Date Source Title Tags
20191016 Assange subjected to torture & violations of due process rights – UN envoy ASSANGE, JULIAN / MELZER, NILS
20191007 Letter from the UK Mission Geneva to the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhumna or degrading treatment or punishment Nils Melzer UN / MELZER, NILS / GB / BRAITHWAITE, JULIAN / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20190920 Julian Assange: justice denied - UN Special Rapporteur on Torture NILS MELZER talks to Ceren Sagir about the ongoing fears for the journalist’s health ASSANGE, JULIAN / MELZER, NILS / UN / TORTURE
20190628 ‘Not high on news agenda?’ UN torture rapporteur talks to RT about op-ed on Assange rejected by MSM ASSANGE, JULIAN / MELZER, NILS
20190602 UN expert says Sky News & BBC World dropped his interview on Assange torture MELZER, NILS / UN / ASSANGE, JULIAN / SKY NEWS / BBC
20190531 Assange as free to leave as someone ‘on a rubber boat in a sharkpool’ – UN's Melzer destroys Hunt ASSANGE, JULIAN / GB / HUNT, JEREMY / UN / MELZER, NILS
20190527 UA SWE 2/2019 and related cases UA GBR 3/2019; UA USA 14/2019 and UA ECU 10/2019 stand modified by a follow-up letter issued by the SR on Torture to clarify some of the points in the original letter following disclosure of new facts as they became available through further research on the case. Please read the original letter in conjunction with the follow-up letter number OL SWE 3/2019. UN / MELZER, NILS / ASSANGE, JULIAN / GB