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20221125 Lebensbeichte der WikiLeaks-Informantin / Hätten Sie 35 Jahre im Gefängnis überlebt, Frau Manning? MANNING, CHELSEA


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20210903 All Communications Between Myself and Chelsea Manning Since 2016: to Debunk Her Innuendo GREENWALD, GLENN / MANNING, CHELSEA
20210902 Chelsea Manning Says She’s ‘Terrified’ of Former Pal Glenn Greenwald MANNING, CHELSEA / GREENWALD, GLENN


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20200312 Chelsea Manning RELEASED from jail after suicide attempt, still must pay $256k fine – judge MANNING, CHELSEA
20200312 Whistleblowerin Richter ordnet Haftentlassung von Chelsea Manning an MANNING, CHELSEA
20200312 Vor Gerichtsanhörung Chelsea Manning nach Suizidversuch in Klinik MANNING, CHELSEA / ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS
20200311 Chelsea Manning attempted suicide while in jail for refusing to testify against WikiLeaks – lawyers MANNING, CHELSEA
20200311 Chelsea Manning Attempted Suicide in Jail, Is Recovering, Lawyers Say MANNING, CHELSEA
20200225 ‘Lies, lies and more lies’: Lawyer slams day 2 of Julian Assange’s US extradition hearing, here is how it went down ASSANGE, JULIAN / LEWIS, JAMES / FITZGERALD, EDWARD / SUMMERS, MARK / MANNING, CHELSEA
20200219 Comes Now, Chelsea Manning, movant in the above-listed matter, and respectfully notices her Memorandum of Law .in Support of Motion to Release Witness and respectfully requests an in-court hearing as soon as practicable. MANNING, CHELSEA
20200202 US v. Assange – Manning charged docs compared to those cited in the Assange superseding indictment in re foreign intel sources & cooperative Afghani and Iraqis O'BRIEN, ALEXA / MANNING, CHELSEA / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20200129 “Assange, Snowden, Manning and Harrison are the resistance fighters of the 21st century” FREEDOM OF PRESS / ASSANGE, JULIAN / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / MANNING, CHELSEA / HARRISON, SARAH


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20190919 The Mysterious Death Of The Hacker Who Turned In Chelsea Manning LAMO, ADRIAN / MANNING, CHELSEA / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20190808 US-Whistleblowerin Chelsea Manning droht ein Strafgeld von bis zu 440.000 Dollar MANNING, CHELSEA
20190805 Chelsea will Remain Confined Another Year and will Face Ongoing Financial Hardship MANNING, CHELSEA
20190621 How Many Are Not Blowing The Whistle? MANNING, CHELSEA
20190620 Lawyers Say Chelsea Manning Lacks Financial Capacity to Pay Fines MANNING, CHELSEA
20190517 Chelsea Manning erneut in Beugehaft, um Aussage gegen Assange zu erzwingen MANNING, CHELSEA / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20190517 Nach einer Woche in Freiheit: Whistleblowerin Manning wieder in Haft MANNING, CHELSEA
20190516 ‘I'd rather starve to death’: Manning jailed again for refusing to testify against WikiLeaks MANNING, CHELSEA
20190510 Whistleblowerin Chelsea Manning nach 62 Tagen in Haft freigelassen MANNING, CHELSEA
20190510 Ex-WikiLeaks-Informantin Chelsea Manning aus Haft entlassen MANNING, CHELSEA
20190423 USA: Manning weiter in Beugehaft wegen Assange MANNING, CHELSEA / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20190422 Chelsea Manning to stay in jail after federal court rejects appeal MANNING, CHELSEA
20190402 Seit 25 Tagen in Haft Unterstützer sorgen sich um Chelsea Mannings Gesundheit MANNING, CHELSEA
20190308 Chelsea Manning Jailed For Refusing To Testify About Wikileaks MANNING, CHELSEA
20190308 US-Medienberichte Whistleblowerin Chelsea Manning in Beugehaft MANNING, CHELSEA
20190308 Chelsea Manning jailed for refusing to testify on WikiLeaks MANNING, CHELSEA / WIKILEAKS
20190308 Chelsea Manning jailed for refusing to testify on WikiLeaks MANNING, CHELSEA / WIKILEAKS
20190306 Russiagate Grand Wizard Deceives Audience About Assange MADDOW, RACHEL / ASSANGE, JULIAN / MANNING, CHELSEA
20190305 Legal Issues: Chelsea Manning fights subpoena in WikiLeaks probe MANNING, CHELSEA / ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS
20190303 Chelsea Manning ordered to testify before grand jury in Julian Assange investigation - Whistleblower’s lawyers file motion to quash summons which former Army private describes as 'predatory practice' MANNING, CHELSEA / KROMBERG, GORDON / ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS / HOUSE, DAVID / DOMSCHEIT-BERG, DANIEL
20190301 Chelsea Manning subpoenaed to testify before grand jury in Assange investigation MANNING, CHELSEA / KROMBERG, GORDON / ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS / HOUSE, DAVID / DOMSCHEIT-BERG, DANIEL
20190301 Legal: Chelsea Manning fights grand jury subpoena seen as linked to Assange MANNING, CHELSEA / ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS
20190301 WikiLeaks Veteran: I ‘Cooperated’ With Feds ‘in Exchange for Immunity’ - A grand jury probe that began nine years ago is ongoing. And one of Julian Assange’s old crew is now talking. “I’m on the street... not in an embassy,” he tells The Daily Beast. HOUSE, DAVID / MANNING, CHELSEA / ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS
20190228 Disclosing Subpoena for Testimony, Chelsea Manning Vows to Fight MANNING, CHELSEA / ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS


