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20200211 ‘Stop your cyber intrusion & surveillance,’ China tells US after indictment of Chinese military in Equifax hack EQUIFAX / CN / CN-US / CYBERWAR / ECONOMIC ESPIONAGE
20191201 Huawei Manages to Make Smartphones Without American Chips: For China’s top smartphone maker, U.S. suppliers are increasingly a nice-to-have, not a must-have HUAWEI / CN / CN-US
20190805 USA vs. China Handelskrieg tobt - Kurse an der Wall Street fallen CN-US / US-CN
20190617 "We Will Fight Until The End": Beijing Warns Washington Will Lose "Protracted" Trade War CN / US / CN-US
20190601 'Don’t underestimate us’: China snubs US as DefSec rallies Asian allies against ‘Chinese threat’ CN-US
20190601 Handelsstreit mit den USA China erhebt jetzt auch Strafzölle auf Diamanten und Kondome CN / CN-US
20190515 China Calls For "People's War" Against The US, Vows To "Fight For A New World" CN-US
20190513 Markets Tumble As China Unveils Retaliatory Tariffs, May Dump "Some Treasuries" CN-US
20181005 China Slams Pence For "Fanning Fires" And "Escalating Tensions" After Aggressive Speech CN-US
20180823 "No Further Talks Scheduled": China-U.S. Trade Negotiations A Complete Bust CN-US
20180624 Futures Slump As Trump Drops New Bomb In Trade War; China Continues To "Weaponize" Yuan CN-US
20170802 Who Are The Winners And Losers When Trade War Breaks Out Between The US And China CN-US