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20140201 heise.de US-Senatoren nehmen Geheimdienstspitze unter Beschuss WYDEN, RON / HEINRICH, MARTIN / US / CLAPPER, JAMES / NSA
20130816 theguardian.com NSA under renewed fire after report finds it violated its own privacy rules - Revelations that NSA collected records it was not permitted to acquire pile further pressure on intelligence chief James Clapper NSA / CLAPPER, JAMES / WYDEN, RON
20130816 theguardian.com NSA revelations of privacy breaches 'the tip of the iceberg' – Senate duo - Leading critics of NSA Ron Wyden and Mark Udall say 'public deserves to know more about violations of secret court orders' NSA / WYDEN, RON / UDALL, MARK
20130810 techdirt.com Jennifer Hoelzer's Insider's View Of The Administration's Response To NSA Surveillance Leaks US / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HOELZER, JENNIFER / WYDEN, RON / HAYDEN, MICHAEL / HOLDER, ERIC / PATRIOT ACT / SECRECY
20130731 guardian.co.uk Senators strongly criticise intelligence chiefs over NSA data collection: Ron Wyden tells US senate of 'violations of court orders' while Mark Udall calls for major reforms of surveillance programmes US / NSA / WYDEN, RON / UDALL, MARK / CLAPPER, JAMES
20130611 guardian.co.uk Obama administration under pressure as US senators demand end to secrecy: Senator Ron Wyden suggests US intelligence chief James Clapper may have misled him as international pressure builds US / NSA / WYDEN, RON / CLAPPER, JAMES
20130607 HASTINGS, MICHAEL/buzzfeed.com Why Democrats Love To Spy On Americans CIA / NSA / WYDEN, RON / UDALL, MARK