and JEFFREY E. EPSTEIN EPSTEIN, JEFFREY / TRUMP, DONALD