Date Source Title Tags
20181018 shadowproof.com Whistleblower Who Challenged FBI’s Profiling And Informant Recruitment Practices Is Sentenced To Four Years In Prison ALBURY, TERRY / FBI / LEAKS / WHISTLEBLOWING
20180804 reuters.com Trump administration goes on attack against leakers, journalists US / SESSIONS, JEFF / JOURNALISM / LEAKS
20180529 cpj.org By suing WikiLeaks, DNC could endanger principles of press freedom DNC / ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS / LEAKS / FREEDOM OF PRESS
20180512 nytimes.com When Spies Hack Journalism WIKILEAKS / LEAKS / JOURNALISM
20180217 zerohedge.com CIA Argues The Public Can't See Classified Information It Has Already Leaked To Favored Reporters LEAKS / CIA
201801 meaa.org Stop criminalising journalism: Petition to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Attorney-General Christian Porter AU / FREEDOM OF PRESS / LEAKS
20180110 zerohedge.com Second Developer Of WikiLeaks-Inspired "SecureDrop" Commits Suicide At 36 SECUREDROP / LEAKS / DOLAN, JAMES


Date Source Title Tags
20170917 zerohedge.com Ex-CIA Head Proposed Law That Would Make Reading Leaked Material A Crime CASEY, WILLIAM / CIA / LEAKS
20170727 spiegel.de Holocaust Der Whistleblower gegen die Nazis HOLOCAUST / LEAKS / WHISTLEBLOWING
20170621 rt.com WikiLeaks disclosures on Iraq, Afghanistan did not damage US – report MANNING, CHELSEA / WIKILEAKS / LEAKS
20170601 rt.com No trace of Russian hacking in Macron election campaign attack – French cyber defense chief MACRON, EMMANUEL / FR / LEAKS / POUPARD, GUILLAUME / ANSSI
20170601 ap.com AP Interview: France warns of risk of war in cyberspace MACRON, EMMANUEL / FR / LEAKS / POUPARD, GUILLAUME
20170528 spiegel.de Gefälschte Leaks So funktioniert digitale Desinformation DISINFORMATION / LEAKS
20170525 citizenlab.org Tainted Leaks: Disinformation and Phishing With a Russian Nexus LEAKS / DISINFORMATION / SATTER, DAVID / RU


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Date Source Title Tags
20150627 rt.com New NSA whistleblower suspected behind French president surveillance leak LEAKS / NSA
20150624 reuters.com U.S., European authorities investigate possible new leaker: sources LEAKS / US / WIKILEAKS / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / ASSANGE, JULIAN


Date Source Title Tags
20141201 politico.com Secret showdown in CIA leak case LEAKS / CIA / STERLING, JEFFREY
20141129 spiegel.de Geheimnisverrat: Geplante Anzeige gegen Whistleblower empört Abgeordnete DE PUA NSA / DE / LEAKS
20141129 spiegel.de Mutmaßliche Whistleblower: Regierung plant Strafanzeige gegen unbekannt DE PUA NSA / DE / LEAKS
20141028 spiegel.de Datenleck im Regierungsapparat: US-Behörden identifizieren offenbar zweiten Whistleblower LEAKS / FBI
20141023 truth-out.org IRS Whistleblowers: Agency Executives Behind Multibillion-Dollar Corporate Tax Giveaways IRS / WHISTLEBLOWING / LEAKS
20140806 spiegel.de Neue Enthüllungen: US-Geheimdienste suchen nach zweitem Snowden LEAKS
20140508 nytimes.com POLITICS: Intelligence Policy Bans Citation of Leaked Material LEAKS / SECRECY / FREEDOM OF SPEECH / CENSORSHIP / US
20140327 spiegel.de Neue Video-Leaks: Erdogan lässt YouTube sperren TR / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / LEAKS / SY / YOUTUBE / CENSORSHIP
20140305 rt.com Anti-leaks legislation coming within weeks, says NSA chief ALEXANDER, KEITH / LEAKS / FREEDOM OF PRESS / US
20140304 theguardian.com NSA chief criticises media and suggests UK was right to detain David Miranda - Keith Alexander says revelations have caused ‘grave damage’ and claims officials are making ‘headway’ on ‘media leaks’ ALEXANDER, KEITH / LEAKS / FREEDOM OF PRESS / US / MIRANDA, DAVID / GB


