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20211128 Guardian accused of sitting on bombshell story about Assange GUARDIAN / CIA / KIRCHGAESSNER, STEPHANIE / ASSANGE, JULIAN


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20191224 Guardian corrects article about Julian Assange embassy ‘escape plot’ to Russia...a year later ASSANGE, JULIAN / GUARDIAN / NARVAEZ, FIDEL
20190911 How the UK Security Services neutralised the country’s leading liberal newspaper GUARDIAN / GB
20190114 After Raising $50K, WikiLeaks To Sue The Guardian Over "Entirely Fabricated" Manafort Visitation Claim WIKILEAKS / GUARDIAN


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20181220 Glenn Greenwald on Sucker Journalists—and Why There’s No Silver Bullet Coming for Trump GREENWALD, GLENN / JOURNALISM / GUARDIAN / HARDING, LUKE
20181219 Guardian challenged over ‘fake’ Assange & Manafort story, as Luke Harding goes AWOL GUARDIAN / ASSANGE, JULIAN / MANAFORT, PAUL / HARDING, LUKE
20181207 Opinion: The Persecution of Julian Assange: WikiLeaks Editor Says Media Is Giving the U.S. Cover to Extradite Him ASSANGE, JULIAN / GUARDIAN
20181204 ‘Fake story:’ Ecuadorean diplomat blasts Guardian’s Assange-Manafort meeting report ASSANGE, JULIAN / NARVAEZ, FIDEL / EC / MANAFORT, PAUL / GUARDIAN
20181203 The Guardian’s Reputation In Tatters After Forger Revealed To Have Co-Authored Assange Smear GUARDIAN / HARDING, LUKE / COLLYNS, DAN / VILLAVICENCIO, FERNANDO / MANAFORT, PAUL / ASSANGE, JULIAN / EC
20181203 Top Ecuadorian Diplomat Destroys Guardian's Claim That Manafort Visited Assange ASSANGE, JULIAN / NARVAEZ, FIDEL / EC / MANAFORT, PAUL / GUARDIAN
20181203 Former diplomat challenges ‘fake’ Guardian claims about Julian Assange meeting Paul Manafort ASSANGE, JULIAN / NARVAEZ, FIDEL / EC / MANAFORT, PAUL / GUARDIAN
20181201 Never, Ever Forget The Guardian/Politico Psyop Against WikiLeaks GUARDIAN / HARDING, LUKE / MANAFORT, PAUL / ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS / PROPAGANDA
20181129 Russia again! Twitter mocks nameless CIA agent who blames Kremlin for dubious Manafort-Assange story FINLEY, ALEX / CIA / POLITICO / MANAFORT, PAUL / ASSANGE, JULIAN / GUARDIAN / HARDING, LUKE / COLLYNS, DAN
20181129 Did Someone Plant a Story Tying Paul Manafort to Julian Assange? FINLEY, ALEX / MANAFORT, PAUL / ASSANGE, JULIAN / GUARDIAN / HARDING, LUKE / COLLYNS, DAN
20181129 Manafort denies meeting Assange, as passports' stamps don't match accusations MANAFORT, PAUL / ASSANGE, JULIAN / GUARDIAN / HARDING, LUKE
20181127 Mutmaßliche Wahlkampfmanipulation Manafort dementiert Treffen mit Assange MANAFORT, PAUL / ASSANGE, JULIAN / GUARDIAN / HARDING, LUKE
20181127 It Is Possible Paul Manafort Visited Julian Assange. If True, There Should Be Ample Video and Other Evidence Showing This. ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS / GUARDIAN / HARDING, LUKE / MANAFORT, PAUL
20181127 The Guardian Caught Backpedaling On Assange-Manafort Story After WikiLeaks Denial ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS / GUARDIAN / HARDING, LUKE / MANAFORT, PAUL
20181127 Wikileaks betting ‘$1mn & editor’s head’ against Guardian claims that Manafort met Assange ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS / GUARDIAN / HARDING, LUKE / MANAFORT, PAUL


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20161230 Guardian engaged in ‘journalistic fraud’ in Assange interview rewrite – Greenwald ASSANGE, JULIAN / GUARDIAN / GREENWALD, GLENN


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20150213 Four candidates for Guardian editor to take part in staff hustings and ballot GUARDIAN
20150210 The Guardian Hires Chelsea Manning MANNING, CHELSEA / GUARDIAN


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20141206 Investigativkonferenz in London: Gegenmacht jetzt! GUARDIAN / POITRAS, LAURA
20141201 Laura Poitras on Snowden's Unrevealed Secrets POITRAS, LAURA / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / GUARDIAN
20140414 A Vindication for the Public: Guardian and Washington Post Win Pulitzer Prize (A statement from Edward Snowden) SNOWDEN, EDWARD / GUARDIAN / WASHINGTON POST
20140131 Revealed: the day Guardian destroyed Snowden hard drives under watchful eye of GCHQ – video GUARDIAN / GB / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / FREEDOM OF PRESS


