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Date Source Ttle Tags
20160711 Neue Premierministerin Theresa May: Großbritanniens May-Day CAMERON, DAVID / MAY, THERESA / GB
20160624 Deutsche Historikerin zum Brexit: "Cameron hat ein verantwortungsloses Spiel gespielt" BREXIT / CAMERON, DAVID
20160603 Brexit: Studentin knockt Cameron aus CAMERON, DAVID
20160509 Möglicher EU-Austritt: Cameron warnt vor Kriegsgefahr durch Brexit CAMERON, DAVID / BREXIT
20160408 Skandal um Briefkastenfirmen: Panama Papers - die neuen Entwicklungen vom Freitag PANAMAPAPERS / CAMERON, DAVID / SCHAEUBLE, WOLFGANG / MACRI, MAURICIO
20160408 ‘Cameron shouldn’t just resign… he should be sent to prison!’ Ken Livingstone tells RT (VIDEO) CAMERON, DAVID / PANAMAPAPERS / LIVINGSTONE, KEN
20160408 Kritik an Premier Cameron: "Man hat nur eine Chance, ehrlich aufzuklären" CAMERON, DAVID / PANAMAPAPERS
20160408 Enthüllungen von Briefkastenfirmen: Whistleblower fürchtet angeblich um sein Leben PANAMAPAPERS / KRACH, WOLFGANG / SUEDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG / CAMERON, DAVID / MACRI, MAURICIO
20160407 Panama Papers: Cameron gibt Beteiligung an Briefkastenfirma zu PANAMAPAPERS / CAMERON, DAVID / BLAIRMORE INVESTMENT TRUST / CAMERON, IAN
20160210 David Cameron urges Julian Assange to leave embassy, end ‘sorry saga’ ASSANGE, JULIAN / CAMERON, DAVID


Date Source Title Tags
20151224 British spies briefed Merkel on ISIS threat CAMERON, DAVID / MERKEL, ANGELA / ISIS / PARKER, ANDREW / MI5 / YOUNGER, ALEX / MI6 / HANNIGAN, ROBERT / GCHQ
20151108 UK exit from EU ‘not ruled out’ – Cameron GB / CAMERON, DAVID
20150926 This little piggy went to Downing St: Petrified piglet dumped at UK PM Cameron’s residence CAMERON, DAVID
20150921 What the British are really laughing about CAMERON, DAVID / GB / LORD ASHCROFT / PIERS GAVERSTON / BULLINGDON CLUB / SKULL AND BONES
20150921 What David Cameron did to the pig, his party is now doing to the country CAMERON, DAVID / GB
20150921 views my own: Is Britain Ruled by a Secret Pig-Fucking Cabal? CAMERON, DAVID / GB
20150921 From #piggate to #Hameron: how Twitter reacted to David Cameron claims CAMERON, DAVID
20150921 We Asked PR Experts What You Should Do if You're Accused of Having Sex with a Dead Pig's Mouth CAMERON, DAVID
20150920 British Prime Minister and an obscene act with a dead pig's head: How David Cameron took part in sordid initiation ceremony after joining Oxford University dining society as a student CAMERON, DAVID
20150920 Revenge! Drugs, debauchery and the book that lays Dave bare: How PM's snub to billionaire who funded the Tories for years sparked the most explosive political book of the decade CAMERON, DAVID / LORD ASHCROFT / OAKESHOTT, ISABEL / KOMPROMAT
20150629 Cameron backing counter-extremism strategy marks a fundamental shift GB / FREEDOM OF SPEECH / MAY, THERESA / CAMERON, DAVID
20150116 Obama: If We Can’t Read Terrorist Suspect Emails, 'That’s a Problem' - Obama suggested he may oppose too-tough-to-crack encryption technology. ENCRYPTION / OBAMA, BARACK / CAMERON, DAVID
20150113 Terrorbekämpfung: Cameron will verschlüsselte Chats abhören - oder gleich ganz verbieten CAMERON, DAVID
20150112 David Cameron pledges anti-terror law for internet after Paris attacks - PM calls for new laws to break into terrorists’ communications but Nick Clegg warns of encroachment on civil liberties CAMERON, DAVID