Date Source Title Tags
20131207 washingtonpost.com NSA morale down after Edward Snowden revelations, former U.S. officials say NSA / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / LEAKS
20131109 SULLIVAN, MARGARET/nytimes.com Lessons in a Surveillance Drama Redux NEW YORK TIMES / US / FREEDOM OF PRESS / LEAKS / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20131106 rt.com MafiaLeaks challenges organized crime in Italy LEAKS / IT / ORGANIZED CRIME
20131019 rt.com NSA failed to install anti-leak software at Snowden’s workplace - report NSA / LEAKS / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20131016 economist.com Banks and tax evasion: The fall-out from Falciani HSBC / LEAKS / FALCIANI, HERVE / CH / FR / TAXFRAUD
20130904 deathandtaxesmag.com Barrett Brown gag order would silence the truth about spy-industrial complex BROWN, BARRETT / US / LEAKS
20130904 theguardian.com US stops jailed activist Barrett Brown from discussing leaks prosecution BROWN, BARRETT / US / LEAKS
20130821 rt.com US still scrambling to determine scope of what Snowden accessed - report NSA / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / LEAKS
20130808 huffingtonpost.com NSA Chief: Solution To Stopping The Next Snowden Is Replacing His Former Job With A Machine NSA / LEAKS / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / ALEXANDER, KEITH
20130721 informationclearinghouse.info Journalist James Risen Ordered to Testify in CIA Leaker Trial RISEN, JAMES / JOURNALISM / US / LEAKS / WHISTLEBLOWING
20130719 guardian.co.uk Journalist James Risen ordered to testify in CIA leaker trial: Appeals court rules that reporters have no first amendment protection that would safeguard confidentiality of their sources RISEN, JAMES / JOURNALISM / US / LEAKS / WHISTLEBLOWING
20130702 gawker.com The Washington Post Is a Bitter, Jealous Little Newspaper WASHINGTON POST / LEAKS / JOURNALISM / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20130630 abcnews.go.com Julian Assange: ‘No Stopping’ Release of Additional NSA Secrets SNOWDEN, EDWARD / ASSANGE, JULIAN / NSA / LEAKS
20130629 guardian.co.uk Edward Snowden has not weakened president, says Susan Rice - New US national security adviser says diplomatic consequences of NSA leaks are not that significant SNOWDEN, EDWARD / LEAKS / RICE, SUSANNE / US
20130628 guardian.co.uk US army blocks access to Guardian website to preserve 'network hygiene' - Military admits to filtering reports and content relating to government surveillance programs for thousands of personnel GUARDIAN / US ARMY / CENSORSHIP / LEAKS
20130628 spiegel.de Zensur: US-Armee sperrt Zugang zu "Guardian"-Artikeln US / GUARDIAN / CENSORSHIP / US ARMY / LEAKS
20130628 rt.com US Army restricts access to Guardian website over secrets in NSA leak stories US / GUARDIAN / CENSORSHIP / US ARMY / LEAKS
20130626 guardian.co.uk Whistleblowers will continue to leak state secrets, warns AP chief - President of global news agency says Obama administration cannot control flow of leaks in wake of Edward Snowden case ASSOCIATED PRESS / WHISTLEBLOWING / LEAKS / FREEDOM OF PRESS / US
20130623 abcnews.go.com NSA Chief Keith Alexander: ‘System Did Not Work As It Should Have’ to Prevent Snowden Document Leaks NSA / ALEXANDER, KEITH / LEAKS
20130622 blogspot.se This really is Big Brother: the leak nobody's noticed OBAMA, BARACK / SECRECY / LEAKS
20130621 nytimes.com Secrets, Non-Secrets and Leaks SECRECY / LEAKS / NSA
20130620 mcclatchydc.com Obama’s crackdown views leaks as aiding enemies of U.S. LEAKS / SECRECY / OBAMA, BARACK
20130619 guardian.co.uk NSA Prism program a game changer on web privacy, says Sir Martin Sorrell - WPP chief says internet companies have to take responsibility for the editorial content appearing on their sites NSA / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / LEAKS / SORRELL, MARTIN / WESTWOOD, VIVIENNE
20130617 latimes.com Journalistic impartiality tested in NSA leak story NSA / LEAKS / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / GREENWALD, GLENN / POITRAS, LAURA / GELLMAN, BARTON
20130612 blogs.reuters.com Edward Snowden and the selective targeting of leaks SNOWDEN, EDWARD / LEAKS / WHISTLEBLOWING / MANNING, BRADLEY / ELLSBERG, DANIEL
20060522 washingtonpost.com Prosecution of Journalists Is Possible in NSA Leaks NSA / LEAKS / WHISTLEBLOWING / JOURNALISM
20130405 spiegel.de Reaktionen auf Offshore-Leaks: Staatssekretär fordert deutsches FBI gegen Steuersünder LEAKS / TAXFRAUD / DE / KAMPETER, STEFFEN
20130405 spiegel.de Kauf über Steueroasen: Wie Mega-Reiche mit alten Meistern handeln LEAKS / TAXFRAUD / ART
20130405 spiegel.de Offshore-Enthüllungen in Russland: Putins Vizepremier in dubiose Geschäfte verwickelt SCHUWALOW, IGOR / LEAKS
20130404 n-tv.de Minister: "Ohne Lecks geht es nicht"Offshore-Leaks ist "vorbildlich" OFFSHORE-LEAKS / LEAKS / DOMSCHEIT-BERG, DANIEL / WALTER-BORJANS, NORBERT / ICIJ / STRACK, GUIDO / AUGIER, JEAN-JACQUES
20130404 spiegel.de Enthüllungsjournalismus: Geheimsache Offshore-Leaks LEAKS
20130404 spiegel.de Offshore-Leaks: Gigantisches Netzwerk der Steuerhinterzieher enthüllt LEAKS / TAXFRAUD / ICIJ
20130127 spiegel.de Stuxnet-Untersuchungen: FBI eröffnet Jagd auf Geheimnisverräter: Die USA starten eine Offensive gegen Whistleblower. Das FBI fahndet laut "Washington Post" verstärkt nach Geheimnisverrätern in Behörden. Auslöser sind Veröffentlichungen über eine mögliche US-Beteiligung am Cyberkrieg gegen iranische Atomanlagen. STUXNET / FBI / WHISTLEBLOWING / LEAKS / PETRAEUS, DAVID / KIRIAKOU, JOHN / HOLDER, ERIC H.
20130126 washingtonpost.com FBI is increasing pressure on suspects in Stuxnet inquiry STUXNET / FBI / WHISTLEBLOWING / LEAKS / PETRAEUS, DAVID / KIRIAKOU, JOHN / HOLDER, ERIC H. / ROSENSTEIN, ROD J. / MACHEN, RONALD C. JR.


