FR 20120906

Date Source Title Tags
22.10.2012 Tod in den französischen Alpen: Verwirrung um Aufklärung des Vierfachmordes FR 20120906
21.10.2012 Mysteriöser Alpenmord: Täter schoss zuerst auf den Radfahrer FR 20120906 / COVERUP
19.10.2012 Alps massacre family was killed after they saw cyclist get shot FIRST, forensics investigation reveals FR 20120906 / COVERUP / MOLLIER, SYLVAIN
13.09.2012 Vierfachmord in Alpen: Staatsanwalt vermutet Schlüssel zum Fall in Großbritannien FR 20120906
08.09.2012 Did French Alps murder victim's secret work on space satellite contract make him prime assassination target? FR 20120906 / AL-HILI, ZAID / SSTS / EADS / ESISC
07.09.2012 All four victims of Alps massacre were shot twice in the head execution-style, prosecutor confirms as relatives fly in to care for orphaned girls FR 20120906
07.09.2012 Was there more than one hitman? Each of British victims was shot TWICE and cyclist witness FIVE times, police reveal - as search continues for killers' 4x4 FR 20120906
07.09.2012 Grausiger Leichenfund in Frankreich: Ermittlungen gegen Bruder des Toten eingeleitet FR 20120906
07.09.2012 Vierfachmord in Chevaline: Britischer Geheimdienst soll ermitteln FR 20120906
06.09.2012 He fled Iraq as a boy, settled in Surrey and was spied on by the Special Branch: The extraordinary life of the engineer victim at the centre of the Alps shooting FR 20120906
06.09.2012 Vierfachmord in den Alpen: "Jemand wollte töten" FR 20120906
05.09.2012 'I've got nothing to do with it': Brother of Iraq-born businessman executed with wife and mother-in-law in front of daughters in French Alps denies there was family feud over 'financial matters' FR 20120906