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20170919 IT-Sicherheit: Regierung könnte ihr Hacker-Wissen offenlegen CRYPTOGRAPHY / DE
20161123 European Union wants to regulate cryptography? CRYPTOGRAPHY
20161011 NSA could put undetectable “trapdoors” in millions of crypto keys - Technique allows attackers to passively decrypt Diffie-Hellman protected data. BACKDOORS / NSA / CRYPTOGRAPHY
20160920 Quantenkryptografie Forscher teleportieren Signale durch Städte CRYPTOGRAPHY
20160525 Crypto Wars 3.0: Enisa und Europol gegen Hintertüren bei Verschlüsselung CRYPTOGRAPHY
20141116 What does the NSA think of academic cryptographers? Recently-declassified document provides clues CRYPTOGRAPHY / NSA
20141107 Keeping Secrets: Four decades ago, university researchers figured out the key to computer privacy, sparking a battle with the National Security Agency that continues today. CRYPTOGRAPHY / NSA
20130919 NSA-Skandale: So funktionieren Kryptografie-Hintertüren CRYPTOGRAPHY
20130918 Angriff auf Verschlüsselung: Forscher entdecken Verfahren zur Chip-Sabotage CRYPTOGRAPHY
201309 Stealthy Dopant-Level Hardware Trojans CRYPTOGRAPHY
20130916 Cryptographers Attack NSA's Secret Effort to Subvert Internet Security CRYPTOGRAPHY / NSA / GCHQ
20130916 Open Letter From UK Security Researchers CRYPTOGRAPHY / NSA / GCHQ
20130916 Fatal crypto flaw in some government-certified smartcards makes forgery a snap - With government certifications this broken, the NSA may not need backdoors. CRYPTOGRAPHY
20130906 NSA decryption revelations 'provide roadmap' to adversaries, US warns - Office of the director of national intelligence also suggests stories published by the Guardian and New York Times are 'not news' CRYPTOGRAPHY / NSA / DNI
20130906 Re: (Cryptography) Opening Discussion: Speculation on "BULLRUN" CRYPTOGRAPHY / NSA
20130906 Snowden Disclosures Finally Hit 12 on a Scale of 1 to 10 SNOWDEN, EDWARD / NSA / CRYPTOGRAPHY / CRYPTANALYSIS
20130906 Internet-Verschlüsselung: Bundesregierung redet Snowden-Enthüllungen klein CRYPTOGRAPHY / DE / NSA
20130906 Neue Snowden-Enthüllungen: Wettlauf um die sicherste Verschlüsselung CRYPTOGRAPHY / NSA / SCHNEIER, BRUCE / WEIS, RUEDIGER
20130906 Neue Snowden-Enthüllungen: NSA knackt systematisch Verschlüsselung im Internet NSA / CRYPTOGRAPHY / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20130906 ABHÖRSKANDAL - Snowden-Enthüllung: NSA kann verschlüsselte Daten knacken NSA / CRYPTOGRAPHY
20130905 [cryptography what has the NSA broken?] CRYPTOGRAPHY / NSA
20130905 On the NSA CRYPTOGRAPHY / NSA
20130728 SPD-Chef Gabriel zur Spähaffäre: Datenverschlüsselung als Pflicht GABRIEL, SIGMAR / CRYPTOGRAPHY / NSA / DE
20130725 NSA-Attacke auf Internetverbindungen: Verschlüsseln ist Notwehr CRYPTOGRAPHY
20130720 Ablehnung von Sponsoring: Crypto-Aktivisten verteidigen Neutralität CRYPTOGRAPHY / BITCOM / CCC / CRYPTOPARTY
20130709 How cryptography is a key weapon in the fight against empire states - What began as a means of retaining individual freedom can now be used by smaller states to fend off the ambitions of larger one ASSANGE, JULIAN / CRYPTOGRAPHY
20130416 Quantum annealing with more than one hundred qubits CRYPTOGRAPHY


Author Issuer Title Published ISBN Tags
STREHLER, RES Werd Verlag Verschlüsselt. Der Fall Hans Bühler. 3-859-32141-2 CRYPTOGRAPHY / CRYPTO AG / BUEHLER, HANS
HARRIS, ROBERT Enigma 1995 3-453-11593-7 CRYPTOGRAPHY 


Source Title Tags MfS Abt. N: Chiffrierwesens der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik - Zielgerichtete Koordinierung der Informationsbeschaffung über das Chiffrierwesen des Feindes / Erarbeitung von Dekryptiermethoden etc. DECRYPTION / CRYPTOGRAPHY / MFS T-311 SELEN Bündelchiffriergerät für PCM-30 CRYPTOGRAPHY / MFS Chiffrierordnung des MfS 1956 - 1989 CRYPTOGRAPHY / MFS Kompromittierung von Chiffrierverfahren durch MfS / KGB CRYPTOGRAPHY / MFS [Manuelle Chiffrierverfahren] CRYPTOGRAPHY / MFS