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20220925 Menschen verlassen Russland Mehr Ausreisen nach Finnland, kilometerlange Staus Richtung Georgien / Die Flucht vor der russischen Teilmobilmachung hält offenbar an: Der finnische Grenzschutz berichtet von Tausenden zusätzlichen Reisenden. Vor dem Grenzübergang nach Georgien bilden sich lange Schlangen. RU


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20220821 Moscow car bombing victim officially identified / Experts are examining the type of explosive used in the bombing, the Investigative Committee says DUGIN, ALEKSANDR / PLATONOVA, DARYA / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20220628 Russia warns West of consequences of arming Ukraine / “Pumping up” Ukraine with weapons will make Russian forces “perform more missions on the ground,” Moscow has said RU
20220622 Brand in russischer Raffinerie – Gouverneur spricht von möglichem Drohnenangriff UA / RU / NOVOSHAKHTINSK
20220622 Retired Russian colonel who used to carry Putin's nuclear suitcase shot inside his home RU


Date Source Title Tags
20220519 Russia Expels 85 More European Diplomats In Retaliatory "Hostile Act" RU
20220516 Wegen des Ukrainekriegs: McDonald's gibt Russlandgeschäft auf MCDONALDS / RU
20220509 Krieg in Osteuropa – Tag 75 Protz in Moskau, Selenskyj allein in Kiew und Großbritanniens / Verteidigungsminister glaubt an ukrainischen Sieg UA / RU
20220509 Putin wirft Westen vor, Invasion Russlands vorbereitet zu haben UA / RU
20220507 »Washington koordiniert Operationen« Duma-Sprecher Wolodin wirft USA direkte Beteiligung an Kriegshandlungen vor RU-US / US-RU / RU / US
20220505 Russia: NATO Not Taking Nuclear Threat Seriously RU / US / NATO / UA
20220503 What Putin's General Was Doing in Ukraine, According to Top Secret Report RU / UA / NATO
20220503 Pentagon, US companies involved in Ukraine military biolabs – Russia’s top investigator / Alexander Bastrykin told RT about the case launched over the alleged development of biological weapons RU


Date Source Title Tags
20220428 Biden wants new powers to seize Russian assets[ US / RU
20220426 Russland droht mit Intervention in Transnistrien - Nach angeblichen Anschlägen in der abtrünnigen Region der Republik Moldau droht Russland indirekt mit einem militärischen Eingriff. MD / UA / RU
20220426 Uno-Generalsekretär in Russland Guterres bietet in Moskau Hilfe für Mariupol an GUTERRES, ANTONIO / UN / RU / LAVROV, SERGEY
20220421 Russia's Largest Chemical Plant Engulfed In Flames Hours After Mystery Fire At Military Research Facility TVER / DMITRIEVSKY CHEMICAL PLANT / RU
20220413 Russia can redirect energy exports away from West – Putin / Moscow to secure new foreign consumers for its crude amid Western threats to curb energy purchases RU / GAS / OIL
20220404 Which Nations Are On Russia's "Unfriendly" List? RU
20220404 Einschätzung des BND In Russland werden offenbar Smartphones knapp BND / RU
20220402 UK won’t get Russian gas – Moscow / Moscow justified the move citing London's sanctions pressure on Moscow SANCTIONS / RU / GB


Date Source Title Tags
20220330 Russland stellt Gaszahlung nicht sofort auf Rubel um / Moskau wird nicht sofort verlangen, dass seine Gasexporte in Rubel bezahlt werden. Vielmehr gebe es eine allmähliche Umstellung, heißt es aus dem Kreml. Doch die Ankündigung wurde mit einer Drohung verbunden. RU / GAS
20220330 ‘New world financial order’ is coming – Moscow / The US and EU have “tarnished their reputation” by freezing Russia’s central bank reserves, ex-President Dmitry Medvedev has said RU
20220328 Reaktionen auf Sanktionen Russland plant Einreisebeschränkungen für Bürgerinnen und Bürger »unfreundlicher« Staaten RU
20220317 Putin’s War on Intellectual Property Has Only Just Begun INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY / RU
20220317 What is Russia’s sanctions survival plan? Moscow takes steps to stabilize domestic economy RU
20220316 Protest gegen Krieg im Live-TV »Jeder, ohne Ausnahme, weiß, dass sie lügen« RU
20220316 Internationaler Gerichtshof Höchstes Uno-Gericht ordnet Stopp des Kriegs in der Ukraine an UN / INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE / RU / UA
20220316 Rechtsexperte zum Ukrainekrieg »Russland hat sich aus dem Kreis der zivilisierten Staaten verabschiedet« INTERNATIONAL LAW / RU / UA
20220315 Neue Sanktionen Russische Firmen werden jetzt auch von Ratingtestaten ausgeschlossen SANCTIONS / RU
20220314 Russian pianist chained himself to McDonald’s - The sturdy body-positivity activist handcuffed himself to the doors of a restaurant as the fast-food chain leaves Russia RU / MCDONALDS
20220314 Russia issues strong warning to leaving firms / Businesses may be subject to bankruptcy within six months, finance ministry says RU
20220314 Russia could ban wheat, rye, barley and corn exports from March 15 to June 30 - AgMin RU
20220313 Oppositionelle verlassen Russland Sie wissen, dass sie verflucht werden RU
20220310 EU has exhausted all financial sanctions on Russia – bloc’s top diplomat / Josep Borrell says Brussels has hit the wall in terms of what else can be done to harm the country’s economy EU / SANCTIONS / RU
20220309 Drohende Finanzkrise durch Ukrainekrieg Ratingagentur stuft Russland weiter herab, Zahlungsausfall droht unmittelbar RU / RUB
20220306 Proteste gegen den Krieg Russische Menschenrechtsaktivistin Swetlana Gannuschkina verhaftet GANNUSHKINA, SVETLANA / RU
20220306 Russian banks switch to Chinese UnionPay - Move supposed to soften effect on Russian card holders due to Visa and MasterCard withdrawal RU / UNIONPAY
20220306 Russian companies are now allowed to pay foreign creditors in rubles - Putin approves pay procedures to Russian firms’ foreign creditors RU / RUB
20220304 Russia blocks Facebook - The ban comes in retaliation to the platform’s efforts “to restrict access to Russian media RU / FACEBOOK
20220305 wants to punish foreigners over human rights abuses - The new move is an extension to a law that previously only applied to Americans RU / SANCTIONS / HUMAN RIGHTS
20220305 Visa, MasterCard suspend Russian operations VISA / MASTERCARD / RU
20220304 Russia blocks Facebook - The ban comes in retaliation to the platform’s efforts “to restrict access to Russian media RU / FACEBOOK
20220304 Russia criminalizes ‘disinformation’ about army - Moscow has also accused Washington of launching an information war over the conflict in Ukraine RU / DISINFORMATION
20220203 News zum Krieg in Osteuropa - 7000 russische Wissenschaftler unterzeichnen offenen Brief gegen Putins Krieg RU
20220302 Ukrainekrieg Moskau meldet 498 getötete russische Soldaten RU / RUSSIAN ARMY / UA
20220302 Russia is now exclusively a ruble country - Neither citizens, nor companies will be able to pay in foreign currency RU / RUB
20220302 Große Mehrheit Uno-Vollversammlung verurteilt russischen Einmarsch in die Ukraine UN / RU / UA
20220302 UN General Assembly votes on Russian offensive in Ukraine - A nonbinding resolution was passed overwhelmingly, condemning Russia for its assault on Ukraine and calling for its immediate exit UN / RU / UA
20220302 nvo-ng-ru Predictions of bloodthirsty political scientists / About enthusiastic hawks and hasty cuckoos RU
20220301 3 members of Russia's parliament speak out against Putin's invasion of Ukraine, marking a rare moment of dissent RU
20220301 Zensur im Ukrainekrieg Russland will unliebsame Berichterstattung mit 15 Jahren Gefängnis bestrafen RU


Date Source Title Tags
20220228 Russia confirms putting nuclear forces on high combat alert - Moscow says it boosted its defenses after “aggressive statements” from the West RU
20220228 Russische Zentralbank kaltgestellt Angriff auf Russlands Staatsschatz RU
20220227 Russian military confirms casualties in Ukraine operation - A small number of soldiers also ended up captured by Ukrainian forces, the Russian Defense Ministry said RU
20220227 Putin orders Russian nuclear deterrent forces to be on highest alert - The move comes in response to “hostile” rhetoric by top NATO officials, Russia’s president has explained PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / RU-NATO
202020226 ‘Final review’ of Russia’s relations with West now possible – former president / Dmitry Medvedev has dubbed European organizations “meaningless almshouses” MEDVEDEV, DMITRIY / RU / RU-EU
20220226 Germany makes U-turn on sending weapons to Ukraine - Berlin has decided to supply Kiev with anti-tank missiles and ‘Stinger’ air defense systems, a government official confirmed DE / RU / UA / DE-RU
20220226 »So schnell wie möglich« Bundesregierung liefert Waffen aus Bundeswehrbeständen an Ukraine DE / RU / UA / DE-RU
20220225 Russia ready to start talks on Ukraine - Kremlin can dispatch a delegation representing military and civilian sections of government RU / RU-UA / UA
20220224 Russian military attack on Ukraine: How we got there - Moscow says the current situation is the result of years of failed talks to end the bloodshed in eastern Ukraine after the 2014 coup in Kiev RU / UA / RU-UA
20220222 Russian parliament ratifies Donbass agreements - The decision was passed unanimously by MPs RU / DONBASS
20220222 Russia will defend Donetsk and Lugansk – Moscow / The republics have Moscow’s backing under pacts inked with the two regional leaders, the country’s foreign minister says RU
20220221 Putin to announce decision on recognition of Donbass within hours - The Russian president was advised by top security officials to acknowledge the independence of the breakaway regions RU / UA / DONBASS
20220218 Putin warned the West, but the West didn't listen: Like it or not, the Russian president is doubling down on his crusade against American hegemony RU / RU-US
20220217 Here’s what Russia told US and NATO after its proposals were rejected - Moscow addressed the situation in Ukraine, US nuclear weapons in Europe, NATO violating treaties, and the law-based way forward RU / RU-US / RU-NATO
20220210 Russian Security Council seat is held illegally – Ukraine / No one ever gave Russia the privilege of being on the Security Council, Kiev’s representative alleges UA / RU / UA-RU / UNSC
20220210 Russia says it won't attend Munich Security Conference - The German forum is ‘losing its inclusiveness and objectivity,’ the Foreign Ministry says RU / MSC
20220204 Russia comments on possibility of sending troops to Latin America RU
20220201 Bei Besuch von Viktor Orbán Putin äußert sich das erste Mal seit Wochen in der Ukrainekrise – und macht dem Westen Vorwürfe PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / RU-US / RU-NATO


Date Source Title Tags
20220130 West lying about WWII – Russia / Comparisons between the USSR and Hitler’s Nazis are an effort to rewrite history, according to a top envoy WORLD WAR 2 / RU
20220127 War between Russians & Ukrainians is unacceptable – Moscow / The two countries don’t want to fight against each other, but the West is pushing for it, Russia insists RU / RU-UA / UA
20220119 Russia's top spy makes sensational claim about US plans for Beijing Olympics RU
20220109 Verhandlungen mit den USA: Russland schließt Zugeständnisse in Ukraine-Gesprächen aus RU / UA


Date Source Title Tags
20211227 Russia’s tough new rules for foreign workers - Facing growing anti-migration sentiment, Europe’s largest state is rolling out a drastic new policy. RU
20211224 NATO push into Ukraine could trigger ‘large-scale conflict in Europe,’ Russia warns LAVROV, SERGEY / RU / NATO / UA
20211208 Russians hate Gorbachev even more than Stalin, poll reveals GORBACHEV, MIKHAIL / RU
20210927 Russische Parlamentswahl Streit über Online-Resultate – Kommunisten klagen RU
20210706 Estonian consul in St. Petersburg detained after being ‘caught red-handed’ by Russia’s FSB ‘receiving classified secret documents’ EE / RU / RU-EE
20210607 Russia Mulls Ordering State Firms To Switch To Euro, "Preparing" For Possible Disconnect From SWIFT RU / SWIFT / EUR
20210603 Going for gold: Russia to eliminate US dollar from sovereign wealth fund THIS MONTH amid warning of politics sabotaging currency RU / GOLD
20210531 Überarbeitetes Strategiepapier Russland will auf ausländische Aktionen nicht mehr nur wirtschaftlich reagieren RU
20210309 Russland Aufsichtsbehörden verklagen Google, Facebook und Twitter RU
20210220 Reuters, BBC, and Bellingcat participated in covert UK Foreign Office-funded programs to “weaken Russia,” leaked docs reveal REUTERS / BBC / BELLINGCAT / FCO / THOMSON REUTERS FOUNDATION / ZINC NETWORK / ALBANY COMMUNICATIONS / MI6 / VILLE, MONIQUE / GB / RU / BY / UA / OMIDYAR, PIERRE / TOLOKONNIKOVA, NADYA / HIGGINS, ELIOT
20210215 ‘There’s no anonymity anymore – don’t kid yourself’: InfoWatch head Natalya Kaspersky to RT KASPERSKY, NATALYA / RU / INTERNET


