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20180715 "Die Polizei hat eine Grenze überschritten" MET


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20170628 London Met Police’s 18,000 Windows XP PCs is a disaster waiting to happen MET


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20140629 EXCLUSIVE: Secret service infiltrated paedophile group to 'blackmail establishment' CHILD PORNOGRAPHY / PIE / MET / WATSON, TOM / SMITH, CYRIL / RIGHTON, PETER / DICKENS, GEOFFREY / HAYMAN, PETER / MI6 / RAISON, TIM / HINDLEY, CLIFFORD


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20130705 Azelle Rodney death: Met police had 'no lawful justification' for shooting - Marksman could be prosecuted over death of unarmed man after official inquiry rules his evidence was 'not to be accepted' MET / RODNEY, AZELLE
20130704 Question Rupert Murdoch over secret tape, urges MP: Recording of News Corp boss during meeting with staff from Sun in March suggests regret at helping with police inquiry MURDOCH, RUPERT / NEWS CORP / CORRUPTION / MET
20130625 Police unit monitors 9,000 'extremists' - Officers familiar with workings of unit indicate that many of campaigners listed on database have no criminal record MET
20130624 How can we invest our trust in a government that spies on us? We should not fear some Orwellian future state where we're subjected to total electronic scrutiny – it's our present reality MET / GCHQ
20130624 Stephen Lawrence: Cameron deeply concerned by smear campaign claim - PM calls for investigation into claims undercover police officer was part of operation to smear family of murdered teenager LAWRENCE, STEPHEN / MET / UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATIONS / SLANDERING
20130624 Dozens of undercover officers could face prosecution, says police chief - Chief constable leading investigation also says he will look at claims that Stephen Lawrence campaigners were spied on MET / UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATIONS / LAWRENCE, STEPHEN
20130215 Cost of monitoring Julian Assange running at £6m a year MET / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20130211 Police spies: Met police calls in outsider to take over investigation - Derbyshire chief constable replaces Met officer at head of investigation into police use of dead children's identities MET
20130204 Scotland Yard: Undercover-Ermittler benutzten Namen toter Kinder MET / UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATIONS
20130203 Police spies stole identities of dead children METROPOLITAN POLICE SERVICE / UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATIONS
20130201 Third police officer arrested over plebgate investigation - Constable in diplomatic protection squad held on suspicion of leaking to the media METROPOLITAN POLICE SERVICE
20130201 Specialist police officer arrested in investigation into corrupt payments: Met police arrest 33-year-old at home in north London as part of Operation Elveden METROPOLITAN POLICE SERVICE / NEWS CORP
20130201 Ex-NoW reporter blasts News Corp for role in jailing of detective: Tim Wood, whose evidence contributed to case against April Casburn, says publisher should not have revealed its sources WOOD, TIM / CASHBURN, APRIL / METROPOLITAN POLICE SERVICE / NEWS CORP
20130201 Senior Met officer sentenced to 15 months for phone-hacking leak: April Casburn given jail term after being found guilty of telling News of the World reporter about hacking inquiry GB Murdoch phone scandal / NEWS OF THE WORLD / CASHBURN, APRIL / METROPOLITAN POLICE SERVICE / NEWS CORP


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20121223 Plebgate: Andrew Mitchell claims he was victim of police 'stitch-up': Former chief whip says he was accused of using 'awful toxic language' in an attempt to destroy his political career METROPOLITAN POLICE SERVICE / MITCHELL, ANDREW
20121223 Plebgate: Met police chief faces battle with Tories over Andrew Mitchell: Bernard Hogan-Howe launches 'ruthless search for the truth' but MPs say he is 'completely compromised' METROPOLITAN POLICE SERVICE / MITCHELL, ANDREW
20121222 Britain's police must reform or lose respect and trust: As the Andrew Mitchell affair and Hillsborough report illustrate, Britain's law enforcers must be held to account METROPOLITAN POLICE SERVICE
20121222 Plebgate: senior Tory slams 'cancer' of corruption in UK police service: Former justice minister Nick Herbert demands urgent reform as crisis over Andrew Mitchell affair intensifies METROPOLITAN POLICE SERVICE / MITCHELL, ANDREW / HERBERT, NICK
20121220 Two arrests as 'plebgate' investigation continues: David Cameron says treatment of Andrew Mitchell, who resigned as Tory chief whip in October, was disturbing METROPOLITAN POLICE SERVICE / MITCHELL, ANDREW / CAMERON, DAVID
20121219 Plebgate rift opens between Tory party and Met police: Friends of former chief whip Andrew Mitchell cast doubts on police version of Downing Street confrontation METROPOLITAN POLICE SERVICE / MITCHELL, ANDREW
20121101 Met police received £23m in corporate sponsorship over five years - UK's biggest police force was given everything from T-shirts to vehicles, freedom of information request reveals METROPOLITAN POLICE SERVICE
20120825 WikiLeaks: Met police embarrassed as Assange arrest plan revealed - A policeman has accidentally revealed a secret plan to seize Julian Assange “under all circumstances” if he steps outside the Ecuadorian embassy, in an embarrassment for Scotland Yard. ASSANGE, JULIAN / GB / METROPOLITAN POLICE SERVICE