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20131025 ACLU: Lavabit 'fatally undermined' by US request for encryption keys - Rights group files briefing in defence of founder Ladar Levison and says government's demands 'unreasonably burdensome' LAVABIT
20131003 Lavabit: Angriff auf Snowdens E-Mails LAVABIT
20131002 Edward Snowden’s E-Mail Provider Defied FBI Demands to Turn Over Crypto Keys, Documents Show LAVABIT
20131003 Snowden’s email service Lavabit consistently denied US govt access despite intimidation LAVABIT
20130912 E-Mail-Dienst: Lavabit geht juristisch gegen geheime Anordnung vor LAVABIT
20130822 Lavabit founder: 'My own tax dollars are being used to spy on me' - Since shuttering his email service, which was used by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Ladar Levison has been stuck in a Kafkaesque legal battle – and that's about all he can say LAVABIT / NSA / LEVISON, LADAR
20130815 Spooked off the Net: Owner of Lavabit email blames US surveillance for closure LAVABIT
20130809 Lavabit: Edward Snowden lobt E-Mail-Dienst für Selbstabschaltung LAVABIT / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20130809 Lavabit email service abruptly shut down citing government interference - Founder of service reportedly used by Edward Snowden said he would not be complicit in 'crimes against the American people' LAVABIT
20130809 Druck der US-Behörden: E-Mail-Dienst mit Snowden-Verbindung schließt unter Protest LAVABIT
20130712 So apparently, Edward Snowden uses security-focused email service Lavabit LAVABIT