Date Source Title Tags
20201216 Outing of FSB hit squad highlights Russia's data security problem - Analysis: trade in stolen data is a boon for investigators and a headache for Kremlin RU
20200813 WATCH: POWER PLANT at Russia’s largest alumina refinery ON FIRE ACHINSK / RU
20200810 Russia explosion: Huge blast rips through gas station in Volgograd, injuring at least 13 RU / VOLGOGRAD
20200726 Putin kündigt Hyperschallwaffen bei Marine an RU / RU NAVY
20200719 Coronavirus: Russia ‘could have Covid-19 vaccine by September’, official claims RU / COVID-19
20200627 Russia Foreign Ministry: NYT article on Russia in Afghanistan fake from US intelligence TALIBAN / RU / NEW YORK TIMES
20200625 75 Jahre nach Kriegsende - Winston Churchill als Kronzeuge von Wladimir Putin WORLD WAR 2 / RU
20200624 75 Jahre nach Kriegsende Russland gedenkt des Sieges über Nazideutschland mit großer Parade RU
20200619 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory: Shared Responsibility to History and our Future WORLD WAR 2 / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20200616 Another septuagenarian spy! Russia opens its latest treason case against an elderly scientist. This time, an Arctic specialist is accused of selling secrets to China. MITKO, VALERY / RU / ARCTIC SEA
20200603 Nach Diesel-Leck in sibirischem Kraftwerk Putin ruft nationalen Notstand aus RU
20200529 Many Russians are continuing to ignore social distancing rules. A sociologist explains why. SOCIAL DISTANCING / RU
20200527 1 in 4 Russians Believe Coronavirus Pandemic ‘Made-Up’ – Poll RU
20200509 Russland und der Westen:"Das ist keine Ignoranz, das ist bewusste Politik" - Der russische Historiker Alexey Miller erklärt, warum der Westen bis heute Russlands Anteil am Sieg über Nazi-Deutschland kleinredet. Und warum das die russische Seele so sehr verletzt. RU
20200509 27 million reasons why we must remember Victory Day & stand up to attempts at rewriting history WORLD WAR 2 / RU
20200507 Did Gorbachev want to destroy the USSR? Could the Soviet Union still exist today? Might Putinism end in reforms? Questions about Perestroika that you’re too embarrassed to ask, 35 years later GORBACHEV, MIKHAIL / RU
20200427 Russische Studenten im Corona-Einsatz: Putins letzte Reserve RU
20200426 Skandal in Russland Sängerin rechtfertigt Gewalt gegen Frauen RU / TODORENKO, REGINA / DOMESTIC VIOLENCE
20200403 Russian declaration aimed at stopping sanctions amid coronavirus crisis REJECTED at UN General Assembly SANCTIONS / UN / RU / COVID-19
20200402 'Cybergulag': Russia looks to surveillance technology to enforce lockdown - Critics fear plans for enhanced monitoring could remain even after coronavirus crisis passes RU / ROSKOMSVOBODA / INFECTION TRACKING
20200401 Coronavirus: Moscow rolls out patient-tracking app INFECTION TRACKING / RU
20200331 Russian Covid-19 aid plane to US: Putin asked Trump if he needed help & he accepted, Kremlin spokesman says RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20200325 Coronakrise und Propaganda Europa verliert den Kampf der Bilder RU / IT / CU / CN / COVID-19
20200328 Russia to ban ALL cross-border travel over Covid-19 pandemic RU / COVID-19
20200314 Lining up for coronavirus kisses The Russian Orthodox Church isn’t shutting its doors or using clean spoons, despite a global pandemic RU
20200313 Russia restricts air travel to EU over coronavirus, leaving only select few flights open COVID-19 / RU
20200227 ‘Trolling of the highest order’: Russian communists FURIOUS after Lenin’s birthday chosen as date for major public vote LENIN, VLADIMIR / RU
20200221 Syrien-Konflikt Türkei will US-Unterstützung durch "Patriot"-Raketen ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / TR / SY / RU / US
20200213 Erdogan erklärt Syrien de facto den Krieg ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / TR / SY / RU
20200212 Lenin would be rolling in his grave, if he had one: Russian Communists back plan to put 'God' in constitution RU
20200202 Trump's ‘deal of the century’ contradicts UN resolutions - Kremlin TRUMP, DONALD / NETANYAHU, BENJAMIN / IL / PS / UN / RU
20200201 Pompeo says US can cover 100% of Belarus' oil needs amid Minsk row with Moscow BY / OIL / POMPEO, MIKE / US / RU
20200115 Russian political earthquake: Putin sets out plan for Kremlin departure & Medvedev resigns RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / MEDVEDEV, DMITRIY / MISHUSTIN, MIKHAIL
20200115 Überraschung in Moskau Russische Regierung tritt zurück RU
20200115 Russland Putin will Verfassung per Referendum ändern - Denkt er schon an seine politische Zukunft nach 2024? Russlands Präsident schlägt einen Umbau des politischen Systems vor. PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU
20200115 Resigned PM Medvedev to become deputy head of Russia’s Security Council MEDVEDEV, DMITRIY / RU
20200115 Russian government resigns, after President Putin's State-of-the-Nation Address proposes changes to the constitution RU
20200115 Putin proposes major amendments to Russia’s constitution incl. about his own post, says people should vote on changes RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR


Date Source Title Tags
20191212 Bis Juli 2020 EU verlängert Wirtschaftssanktionen gegen Russland EU / RU / SANCTIONS
20191202 Gesetz unterzeichnet Putin billigt Gesetz zur Einstufung von Journalisten als "ausländische Agenten" RU
20191126 Virtuelle Realität Russische Kühe sollen dank VR-Brillen mehr Milch geben RU
20191108 Mögliche US-Sanktionen Streit um Nord Stream 2 könnte zu Benzin-Engpässen führen NORD STREAM / RU / SANCTIONS / DE
20191102 How The Russian-Turkish Deal On Northern Syria Works SY / RU / TR
20191016 Three US diplomats held near Russian test site where mystery blast killed five RU / US / RU-US
20191013 FULL INTERVIEW: Russia will never be friends 'with one country against another' in the Middle East – Putin PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / RU-SA / RU-AE
20190918 Putin's Multipolar Offer To Saudi Arabian Exceptionalism RU / SA
20190817 Russian satellites may soon become INVISIBLE from Earth RU
20190812 Trump Tweets Concern Over "Air Around The Facility" After Russian Nuclear Accident RU
20190812 Russia Admits Radiation Releasing 'Mystery Blast' Involved "Mini Nuclear Reactor" RU
20190730 Nach Protest-Kundgebung Moskauer Demonstranten drohen drakonische Strafen RU
20190729 Der Kreml vertraut seiner Stärke nicht mehr MOSCOW / RU
20190728 «Schande!», «Russland ohne Putin!» – Tausende von Moskauern trotzen der Staatsmacht MOSCOW / RU
20190729 Doctor Says Russian Opposition Leader May Have Been Poisoned NAVALNY, ALEXEI / RU
20190720 Russia's Secret Intelligence Agency Hacked: 'Largest Data Breach In Its History' RU / FSB / SYTECH / TOR
20190617 Putin orders simplified e-visa for foreigners visiting Russia RU
20190616 "Treason!" NYT Story Reveals US Cyber Ops Against Russian Power Grid Hidden From Trump TRUMP, DONALD / CYBERWAR / US / RU
20190616 Vor einem Cyberwar? USA legen "Cyberminen" im russischen Stromnetz CYBERWAR / US / RU
20190616 Geschenk für Xi Jinping Putin, der Eismann PUTIN, VLADIMIR / JINPING, XI / RU / CN / RU-CN / CN-RU
20190616 ‘Treason!’ Trump slams NYT claim of US cyber attacks on Russia’s power grid as harmful fake news CYBERWAR / US / RU
20190615 Hack away! NYT says US planted CYBER KILL SWITCH into Russian power grid… media shrugs CYBERWAR / US / RU
20190615 U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid CYBERWAR / US / RU
20190615 A cake, a vase and... a BOX of ice cream: Putin’s birthday gifts that blew Xi Jinping away (PHOTOS) PUTIN, VLADIMIR / JINPING, XI / RU / CN / RU-CN / CN-RU
20190612 Hunderte Festnahmen in Moskau Iwan Golunow ist frei - doch die Wut ist groß GOLUNOV, IVAN / RU / FREEDOM OF PRESS
20190611 ‘New rules of trust & security’: Macron wants EU ties with Moscow independent of NATO & US MACRON, EMMANUEL / EU / EU-RU / RU
20190611 ‘They will pay a price’: Bolton says US has expanded ‘offensive cyber operations’ against Russia BOLTON, JOHN / CYBERWAR / US / RU / US-RU
20190610 ‘We are Golunov’: Leading Russian papers run similar frontpage supporting charged journalist GOLUNOV, IVAN / RU / FREEDOM OF PRESS
20190609 Sachsens Ministerpräsident Kretschmer verteidigt Äußerung zu Russland-Sanktionen KRETSCHMER, MICHAEL / DE / RU / DE-RU
20190607 Russian investigative journalist detained in Moscow, charged with drug trafficking GOLUNOV, IVAN / RU / FREEDOM OF PRESS
20190530 Russia plans to invest billions in AI, remove all barriers for ‘tech pioneers’ RU
20190529 550 commercial pilots suspended amid ‘serious problems’ in Russian aviation – Prosecutor General RU / AIR TRANSPORT
20190522 Affäre um Strache-Video Moskaus Spiel mit den Rechtspopulisten RU
20190522 Rand Corp.: 'How To Destroy Russia' RAND Corporation / RU
20190521 Senior Official In Russian Parliament Says That Cryptos Can Ruin Governments RU
20190516 Countdown to zero: Russia continues dumping US debt RU / US TREASURY BONDS
20190505 Lavrov set to meet with Venezuelan FM after failed coup attempt in Caracas VE / ARREAZA, JORGE / RU / LAVROV, SERGEY
20190426 Putin Touts "Best Russia-China Ties In Their Entire History" At Belt & Road Summit RU / CN / RU-CN
20190426 ‘We are at war’ with Russia: DNC Chair Perez says Trump ‘compromised’ DNC / PEREZ, TOM / US / RU
20190425 Russian and Ukrainian envoys clash at UN Security Council over passports decree RU / UA
20190424 IMAGES of Kim's arrival in Vladivostok, Russia for FIRST EVER summit with Putin JONG UN, KIM / KP / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU
20190422 Approval of Russia’s ‘Internet protection bill’ disrupted by net shutdown RU
20190419 CIA Chief Says Russia And Iran Are New Focus, Praises Trump's North Korea Efforts HASPEL, GINA / RU / IR
20190331 "Trump Was Not Just Spied Upon, It Was Entrapment" CROSSFIRE HURRICANE / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / FBI / MUELLER, ROBERT
20190331 The Beginning Of The End Of SWIFT: Russian Banks Join Chinese Alternative Global Payments System SWIFT / RU / CN / CIPS
20190324 Russian Troops, Aid Arrive In Venezuela After Delivering Red Line Warning To Trump VE / RU
20190315 Ukrainekonflikt EU sanktioniert acht russische Geheimdienstler und Militärs SANCTIONS / EU / RU / UA
20190313 Putin About To Sign Law Punishing "Fake News" And Government Critics RU
20190313 Russian Senate approves rules on fighting ‘fake news’ & other misinformation RU
20190313 Neue Internetgesetze Russen fürchten verschärfte Zensur RU
20190301 Maduro orders European HQ of Venezuelan state oil firm PDVSA to be moved to Moscow VE / PDVSA / RU
20190228 Russia can be unplugged from World Wide Web, but it’s not quite ready – co-founder of Kaspersky Lab RU
20190217 Putins Wirtschaftsmacht Erstaunlich stark, erschreckend schwach RU
20190215 Veteran US investment manager detained in Moscow CALVEY, MICHAEL / BARING VOSTOK / RU
20190213 Vladislav Surkov's Hugely Important New Article About What Putinism Is - Full Translation SURKOV, VLADISLAV / RU
20190212 RuNet Russland will sich testweise vom globalen Netz abtrennen RU
20190211 Russia to disconnect from the internet as part of a planned test - Russia's internet contingency plan gets closer to reality. RU / INTERNET



Date Source Title Tags
20181231 Spionageverdacht US-Bürger in Russland verhaftet WHELAN, PAUL / FSB / RU
20181220 Major Russian bank ready to shut off Visa & Mastercard, halves dollar holdings RU
20181218 Trump-Russia dossier was created so Clinton could challenge 2016 election results – Steele STEELE, CHRISTOPHER / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / CLINTON, HILLARY
20181214 Russia’s own internet? Legislators plan to protect the country's web from foreign interference RU / INTERNET
20181213 Google CEO Exposes Shocking "Full Extent" Of Russian Meddling In 2016 GOOGLE / RU
20181211 Kremlin To Release US-Russia Communications On Election Meddling If Trump Agrees RU / US
20181211 Moscow ready to release correspondence with US on alleged Russian election meddling RU / US
20181207 Russia ready to switch off Visa & Mastercard ahead of tougher US sanctions RU / SANCTIONS / VISA / MASTERCARD
20181207 Russia Won't Invade Ukraine, The Baltic Statelets, Or Anybody Else RU