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20180506 Chelsea Manning "Ich wurde in einem Käfig in der Wüste gefangen gehalten" MANNING, CHELSEA
20180116 Kremlin plot? Russia critics ridiculed for claiming Moscow is behind Chelsea Manning’s Senate run MANNING, CHELSEA
20180113 WikiLeaks-Informantin Chelsea Manning will für US-Senat kandidieren MANNING, CHELSEA


Date Source Title Tags
20170621 WikiLeaks disclosures on Iraq, Afghanistan did not damage US – report MANNING, CHELSEA / WIKILEAKS / LEAKS
20170609 Erstes TV-Interview Chelsea Manning dankt Obama MANNING, CHELSEA
20170517 US-Whistleblowerin Chelsea Manning ist frei MANNING, CHELSEA
20170516 WikiLeaks releases video of Lady Gaga & Assange discussing ‘hero’ Manning LADY GAGA / WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN / MANNING, CHELSEA
20170510 WikiLeaks Whistleblowerin Manning freut sich auf Leben in Freiheit MANNING, CHELSEA
20170126 Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a weak leader. Terrible! TRUMP, DONALD / MANNING, CHELSEA
20170126 Compromise does not work with our political opponents. When will we learn? MANNING, CHELSEA
20170117 Chelsea Manning to Be Released Early as Obama Commutes Sentence MANNING, CHELSEA


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20161105 Chelsea Manning attempted suicide for second time since July – lawyer MANNING, CHELSEA
20160923 Chelsea Manning gets 14 days in solitary confinement for suicide attempt MANNING, CHELSEA
20160915 Take me instead: Wikileaks’ Assange asks Obama to pardon Manning MANNING, CHELSEA / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20160914 "WikiLeaks"-Informantin US-Militär erlaubt Manning Geschlechtsangleichungs-OP MANNING, CHELSEA
20160909 WikiLeaks Source Chelsea Manning Starts Hunger Strike MANNING, CHELSEA / US
20160811 Free Chelsea: 115k petition to drop suicide charges for whistleblower Manning MANNING, CHELSEA
20160802 Chelsea Manning: 'It is terrifying to face the government alone' MANNING, CHELSEA
20160729 Nach Suizidversuch: Chelsea Manning droht Isolationshaft MANNING, CHELSEA
20160728 Government Continues to Deny Manning Access to Health Care MANNING, CHELSEA
20160707 Manning 'rushed to hospital after trying to take own life' - Manning is serving a 35 year sentence in a miliary jail in Kansas MANNING, CHELSEA
20160525 xychelsea MANNING, CHELSEA
20160520 Whistleblowerin Chelsea Manning: "In hohem Maße ungerecht" MANNING, CHELSEA


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20150817 Manning barred from legal library before solitary confinement hearing MANNING, CHELSEA
20150813 Verstoß gegen Gefängnisregeln: Chelsea Manning droht Einzelhaft MANNING, CHELSEA
20150812 Chelsea Manning may face solitary confinement for having Jenner Vanity Fair issue MANNING, CHELSEA
20150210 The Guardian Hires Chelsea Manning MANNING, CHELSEA / GUARDIAN


