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20200213 Apple-Mitarbeiter prüfen E-Mails bei Verdacht auf Kindesmissbrauch APPLE
20200122 Backdoored backup? Apple nixed iCloud encryption after FBI complained your data is a valuable resource APPLE / ENCRYPTION / FBI
20200121 Exclusive: Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained - sources APPLE


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20191010 Apple removes app that Hong Kong protesters used to track police movements following vandalism, attacks on officers APPLE / HK
20190809 Belohnungsprogramm Wer Apple hackt, kann jetzt Millionär werden APPLE
20190808 Abhörerin von Sprachassistent „Viele Kinder bezeichnen Siri als ihre beste Freundin“ APPLE
20190727 Siri ‘regularly’ records sex encounters, sends ‘countless’ private moments to Apple contractors APPLE
20190306 The Prototype iPhones That Hackers Use to Research Apple’s Most Sensitive Code APPLE
20190130 FBI Arrests 2nd Chinese National For Stealing Trade Secrets From Apple APPLE


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20181227 Lost $11 Billion Buying Back Its Own Stock In 2018 APPLE
20181022 Apple-Chef Cook über Datenschutz und Sicherheit "Sonst wird man gehackt" COOK, TIM / APPLE
20180807 Who’ll host Alex Jones? Porn sites enter the infowars JONES, ALEX / FACEBOOK / APPLE / YOUTUBE / SPOTIFY
20810606 WWDC 2018 Apple will Facebook und Google den Datenhahn abdrehen APPLE / FACEBOOK / GOOGLE


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20171229 Apple's Tim Cook now only uses private jets to travel & gets massive bump in pay COOK, TIM / APPLE
20171129 Sicherheitslücke auf Macs Apple kündigt Software-Update an APPLE
20171122 China Apple gibt zu, dass Schüler illegal fürs iPhone schufteten APPLE / FOXCONN
20171108 Qatar Airways plane forced to land after wife discovers husband's affair midflight - Woman reportedly made ‘such a ruckus’ after discovery that plane had no other choice but to make unscheduled landing IRANIAN WOMAN / JEALOUSY / APPLE
20171107 Apple’s Most Innovative Product - It might be its tax-avoidance scheme. APPLE
20171106 Paradise Papers E-Mails enthüllen Apples Steuerspar-Methode APPLE
20170920 Turning Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in iOS 11's Control Center Doesn’t Actually Turn Off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth APPLE
20170608 China uncovers massive underground network of Apple employees selling customers’ personal data APPLE
20170327 About the security content of iOS 10.3 APPLE
20170324 Reaktion auf Wikileaks-Enthüllung CIA-Angriff funktionierte nur bei Uralt-iPhones CIA / APPLE / WIKILEAKS
20170324 Apple Says It Fixed CIA Vulnerabilities Years Ago APPLE / CIA
20170324 Apple: Keine Verhandlungen mit Wikileaks über "Vault 7" APPLE / WIKILEAKS / CIA
20170324 #DarkMatter: Apple’s fix for CIA hacks disputed by WikiLeaks WIKILEAKS / APPLE / CIA
20170324 CIA also can bug your Apple - WikiLeaks WIKILEAKS / CIA / APPLE
20170323 C.I.A. Developed Tools to Spy on Mac Computers, WikiLeaks Disclosure Shows WIKILEAKS / CIA / APPLE
20170323 Apple’s achilles heel: CIA hacks Macbook computers with ‘Sonic Screwdriver’ WIKILEAKS / CIA / APPLE
20170323 CIA’s NightSkies tool can hack, remotely control iPhones without user knowing WIKILEAKS / CIA / APPLE
20170323 #DarkSeaSkies: CIA’s tool to hack MacBook Air in under 29 seconds exposed WIKILEAKS / CIA / APPLE
20170323 Wikileaks, i primi segreti dal "Vault 7": ecco come la Cia entrava nelle Smart Tv e nei Mac WIKILEAKS / CIA / APPLE
20170323 #Vault7: WikiLeaks releases ‘Dark Matter’ batch of CIA hacking tactics for Apple products WIKILEAKS / APPLE / CIA
20170323 WikiLeaks-Enthüllung: So kann die CIA angeblich auf Apple-Laptops zugreifen WIKILEAKS / CIA / APPLE
20170310 "Vault 7"-Leaks: Apple will verbliebene Lücken stopfen APPLE / CIA / WIKILEAKS
20170308 New WikiLeaks Documents Fuel Tension Between Intelligence Agencies, Tech Sector - Documents renew questions about what responsibility the government has to notify companies of security flaws in their products CIA / WIKILEAKS / APPLE / GOOGLE / MICROSOFT / SAMSUNG
20170307 Apple, Samsung, Microsoft: WikiLeaks blows lid on scale of CIA’s hacking arsenal WIKILEAKS / CIA / APPLE / SAMSUNG / MICROSOFT
20170205 Steuerstreit mit Irland EU besteht auf Milliarden-Nachzahlung von Apple APPLE / IE / EU