Date Source Title Tags
20181126 USA werfen Russland Verletzung der ukrainischen Souveränität vor UA / RU / US
20181126 Russian Consulate territory ON FIRE as protesters pelt it with flares in Kharkov (PHOTOS, VIDEO) UA / RU
20181125 Ukrainian supports declaring martial law after sea clash with Russia UA / RU
20181125 Russian ships used weapons to stop & seize Ukrainian vessels violating territorial waters – FSB RU / UA
20181107 Crab meat & caviar: Notorious Russian thug lived luxury life in maximum security prison (PHOTOS) RU / TSEPOVYAZ, VYACHESLAV
20181107 75,000 Russian expats spying in London? Their handlers’ workload must be a nightmare! GB / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20181031 Russian federal agents allegedly arrest Border Service official for selling information from the closed database that helped identify the Salisbury suspects RU / FSB
20181030 Der russische Mann kann töten, und niemand hält ihn auf RU
20181027 Yes, Russia is getting ready for war – in case US attacks, diplomat tells UN RU / US
20181020 Trump vows to pull US out of ‘unacceptable’ nuclear missile deal with Russia NUCLEAR WEAPONS / RU / US
20181020 Atomwaffenfähige Mittelstreckenraketen Trump will Abrüstungsvertrag mit Russland kündigen NUCLEAR WEAPONS / RU / US
20181019 Justice Dept. Accuses Russians of Interfering in Midterm Elections US / RU / KHUSYAYNOVA, ELANA ALEKSEEVNA / PRIGOZHIN, YEVGENY
20181019 Kongresswahlen US-Justiz klagt Russin wegen Wahleinmischung an US / RU / KHUSYAYNOVA, ELANA ALEKSEEVNA / PRIGOZHIN, YEVGENY
20181019 Geheimdienst-Warnung Russische Spione nehmen Schweiz ins Visier NDB / GAUDIN, JEAN-PHILIPPE / CH / RU
20181016 Jelzins Sturm auf das Weiße Haus SU / RU / JELTZIN, BORIS
20181002 US Switching to Ukraine as Location to Start World War III Against Russia US / UA / RU / SY


Date Source Title Tags
20180914 Spionageverdacht Russische Agenten auf Weg in die Niederlande verhaftet NL / NDB / RU / CH


Date Source Title Tags
20180824 Kremlin Sources Go Quiet, Leaving C.I.A. in the Dark About Putin’s Plans for Midterms CIA / RU
20180812 ‘Ask your grandads’: Russian defense minister warns Germany against ‘strength & unity’ strategy RU / DE
20180812 Russia Finance Minister: We May Abandon Dollar In Oil Trade As It Is Becoming "Too Risky" RU / USD
20180812 Retourkutsche auf Sanktionen Russland will US-Staatsanleihen abstoßen RU / US TREASURY BONDS / USD
20180810 Russia may stop using US dollar for mutual payments – senator RU / BRICS / USD
20180809 Russia to treat further US sanctions as an open declaration of economic war – PM RU / US / SANCTIONS
20180809 US State Dept sanctions against Russia aimed at 'undercutting' Trump, analysts say US / RU / SANCTIONS / TRUMP, DONALD / PAUL, RAND
20180808 Fall Skripal USA verhängen neue Russland-Sanktionen wegen Giftanschlag SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / US / RU
20180804 Russia Slams Leak Of Secret Memo On US-Moscow Cooperation in Syria SY / RU / US


Date Source Title Tags
20180802 Weißes Haus Russland mischt sich offenbar weiter in US-Wahlen ein WHITE HOUSE / US / RU
20180723 Escobar: Here's The Real Reason The US Must Talk To Russia RU / US
20180719 US will not let Americans be questioned by Moscow, but demands extradition of 12 Russians US / RU
20180719 Trump: ‘Reckless’ media pushing for ‘major confrontation with Russia that could lead to war’ TRUMP, DONALD / US / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU
20180717 Russia wants to question Christopher Steele, Michael McFaul, top politicians for aiding Bill Browder RU / STEELE, CHRISTOPHER / MCFAUL, MICHAEL / BROWDER, BILL
20180717 Paul Craig Roberts: "Is President Trump A Traitor Because He Wants Peace With Russia?" TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / US-RU
20180717 Russia Liquidates Its US Treasury Holdings RU / US
20180717 Putin Claims U.S. Intelligence Agents Funneled $400 Million To Clinton Campaign PUTIN, VLADIMIR / BROWDER, BILL / CLINTON, HILLARY / RU / US
20180716 If Mueller investigation sends official request to question suspects, Russia will do that - Putin MUELLER, ROBERT / DNC / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20180716 Tweets vor Treffen mit Putin Trump macht Obama für schlechtes Verhältnis zu Russland verantwortlich TRUMP, DONALD / US / OBAMA, BARACK / RU
20180716 Russia blocked 25mn cyber attacks on IT infrastructure during World Cup – Putin RU
20180708 Will Trump Be Meeting With His Counterpart — Or His Handler? A plausible theory of mind-boggling collusion. TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20180705 US intel report on Russian meddling 'shabby & politically motivated' – Ex-US envoy to Soviet Union US / RU
20180703 Russia will launch ‘alternative internet’ only in worst-case scenario – Foreign Ministry RU / INTERNET


Date Source Title Tags
20180630 Russland: Versteh einer die Russen RU
20180616 Russia dumps half of its US Treasury bonds RU / US / US TREASURY BONDS
20180611 Mögliche Cyberangriffe USA verhängen weitere Sanktionen gegen Russland US / SANCTIONS / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20180531 Funding NGOs & stirring dissent: Russian special commission exposes election meddling by US RU
20180520 Bypassing US sanctions, countering China: Why Modi's 'no agenda' meeting with Putin is anything but IN-RU / IN / RU / CN


Date Source Title Tags
20180428 House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence: Report on Russian Active Measures US / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20180428 Over $400bn illegally withdrawn from Russia in 17yrs RU
20180428 Mystery Group Of "Wealthy Donors" And Soros Spends $50 Million For "Private Trump-Russia Investigation" SOROS, GEORGE / FUSION GPS / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20180428 Warnung an russische Konzerne Medwedew will Einhalten von US-Sanktionen zur Straftat machen MEDWEDEW, DMITRI / RU / SANCTIONS
20180420 Fall Skripal und Russland Auswärtiges Amt spricht von "gezielten Falschmeldungen" DE / RU / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / OPCW
20180420 Vorwurf der Wahlbeeinflussung Demokraten verklagen Russland und Trumps Team wegen Verschwörung DNC / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / WIKILEAKS
20180420 Democratic Party files lawsuit alleging Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks conspired to disrupt the 2016 campaign DNC / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / WIKILEAKS
20180419 London systematically destroying evidence in Skripal case – Russia’s UN envoy RU / UN / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ
20180416 Trump Halts Plan For More Russia Sanctions; Russian Stocks, Ruble Jump TRUMP, DONALD / SANCTIONS / RU
20180416 Russia Reveals Who "Staged" Syria Gas Attack, As US Claims Moscow "May Have Tampered" With Site SY / RU / DOUMA
20180416 Russia Bans 1.8 Million Amazon and Google IPs in Attempt to Block Telegram TELEGRAM / RU
20180415 ‘We cannot declare Russia, the country and its people, to be an enemy’ – German president DE / RU
20180414 Angriff auf Ex-Spion Russland behauptet, Skripal wurde mit Kampfstoff aus dem Westen vergiftet SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / RU
20180414 UK Produces "Dossier" To Prove Russian Motive In Skripal Poisoning, Russia Says UK Abducted Daughter SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / SKRIPAL, YULIA / GB / RU
20180414 Dringlichkeitssitzung des Uno-Sicherheitsrats Russland wirft USA "neokoloniales Auftreten" vor SY / UN / RU / US
20180414 Russlands Antwort auf US-Angriff in Syrien Harsche Worte, aber kein Rückschlag RU / SY
20180414 Strategic Russian firm dumps SWIFT in favor of domestic bank transfer alternative RU / SWIFT / SPFS
20180413 Court rules to block Telegram messenger in Russia RU / TELEGRAM
20180413 Chat-App Russisches Gericht lässt Telegram blockieren TELEGRAM / RU
20180412 Duma gives nod to bill on multimillion-ruble fake news fines RU / FAKE NEWS
20180412 Nach Trump-Drohung Weiterhin Kontakt zwischen Moskau und Washington in Syrienkrise SY / US / RU
20180411 Putin: The world is getting more chaotic, but we hope that common sense will prevail PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / SY
20180411 Putin: World Is Getting "More Chaotic", But Hopes "Common Sense Will Prevail" PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / SY
20180411 Moskaus Antwort auf Trump-Drohung "Wir beteiligen uns nicht an Twitter-Diplomatie" PESKOW, DMITRI / RU / SY / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20180411 Get ready Russia, missiles will be coming at Syria, nice and new and ‘smart’! TRUMP, DONALD / RU / SY
20180411 Trump: 'Get Ready Russia', Missiles Will Be Coming 'Nice' and 'New' and 'Smart' TRUMP, DONALD / SY / RU
20180406 Another Russian Dossier, aka What Moscow Has Always Done RU / KGB
20180406 Britische Vorwürfe an Moskau Gibt es ein Nowitschok-Geheimprogramm? CHEMICAL WEAPONS / NOVICHOK / SCHICHANY / GOSNIIOCHT / GB / RU
20180406 'If my plane explodes, ask the CIA’ – Duterte after requesting arms from Russia & China DUTERTE, RODRIGO / CN / RU / US / WEAPONTRADE
20180405 'Theater of absurd': Russian envoy shows UK version of Skripal case 'falls apart' (VIDEO) UN / RU / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / JOHNSON, BORIS
20180404 Vorwürfe im Fall Skripal Russland fordert Sitzung des Uno-Sicherheitsrats SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / GB / RU / UN
20180404 National Security: Trump administration to impose fresh sanctions against Russia US / RU / SANCTIONS
20180403 Fall Sergej Skripal Russland fordert Entschuldigung von Großbritannien PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / GB
20180403 UK Authorities Unable To Prove Novichok Nerve Agent Was Made In Russia PORTON DOWN / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / GB / RU
20180403 Fall Skripal Russische Herkunft von Nervengift im Labor nicht nachweisbar PORTON DOWN / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / GB / RU
20180403 Porton Down revelations: How they affect Skripal case, Russia and Theresa May’s govt PORTON DOWN / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / GB / RU
20180403 Unidentified: Porton Down scientists CANNOT confirm nerve agent used on Skripals was made in Russia PORTON DOWN / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / GB / RU
20180403 Porton Down experts unable to verify precise source of novichok: Defence lab unable to definitively say where nerve agent that poisoned Sergei Skripal and his daughter came from SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / SKRIPAL, YULIA / NOVICHOK / CHEMICAL WEAPONS / GB / RU / OPCW / PORTON DOWN / AITKENHEAD, GARY / MAY, THERESA / JOHNSON, BORIS
20180402 Fall Skripal Russland wirft Briten und USA Verlust jeden Anstands vor SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / RU / GB / US
20180402 Fall Skripal Russland will Vorschlag machen, um Ermittlungen voranzubringen SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / RU / OPCW
20180401 Affäre Skripal Regierungssprecherin unterstellt Westen niedere Beweggründe SACHAROWA, MARIA / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20180331 ‘US expelling America’s friends’: Russian Ambassador decries Trump’s move as diplomats leave DC RU / US / RU-US
20180331 Moscow confronts London with 14 questions on ‘fabricated’ Skripal case SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / RU / GB / FR / OPCW
20180329 Russia to close US consulate in St. Petersburg, expel 60 diplomats as Washington did – Lavrov RU / US
20180329 Moskaus Antwort auf Diplomaten-Ausweisung Mit gleicher Münze RU / US
20180329 Vergeltung im Fall Skripal Russland weist 60 US-Diplomaten aus und schließt US-Konsulat RU / US
20180328 EU-Plan Panzer sollen schneller durch Europa rollen EU / RU
20180328 Ausweisung von russischen Diplomaten Warten auf Moskaus Antwort SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / RU
20180328 ‘Without doubt Russia is responsible’: Presentation UK gave to prompt diplomat expulsions leaked SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / GB / RU
20180326 Russia Vows Imminent Response: "The US Only Understands Force" RU
20180326 14 EU states announce mass co-ordinated expulsion of Russian diplomats over Skripal case SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / RU / DE / FR / PL / NL / DK / IT / LT / LV / EE / FI / SE
20180326 Trump orders expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats, closure of Seattle consulate TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU
20180326 Anschlag auf Ex-Spion Skripal Deutschland weist vier russische Diplomaten aus SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / RU / GB / MAY, THERESA / DE / FR / US / PL / LT / UA / CZ / NL / EE / IT / RO
20180325 Russischer Gifterfinder Tödliche Tropfen im Telefonhörer CHEMICAL WEAPONS / RU / NOVICHOK
20180323 Inappropriate meetings & ineffective intel: Key findings of House Committee on Russia probe US HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE / US / RU / WIKILEAKS
20180322 'No collusion': House Intel Committee votes to end Russia probe US / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / WIKILEAKS
20180320 Skripal case: EU demands ‘disclosure of Novichok program,’ Russia says it has 'nothing to disclose’ NOVICHOK / EU / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / RU
20180320 Russia Is Hoarding Gold At The Fastest Pace In 12 Years RU / GOLD / USD
20180317 Wirtschaftsbilanz des Kreml Aufstieg und Fall der Putinomics RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20180316 Moscow investigating murder attempt on Skripal’s daughter & ex-Aeroflot official’s death in UK GLUSHKOV, NIKOLAY / GB / SKRIPAL, YULIA / RU
20180315 Alert (TA18-074A): Russian Government Cyber Activity Targeting Energy and Other Critical Infrastructure Sectors US / CYBERWAR / RU
20180315 Cyberattacks Put Russian Fingers on the Switch at Power Plants, U.S. Says US / CYBERWAR / ATTRIBUTION / RU
20180315 ‘Looks like Russians were behind spy poisoning’ - Trump SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / RU / TRUMP, DONALD
20180315 Putin ‘extremely concerned’ over UK’s ‘destructive, provocative’ stance in Skripal case – Kremlin SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / GB / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20180315 US Accuses Russia Of Cyber Attacks, Sanctions "Putin's Chef", Russian Troll Farm US / RU / SANCTIONS / INTERNET RESEARCH AGENCY
20180315 Wegen Wahlbeeinflussung USA verhängen Sanktionen gegen Russland US / RU / SANCTIONS / MNUCHIN, STEVEN
20180315 ‘Fantasy politics’: France accuses May of punishing Russia prematurely over ex-spy poisoning GB / RU / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / MAY, THERESA / FR / MACRON, EMMANUEL
20180315 UK blocks Russia's draft UN Security Council statement on Skripal poisoning case UN / GB / RU / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ
20180315 White House backs UK decision to expel Russian diplomats over Skripal saga US / GB / RU / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ
20180314 West launches massive campaign to kick ‘inconvenient’ Russia out of UN Security Council – Senator RU / UN
20180314 ‘We have nothing to hide’: Russia’s UN envoy calls for more critical thinking in Skripal case RU / GB / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / UN / OPCW / CHEMICAL WEAPONS
20180314 Britain seeks urgent UN Security Council meeting over Salisbury spy attack GB / RU / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / UN
20180314 "This Hostile Action Is Unacceptable": Russian Embassy Responds To UK Expulsions RU / GB / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ
20180314 Fall Skripal Liebesgrüße aus London GB / RU / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / MAY, THERESA
20180314 UK expels 23 Russian diplomats over spy poisoning GB / RU / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / UA
20180314 Russia is ‘culpable’ over ex-double agent poisoning, claims Theresa May GB / RU / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / MAY, THERESA
20180314 Attentat auf Ex-Agent Skripal Moskaus Mauern GB / RU / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / MAY, THERESA
20180314 Fall Skripal Großbritannien weist 23 russische Diplomaten aus GB / RU / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / MAY, THERESA
20180314 UK expels 23 Russian diplomats over spy poisoning - Politics live GB / RU / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / MAY, THERESA
20180314 Fall Sergej Skripal Russland will Zugang zu Agenten-Tochter SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / SKRIPAL, JULIA / RU
20180314 British cyber option to punish Russia prompts fear of ‘electronic war’: Britain is a ‘top tier’ country when it comes to cyber capability and could hit Russia hard. Whether it wants to is another question. CYBERWAR / GB / RU
20180313 The UK government is manufacturing its nerve agent case for ‘action’ on Russia - Official claim that ‘Novichok’ points solely to Russia discredited SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / GB / NOVICHOK / OPCW / RU
20180313 Russia Threatens UK: "One Does Not Give 24Hrs Notice To A Nuclear Power" RU / GB
20180313 'Don’t try anything rash’: Russian Embassy urges UK to rethink rumored cyber attack RU / GB / CYBERWAR
20180313 No British outlet will work in Russia if London shuts down RT - Foreign Ministry RT / RU / GB
20180310 Putin on alleged US election interference: I don’t care PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / ATTRIBUTION
20180306 US-Ermittlungen zur Wahleinmischung Komplott? Manipulation? Auch egal PRIGOZHIN, YEVGENY / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / US
20180302 Moscow cancels new round of strategic consultations with US - an ambassador accuses Washington of hampering cyber security consultations with Moscow CYBERWAR / RU / US