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20131203 Only 1% of Snowden files published - Guardian editor RUSBRIDGER, ALAN / GUARDIAN / NSA / GCHQ / GB / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20131202 It's outrageous to accuse the Guardian of aiding terrorism by publishing Snowden's revelations: Alan Rusbridger is being grilled by MPs – but he has published nothing that could be a threat to national security FREEDOM OF PRESS / GUARDIAN / GB
20131109 Alan Rusbridger, Guardian Editor, Summoned To Parliament Over Snowden RUSBRIDGER, ALAN / GUARDIAN / GB / FREEDOM OF PRESS / MI5 / MI6 / GCHQ / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20131109 NSA-Affäre: "Guardian"-Chef Rusbridger muss vor Parlament aussagen RUSBRIDGER, ALAN / GUARDIAN / GB / FREEDOM OF PRESS / MI5 / MI6 / GCHQ
20131016 British Prime Minister Endorses Parliamentary Investigation into Guardian for Publishing Snowden’s Leaks GUARDIAN / CAMERON, DAVID / FREEDOM OF PRESS
20131016 Snowden leaks: David Cameron urges committee to investigate Guardian - PM says leaks have damaged national security and suggests MPs could 'examine issue and make further recommendations' SNOWDEN, EDWARD / GUARDIAN / CAMERON, DAVID
20131015 ggsidedoc Glenn Greenwald and the Guardian's statements GREENWALD, GLENN / GUARDIAN
20131015 Snowdens Partner: NSA-Reporter Greenwald verlässt den "Guardian" GREENWALD, GLENN / GUARDIAN / OMIDYAR, PIERRE
20131015 Glenn Greenwald announces departure from the Guardian - Journalist who broke stories about widespread NSA surveillance leaving to pursue 'once-in-a-career journalistic opportunity' GREENWALD, GLENN / GUARDIAN
20131014 Snowden leaks: MI5 chief accused of using 'foolish self-serving rhetoric' - Former DPP Lord Macdonald dismisses Andrew Parker's claim that greater scrutiny would harm intelligence agencies PARKER, ANDREW / MI5 / GUARDIAN / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20131012 Britischer Zeitungskrieg: Hetzjagd auf den "Guardian" GUARDIAN
20131010 'What the Guardian is doing is important for democracy' - On Thursday the Daily Mail described the Guardian as 'The paper that helps Britain's enemies'. We showed that article to many of the world's leading editors. This is what they said GUARDIAN
20131009 Snowden-Enthüllungen: Britischer Geheimdienstchef nennt Medien Terrorhelfer MI5 / PARKER, ANDREW / GUARDIAN / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20131008 Guardian has handed a gift to terrorists', warns MI5 chief: Left-wing paper's leaks caused 'greatest damage to western security in history' say Whitehall insiders DAILY MAIL / GUARDIAN / PARKER, ANDREW / MI5 / GREENWALD, GLENN / MIRANDA, DAVID / SMEAR / RUSBRIDGER, ALAN / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20131008 The Guardian has produced a 'handbook' that will help fanatics strike at will DAILY MAIL / GUARDIAN / ROBBINS, OLIVER / GREENWALD, GLENN / MIRANDA, DAVID / SMEAR / RUSBRIDGER, ALAN
20131007 ANNALS OF COMMUNICATIONSFREEDOM OF INFORMATIONA British newspaper wants to take its aggressive investigations global, but money is running out. GUARDIAN
20130916 Guardian Story on Israel and N.S.A. Is Not ‘Surprising’ Enough to Cover GUARDIAN / NEW YORK TIMES / NSA / US / IL
20130823 Snowden-Enthüllungen: "Guardian" holt "New York Times" ins Boot GUARDIAN / NEW YORK TIMES
20130823 New York Times And Guardian Will Publish More Snowden Revelations: “A climate of intense pressure.” GUARDIAN / NEW YORK TIMES / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20130823 Guardian partners with New York Times over Snowden GCHQ files - Some of Edward Snowden cache shared with US paper after 'climate of intense pressure' from UK government GUARDIAN / NEW YORK TIMES / GCHQ
20130823 Snowden 'not the source' of Middle East surveillance leak – Guardian SNOWDEN, EDWARD / GB / GCHQ / GREENWALD, GLENN / GUARDIAN / THE INDEPENDENT
20130821 "Guardian"-Chef Rusbridger: "Die Regierung wollte die Polizei zu uns schicken" RUSBRIDGER, ALAN / GUARDIAN
20130821 "Guardian"-Affäre um Snowden erreicht Cameron CAMERON, DAVID / GUARDIAN
20130821 Druck auf den "Guardian": Cameron soll Schikanen angeordnet haben CAMERON, DAVID / HEYWOOD, JEREMY / GUARDIAN