Date Source Title Tags
20140916 Chelsea Manning on the Islamic State: 'ISIS cannot be defeated by bombs and bullets' MANNING, CHELSEA / ISIS
20140824 Chaos Computer Club unterstützt Chelsea Manning und Edward Snowden MANNING, CHELSEA / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / CCC
20140614 MANNING, CHELSEA/ The Fog Machine of War: The U.S. Military’s Campaign Against Media Freedom JOURNALISM / DISINFORMATION / EMBEDDED JOURNALISTS
20140423 Judge approves name change for Chelsea Manning MANNING, CHELSEA
20140116 Chelsea Manning awarded 2014 Sam Adams Prize for Integrity in Intelligence MANNING, CHELSEA
20140101 NSA stands for ‘No Such Amendment’: Intelligence agency violates US Constitution NSA / US / MCGOVERN, RAY / CIA / SWARTZ, AARON / MANNING, CHELSEA / SNOWDEN, EDWARD



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20131206 'Going to be one hell of a decade’ – Manning to Wikileaks in private online chat in 2010 MANNING, BRADLEY


Date Source Title Tags
20131009 Whistleblower Manning: "Ich bin keine Pazifistin" MANNING, BRADLEY


Date Source Title Tags
20130823 Ron Paul: Snowden, Manning 'should be treated as heroes' PAUL, RON / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / MANNING, BRADLEY
20130822 'I am Chelsea Manning,' says jailed soldier formerly known as Bradley - Manning says she plans to undergo hormone therapy as soon as possible and wishes to be referred to by female pronouns MANNING, BRADLEY / MANNING, CHELSEA
20130822 Bradley Manning: I want to live as a woman MANNING, BRADLEY / MANNING, CHELSEA
20130821 Manning 'ready to pay price for living in free society,' asks Obama for pardon MANNING, BRADLEY
20130821 Strafmaß für Bradley Manning: Amerikas Warnung an alle Whistleblower MANNING, BRADLEY / WHISTLEBLOWING
20130821 WikiLeaks: Manning's sentence a ‘tactical victory’ MANNING, BRADLEY / WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20130821 Manning sentencing: LIVE UPDATES MANNING, BRADLEY
20130821 US-Militärgericht: 35 Jahre Haft für WikiLeaks-Informant Bradley Manning MANNING, BRADLEY / US
20130819 WikiLeaks-Prozess: Anklage fordert mindestens 60 Jahre Haft für Manning MANNING, BRADLEY
20130819 Bradley Manning judge deliberates as experts predict 'double-digit' sentence - Manning unlikely to be given 90-year maximum, analysts say, but soldier can expect susbtantial prison term for leaking material MANNING, BRADLEY
20130817 Bradley Manning is a trans hero – I fear for him in prison - In my brief time in jail I found a way to express my femaleness, but Manning has a lifetime ahead of him locked in a cage MANNING, BRADLEY
20130816 Bradley Manning's leaks 'wanton and reckless', judge says - Colonel Denise Lind says 'Manning's conduct was of a heedless nature' as she prepares to deliberate on soldier's sentence MANNING, BRADLEY / LIND, DENISE
20130816 The ethical consistency of Bradley Manning's apology - Unlike the US government's vindictive behaviour, Pfc Manning's expressions of regret are of a piece with his moral earnestness MANNING, BRADLEY
20130814 Manning's court testimony: 'I believed I was going to help people, not hurt people' MANNING, BRADLEY
20130814 Pfc. Bradley Manning Unsworn Statement during Sentencing Trial MANNING, BRADLEY
20130814 Bradley Manning Pleads With Judge to Allow Him to ‘Return to Productive Place in Society’ MANNING, BRADLEY
20130814 Prozess vor Militärgericht: Wikileaks-Informant Manning entschuldigt sich erstmals MANNING, BRADLEY
20130812 A kinship with Bradley Manning - Democracy is doomed without informed citizens, says a son of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, who were executed by the U.S. for spying. MANNING, BRADLEY
20130803 STERLING, BRUCE/ The Ecuadorian Library - or, The Blast Shack After Three Years WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN / STALLMANN, RICHARD / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / MANNING, BRADLEY / NSA / US
20130802 Court Rulings Blur the Line Between a Spy and a Leaker WHISTLEBLOWING / MANNING, BRADLEY
20130801 Strafmaß für WikiLeaks-Informanten: Zeuge der Anklage entlastet Manning MANNING, BRADLEY