Date Source Title Tags
20180227 Leningrader Sinfonie Mit Pauken und Trompeten gegen den Terror RU / SCHOTAKOWITSCH, DMITRI / MUSIC
20180226 Russia overtakes China in gold reserves race to end US dollar dominance GOLD / RU / CN
20180122 Russians hacked English too? US establishment adopts 'spy' language RU / US / PROPAGANDA
20180219 A Consensus Emerges: Russia Committed an “Act of War” on Par With Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Should the U.S. Response Be Similar? DNC / ATTRIBUTION / US / RU
20180217 Russia Isn’t the Only One Meddling in Elections. We Do It, Too. CIA / RU / JOHNSON, LOCH K. / HALL, STEVEN L. / ELECTIONS
20180213 ‘If we don’t work together we should be fired’: Ex-CIA agent calls for closer ties with Russia CIA / MOWATT-LARSSEN, ROLF / RU
20182013 Russia could host Palestine-Israel talks as US can no longer be the sole broker – Palestine FM AL-MALIKI, RIYAD / RU / PS / IL
20180213 US Homeland Security refutes NBC report that claims Russia hacked elections DHS / RU / US
20180213 Kongresswahlen US-Geheimdienstdirektor warnt vor russischen Cyberattacken COATS, DAN / CYBERWAR / RU / US / PROPAGANDA
20180213 Niederlande Lüge über Putin-Treffen - Außenminister tritt zurück ZILJSTRA, HALBE / NL / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU
20180213 Dutch FM resigns after admitting lie about meeting Putin ZILJSTRA, HALBE / NL / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU
20180210 US spies paid ‘Russians’ $100k for stolen NSA tools, but got dud ‘Trump secrets’ they didn’t want? SHADOW BROKERS / NSA / CIA / RU
20180209 U.S. Secretly Negotiated With Russians to Buy Stolen NSA Documents — and the Russians Offered Trump-Related Material, Too SHADOW BROKERS / NSA / CIA / BERLIN / RU
20180209 U.S. Spies, Seeking to Retrieve Cyberweapons, Paid Russian Peddling Trump Secrets SHADOW BROKERS / NSA / BERLIN / RU
20180208 The Netherlands just revealed its cyber-capacity. So what does that mean? CYBERWAR / NL / RU / US
20180204 Russia must find out where Syrian militants got MANPADS that downed Su-25 – MPs SY / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20180125 CryptoRuble introduced as legal tender in draft bill submitted to Russian parliament CRYPTORUBBLE / RU
20180125 Dutch intelligence agency spied on Russian hacking group: media AIVD / COZY BEAR / DNC / ATTRIBUTION / RU / CIA / NSA
20180125 Trump Officially Restores Cold War TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / CN
20180116 Investors Are Buying Power Stations In Russia To Mine Cryptocurrency RU
20180113 ‘CIA friends’ asked Moby to spread word of Trump-Russia collusion on social media MOBY / CIA / TWITTER / PROPAGANDA / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20180112 "We Know Who They Are": Putin Claims "State Provocateur" Behind "Terrorist Drones" In Syria SY / US / DRONES / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / TR / CIA / MORELL, MICHAEL
20180102 Huma Abedin Forwarded Top Secret Passwords To Yahoo Account Hacked By Russian With Odd Clinton Connection ABEDIN, HUMA / CLINTON, HILLARY / RU / YAHOO / TRUMP, DONALD
20180101 Russland: 56 Bombendrohungen in 50 Städten RU



Date Source Title Tags
20171231 Europe ‘should be interested’ in improving Russia-US ties, key to non-proliferation – German FM GABRIEL, SIGMAR / DE / EU / RU / US
20171223 Russland empört über US-Waffendeal mit Ukraine "Das ist ein großer Fehler" US / WEAPONTRADE / UA / RU
20171223 "The US Has Crossed The Line": Russia Warns Trump Decision To Arm Ukraine Will "Lead To Bloodshed" US / WEAPONTRADE / UA / RU
20171222 Boris Johnson the 'committed Russophile' goes native on first official trip to Moscow JOHNSON, BORIS / RU
20171221 Balkans trap: As Serbian president goes to Russia, US plots to ‘finish the job’ VUCIC, ALEKSANDAR / RS / RU / BELL POTTINGER
20171221 Desinformation als Kriegswaffe Russlands perfider Feldzug gegen die Wahrheit DISINFORMATION / SY / RU
20171218 Trump’s new security strategy to keep Russia & China as main competitors TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / CN
20171215 "Keinen Inch weiter nach Osten": Was den Russen zur Wiedervereinigung über die Nato versprochen wurde DD / DE / NATO / RU
20171211 Ex-Spy Chief: Russia’s Election Hacking Was An ‘Intelligence Failure’ MORELL, MICHAEL / RU / DNC / ATTRIBUTION / CIA
20171202 Russia continues stocking up on gold under Putin’s strategy RU / GOLD


Date Source Title Tags
20171129 Russia Warns Washington: Confiscating Gold Reserves Would Be "Declaration Of Financial War" RU / GOLD / US
20171115 How did WikiLeaks become associated with Russia? WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN / RT / RU
20171114 Großbritannien May wirft Russland Wahleinmischung vor MAY, THERESA / GB / RU
20171114 UK PM May calls Russia ‘chief threat’ amid abysmal domestic ratings MAY, THERESA / GB / RU
20171117 Soros and his ‘226 EU friends’ thrust into spotlight by Farage – so who are they? FARAGE, NIGEL / SOROS, GEORGE / ORBAN, VIKTOR / BRADSHAW, BEN / BREXIT / EU / RU / OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS
20171112 Ausländische Medien in Russland bald "Agenten"? RU
20171111 Putin: Moscow will introduce tit-for-tat measures over US attack on Russian media RU / US / RT / RU-US
20171108 BORDER JUMPING - The FBI Blindly Hacked Computers in Russia, China, and Iran FBI / US / RU / CN / IR
20171105 Offshore-Geschäfte Die Russlanddeals des US-Handelsministers ROSS, WILBUR / RU / PARADISE PAPERS


Date Source Title Tags
20171030 Anklagen in Russlandaffäre: Tricks, Betrug und viele Lüge MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / MANAFORT, PAUL / GATES, RICHARD / PAPADOPOULOS, GEORGE / YANUKOVYCH, VIKTOR / UA / RU
20171017 Putin green lights launch of the CryptoRuble PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / CRYPTORUBLE
20171015 Russian trolls were schooled on ‘House of Cards’ PROPAGANDA / RU / US
20171011 Russia to regulate bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies RU / BTC
20171010 How Israel Caught Russian Hackers Scouring the World for U.S. Secrets KASPERSKY / IL / RU / US
20171005 U.S. military uses Russian 'deconfliction' line 20 times a day to separate jets over Syria SY / RU / US
20171003 US staging ‘fatal provocations’ against Russian forces in Syria – Lavrov SY / US / RU
20171002 Mastermind Of $4 Billion Bitcoin Money Laundering Operation May Be Extradited To US VINNICK, ALEXANDER / RU / US / BTC-e / BTC


Date Source Title Tags
20170923 Rätselhafte Bombendrohungen: Telefonterror scheucht Russland auf RU
20170921 Communists launch initiative to share natural resource revenue among Russian citizens [RU]]
20170921 Sonderermittler zur Russland-Affäre Trump muss umfangreiche Unterlagen herausgeben MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / COMEY, JAMES / FLYNN, MICHAEL
20170919 Putin orders to end trade in US dollars at Russian seaports PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / USD / RUB
20170911 Unsere Angst macht Putin stark - Die Warnungen vor russischen Hackerangriffen nehmen im Westen hysterische Züge an. Besser könnte es für Moskaus Geheimdienst gar nicht laufen. ATTRIBUTION / RU
20170909 ‘They’re real’: Russia eyes regulating Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies BTC / RU
20170908 Putin: Russia to move away from foreign software for sake of security PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / DIGITAL SOVEREIGNTY
20170907 Facebook sold $100,000 of political ads to fake russian accounts during 2016 us election- Ads were intended to sow divisiveness, Facebook’s head of security says FACEBOOK / RU
20170907 The Fake Americans Russia Created to Influence the Election FACEBOOK / RU / US / DCLEAKS / FIREEYE / KRUTSKIKH, ANDREY / TWITTER / CLINTON, HILLARY / DNC
20170907 Facebook says likely Russia-based group paid for political ads during US election FACEBOOK / RU
20170906 Facebook profited from Russia-backed accounts trying to sway the 2016 U.S. presidential election: Facebook says “inauthentic” accounts bought roughly 3,000 ads FACEBOOK / RU
20170906 Facebook sold more than $100,000 in political ads to a Russian company during the 2016 election FACEBOOK / RU
20170906 Russia bought political ads from Facebook during the election, company says FACEBOOK / RU
20170906 Fake Russian Facebook Accounts Bought $100,000 in Political Ads FACEBOOK / RU / US
20170902 Moscow hands in note of protest to US over plan to search trade mission in Washington US / RU / US-RU
20170901 US security services to search Russian consulate in San Francisco on Saturday – Moscow US-RU / US / RU / SAN FRANCISCO