20130820 S.P.O.N. - Die Mensch-Maschine: Angriff auf die Meinungsfreiheit FREEDOM OF PRESS / GUARDIAN
20130820 Miranda’s detention: Intimidating journalists and their families new norm? MIRANDA, DAVID / JOURNALISM / RUSBRIDGER, ALAN / GUARDIAN
20130820 David Cameron told Cabinet Secretary to get Guardian to hand over Edward Snowden documents: PM instructed Sir Jeremy Heywood to request The Guardian hand over classified material CAMERON, DAVID / HEYWOOD, JEREMY / GUARDIAN
20130820 How the press reacted to Guardian editor's revelation about security pressure - Or should that be - how newspapers didn't react? GUARDIAN / FREEDOM OF PRESS / GCHQ / DAILY TELEGRAPH / THE TIMES / THE INDEPENDENT / DAILY MAIL / WASHINGTON POST / USA TODAY / NEW YORK TIMES / WALL STREET JOURNAL / LE MONDE / RUSSIA TODAY
20130820 Druck auf "Guardian" nach Snowden-Enthüllungen: Angriff auf die Aufklärer GUARDIAN / GB
20130820 Der „Guardian“: David gegen die Goliaths „News of the World“, NSA, Miranda, Besuch vom Geheimdienst: Wie der „Guardian“ zu einer Quelle von Auf- und Anregern wurde. GUARDIAN
20130820 Cameron und der Geheimdienst-Skandal: Im Land der schwarzen Helikopter GB / GUARDIAN / GCHQ / CAMERON, DAVID / SURVEILLANCE / MIRANDA, DAVID / FREEDOM OF PRESS
20130820 "Guardian" unter Druck der Geheimdienste: Schikane gegen die Enthüller FREEDOM OF PRESS / GCHQ / GUARDIAN / RUSBRIDGER, ALAN / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / GB
20130820 NSA files: why the Guardian in London destroyed hard drives of leaked files - A threat of legal action by the government that could have stopped reporting on the files leaked by Edward Snowden led to a symbolic act at the Guardian's offices in London GUARDIAN / FREEDOM OF PRESS / NSA / GCHQ / GB
20130819 Still wondering why we need a stateless media entity like WikiLeaks? This is why JOURNALISM / WIKILEAKS / GUARDIAN
20130819 David Miranda, schedule 7 and the danger that all reporters now face: As the events in a Heathrow transit lounge – and the Guardian offices – have shown, the threat to journalism is real and growing GUARDIAN / RUSBRIDGER, ALAN / FREEDOM OF PRESS / JOURNALISM / GCHQ / GB / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20130819 "Guardian"-Journalist Greenwald: Partner von Snowden-Vertrautem in London festgehalten GREENWALD, GLENN / MIRANDA, DAVID / LHR / GUARDIAN
20130707 The NSA's mass and indiscriminate spying on Brazilians - As it does in many non-adversarial countries, the surveillance agency is bulk collecting the communications of millions of citizens of Brazil NSA / BR / GUARDIAN
20130628 US army blocks access to Guardian website to preserve 'network hygiene' - Military admits to filtering reports and content relating to government surveillance programs for thousands of personnel GUARDIAN / US ARMY / CENSORSHIP / LEAKS
20130628 Zensur: US-Armee sperrt Zugang zu "Guardian"-Artikeln US / GUARDIAN / CENSORSHIP / US ARMY / LEAKS
20130628 US Army restricts access to Guardian website over secrets in NSA leak stories US / GUARDIAN / CENSORSHIP / US ARMY / LEAKS
20130428 "The Project" in Kazakhstan MURRAY, CRAIG / WIKILEAKS / KZ / ASSANGE, JULIAN / GUARDIAN
20130209 "GUARDIAN" - Genial, geliebt, gefährdet: Der Londoner "Guardian" gilt als eines der besten Nachrichtenmedien im Internet. Aber wenn nichts passiert, ist er bald pleite. Ein Lehrstück GUARDIAN


Date Source Title Tags
20110208 WikiLeaks-Berichterstattung: Russland weist britischen Journalisten aus - Russland hat einen Korrespondenten des britischen "Guardian" ausgewiesen. Der Zeitung zufolge wurde ihrem Russland-Experten Luke Harding die Einreise verboten, als er nach zwei Monaten wieder nach Moskau zurückkehren wollte. Er hatte von London aus über die WikiLeaks-Dokumente berichtet. WIKILEAKS / GB / RU / GUARDIAN / HARDING, LUKE
20110928 A Thought Police for the Internet Age: The Dangerous Cult of the Guardian GUARDIAN


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20130820 Alan Rusbridger: I would rather destroy the copied files than hand them back to the NSA and GCHQ - video GUARDIAN / RUSBRIDGER, ALAN