Date Source Title Tags
20200731 The U.S. Can't Connect a Single Death to Bradley Manning's Leaks MANNING, CHELSEA
20130731 WikiLeaks Party says Bradley Manning's fate is a warning to Julian Assange MANNING, BRADLEY / ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS PARTY
20130731 Manning’s conviction seen as making prosecution of WikiLeaks’ Assange likely MANNING, BRADLEY / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20130731 Bradley Manning leak did not result in deaths by enemy forces, court hears: Counter-intelligence officer who investigated WikiLeaks impact undermines argument that Manning leak put lives at risk MANNING, BRADLEY
20130731 Bradley Manning could still die in jail despite being found NOT GUILTY of being a traitor - as military judge rules army private is guilty of spying by passing 700,000 secret files to WikiLeaks MANNING, BRADLEY / WIKILEAKS
20130731 Nach Urteil gegen Manning: Assange wirft Obama Sicherheitsextremismus vor MANNING, BRADLEY / ASSANGE, JULIAN / OBAMA, BARACK / JOURNALISM
20130731 Bradley Manning lynched by the US government MANNING, BRADLEY
20130731 Wikileaks' Manning 'guilty of spying' MANNING, BRADLEY
20130730 7/30/13 Daniel Ellsberg MANNING, BRADLEY / ELLSBERG, DANIEL
20130730 Manning opened new era of optimism, leaving none for himself – WikiLeaks spokesman MANNING, BRADLEY / WIKILEAKS
20130730 Manning trial verdict: LIVE UPDATES MANNING, BRADLEY
20130730 WikiLeaks-Informant Bradley Manning: Keine Gnade für den Whistleblower MANNING, BRADLEY
20130730 Bradley Manning von schwerstem Vorwurf freigesprochen MANNING, BRADLEY
20130730 Senator proposes National Whistleblower Day on same date as Manning verdict MANNING, BRADLEY / WHISTLEBLOWING
20130730 Bradley Manning: the angry young man who turned whistleblower MANNING, BRADLEY
20130730 Bradley Manning family statement: 'Brad loved his country and was proud to wear its uniform' MANNING, BRADLEY
20130730 Bradley Manning verdict brings anger, disappointment – and relief MANNING, BRADLEY
20130730 Bradley Manning cleared of 'aiding the enemy' but guilty of most other charges MANNING, BRADLEY
20130730 WikiLeaks-Informant: US-Gericht verurteilt Bradley Manning wegen Spionage MANNING, BRADLEY
20130729 Manning verdict to be announced on Tuesday MANNING, BRADLEY
20130728 Manning trial: Judge rules WikiLeaks tweets relevant to ‘aiding the enemy’ charges MANNING, BRADLEY
20130727 Plädoyer im Manning-Prozess: Held oder Verräter MANNING, BRADLEY
20130726 Defense calls Manning whistleblower, not a traitor, in closing arguments MANNING, BRADLEY
20130726 Prozess gegen Bradley Manning: "Kein Whistleblower, sondern ein Verräter" MANNING, BRADLEY
20130725 Journalists at Bradley Manning trial report hostile conditions for press MANNING, BRADLEY
20130725 Judge refuses to acquit Manning on theft charges MANNING, BRADLEY
20130725 Closing Arguments in Bradley Manning’s Trial (Live Updates) MANNING, BRADLEY
20130725 ‘Aiding the Enemy’: The Unprecedented Prosecution of Bradley Manning MANNING, BRADLEY
20130725 Bradley Manning sought notoriety, argues prosecution in closing remarks: Military court hears closing arguments in case which sees Manning face 21 counts relating to leaking of 700,000 documents MANNING, BRADLEY
20130721 Bradley Manning 'Aiding the Enemy' Charge is a Threat to Journalism JOURNALISM / MANNING, BRADLEY
20130720 Bradley Manning Wins Peace Prize MANNING, BRADLEY
20130718 Judge won't dismiss serious charge in Manning case MANNING, BRADLEY
20130718 Judge refuses to drop charge of aiding the enemy against Manning MANNING, BRADLEY
20130718 WikiLeaks-Informant: Manning droht lebenslange Haft MANNING, BRADLEY
20130716 Tomgram: Engelhardt, Can Edward Snowden Be Deterred? SNOWDEN, EDWARD / WHISTLEBLOWING / US / MANNING, BRADLEY
20130712 Bradley Manning: US must drop “aiding the enemy” charge MANNING, BRADLEY / AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL


Date Source Title Tags
20130621 Unterstützung für Whistleblower: Wir sind alle Bradley Manning MANNING, BRADLEY / STONE, OLIVER / ELLSBERG, DANIEL / GYLLENHAAL, MAGGIE / BRAND, RUSSELL
20130619 Julian Assange Emerges As Central Figure In Bradley Manning Trial MANNING, BRADLEY / ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS
20130614 Kritik an US-Überwachung: Chinas Staatsmedien feiern Prism-Enthüller Snowden SNOWDEN, EDWARD / CN / MANNING, BRADLEY / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20130612 Edward Snowden and the selective targeting of leaks SNOWDEN, EDWARD / LEAKS / WHISTLEBLOWING / MANNING, BRADLEY / ELLSBERG, DANIEL
20130610 Whistleblower Snowden und Manning: Die neuen Weltverbesserer SNOWDEN, EDWARD / MANNING, BRADLEY / WHISTLEBLOWING
20130605 The Bradley Manning Enemy List MANNING, BRADLEY
20130604 WIKILEAKS-VERFAHREN: Ex-Hacker belastet Bradley Manning MANNING, BRADLEY
20130604 Prozess gegen Wikileaks-Informanten: Vereinigte Staaten gegen Bradley Manning MANNING, BRADLEY
20130604 WikiLeaks-Informant Manning: "Jung, naiv, gute Absichten" MANNING, BRADLEY
20130603 Prozess gegen WikiLeaks-Informant: Manning soll Leben von Soldaten gefährdet haben MANNING, BRADLEY
20130603 Prozess gegen WikiLeaks-Informant: Verratener Verräter MANNING, BRADLEY
20130603 Bradley Manning WikiLeaks trial 'dangerous' for civil liberties – experts: Soldier faces charge of 'aiding the enemy' by downloading and leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents MANNING, BRADLEY
20130602 Kundgebung für Wikileaks-Informant Bradley Manning MANNING, BRADLEY
20130601 Worldwide protests get under way on eve of Bradley Manning trial: LIVE UPDATES MANNING, BRADLEY
20130601 Obama’s War on Whistle Blowers: The Trial of Bradley Manning MANNING, BRADLEY / WHISTLEBLOWING


Date Source Title Tags
20130530 President Obama uses a sledgehammer against dissent: From Jeremy Hammond to Bradley Manning and the AP, Obama's 'assault on journalism' is a threat to our democracy JOURNALISM / OBAMA, BARACK / HOLDER, ERIC / HAMMOND, JEREMY / MANNING, BRADLEY / ASSOCIATED PRESS / NOOR-ELDEEN, NAMIR / CHMAGH, SAEED
20130529 Assange: U.S. Probe of WikiLeaks & "Show Trial" of Bradley Manning Aims to Scare Whistleblowers ASSANGE, JULIAN / MANNING, BRADLEY / CARR, BOB
20130522 Julian Assange Sues Military Over Bradley Manning Trial Secrecy ASSANGE, JULIAN / MANNING, BRADLEY
20130520 Manning’s alleged chat logs diff MANNING, BRADLEY / LAMO, ADRIAN / WIRED
20130517 So Who From State Will Testify Against Bradley Manning? A List. MANNING, BRADLEY / WIKILEAKS
20130516 WikiLeaks Grand Jury - List of every sealed 2703(d) order in Eastern District of VA May 2011 - Apr 2013 WIKILEAKS / APPELBAUM, JAKE / GONGGRIJP, ROP / JONSDOTTIR, BIRGITTA / MANNING, BRADLEY
20130516 Betrayed by the Human Rights Community: European Silence Over Bradley Manning MANNING, BRADLEY / AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL / EU / UN


Date Source Title Tags
20130429 US v. Manning - Overview on Osama bin Laden evidence and prosecution's move to close the Court for 28 classified witnesses MANNING, BRADLEY
20130426 WikiLeaks suspect won't be SF Pride parade marshal MANNING, BRADLEY
20130425 Pentagon Papers Attorney James Goodale of Washington Looks Back in New Book GOODALE, JAMES / WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN / MANNING, BRADLEY / PENTAGON PAPERS / OBAMA, BARACK
20130417 Press and Public Denied Access to Documents in Bradley Manning Case MANNING, BRADLEY / SECRECY
20130413 Ron Paul: Bradley Manning Promotes Peace More Than Obama - Manning is more deserving of Nobel Peace Prize, says former Texas congressman MANNING, BRADLEY / PAUL, RON
20130411 Navy SEAL Team 6 Member to Testify at Wikileaks Trial MANNING, BRADLEY / USNAVYSEALS
20130411 Wikileaks-Informant Bradley Manning: Gericht fordert Beweise für "Unterstützung des Feindes" MANNING, BRADLEY
20130410 Appellate Exhibit ? US v Pfc. Manning, Court Ruling and Order: Interplay Between MRE 505, RCM 806, and US v. Grunden, Specificity of Classified Info and John Doe MANNING, BRADLEY / [[
20130405 WikiLeaks activist in New York to protest US whistleblowers clampdown: Iceland MP Birgitta Jónsdóttir arrives in US for first time since WikiLeaks 'Collateral Murder' controversy three years ago WIKILEAKS / JONSDOTTIR, BIRGITTA / WHISTLEBLOWING / MANNING, BRADLEY