Date Source Title Tags
20140605 D-Day-Diplomatie: Cameron hat "klare Botschaften" für Putin PUTIN, VLADIMIR / CAMERON, DAVID
20140531 Streit um Juncker: Cameron warnte Merkel vor EU-Austritt Großbritanniens GB / EU / CAMERON, DAVID / MERKEL, ANGELA
20140303 No 10 aide arrested over child porn: Police quiz 62-year-old who advised Cameron on web filters and was tipped for peerage CAMERON, DAVID / ROCK, DAVID / CHILD PORNOGRAPHY
20140227 Besuch in London: Merkel lässt Briten ratlos zurück MERKEL, ANGELA / CAMERON, DAVID / DE / GB
20140131 Cameron unhappy newspapers still printing Snowden data leaks CAMERON, DAVID / GB / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / FREEDOM OF PRESS


Date Source Title Tags
20131118 David Cameron: GCHQ will be brought in to tackle child abuse images - UK and US intelligence agencies will fight child abuse images on the 'dark net', prime minister reveals after meeting with ISPs CHILD PORNOGRAPHY / GCHQ / CAMERON, DAVID
20131113 It was hard to stomach David Cameron preaching austerity from a golden throne - As a waitress at the lord mayor's banquet, the contrast between what Cameron was saying and where he was saying it felt particularly chilling CAMERON, DAVID / AUSTERITY
20131029 Cameron hints at ‘tougher measures’ if media continues publishing Snowden leaks CAMERON, DAVID / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / FREEDOM OF PRESS / GB
20131028 Britain's Cameron says may act against newspapers over spy leaks GB / FREEDOM OF PRESS / CAMERON, DAVID
20131025 David Cameron agrees with EU concerns over NSA surveillance - PM says EU summit statement was 'good and sensible', and rails against Edward Snowden and those publishing revelations CAMERON, DAVID / GB / EU / NSA / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / GCHQ
20131016 British Prime Minister Endorses Parliamentary Investigation into Guardian for Publishing Snowden’s Leaks GUARDIAN / CAMERON, DAVID / FREEDOM OF PRESS
20131016 Snowden leaks: David Cameron urges committee to investigate Guardian - PM says leaks have damaged national security and suggests MPs could 'examine issue and make further recommendations' SNOWDEN, EDWARD / GUARDIAN / CAMERON, DAVID
20130911 David Cameron And 10 Dictators He Has 'Crawled Up To' CAMERON, DAVID
20130821 "Guardian"-Affäre um Snowden erreicht Cameron CAMERON, DAVID / GUARDIAN
20130821 Druck auf den "Guardian": Cameron soll Schikanen angeordnet haben CAMERON, DAVID / HEYWOOD, JEREMY / GUARDIAN
20130820 David Cameron told Cabinet Secretary to get Guardian to hand over Edward Snowden documents: PM instructed Sir Jeremy Heywood to request The Guardian hand over classified material CAMERON, DAVID / HEYWOOD, JEREMY / GUARDIAN
20130820 Cameron und der Geheimdienst-Skandal: Im Land der schwarzen Helikopter GB / GUARDIAN / GCHQ / CAMERON, DAVID / SURVEILLANCE / MIRANDA, DAVID / FREEDOM OF PRESS
20130810 Cameron wants internet ban on sexual propaganda – let’s boycott the UK! GB / CENSORSHIP / CAMERON, DAVID
20130624 Stephen Lawrence: Cameron deeply concerned by smear campaign claim - PM calls for investigation into claims undercover police officer was part of operation to smear family of murdered teenager LAWRENCE, STEPHEN / CAMERON, DAVID
20130205 Biden fordert von Cameron starke britische Rolle in EU - US-Vizepräsident will "weltoffene EU mit starkem Großbritannien im Mittelpunkt" GB / US / EU / BIDEN, JOE / CAMERON, DAVID
20130124 Cameron in Davos: "Großbritannien wird dem Euro nie beitreten" CAMERON, DAVID / EU / GB
20130123 Britisches EU-Referendum: Europäer lassen Cameron auflaufen CAMERON, DAVID / EU / GB


Date Source Title Tags
20121220 Two arrests as 'plebgate' investigation continues: David Cameron says treatment of Andrew Mitchell, who resigned as Tory chief whip in October, was disturbing METROPOLITAN POLICE SERVICE / MITCHELL, ANDREW / CAMERON, DAVID
02.09.2012 Scandal of Mubarak regime millions in UK: Investigation puts British government under spotlight for allowing members of former Egyptian dictatorship to retain assets in UK EG / GB / CH / HAGUE, WILLIAM / CAMERON, DAVID / PIETH, MARK / SLAUGHTER, ANDY
24.04.2012 James Murdoch and David Cameron discussed BSkyB bid at Brooks dinner MURDOCH, JAMES / CAMERON, DAVID / BROOKS, REBEKAH