Date Source Title Tags
20121222 spiegel.de "Vatileaks"-Affäre: Papst begnadigt früheren Kammerdiener VA / LEAKS
20121214 br.de Steuersünder-Daten: Pleiten, CDs und Pannen - Rund eine Million Euro hat Bayern für Daten von mutmaßlichen Steuersündern bezahlt. Doch waren die Daten ihr Geld wirklich wert? Nach BR-Recherchen kam es in Bayern zu mindestens einer falschen Hausdurchsuchung. LEAKS
20121110 spiegel.de Katholische Kirche: Informatiker in "Vatileaks"-Affäre verurteilt VA / LEAKS
02.10.2012 spiegel.de "Vatileaks"-Prozess: Ex-Papstdiener Gabriele gesteht vor Gericht VA / LEAKS
02.10.2012 spiegel.de "Vatileaks"-Prozess: Agent des Heiligen Geistes VA / LEAKS
29.09.2012 spiegel.de "Vatileaks"-Prozess: Ex-Papstdiener soll am Dienstag aussagen VA / LEAKS
02.09.2012 spiegel.de Flucht vor dem Fiskus: Justizministerin verteidigt Bestrafung von Steuer-CD-Käufen TAXFRAUD / LEAKS / LEUTHEUSSER-SCHNARRENBERGER, SABINE
01.09.2012 spiegel.de Streit mit der Schweiz: Justizministerin will Ankauf von Steuer-CDs unter Strafe stellen TAXFRAUD / LEAKS / LEUTHEUSSER-SCHNARRENBERGER, SABINE / CH / DE
17.08.2012 taz.de WEGEN KAUF NEUER STEUER-CD: Piraten zeigen NRW-Finanzminister an - Der Kauf von Daten über Steuerkriminelle könnte vor Gericht landen. Vier Mitglieder der Piraten in Nordrhein-Westfalen haben Strafanzeige gegen den Finanzminister von NRW gestellt. LEAKS / PIRATENPARTEI / WALTER-BORJANS, WALTER
10.08.2012 spiegel.de Kampf gegen Hinterzieher: Auch Hamburg will Steuer-CDs kaufen LEAKS
12.07.2012 dissenter.firedoglake.com The Institutional & Political Suppression of the Free Flow of Information LEAKS FREE FLOW OF INFORMATION
05.07.2012 cryptome.org Data Leak Prevention (DLP) - Allure Leaktraps ALLURE LEAKS
26.06.2012 fas.org Criminal Prohibitions on the Publication of Classified Defense Information LEAKS SECRECY
25.06.2012 buzzfeed.com White House Warned Not To Delete “Leak” Emails The investigations heat up, and the staff is warned. No shredding allow OBAMA, BARACK LEAKS
08.06.2012 foreignpolicy.com Good Leak, Bad Leak: A look at the Obama administration's hot-and-cold approach to secrets OBAMA, BARACK LEAKS SECRECY


Date Source Title Tags
07.10.2011 whitehouse.gov Fact Sheet: Safeguarding the U.S. Government's Classified Information and Networks LEAKS WIKILEAKS


Date Source Title Tags
20020728 rense.com Bush Would Send SWAT Teams To Journalists' Homes - CIA Expert - Leaks of Classified Information Must Stop LEAKS / CIA / BRUCE, JAMES B.



Author Publisher Year ISBN Tags
ROSENZWEIG, PAUL Whistleblowers, Leaks, and the Media: The First Amendment and National Security 2015 978-1627228251 LEAKS