Date Source Title Tags
20130312 Finally: hear Bradley Manning in his own voice MANNING, BRADLEY
20130308 Galvanized by a Secret Trial - Is the Tide Turning in Favor of Bradley Manning? MANNING, BRADLEY
20130307 Ethel Rosenberg's orphaned son says, 'Scream bloody murder' for Bradley Manning - An 'Heir to an Execution' speaks out for Manning, 60 years after his parents' death at the hands of the state. MANNING, BRADLEY / ROSENBERG, ETHEL / MEEROPOL, ROBERT
20130306 From El Salvador to Iraq: Washington's man behind brutal police squads - In 2004, with the war in Iraq going from bad to worse, the US drafted in a veteran of Central America's dirty wars to help set up a new force to fight the insurgency. The result: secret detention centres, torture and a spiral into sectarian carnage TORTURE / SV / IQ / STEELE, JIM / BUCHANAN RENEWABLES / MANNING, BRADLEY / MANWARING, MAX / CASTILLO, CELERINO / PETRAEUS, DAVID / CHENEY, DICK / NORIEGA, MANUEL / PA / GREENTREE, TODD / RUMSFELD, DONALD / BUSH, GEORGE W / COFFMAN, JAMES / THABIT, ADNAN / AL SAMARI, MANTADHER / MAAS, PETER / MOSBACHER, ROBERT
20130302 ‘Manning is the purest form of whistleblower’ MANNING, BRADLEY / WHISTLEBLOWING / MACHON, ANNIE
20130301 US-Militärprozess: Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks-Informant aus Gewissensgründen - US-Soldat Manning sagt vor Gericht, warum er WikiLeaks informiert hat: Der "Blutrausch" im Irakkrieg habe ihn schockiert. Den Kampf gegen den Terror nennt er unmoralisch. MANNING, BRADLEY
20130301 Transparency: The Dangerous Logic of the Bradley Manning Case MANNING, BRADLEY / JOURNALISM
20130301 Government Argues Defense Shouldn’t Have Access to ‘DoD Operator’ on Bin Laden Raid Before Manning Trial MANNING, BRADLEY / US GOVERNMENT / FEIN, ASHDEN / BIN LADEN, OSAMA
20130301 Bradley Manning’s Statement, the Press and Whistleblowing MANNING, BRADLEY / WASHINGTON POST / NEW YORK TIMES
20130301 Bradley Manning prosecution to call full witness list despite guilty plea - Supporters argue that the soldier has done enough and that plans for full-blown prosecution is a blatantly political act MANNING, BRADLEY / ESPIONAGE ACT / BIN LADEN, OSAMA
20130301 Bradley Manning's personal statement to court martial: full text - In the absence of a full official copy of Manning's statement, journalists have had to rely on their own note-taking from court MANNING, BRADLEY / WHISTLEBLOWING / WIKILEAKS
20130301 WikiLeaks: Manning wanted to 'spark debate' on war MANNING, BRADLEY / WIKILEAKS