Date Source Title Tags
20170831 Diplomatische Krise Russland muss Konsulat in San Francisco schließen US / RU / US-RU / SAN FRANCISCO
20170831 US orders closure of Russian Consulate in San Francisco – State Department US / RU / US-RU / SAN FRANCISCO
20170830 Ukrainian security services snatch Russian journalist from street and deport her KURBATOVA, ANNA / UA / RU
20170824 At CIA, a watchful eye on Mike Pompeo, the president’s ardent ally US / CIA / POMPEO, MIKE / RU / MUELLER, ROBERT
20170824 Im Swimmingpool Russlands Botschafter im Sudan tot aufgefunden RU / SD / SHIRINSKIY, MIRGAYAS M.
20170823 Russia mulls limitations on internet exchange points over fears of US eavesdropping RU / INTERNET
20170823 Russian Ambassador To Sudan Found Dead, Drowned In Own Pool RU / SD / SHIRINSKIY, MIRGAYAS M.
20170819 Chinesische Touristen in Russland Luxusshopping im Bruderstaat CN / RU
20170807 Russia to reduce reliance on US dollar & payment systems in response to sanctions RU
20170802 Russische Reaktion auf US-Gesetz "Sanktionen kommen Handelskrieg gleich" MEDWEDEW, DMITRI / SANCTIONS / RU / US
20170802 Weißes Haus Donald Trump unterschreibt Gesetz zu Russlandsanktionen TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / SANCTIONS
20170802 Trump: Newly-signed Russia sanctions law ‘significantly flawed’ TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / SANCTIONS


Date Source Title Tags
20170730 Putin: 755 US diplomats to depart Russia, time to show we won’t leave anything unanswered RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US
20170730 Russland Putin fordert 755 Mitarbeiter von US-Vertretungen zur Ausreise auf RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US
20170728 Neue Strafmaßnahmen gegen Russland Gabriel will neue US-Sanktionen nicht akzeptieren SANCTIONS / US / RU / GABRIEL, SIGMAR
20170725 Hackerangriffe und Krim-Annexion US-Repräsentantenhaus billigt neue Russland-Sanktionen SANCTIONS / US / RU
20170721 Privatsphäre im Internet Russisches Parlament will VPN-Dienste beschränken RU
20170720 Russia in talks with US to create cybersecurity working group – Putin envoy CYBERSECURITY / RU / US / KRUTSKIKH, ANDREY
20170717 Lavrov: Any US conditions for return of Russian diplomatic property would be ‘daylight robbery’ RU
20170714 Private Email of Top U.S. Russia Intelligence Official Hacked - As concerns about cyberattacks grow, hackers are going after Russia wonks. WALLANDER, CELESTE / US / RU
20170711 Moscow says preparing ‘tough response’ to US closure of Russian diplomatic compounds RU / US / RU-US
20170711 Kaspersky Lab Has Been Working With Russian Intelligence KASPERSKY / RU / KASPERSKY, EUGENE / CHEKUNOV, IGOR / STOYANOV, RUSLAN
20170710 Russians now need a passport to watch Pornhub RU / PORNHUB
20170709 Moscow offers evidence to UN that N. Korea tested mid-range missile, not ICBM KP / RU / UN
20170707 Lawyer Probing Russian Corruption Says His Balcony Fall Was ‘No Accident’ GOROKHOV, NIKOLAI / RU / CORRUPTION / MAGNITSKY, SERGEI / BROWDER, BILL / KARA-MURZA, VLADIMIR
20170704 Neuer Bericht: Verfassungsschutz fürchtet mehr Cyberattacken aus Russland und China MAASSEN, HANS-GEORG / DE MAZIERE, THOMAS / BFV / ATTRIBUTION / RU / CN
20170703 THAAD deployment to S Korea undermines region’s strategic security – Chinese president KR / US / THAAD / CN / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20170630 Ärger über Stimmrecht Russland stoppt Zahlungen an Europarat RU / EU
20170623 Obama’s secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin’s election assault US / CIA / RU / OBAMA, BARACK / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / BRENNAN, JOHN / JOHNSON, JEH / BORTNIKOV, ALEXANDER / HAINES, AVRIL / RICE, SUSAN / MCDONOUGH, DENIS / NSA / FBI / CYBERWAR
20170621 Russian Su-27 warns off NATO F-16 trying to approach defense minister’s plane over Baltic (VIDEO) RU / US
20170619 Kampfjet-Abschuss in Syrien Russland betrachtet Jets der US-Koalition als potenzielle Ziele RU / SY / US
20170619 Kampf um Einflusszonen in Syrien zwischen USA und Russland verschärft sich gefährlich RU / SY / US
20170618 Neue US-Sanktionen Russland verurteilt Trumps Kuba-Wende US / CU / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170617 Russia says it may have killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi AL-BAGHDADI, ABU BAKR / RU
20170617 'Germany – unlike Russia – is not sovereign, US largely controls its foreign policy' JATRAS, JIM / DE / RU / US
20170615 Putin: Russia ready to grant asylum to former FBI Director James Comey PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / COMEY, JAMES
20170614 US Senate adopts amendment on more sanctions against Russia US / RU / SANCTIONS
20170613 How the Russian Internet Censor Banned Itself - More proof that censoring the internet is as difficult as it is futile. RU / CENSORSHIP
20170612 Festnahmen und Tränengas Russische Polizei geht hart gegen Demonstranten vor RU
20170612 Welcome to a Russian protest, where reality clashes with 'media world of make believe' RU
20170612 Proteste in Russland Nawalny fordert Putin heraus NAVALNY, ALEXEJ / RU
20170612 Israel Successfully Hacked ISIS Computers; Trump Leaked It to the Russians, NYT Reports ISLAMIC STATE / IL / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170609 Russia allays fears over Belarus drill after Lithuanian ‘hysteria’ LT / RU / BY
20170607 Russia Dismisses Reports It Could Buy Back Rosneft Stake From Qatar ROSNEFT / QA / RU
20170603 Putin tells NBC's Megyn Kelly that hacking of Democratic Party during last year's election may have been CIA-run false flag operation designed to incriminate Russia PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / US / DNC / ATTRIBUTION / CIA
20170602 ‘We love sanctions’: Russian deputy PM says US attempts at pressure backfire SANCTIONS / US / RU
20170602 How the Trump administration’s secret efforts to ease Russia sanctions fell short TRUMP, DONALD / FRIED, DAN / SANCTIONS / US / RU
20170601 Maybe Private Russian Hackers Meddled in Election, Putin Says PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / DNC / ATTRIBUTION / US / CYBERWAR
20170601 Putin: ‘Patriotic hackers’ could exist, but ‘Russia does not order state level cyberattacks’ PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / CYBERWAR 7 ATTRIBUTION


Date Source Title Tags
20170531 Krieg in Syrien Russland feuert auf IS-Stellungen nahe Palmyra RU / SY
20170528 Russlandaffäre "War Room" soll Vorwürfe gegen Trump abwehren WHITE HOUSE / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / PRIEBUS, REINCE / BANNON, STEVE
20170526 National Security - Russian ambassador told Moscow that Kushner wanted secret communications channel with Kremlin KUSHNER, JARED / FLYNN, MICHAEL / KISLYAK, SERGEY / RU / US
20170525 Tainted Leaks: Disinformation and Phishing With a Russian Nexus LEAKS / DISINFORMATION / SATTER, DAVID / RU
20170525 Russian public supports measures to limit internet anonymity – poll RU / INTERNET / ANONYMITY
20170523 The Latest: Ex-CIA head says he warned Russia about meddling BRENNAN, JOHN / CIA / RU
20170520 Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner 'person of interest in Russia investigation' FBI / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / KUSHNER, JARED
20170519 Russland-Affäre Enger Trump-Mitarbeiter offenbar im Visier der Ermittler FBI / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170518 Trump: Russia probe is greatest witch hunt of a politician in US history TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU
20170518 Ex-FBI Chief Mueller Named Special Counsel on Russia Probe MUELLER, ROBERT / FBI / US / RU
20170517 House majority leader to colleagues in 2016: ‘I think Putin pays’ Trump MCCARTHY, KEVIN / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / ROHRABACHER, DANA
20170517 Putin ready to provide records of Trump-Lavrov talks to prove no secrets were leaked PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / US / TRUMP, DONALD / LAVROV, SERGEY
20170516 Sanktionen Ukraine sperrt russische Internetdienste UA / RU / VKONTAKTE
20170511 "Pokémon Go" in der Kirche Dreieinhalb Jahre auf Bewährung für russischen Blogger RU
20170511 Russia 'full-scope cyber actor' which will remain 'major threat' to US - intel director COATS, DAN / RU
20170510 Der Comey-Skandal Trump, Russland und das FBI TRUMP, DONALD / FBI / RU / COMEY, JAMES
20170508 From Russia With Love: Eric Trump Reportedly Bragged About Access to $100 Million in Russian Money - “We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia. TRUMP, ERIC / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170504 German spy chief: Decision on whether to use ‘hacked data’ in Bundestag elex will be made in Kremlin MAASSEN, HANS-GEORG / BUNDESTAG / RU
20170503 FBI director: I have 'never' been anonymous source on Clinton, Trump investigations COMEY, JAMES / FBI / CLINTON, HILLARY / RU / WIKILEAKS


Date Source Title Tags
20170424 Ukraine soldiers bombarded by ‘pinpoint propaganda’ texts UA / RU
20170422 Did Russia Shoot Down US Missiles In Syria RU / US / SY
20170422 Konflikt mit Russland Nato fliegt Rekordzahl an Kampfjet-Einsätzen RU / NATO
20170419 Briefing by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova, Moscow, April 19, 2017 RU / ZAKHAROVA, MARIA / FACEBOOK
20170414 Surprise: Trump has suddenly found a way to use anti-Russia talking points in his favor TRUMP, DONALD / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20170413 Trump und Russland Britischer Geheimdienst soll früh vor Kontakten nach Moskau gewarnt haben GCHQ / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / HANNIGAN, ROBERT / BRENNAN, JOHN
20170413 Congress Panics As US Oil Assets Could Fall Into Russian Hands If Venezuela Defaults VE / RU / OIL / US
20170410 Russia slaps Facebook with ‘Google Tax’ FACEBOOK / RU / GOOGLE
20170410 US completely unwilling to cooperate on Syria & consider other interests – Kremlin SY / US / RU
20170409 Trump considering sanctions against Russia & Iran over Syria – US envoy to UN HALEY, NIKKI / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / IR
20170408 US-Luftschlag in Syrien Russland und Iran werfen Trump Unberechenbarkeit vor SY / RU / IR / US
20170407 US afraid of real investigation into Syria chemical incident – Russian deputy UN envoy SY / RU / US
20170407 Reaktionen auf US-Angriff in Syrien Russland sieht Beziehungen zu USA "signifikant beschädigt" RU / US / RU-US
20170406 Pentagon, White House in detailed discussions on military options in Syria - US official PENTAGON / WHITE HOUSE / US / SY / RU
20170404 Chomsky: With U.S. History of Overthrowing Govts, Outrage over Russian Hacking Claims is Laughable CHOMSKY, NOAM / US / RU
20170402 Proteste und Festnahmen in Russland "Bleib lieber weg!" RU
20170401 Moscow And Beijing Join Forces To Bypass US Dollar In Global Markets, Shift To Gold Trade RU / CN / GOLD / USD
20170401 ‘Press 2 if hackers needed’: Russian FM April Fools voicemail leaves US media unamused RU


