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20190815 U.S. Customs Continues To "Modernize" Its System To Include Biometrics For All Passengers BIOMETRICS
20190627 The Pentagon has a laser that can identify people from a distance—by their heartbeat - The Jetson prototype can pick up on a unique cardiac signature from 200 meters away, even through clothes. BIOMETRICS
20181227 Biometrie Hacker tricksen Venenscanner mit Wachs aus BIOMETRICS / CCC
20180902 This new AI can track 200 eye movements to determine your personality traits BIOMETRICS
20170825 WikiLeaks-Enthüllung CIA soll Partnerbehörden mit Schnüffelsoftware ausgespäht haben CIA / WIKILEAKS / BIOMETRICS
20170824 CIA’s secret spy tool helps agency steal data from NSA & FBI, WikiLeaks reveals CIA / WIKILEAKS / BIOMETRICS
20141119 Bill to have all Russians fingerprinted and DNA profiled submitted to parliament KHUDYAKOV, ROMAN / BIOMETRICS
20141118 Geheimdienst: BND möchte sich vor Gesichtserkennung schützen BND / BIOMETRICS
20141031 Fingerabdruck-Scanner: US-Strafverfolger können Verdächtige zum Smartphone-Entsperren zwingen BIOMETRICS / US
20140219 No, you can't store people's fingerprints in a central database, Dutch court rules BIOMETRICS / NL
20131013 Soon, voice samples to help identify criminals IN / BIOMETRICS
20131002 MasterCard joining push for fingerprint ID standard MASTERCARD / BIOMETRICS
20130924 German group claims iPhone fingerprint hack CCC / BIOMETRICS
20130915 Touch ID: Datenschützer warnt vor Fingerscanner in iPhone APPLE / BIOMETRICS