Date Source Title Tags
20130228 Transcript - US v Pfc. Manning, Article 39(a) Session, 2/28/13, Providence Inquiry for Formal Plea MANNING, BRADLEY
20130228 Pfc. Bradley E. Manning's Statement for the Providence Inquiry MANNING, BRADLEY / WHISTLEBLOWING / WIKILEAKS
20130228 Bradley Manning pleads guilty to misusing classified data in WikiLeaks case MANNING, BRADLEY
20130228 Bradley Manning: the face of heroism - The 25-year-old Army Private, this generation's Daniel Ellsberg, pleads guilty today to some charges and explains his actions MANNING, BRADLEY / WHISTLEBLOWING
20130228 Bradley Manning gives evidence to court martial: 10 things to look out for - In only the second time he's spoken publicly since his 2010 arrest, what he says about how he came to transmit information to WikiLeaks, and why, could be of great significance MANNING, BRADLEY
20130228 Manning says he first tried to leak to Washington Post and New York Times - Soldier reads 35-page personal statement revealing how he came to leak information to WikiLeaks after failing elsewhere MANNING, BRADLEY / WASHINGTON POST / NEW YORK TIMES
20130228 Manning plea statement: Americans had a right to know 'true cost of war' - After admitting guilt in 10 of 22 charges, soldier reveals how he came to share classified documents with WikiLeaks and talks of 'bloodlust' of US helicopter crew MANNING, BRADLEY / WIKILEAKS
20130228 WikiLeaks-Informant: Manning gesteht Weitergabe geheimer Daten MANNING, BRADLEY / WIKILEAKS
20130228 Angeblicher WikiLeaks-Informant: US-Armee gibt Manning-Dokumente frei MANNING, BRADLEY / WIKILEAKS
20130227 Bradley Manning trial: US government to call 141 witnesses for prosecution - Sensitive witnesses to testify behind closed doors about harm to US from WikiLeaks as Manning denied right to present evidence that the US government is guilty of excessive secrecy MANNING, BRADLEY / USG / WIKILEAKS / FEIN, ASHDEN / LIND, DENISE
20130227 US Army Makes Bradley Manning Court Martial Bit Less Secretive to Avert First Amendment Ruling MANNING, BRADLEY / FOIA
20130227 Manning Tries to Keep Courtroom Door Open MANNING, BRADLEY
20130222 Bradley Manning: 1,000 days in detention and secrecy still reigns: The WikiLeaks suspect's prosecution has been conducted with a complete absence of transparency – with worrying implications MANNING, BRADLEY
20130201 Bradley Manning is nominated for a 2013 Nobel Peace Prize MANNING, BRADLEY


Date Source Title Tags
20130118 Was Aaron Swartz’ Effort to FOIA Bradley Manning’s Treatment Why DOJ Treated Him So Harshly? SWARTZ, AARON / MANNING, BRADLEY
20130110 Why are Bob Woodward's WH sources - or Woodward himself - not on trial next to Bradley Manning? The extremist prosecution of Manning, accused of 'aiding and abetting al-Qaida', poses a real threat to US press freedom MANNING, BRADLEY / WOODWARD, BOB
20130109 New Evidence Expected in WikiLeaks Case MANNING, BRADLEY
20130109 Voruntersuchung gegen Bradley Manning beendet MANNING, BRADLEY
20130109 Even a military judge recognizes what many progressives denied: Bradley Manning was mistreated: The ruling is but the latest repudiation of claims from Obama supporters that Manning was treated fairly and justly MANNING, BRADLEY
20130109 Bradley Manning trial delayed until June after sentence reduction granted: Judge reschedules former US soldier's trial to give more time for review of classified information related to WikiLeaks case MANNING, BRADLEY
20130103 Adrian Lamo on Bradley Manning: 'I knew my actions might cost him his life': More than two years after Manning's arrest, the man who gave him up talks to Ed Pilkington about how he made the decision LAMO, ADRIAN / MANNING, BRADLEY


