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20131004 Auftritt in Washington: Ex-CIA-Chef fabuliert über Mord an Snowden HAYDEN, MICHAEL / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / THREATENING
20131003 Ex-NSA/CIA chief Hayden jokes of putting Snowden on kill list HAYDEN, MICHAEL / ROGERS, MIKE / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / THREATENING
20131003 Obama threatens Jonas Brothers with drone strikes - The president's truly tasteless predator drone joke OBAMA, BARACK / THREATENING
20131003 Edward Snowden should be put on kill list, joke US intelligence chiefs - Former NSA and CIA chief and chair of House intelligence committee in jovial mood at 2013 Cybersecurity Summit SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HAYDEN, MICHAEL / ROGERS, MIKE / THREATENING
20131003 Hayden noted Snowden nominated for human rts award: "I´d also though of nominating Mr Snowden but it was for a different list" SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HAYDEN, MICHAEL / THREATENING
20130818 Assassination TIME: Sr. journalist ‘can’t wait’ to justify drone strike that will kill Assange ASSANGE, JULIAN / TIME / GRUNWALD, MICHAEL / THREATENING
20130817 Meet the Journalist Who 'Can't Wait' to Defend a Drone Strike on Assange GRUNWALD, MICHAEL / ASSANGE, JULIAN / THREATENING
20130817 Grunwald, Time Magazine Reporter, Sends Out Shocking Tweet About Julian Assange GRUNWALD, MICHAEL / ASSANGE, JULIAN / TIME / THREATENING
20110321 Kanzlerin: Merkels Hubschrauber beinahe abgestürzt MERKEL, ANGELA / THREATENING