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20161111 Siri überweist Geld per Paypal mit einem Sprachbefehl APPLE / PAYPAL
20160908 The biggest winner from removing the headphone jack is Apple - Fun fact: Apple owns the #1 wireless headphone company APPLE
20160830 Apple in Irland: 50 Euro Steuern für eine Million Euro Gewinn APPLE / IE / EU
20160827 Streit um Großkonzerne: Warum die USA Europa mit Steuerkrieg drohen TAX AVOIDANCE / US / EU / APPLE / MICROSOFT / CITIGROUP
20160825 Apple und Co.: USA drohen EU-Kommission wegen Steuerermittlungen TAX AVOIDANCE / EU / US / IE / LU / NL / APPLE / AMAZON / STARBUCKS / FIAT FINANCE AND TRADE / FIAT CHRYSLER
20160515 Apple Pulls Stefan Esser’s Jailbreak Detection App from the App Store APPLE
20160506 122 Gigabyte Daten weg: "Apple hat meine Musik gestohlen" APPLE
20160421 FBI director hints that agency paid record $1.3mn to hack into San Bernardino iPhone FBI / APPLE
20160329 Streit zwischen FBI und Apple: iPhone geknackt - Duell verschoben APPLE / FBI
20160329 Apple: FBI knackt iPhone von San-Bernardino-Attentäter APPLE / FBI
20160324 Apple worries that spy technology has been secretly added to the computer servers it buys APPLE
20160309 ‘That’s horse sh*t!’: FBI can already unlock iPhone without Apple’s help – Snowden SNOWDEN, EDWARD / FBI / APPLE
20160225 Apple to argue FBI order to open iPhone violates free-speech rights while tightening its security APPLE
20160223 Streit mit Apple: US-Justiz fordert Entsperrung von 15 iPhones APPLE
20160122 Google Paid Apple $1 Billion to Keep Search Bar on IPhone GOOGLE / APPLE


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20151222 Not your ‘back door man’: Apple CEO rankles authorities who target encryption APPLE
20151211 Banksy-Graffito in Calais Steve Jobs, Sohn eines Migranten JOBS, STEVE / APPLE / SY / BANKSY
20151111 Apple boss Cook says he'll resist UK government spy law plan GB / APPLE / ENCRYPTION / COOK, TIM
20151031 Apple verbietet Inhalte vom Chaos Computer Club auf ihrer Plattform APPLE / CCC
20151021 ‘No back door’: Apple CEO says encryption is ‘a must’ in today’s world APPLE
20150922 Konkurrenz für die Autoindustrie: Apple macht Ernst mit dem iCar APPLE
20150213 Apple CEO challenges Obama APPLE / COOK, TIM / OBAMA, BARACK
20150212 Obama Heads to Tech Security Talks Amid Tensions OBAMA, BARACK / US / GOOGLE / APPLE / DANIEL, MICHAEL / COOK, TIM / ENCRYPTION


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20141014 NACH DOWNGRADE: Finnischer Ministerpräsident gibt Apple die Schuld APPLE / FI
20140920 Why we believe apple APPLE
20140919 Google: Android L verschlüsselt ab Werk alle Daten ANDROID / APPLE / ENCRYPTION
20140919 Mehr Sicherheit vor Behörden: Apple und Android verschlüsseln Smartphones ANDROID / APPLE / ENCRYPTION
20140919 The Volokh Conspiracy: Apple’s dangerous game APPLE


Date Source Title Tags
20131219 Forschungsprojekt: Hacker können Macbook-Webcams unbemerkt einschalten APPLE
20131001 Schwache Apple-Aktie: Großinvestor fordert 150-Milliarden-Dollar-Rückkauf APPLE
20130915 Touch ID: Datenschützer warnt vor Fingerscanner in iPhone APPLE / BIOMETRICS
20130813 Apple shares rise after Carl Icahn reveals 'large position' in tech giant - Stock jumps to six-month high after 77-year-old billionaire says he believes company to be 'extremely undervalued' ICAHN, CARL / APPLE


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05.11.2012 Buchungstricks: Apple zahlt im Ausland nur 1,9 Prozent Steuern APPLE
26.10.2012 Apple's investment manager wrestles with $120bn problem - Braeburn Capital is investing the cash Apple has amassed thanks to the global appetite for its consumer electronics APPLE / BRAEBURN CAPITAL
19.10.2012 Tech-Pionier Kane Kramer: Der wahre iGod KRAMER, KANE / APPLE
25.09.2012 Nach Massenschlägerei: Foxconn-Fabrik nimmt Betrieb wieder auf FOXCONN / APPLE


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13.09.2010 Apple Sues Polish Grocery Store Over Name APPLE