Date Source Title Tags
20121205 Bradley Manning Gets No Love From The New York Times MANNING, BRADLEY / NEW YORK TIMES
20121130 Manning takes the stand MANNING, BRADLEY
20121130 Angeblicher WikiLeaks-Informant: "Ich fühlte mich wie ein Tier im Käfig" MANNING, BRADLEY
20121129 WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning gives evidence for first time: Manning takes stand at pre-trial hearing and speaks at length about his treatment by the military following his arrest in 2010 MANNING, BRADLEY
20121128 Court hears of Bradley Manning's treatment in custody - WikiLeaks suspect kept on extreme suicide-prevention measures because of 'erratic dancing and playing peek-a-boo' MANNING, BRADLEY / CHOIKE, DANIEL / FLYNN, GEORGE
20121119 Bradley Manning: Bradley Manning accepts responsibility MANNING, BRADLEY
20121107 Bradley Manning’s Speedy Trial Motion Hearing (Day 1): Bradley Manning Indicates He Would Accept Responsibility for Transferring Information to WikiLeaks MANNING, BRADLEY
29.08.2012 U.S. military says WikiLeaks suspect broke rules before MANNING, BRADLEY
29.08.2012 afp US 'withheld' emails on WikiLeaks suspect: defense MANNING, BRADLEY
18.07.2012 afp Obama, Clinton 'prejudiced' WikiLeaks suspect's case MANNING, BRADLEY / OBAMA, BARACK / CLINTON, HILLARY
17.07.2012 Manning Defense: Govt Also Tried to Prevent NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake from Discussing Harm MANNING, BRADLEY / DRAKE, THOMAS
17.07.2012 2012-07-17 US V Pfc. Manning Live update from Burger King parking lot at Fort Meade, MD MANNING, BRADLEY
13.07.2012 Record of proceedings: As recorded by David House - Grand Jury, Alexandria VA 15 June 2011, 4:10pm to 5pm HOUSE, DAVID / MANNING, BRADLEY / WIKILEAKS
12.07.2012 Manning’s lawyer: WikiLeaks whistleblower treated worse than a terrorist MANNING, BRADLEY
26.06.2012 Manning judge orders prosecutors to explain alleged evidence cover-up MANNING, BRADLEY
26.06.2012 Military District of Washington - US v PFC Manning, Journalist threatened to have credentials pulled and arrested for critical coverage of MDW and Government. MANNING, BRADLEY
26.06.2012 afp WikiLeaks suspect wins battle over US documents WIKILEAKS / MANNING, BRADLEY
22.06.2012 Bradley Manning’s Defense Moves to Temporarily Suspend Court Martial MANNING, BRADLEY
29.05.2012 Update 5/29/12: Army continues withholding evidence, military continues restricting access MANNING, BRADLEY
19.05.2012 Folge 91: Bradley Manning MANNING, BRADLEY
24.04.2012 Bradley Manning trial: US government ordered to release WikiLeaks damage assessments - The US government has been ordered to release its assessments on how much damage WikiLeaks' publication of secret files caused to US interests, after lawyers for Pfc Bradley Manning argued they were essential to his defence. MANNING, BRADLEY / WIKILEAKS
15.03.2012 Bradley Manning Hearing March 15, 2012 Photos MANNING, BRADLEY
15.03.2012 Blocking WikiLeaks emails trips up Bradley Manning prosecution MANNING, BRADLEY/WIKILEAKS
12.03.2012 Bradley Manning's treatment was cruel and inhuman, UN torture chief rules: UN special rapporteur on torture's findings likely to reignite criticism of US government's treatment of WikiLeaks suspect MANNING, BRADLEY / US / TORTURE
23.02.2012 Angeblicher WikiLeaks-Informant: Bradley Manning droht lebenslänglich MANNING, BRADLEY
03.02.2012 Accused WikiLeaker Manning sent to court-martial: Former Potomac resident appeared at Fort Meade in December MANNING, BRADLEY / WIKILEAKS
31.01.2012 Adrian Lamo Comments on NSA LAMO, ADRIAN / MANNING, BRADLEY / NSA


Date Source Title Tags
26.12.2011 Oltman in secret highlevel Quantico meeting re Manning's illegal pretrial confinement MANNING, BRADLEY
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20.12.2011 Manning-Prozess: Neue Spuren führen zu WikiLeaks-Gründer Assange MANNING, BRADLEY ASSANGE, JULIAN
18.12.2011 Angeblicher WikiLeaks-Informant: Manning besaß Kopien belastender Chat-Logs MANNING, BRADLEY
20110304 Bradley Manning: charge sheet: Read the additional military charges brought against the US soldier as part of his ongoing court martial proces MANNING, BRADLEY


Date Source Title Tags
29.12.2010 Wired’s refusal to release or comment on the Manning chat logs MANNING, BRADLEY WIRED
01.12.2010 US embassy cables culprit should be executed, says Mike Huckabee - Republican presidential hopeful wants the person responsible for the WikiLeaks cables to face capital punishment for treason ASSANGE, JULIAN / HUCKABEE, MIKE / PALIN, SARAH / MCFARLAND, KATHLEEN / MANNING, BRADLEY
01.08.2010 FBI question WikiLeaks mother at Welsh home: Agents interrogate 'distressed' woman, then search her son's bedroom MANNING, BRADLEY
20100610 ‘I Can’t Believe What I’m Confessing to You’: The Wikileaks Chats LAMO, ADRIAN / MANNING, BRADLEY


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Date Source Title Tags
20130731 Bradley Manning Verdict - The Colbert Report 2013 31 07 MANNING, BRADLEY
20130408 Birgitta Jonsdottir: All Need To Raise Awareness About Bradley Manning JONSDOTTIR, BIRGITTA / MANNING, BRADLEY