Date Source Title Tags
20170331 Here’s what we know so far about Team Trump’s ties to Russian interests TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170329 Medvedev Is Out: Anti-Corruption Protests Cost Russia's Prime Minister his Future MEDVEDEV, DMITRIY / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU
20170327 Proteste in Russland Die Jungen begehren auf, der Staat schlägt zurück RU
20170323 US-Präsident vs. FBI: Trump und die Russen-Disco TRUMP, DONALD / FBI / RU
20170321 Vorwürfe gegen Trump-Team Ex-BND-Chef nennt Untersuchung in Russland-Affäre "absolut gravierend" HANNING, AUGUST / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170320 Luftangriffe in Syrien Russland bestellt israelischen Botschafter ein SY / RU / IL
20170320 FBI confirms probe into Trump’s alleged ties with Moscow during 2016 election campaign FBI / COMEY, JAMES / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170320 FBI & NSA chiefs testify in Congress on Trump, Russia, wiretapping (WATCH LIVE) FBI / NSA / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / COMEY, JAMES / ROGERS, MIKE
20170314 Foreign secret services stepping up efforts to destabilize Russia – top security official PATRUSHEV, NIKOLAY / RU
20170310 ‘Great threat to global security’: Russia urges US to explain CIA hacking exposed by WikiLeaks WIKILEAKS / CIA / RU
20170308 #1917LIVE: Russian revolution begins RU
20170308 Sturz des russischen Zaren "Und mir hat keiner gesagt, dass es eine Revolution gibt!" RU
20170308 Hacks und Propaganda "Im Kreml glaubt man an Verschwörungen" SOLDATOW, ANDREJ / RU
20170308 Spionage-Angst auf Russland-Reise Dänische Abgeordnete lassen Smartphones daheim DK / RU
20170304 Russia invites NATO leadership for ‘open discussion’ at Moscow Security Conference NATO / RU
20170303 Trump und Russland Obamas Gift OBAMA, BARACK / TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU
20170302 Russian Embassy brushes aside Sessions contact allegation SESSIONS, JEFF / RU
20170302 Jeff Sessions Trumps Justizminister verschwieg Kontakte zu Russland SESSIONS, JEFF / RU
20170301 Sessions met with Russian envoy twice last year, encounters he later did not disclose SESSIONS, JEFF / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20170228 Vereinte Nationen Russland und China stimmen gegen Syrien-Sanktionen SY / RU / CN / UN
20170225 Ukrainischer Gasmagnat Firtasch Der Oligarch, den Amerika jagt FIRTASCH, DMITRO / UA / AT / RU / US / GAZPROM / ROSUKRENERGO
20170221 Estonia’s spy chief warns UK against Russian ‘honeytraps’ for British troops in E. Europe - report EE / GB / RU / HONEY TRAP
20170220 US intel ‘routinely taps Russian ambassador’s communications’ – Lavrov KISLYAK, SERGEY / US / RU / LAVROV, SERGEY
20170220 Russian ambassador to UN Vitaly Churkin dies day before turning 65 CHURKIN, VITALY / RU / UN
20170219 US-Verhältnis zu Russland "Der Kongress wird Russland in den Arsch treten" GRAHAM, LINDSEY / US / RU
20170218 Four NATO powers prefer Russia to the US, Gallup poll shows NATO / RU / US
20170218 ‘CIA leaks like a sieve, Obama’s holdovers should be probed' - Roger Stone, former Trump adviser STONE, ROGER / CIA / RU / US / FLYNN, MICHAEL
20170217 Russia to clear entire Soviet debt by year-end RU
20170216 US intel agencies keep Trump in dark citing alleged ‘Russian contacts’ – media US / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170215 Russia tells White House it will not return Crimea to Ukraine RU / CRIMEA / UA / US
20170210 U.S. Investigators Corrobate Some Aspects of Russia Dossier STEELE, CHRISTOPHER / RU / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20170207 German intel finds no proof of Russian ‘disinformation ops’ against Berlin – govt source DISINFORMATION / DE / RU
20170206 Bericht der Geheimdienste Keine "Smoking Gun" aus Russland DISINFORMATION / DE / RU
20170203 ‘I haven’t eased anything,’ Trump says after Treasury amends sanctions on Russian FSB TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / FSB
20170203 Heftige Kämpfe in der Ostukraine Trump enttäuscht den Kreml UA / RU / US / HALEY, NIKKI
20170202 There’s Something Very Weird Happening Inside Russia’s Cybersecurity World - The arrest of several of Russia’s top cybersecurity figures has led to speculation that there’s a shake-up inside the country’s national security service related to hacks surrounding the US election. STOYANOV, RUSLAN / KASPERSKY / RU / FSB / MIKHAILOV, SERGEI / DOKUCHAZEV, DMITRY


Date Source Title Tags
20170125 Russia Arrests Kaspersky Cybercrime Hunter In 'Treason Probe' STOYANOV, RUSLAN / RU / KASPERSKY
20170123 Beeinflussung von Wahlen in Europa EU-Diplomaten warnen vor Putins Propaganda EU / RU
20170123 Russian State TV Praises Trump for Avoiding ‘Democracy’ in Inauguration Speech: The Kremlin's ‘chief propagandist’ welcomes America's new president and slams his millions of critics TRUMP, DONALD / RU / KISEYOV, DMITRY
20170115 Big surge in cyberattacks on Russia amid US hacking hysteria – Russian security chief CYBERWAR / RU / PATRUSHEV, NIKOLAY / US
20170114 Report: CIA set up task-force in 2016 to investigate possible Russian funding of Trump's campaign TRUMP, DONALD / CIA / RU
20170114 Spaltung des Westens BND wirft Russland gezielte Stimmungsmache vor BND / PROPAGANDA / RU
20170111 Christopher Steele, Ex-British Intelligence Officer, Said to Have Prepared Dossier on Trump - Former spy is director of London-based Orbis Intelligence Ltd. STEELE, CHRISTOPHER / ORBIS INTELLIGENCE / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20170111 The story of the Trump dossier: secret sources, an airport rendezvous, and John McCain TRUMP, DONALD / RU / FBI / MCCAIN, JOHN / CORN, DAVID / COMEY, JAMES
20170111 These Reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties To Russia TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / KOMPROMAT
20170108 Hacking-Verdacht Abgeordnete zweifeln an Trumps Kuschelkurs mit Russland TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / CIA / FBI / NSA
20170107 US-Geheimdienst: Der Putin-Report ATTRIBUTION / US / RU
20170106 Young Russian denies she aided election hackers: ‘I never work with douchebags’ SHEVCHENKO, ALISA / ESAGE LAB / ZOR / RU / US / DIALOGNAUKA / BRIAN BARTHOLOMEW / KASPERSKY / ATTRIBUTION
20170106 Putin Ordered ‘Influence Campaign’ Aimed at U.S. Election, Report Says US / RU / ATTRIBUTION / DNC / WIKILEAKS
20170106 US-Geheimdienste Russland soll Mails über Umwege an WikiLeaks weitergegeben haben WIKILEAKS / RU / US
20170101 Facts force Washington Post to backtrack on report that Russia hacked US power grid ATTRIBUTION / US / RU / GRIZZLY STEPPE / BURLINGTON ELECTRIC
20170101 Mutmaßliche Hackerangriffe Russische Diplomaten verlassen die USA US / RU



Date Source Title Tags
20161231 "Grizzly Steppe" Russische Hacker sollen US-Stromversorger angegriffen haben ATTRIBUTION / US / RU / GRIZZLY STEPPE / BURLINGTON ELECTRIC
20161231 ‘Russian hackers’ penetrate US power grid with ‘outdated Ukrainian malware’ ATTRIBUTION / US / RU
20161230 Something About This Russia Story Stinks ATTRIBUTION / US / RU / CYBERWAR
20161230 Creator of NSA’s Global Surveillance System Calls B.S. On Russian Hacking Report ATTRIBUTION / DNC / US / RU / WIKILEAKS / BINNEY, WILLIAM
20161230 Kremlin: New sanctions underline Obama admin’s ‘unpredictable & aggressive’ foreign policy RU / US / OBAMA, BARACK
20161230 Ärger um US-Sanktionen Trump schwärmt von Putin US / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20161229 Russia sanctions? Trump says US needs to ‘get on with our lives’ instead TRUMP, DONALD / RU / SANCTIONS
20161229 US-Bericht über russischen Hackerangriff Operation "Grizzly Steppe" US / RU / CYBERWAR
20161230 Hackeraffäre Russland will vorerst doch keine US-Diplomaten ausweisen RU / US / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20161230 Hacker-Affäre Russland will auch 35 Diplomaten ausweisen RU / US
20161229 Mutmaßliche Hackerangriffe USA weisen 35 russische Diplomaten aus US / RU / OBAMA, BARACK
20161226 Ende der Sowjetunion "Adieu, rote Flagge. Du warst uns Feind und Bruder" RU / SU
20161220 Mord an russischem Botschafter "Der Schütze war unruhig" KARLOW, ANDREJ / TR / RU / ALTINTAS, MEVLÜT MERT
20161220 Mord an russischem Botschafter Was wollte der Attentäter von Ankara? KARLOW, ANDREJ / TR / RU / ALTINTAS, MEVLÜT MERT
20161220 Attentat in der Türkei Was der Mord an Putins Botschafter bedeutet KARLOW, ANDREJ / TR / RU / SY
20161219 Türkei Russischer Botschafter in Ankara erschossen KARLOW, ANDREJ / TR / RU
20161218 Vorwürfe an Russland Senatoren fordern Sonderausschuss wegen Hackerangriffen US / RU
20161217 FBI chief agrees with CIA on Russia’s alleged election help for Trump – report US / FBI / CIA / RU / TRUMP, DONALD
20161216 Radio-Interview Obama kündigt Vergeltung für russische Hackerangriffe an PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / CIA
20161215 EU-Gipfel Merkel wirft Russland und Iran Verbrechen in Aleppo vor MERKEL, ANGELA / RU / IR / SY
20161215 US-Demokraten Putin soll in Hackerangriff involviert gewesen sein PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / CIA
20161215 U.S. Officials: Putin Personally Involved in U.S. Election Hack PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / CIA / MCFAUL, MICHAEL
20161213 The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S. US / RU / DNC
20161213 Russian hitmen been killing with impunity in Turkey? TR / RU / ISRAPILOV, RUSLAN
20161213 Exclusive: Top U.S. spy agency has not embraced CIA assessment on Russia hacking - sources CIA / RU / ODNI / TRUMP, DONALD
20161212 Angebliche Hilfe aus Moskau Der Russland-Krimi belastet Trump TRUMP, DONALD / CIA / RU
20161212 White House attacks Trump over connections to Russia and RT EARNEST, JOSH / WHITE HOUSE / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20161211 ‘It’s ridiculous’: Trump on CIA claims that Moscow helped him win US Presidency TRUMP, DONALD / CIA / RU
20161211 Angebliche Wahlhilfe durch Russland Trump nennt CIA-Bericht "lächerlich" TRUMP, DONALD / CIA / RU
20161210 CIA concludes Russia interfered to help Trump win election, say reports CIA / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / WIKILEAKS
20161210 Hacker-Angriffe Moskau wollte laut CIA Trump zum Sieg verhelfen CIA / RU / US / CLINTON, HILLARY / TRUMP, DONALD / WIKILEAKS
20161209 National Security: Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House CIA / RU / TRUMP, DONALD / US
20161209 Russia Hacked Republican Committee but Kept Data, U.S. Concludes RNC / RU / US / WIKILEAKS / TRUMP, DONALD
20161206 Vladimir Putin signs new Russian information security doctrine PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU
20161201 Russia accuses Ukraine of sabotaging Trump: A Foreign Ministry official says Ukrainian officials hampered Trump by targeting Manafort. MANAFORT, PAUL / TRUMP, DONALD / UA / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20161129 Jolla’s Sailfish OS now certified as Russian government’s first ‘Android alternative’ RU / JOLLA / SAILFISH
20161124 If EU parliament resolution to counter Russian media implemented, retaliation will follow – Moscow EU / RU
20161124 Nach Festnahme in Prag USA und Russland streiten um russischen Hacker NIKULIN, JEWGENI / CZ / RU / US
20161121 Russian Communications Expert Says Kremlin Is Hacker-Proof RU
20161121 Putin optimistic about OPEC deal to cap oil output OPEC / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU
20161119 demands explanation for Russian media plane being shadowed by Swiss fighter jets RU / CH
20161118 Plane with Russian journalists on way to Peru tracked by Swiss fighter jets (VIDEO, PHOTOS) RU / CH
20161118 Putin: Russia will oppose any attempts to break global strategic balance, incl. NATO missile system PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / NATO
20161118 Außenminister Lawrow Obamas Ratschlag für Trump verärgert Russland LAVROV, SERGEY / OBAMA, BARACK / RU / US
20161117 'Made in Russia' could be coming to a store near you RU
20161116 The NSA Chief Says Russia Hacked the 2016 Election. Congress Must Investigate. ROGERS, MICHAEL / NSA / US / RU / WIKILEAKS / DNC
20161112 Putin: Russian military not threatening anybody, we are protecting our borders PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU
20161110 US-Wahl Russland hatte Kontakt zu Trumps Wahlkampfteam TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20161109 Trump’s Win Signals Open Season for Russia’s Political Hackers RU / US / INFORMATION WARFARE
20161109 ‘Yes We Did’: Russia’s establishment basks in Trump’s victory RU / US
20161109 ‘Reflection of insecurity?’ Merkel claims ‘Russian hackers’ might derail German elections MERKEL, ANGELA / RU / DE
20161109 Putin on Trump victory: Russia is ready to restore relations with US PUTIN, VLADIMIR / TRUMP, DONALD / RU / US
20161105 Russia demands Washington explain after reports say US military hacked into Russian networks CYBERWAR / RU / US
20161104 U.S. Govt. Hackers Ready to Hit Back If Russia Tries to Disrupt Election US / RU / CYBERWAR
20161103 The Russians Read our Cold War Playbook RU / US / COLD WAR
20161103 Russian manufacturing activity back on track RU
20161103 Monitors’ absence at US elections proves Russia has no intent of meddling – official RU / US / OSCE
20161102 Staff blocked from Amnesty Moscow office: employee AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20161031 Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia TRUMP, DONALD / FBI / RU
20161031 A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump TRUMP, DONALD / RU / FBI
20161021 John McAfee: 'Iran hacked the DNC, and North Korea hacked DYN' MCAFEE, JOHN / DNC / DYN / IR / KP / RU / ATTRIBUTION
20161020 How Russia Pulled Off the Biggest Election Hack in U.S. History DNC / RU / WIKILEAKS / DCLEAKS
20161018 Russian sanctions have cost Exxon over $1 billion EXXON / RU
20161018 Ukraine-Gipfel Merkel empfängt Putin an diesem Mittwoch MERKEL, ANGELA / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / DE / RU / FR / UA
20161015 'Obama cyber saber-rattling against Russia possible ploy to boost Clinton camp' JATRAS, JIM / RU / US / DNC / WIKILEAKS
20161015 Kremlin: Russia faces unprecedented cyber-threats from the US PESKOV, DMITRY / RU / US
20161015 CIA working on ‘clandestine’ cyberattack against Russia – report US / RU / BIDEN, JOSEPH / CIA
20161015 Möglicher Cyber-Angriff "Botschaft mit größter Wirkung" - USA drohen Russland US / RU / BIDEN, JOSEPH / CIA / PODESTA, JOHN / CLINTON, HILLARY / WIKILEAKS
20161014 CIA Prepping for Possible Cyber Strike Against Russia US / RU / CIA / BIDEN, JOE
20161011 Russia's Preference for Open-Source to Hurt U.S. Tech Stocks RU / INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY
20161010 Putin: Russia, Turkey call for urgent end to bloodshed in Syria PUTIN, VLADIMIR / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / TR / RU / SY
20161008 Russia Hack of U.S. Politics Bigger Than Disclosed, Includes GOP US / RU
20161008 'Clinton campaign blames Russian hackers as Assange promises more leaks' US / CLINTON, HILLARY / RU / ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS
20161008 Kaliningrad Russland stationiert Iskander-Raketen nahe EU-Grenze KALININGRAD / RU
20161007 Cyberattacke USA werfen Russland Wahlbeeinflussung vor US / RU / DCLEAKS / WIKILEAKS / DNC
20161007 US gov't officially accuses Russia of political hacks US / RU / DCLEAKS / WIKILEAKS / DNC
20161005 US seeks to enforce global dominance by unleashing war on countries who oppose it – Assad AL-ASSAD, BASHAR / SY / US / RU
20161001 Direct aggression by US against Damascus to cause 'tectonic shift' in Middle East - Moscow SY / US / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20160925 Vorwurf von Kriegsverbrechen Russland verbittet sich Kritik an Syrienpolitik SY / RU
20160923 Putin: USSR could have been reformed, there was no need to destroy it PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU
20160923 Wahlkommission Zahl der russischen Soldaten in Syrien enthüllt SY / RU
20160921 "Admiral Kusnezow" Russland schickt Flugzeugträger an syrische Küste RU / SY
20160921 US intel head suggests Russia behind DNC hacks, says Moscow tried to affect elections in past CLAPPER, JAMES / DNC / US / RU
20160917 USA und Russland Streit über Syrien ist neu entflammt SY / US / RU
20160916 Robot arrested by Russian police at political rally in Moscow ROBOTICS / RU
20160916 FBI stepping up search for evidence to indict Russian hackers – reports FBI / RU / DNC / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / EARNEST, JOSH
20160915 US spy agencies divert resources from war on terror to focus on alleged Russian threat – report US / RU
20160908 Ukrainekrise EU verlängert Sanktionen gegen Putin-Vertraute EU / RU / UA
20160906 ‘Loss of reputation’: Lawmaker hints at Clinton ‘phobia’ after Russian threat statements CLINTON, HILLARY / YAROVAYA, IRINA / RU
20160905 Vor der Parlamentswahl Russland erklärt Meinungsforscher zu Agenten LEWADA / RU
20160904 Die Stadt, die es nicht gab EE / SILLAMAEE / RU / NUCLEAR WEAPONS
20160901 Russian human rights advocates propose alternative NGO for Eurasian states HUMAN RIGHTS / RU / EARG
20160901 ‘Why is Clinton using Russia as punching bag for her electoral contest?’ CLINTON, HILLARY / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20160826 Russia, US reduce areas of misunderstanding on Syria as Lavrov & Kerry agree concrete steps SY / RU / US
20160826 Gespräche in Genf: USA und Russland einig über Waffenruhe im Syrien-Konflikt SY / RU / US
20160826 ‘Progressing senility’: Poklonskaya blasts Kiev for calling Crimean elections ‘illegal’ POKLONSKAYA, NATALIA / UA / RU
20160819 Ukraine: Putin hält Treffen mit russischem Sicherheitsrat auf Krim ab RU / UA
20160818 Turkey considering military ties with Russia as NATO shows unwillingness to cooperate – Ankara TR / RU / NATO
20160816 Enthüllungen über Chefberater: Trumps geheime Russland-Connection TRUMP, DONALD / MANAFORT, PAUL / RU
20160815 American Pravda: Did the US Plan a Nuclear First Strike Against Russia in the Early 1960s? US / RU
20160815 30% of Russians see failed 1991 coup as national tragedy RU
20160812 Washington considers sanctioning Moscow over DNC email leak - report US / DNC / RU / WIKILEAKS / PELOSI, NANCY
20160810 ‘Kiev has turned to terrorism’: Putin on foiled sabotage plot in Crimea CRIMEA / UA / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20160811 FSB busts internet ring recruiting terrorists for ISIS FSB / RU / ISIS
20160811 U.S. Considers Sanctions Against Russia in Response to Hacks of Democratic Groups - Levying sanctions would require White House to publicly accuse Russia or Russian-backed hackers US / RU / DNC
20160811 Krimkrise: Angst vor einem neuen Krieg CRIMEA / UA / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / POROSCHENKO, PETRO
20160810 Russian FSB foils terrorist attacks plotted by Ukrainian intel agents in Crimea FSB / RU / UA
20160802 Who does the Kremlin want to win: Clinton or Trump? RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / CLINTON, HILLARY / TRUMP, DONALD
20160801 ‘Absurd’ election rhetoric: Kremlin, Assange slam Clinton for blaming DNC leaks on Russia DNC / CLINTON, HILLARY / RU / WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN / CLAPPER, JAMES
20160801 Nach Hackerangriff: Clinton wirft russischen Geheimdiensten Partei-Ausspähung vor CLINTON, HILLARY / RU / WIKILEAKS / DNC / TRUMP, DONALD


