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20190304 csoonline.com Is the world ready for the next big ransomware attack? WannaCry and NotPetya brought major companies to their knees and cost billions to remediate. A new report from Lloyds of London warns another similar ransomware attack would still be devastating. RANSOMWARE
20170521 spiegel.de Computersicherheit Wie gefährlich sind Cyberattacken aus Nordkorea? RANSOMWARE / KP
20170519 spiegel.de Neue Nachricht an Opfer: "WannaCry"-Erpresser betteln um Lösegeld RANSOMWARE
20170517 spiegel.de Weltweiter Hackerangriff So arbeiten die "WannaCry"-Jäger FORENSICS / ATTRIBUTION / RANSOMWARE
20170517 rt.com WannaCry XXL? 2nd even bigger global cyber attack already underway RANSOMWARE / NSA / MICROSOFT
20170516 spiegel.de Spekulationen über "WannaCry"-Attacke Was ist dran an der Nordkorea-Spur RANSOMWARE / ATTRIBUTION / KP
20170516 rt.com WannaCry ransomware shares code with North Korea-linked malware – researchers RANSOMWARE
20170516 spiegel.de Erpressersoftware 450 Computer der Bahn von "WannaCry"-Virus betroffen RANSOMWARE
20170515 taiwannews.com Ransomware decrypts Taiwanese netizen's computer due to his low income RANSOMWARE / TW
20170515 spiegel.de Experten über "WannaCry"-Attacke "Wir hatten noch Glück" RANSOMWARE
20170515 rt.com Asia hit by WannaCry virus at week’s start, disrupting govt services & business RANSOMWARE
20170515 rt.com Putin: Malware created by intelligence services can backfire on its creators RANSOMWARE / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20170515 spiegel.de "WannaCry"-Cyberattacke Die Lehren aus dem weltweit größten Angriff mit Erpressungssoftware RANSOMWARE
20170515 spiegel.de Erpressungssoftware Experten fürchten neue "WannaCry"-Attacken RANSOMWARE
20170515 spiegel.de "WannaCry"-Angriff Microsoft macht Regierungen Vorwürfe RANSOMWARE
20175014 rt.com ‘Like letting Tomahawk missiles get stolen’: Microsoft slams NSA mishandling of exploits RANSOMWARE
20170513 deutschlandfunk.de Hacker-Angriff: Fast 100 Länder betroffen - BKA ermittelt RANSOMWARE
20170513 rt.com ‘Militarization of cyberspace going out of control’: IT experts talk WannaCry ransomware hackstorm RANSOMWARE
20170513 rt.com Microsoft releases urgent OS patch in wake of #WannaCry ransomware blitz RANSOMWARE
20170513 rt.com Don’t WannaCry? 5 easy tips to protect yourself from ransomware RANSOMWARE
20170513 spiegel.de Erpresser-Software "WannaCry"-Attacke - Fakten zum globalen Cyber-Angriff RANSOMWARE
20170513 spiegel.de Weltweite Computerattacke Bundeskriminalamt ermittelt zu Cyberangriff RANSOMWARE
20170512 golem.de Wanacry: NSA-Exploits legen weltweit Windows-Rechner lahm RANSOMWARE
20170512 rt.com Hospital computers across Britain shut down by cyberattack, hackers demanding ransom RANSOMWARE
20170512 rt.com Thousands of ransomware cyberattacks reported worldwide RANSOMWARE
20170512 rt.com Mass cyberattack strikes computer systems worldwide Live updates RANSOMWARE
20170512 nytimes.com Hackers Hit Dozens of Countries Exploiting Stolen N.S.A. Tool RANSOMWARE
20160718 safeandsavy.f-secure.com Why These Online Criminals Actually Care About Your Convenience RANSOMWARE
20160418 spiegel.de Server-Attacken: Firma für Erpresser-Abwehr schützt auch die Erpresser RANSOMWARE / CLOUDFLARE
20160411 talosintel.com Ransomware: Past, Present, and Future RANSOMWARE
20160411 csoonline.com Experts crack Petya ransomware, enable hard drive decryption for free RANSOMWARE
20160318 spiegel.de Flut von Erpresser-Viren: "Zahlen Sie nicht!" RANSOMWARE