Date Source Title Tags
20160731 Russia sends military planes, biohazard troops to fight Siberian anthrax outbreak ANTHRAX / RU
20160729 Turkey-Russia Relations Could Benefit in Wake of Failed Coup TR / RU
20160727 Moscow to consider lifting Turkish food embargo RU / TR
20160727 Trump Says Russia Should Find Clinton's Missing Emails TRUMP, DONALD / RU / CLINTON, HILLARY / DNC
20160727 Türkei nach dem Putsch: Erdogans Flirt mit Putin provoziert die Nato ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / TR / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20160727 Democrats trying to 'deflect horror & stupidity of WikiLeaks disaster' – Trump DNC / WIKILEAKS / RU / TRUMP, DONALD
20160727 E-Mails der US-Demokraten: Kreml weist amerikanische Hacking-Vorwürfe zurück DNC / OBAMA, BARACK / RU / WIKILEAKS
20160725 Putin’s Sinister Role in the Failed Turkish Coup - Analysis: Pulling Erdogan from Western Orbit is a Russian Objective RU / TR / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP
20160724 As Democrats Gather, a Russian Subplot Raises Intrigue DNC / WIKILEAKS / RU / TRUMP, DONALD
20160724 IOC-Beschluss zu Russland: Dabeisein ist alles IOC / RU
20160722 Did Russian intelligence warn Turkish government of impending coup? TR / RU
20160722 Were Turkish Coup Planners Involved In Downing Russian Jet? RU / TR / US
20160722 Abschuss von russischem Jet: Erdogan verkündet Festnahme türkischer Piloten TR / RU / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP
20160722 Syrien: Russische Jets sollen US-Stützpunkt angegriffen haben RU / US / SY
20160721 Were Turkish Coup Planners Involved in Downing Russian Jet? TR / RU
20160721 Russia warned Turkey about plotted coup RU / TR
20160721 Hours Before Military Coup Attempt, Turkey Warned by Russia – Reports RU / TR
20160721 Russia Warned Turkish Government About Imminent Coup - Reports RU / TR
20160720 Russian military saved Erdogan from coup, media reports TR / RU / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP
20160720 Erdogan Warned of Incoming Coup by Russian Alert ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / TR / RU / GUELEN, FETHULLAH
20160720 New Russian anti-terror laws fight US global information monopoly, key sponsor claims RU
20160710 Litauens Präsidentin Grybauskaite: "Wir müssen Putins Paranoia ernst nehmen" GRYBAUSKAITE, DALIA / LT / NATO / RU
20160708 Russland und die Nato: Putin sammelt Feinde NATO / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20160706 Moskaus Versöhnung mit der Türkei: Wie frisch verliebt TR / RU / TR-RU


Date Source Title Tags
20160628 Putin to have phone conversation with Erdogan on Wednesday – Kremlin PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / TR / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP
20160627 Erdogan apologizes to Putin over death of Russian pilot, calls Russia ‘friend & strategic partner’ ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / TR / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20160625 ‘Mass surveillance doesn't work’: Snowden lashes out at Russia’s new anti-terror bill SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU
20160623 Are Russia's anti-terror laws designed to fight democracy? RU
20160623 Nato und Russland: Erler warnt vor Eskalation "bis hin zum Krieg" STEINMEIER, FRANK-WALTER / DE / NATO / RU / ERLER, GERNOT
20160622 Truppen in Osteuropa: Putin kündigt Reaktion auf "aggressive" Nato an RU / NATO / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20160621 Steinmeier-Zitat: Russlands Hardliner wittern den Wandel STEINMEIER, FRANK-WALTER / RU
20160621 Putin visit to Beijing promises to cement Russia-China economic ties RU / CN
20160621 Duma committee softens restrictions on exiting Russia in new anti-terrorist bill RU
20160618 Doping: Russland ermittelt gegen Whistleblower Rodtschenkow IOC / RU / US / RODTSCHENKOW, GRIGORIJ
20160616 NATO aims to feed fears by painting Russia as ‘treacherous enemy’ – Russian Defense Ministry NATO / RU
20160615 Posh restaurant near Kremlin ditches Visa & MasterCard to prop up Russian payment system RU / MIR
20160614 Russian government hackers penetrated DNC, stole opposition research on Trump DNC / RU
20160614 Konflikt mit der Nato: Putin lässt Einsatzbereitschaft der Armee prüfen RU
20160601 Russia and Saudi Arabia dump $50bn in US assets RU / SA / US
20160601 ‘Exemplary intl relations:’ Russia-China ties at their peak despite Western sanctions RU / CN / RU-CN


Date Source Title Tags
20160531 ‘I have difficulty understanding it’: Erdogan wants to mend ties with Russia, but doesn’t know how ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / TR / RU
20160527 Steinmeier im Baltikum: Beruhigungspillen gegen die Putin-Phobie STEINMEIER, FRANK-WALTER / NATO / LT / EE / LV / RU
20160527 Putin: Romania ‘in crosshairs’ after opening NATO missile defense base RO / NATO / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / GR / TSIPRAS, ALEXIS
20160522 Gorbachev says US was ‘rubbing its hands with glee’ after Soviet Union’s demise GORBACHEV, MIKHAIL / US / RU
20160514 Japanisches Meer: Nordkorea setzt russische Jacht fest KP / RU
20160513 Putin: Russia will consider tackling NATO missile defense threat NATO / RO / US / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20160513 Raketenschutzschirm in Osteuropa: Putin sieht Nato-Pläne als weltweite Bedrohung NATO / RO / TR / PL / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20160505 Counter-Propaganda, Russian Style RU / PROPAGANDA


Date Source Title Tags
20160430 Wichtigste Industriestaaten: Kanzleramt hält Rückkehr Russlands in die G8 für ausgeschlossen KANZLERAMT / G8 / RU / DE / US
20160430 Syrien: Russland lehnt Feuerpause im umkämpften Aleppo ab ALEPPO / SY / RU
20160427 Revealed: Downing Street aides traded bogus secrets for SEX with undercover Russian and Chinese 'honey-trap' spies GB / CN / RU / HONEY TRAP
20160424 Schwächelnde Wirtschaft: Russischer Staatsfonds hofft auf deutsche Investoren RU / DE / RDIF
20160419 Most Russians regret USSR collapse, dream of its return, poll shows RU
20160417 ‘Erratic & aggressive’: Pentagon protests Russian interception of US spy plane BALTIC SEA / US / RU
20160408 Ende der Funkstille: Nato-Russland-Rat tagt erstmals seit 2014 NATO / RU
20160407 Putin on Panama Papers: 'Info product' aimed to destabilize Russia PANAMAPAPERS / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / WIKILEAKS / ROLDUGIN, SERGEY
20160405 Panama-Daten und die Russen: Das System ist korrupt. Na und? PANAMAPAPERS / RU
20160404 Putinophobia hits boiling point: Kremlin says ‘insinuations’ in Panama leak don’t need response PANAMAPAPERS / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU
20160404 Kampf um Bergkarabach: Plötzlich wieder Krieg AZ / AM / TR / RU
20160401 Turkey is key supplier of weapons, military hardware to ISIS - Russian envoy to UN TR / ISIS / RU / UN


Date Source Title Tags
20160331 Putin Aide Details Russia's Gameplan Against the Empire - The Empire's debt casino is unsustainable and the ruling oligarchy sees war as the only way to salvage their hegemony GLAZYEV, SERGEY / RU
20160330 Budweiser sales surge in Russia despite struggling beer market RU / BUDWEISER
20160328 Russia considering sanctions against UK over tax evasion support - financial crime consultant RU / TAX AVOIDANCE / GB / VG / KY
20160327 ‘Russia at war with Anglo-Saxon media’ – Putin spokesman INFORMATION WARFARE / RU / US / TR
20160318 Soros-Obama-Merkel-Erdogan Win Control of Europe SOROS, GEORGE / OBAMA, BARACK / MERKEL, ANGELA / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / EU / REFUGEES / OIL / QA / SA / TR / US / IR / IQ / RU
20160315 Putin-Befehl: Teilabzug aus Syrien beginnt - russische Soldaten packen ein PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / SY
20160314 Russland: Putin ordnet Truppenabzug aus Syrien an PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / SY
20160311 Systematische Schwächung: Sicherheitskreise werfen Moskau gezielte Propaganda gegen EU vor RU / DE / SENSBURG, PATRICK / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / PROPAGANDA


Date Source Title Tags
20160211 Krieg in Syrien: Russen geben USA die Schuld an jüngsten Angriffen auf Aleppo ALEPPO / SY / RU / US


Date Source Title Tags
20160129 Korruptionsvorwürfe gegen Putin: Kreml empört sich über US-Regierung US / RU
20160127 Sicherheitslage nach Anschlag: Russland spricht Reisewarnung für Türkei aus RU / TR
20160126 Angebliche Vergewaltigung einer 13-Jährigen: Russland wirft deutschen Behörden Vertuschung vor RU / DE
20160125 Russia ties with Thais at 'strongest' point RU / TH
20160121 UK to summon Russian ambassador over 'failure to cooperate' in Litvinenko case GB / RU / BEREZOVKSY, BORIS / MAY, THERESA / LITVINENKO, ALEXANDER / KOVTUN, DMITRY / LUGOVOY, ANDREY
20160106 Umstrittene Krim-Zuordnung: Coca-Cola verärgert Russen und Ukrainer COCA COLA / US / RU



Date Source Title Tags
20151231 Russia’s national security strategy for 2016 in 9 key points RU / COLOR REVOLUTIONS
20151230 Neue EU-Taskforce: Infokrieg gegen Russenpropaganda EU / RU / DISINFORMATION
20151226 Turkish ‘traitor’ MP’s revelations on sarin transfers must be probed, reported to UNSC – Moscow ERDEM, EREN / SARIN / TR / RU
20151224 US National Insecurity: The Art Of Blaming Russia (For Everything) US / RU / GOMEZ, CHRISTIAN / PROPAGANDA
20151224 Revanche für Sanktionen: Kreml will sich für die USA "etwas Besonderes" ausdenken RU / US
20151223 Ärger um ZDF-Doku über Putin - Der falsche Igor ZDF / SCHUMANN, DIETMAR / PROPAGANDA / RU / UA
20151223 Turkey ‘officially acknowledges’ attack on Su-24 was a planned step - Russian MoD TR / RU / SY
20151223 Caught in the act: German state channel accused of faking Russian soldiers in Ukraine ZDF / SCHUMANN, DIETMAR / PROPAGANDA / RU / UA
20151222 US military provided Assad with intel on extremists via Russia, Israel & Germany - report AL-ASSAD, BASHAR / SY / US / DIA / RU / IL / DE
20151220 320 foreign spies and agents exposed in Russia in 2015 – Putin RU
20151217 ‘Cancer of Europe’ – Russian Duma speaker calls for NATO dissolution RU / NATO
20151215 ‘We see Syria fundamentally very similarly’ – Kerry after talks with Putin, Lavrov LAVROV, SERGEY / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / KERRY, JOHN / US / RU
20151209 Turkey detains & deports Russian journalists investigating ISIS oil trade reports TR / OIL / ISIS / RU
20151209 Abgeschossener Kampfjet: Putin bittet Briten um Hilfe bei Auswertung von Blackbox RU / GB / TR
20151209 Konflikt zwischen Ankara und Moskau: Türkei wirft Russland ethnische Säuberung in Syrien vor TR / RU / SY
20151204 Mountain Ambush TR / RU / SY
20151203 Vorwurf an Türkei: Moskau bleibt Beweise für Ölhandel mit IS schuldig TR / OIL / ISIS / RU
20151203 Putin zum türkischen Jet-Abschuss: "Das werden sie noch bereuen" RU / TR
20151203 ‘Allah took their sanity’: Putin accuses Turkish leadership of ‘aiding terror’ RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / TR
20151202 'Great partners': Pentagon rejects Russian evidence of Turkey aiding ISIS US / TR / ISIS / RU
20151202 Russia presents proof of Turkey’s role in ISIS oil trade OIL / ISIS / TR / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20151130 Prosecutors ban Soros Foundation as ‘threat to Russian national security’ OSI / RU / SOROS, GEORGE
20151130 Begründung für Jet-Abschuss: Putin wirft Türkei Öl-Geschäfte mit dem IS vor OIL / TR / ISIS / SY / RU
20151128 Erdogan zu Su-24-Abschuss: "Wir wünschten, es wäre nicht passiert" TR / RU
20151128 Reaktion auf Su-24-Abschuss: Russland verhängt scharfe Sanktionen gegen die Türkei TR / RU
20151127 Syrian Turkmen commander who 'killed' Russian pilot turns out to be Turkish ultranationalist SY / TR / CELIK, ALPARSLAN / RU
20151127 UK, Russia can defeat ISIS together – Russian ambassador UK / RU
20151127 Russia to suspend visa-free travel with Turkey after Su-24 downing RU / TR
20151126 Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey's President ERDOGAN, BILAL / OIL / TR / RU / ISIS
20151126 Su-24-Abschuss: Erdogan lehnt Entschuldigung bei Russland ab ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / TR / RU
20151126 Nach Abschuss von Kampfbomber: Türkei will Russland besänftigen TR / RU
20151126 Streit mit der Türkei: Russland startet Vergeltung - mit Gemüsekontrollen TR / RU
20151126 Audiomitschnitte vor Su-24-Abschuss: "Sie nähern sich türkischem Luftraum!" TR / RU / SY
20151125 “I gave the order myself” − Turkish PM on downing Russian plane DAVUTOGLU, AHMET / TR / RU / SY
20151125 Kampf um die Lufthoheit: Wenn Russland und die Türkei streiten, freut sich der IS RU / TR
20151125 Abschuss von russischem Kampfjet: Die Chronologie der Eskalation TR / RU / SY
20151125 Downed in 17 seconds? Where Turkey’s story of Su-24 violating airspace just doesn’t add up TR / RU
20151125 Putin will respond: Russians feel betrayed as Turkey stabs them in the back TR / RU
20151125 Abgeschossener russischer Kampfjet: Türkisches Militär veröffentlicht Mitschnitt von Warnungen TR / RU / SY
20511125 Streit um abgeschossenen Kampfjet: Russland wirft Türkei gezielten Hinterhalt vor TR / RU / SY
20151124 Russia deploys missile cruiser off Syria coast, ordered to destroy any target posing danger SY / RU / TR
20151124 Downing of Russian jet over Syria stab in the back by terrorist accomplices SY / RU / TR
20151124 Russian Su-24 pilots shot dead while parachuting over Syria - Turkmen militia SY / RU / TR
20151124 Nach Abschuss des Kampfjets: Nato warnt Türkei vor Eskalation mit Russland NATO / TR / RU
20151124 Fragwürdiger Luftkampf: Nur ein paar Sekunden auf der falschen Seite TR / RU / SY
20151124 Putin: Downing of Russian jet over Syria stab in the back by terrorist accomplices TR / RU / SY
20151124 Zwischenfall an türkisch-syrischer Grenze: Die Rache der Turkmenen SY / RU / TR
20151124 Abschuss von russischem Kampfjet: Putin droht mit Konsequenzen - Nato beruft Sondertreffen ein SY / RU / TR
20151124 Russland und Türkei: Freundschaft in Flammen SY / RU / TR
20151124 Grenze zu Syrien: Türkei schießt russischen Kampfjet ab SY / RU / TR
20151122 Angriff auf Stromleitungen: Russland ruft Notstand auf der Krim aus UA / RU
20151118 Streit über EU-Abkommen: Russland verbietet ukrainische Lebensmittelimporte UA / RU / EU
20151111 COLD WAR TACTICS: Norway says Russian spies are ensnaring its politicians in sex traps NO / RU / KOMPROMAT
20151107 Washington: Putin-Berater tot in Hotelzimmer gefunden LESSIN, MICHAIL / RU / RUSSIA TODAY
20151103 Russians to Putin: We Won’t Forget Stalin’s Crimes RU


Date Source Title Tags
20151031 ISIS claims downing Russian airliner in Sinai in reprisal for Moscow’s Syria air strikes 7K9268 / RU / ISIS / EG
20151025 Russian Ships Near Data Cables Are Too Close for U.S. Comfort RU / US
20151023 Snowden leaks reveal harmfulness of US monopoly on internet – Russian minister INTERNET / RU / US / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20151014 Kurden-Konflikt: Türkei bestellt Botschafter Russlands und der USA ein TR / RU / US
20151013 How Putin Tried to Control the Internet INTERNET / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / KRUTSKIKH, ANDREY / GROMYKO, ANDREI / FSB / FAPSI
20151011 Kampfjets in Syrien: Moskau empört über angebliche britische Abschusserlaubnis RU / SY / GB
20151008 Bellingcat accuses Russia of faking videos showing jets dropping bombs on ISIS RU / SY / PROPAGANDA / BELLINGCAT / HIGGINS, ELIOT


Date Source Title Tags
20150930 Intervention in Syrien: Russland bombardiert Rebellen - nicht den IS RU / SY
20150930 8 ISIS targets hit during 20 combat flights in Syria – Russian military RU / SY / ISIS
20150929 Russische Sicht auf UN-Gipfel "Punktsieg für Putin" RU / SY
20150922 Anschlag auf russischen Journalisten: 50 Schläge mit der Eisenstange RU / KASCHIN, OLEG / TURTSCHAK, ANDREJ
20150919 Syrien-Krieg: Putins Manöver zwingen USA zu Gesprächen SY / RU / US
20150919 Hilfe für Assad: Russland soll Kampfjets nach Syrien verlegt haben RU / SY
20150918 Bürgerkrieg: Russland erwägt Einsatz von Bodentruppen in Syrien RU / SY
20150910 Syrien-Krieg: Russische Militärbewegungen irritieren USA SY / RU / US
20150909 Exclusive: Russia building major military base near Ukrainian border RU / UA
20150908 Waffenlieferungen: Putins Geheimplan für Syrien SY / RU
20150905 Gerücht über Aufmarschpläne: USA warnen Russland vor Militäreinsatz in Syrien US / RU / SY
20150903 Gestoppter Kriegsschiff-Deal: Frankreich zahlt 949.754.849 Euro an Russland FR / RU / WEAPONTRADE
20150901 Putin says dump dollar PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / CIS / USD / EUR


Date Source Title Tags
20150827 Diamonds Worth Millions Vanish from 'Russia's Fort Knox' DIAMONDS / RU / SEVERALMAZ / GOKHRAN
20150820 Kissinger: ‘Breaking Russia has become objective for US’ KISSINGER, HENRY / RU / US
20150808 Beziehungen zu Russland: Moskau verweigert deutschem Militärattaché Visum RU / DE / GAWELLEK, GERT
20150807 Präsidentenerlass: Die wahren Gründe für Putins Lebensmittelverbrennungen RU
20150805 "Mistral"-Kriegsschiffe: Paris und Moskau lösen Rüstungsvertrag auf FR / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20150728 Ermittlungen der Bundesanwaltschaft: Russischer Physiker soll Max-Planck-Institut ausgeforscht haben DE / MPI / RU / NL
20150724 Wegen Streit mit US-Branchenriesen: Russland will eigene Ratingagentur gründen RATING / RU
20150723 Putin-Kritiker: Chodorkowski warnt USA vor Krieg gegen Russland KHODORKOVSKY, MICHAIL / UA / RU / US
20150710 Sex mit minderjährigen Schülern: Russen fordern Freilassung von US-Lehrerin SEX / US / RU
20150704 Jelena Baturina: Russlands reichste Frau fordert Medwedews Rücktritt MEDVEDEV, DMITRIY / BATURINA, JELENA / RU
20150703 Putin: We don’t expect any change in hostile policies toward Russia RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20150703 National Security: How the CIA ran a ‘billion dollar spy’ in Moscow CIA / RU
20150702 Neuer Strategiebericht: US-Militär stuft Russland und China als Bedrohung ein US / RU / CN
20150700 Inside the secret world of russia's cold war Mapmakers MAPS / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20150625 Russian satellite-gagging jammer field tests announced WEAPONS / RU / HERF / KRET
20150622 Ukraine-Krise: EU verlängert Wirtschaftssanktionen gegen Russland EU / RU
20150621 Streit um Jukos-Milliarden: Belgien gibt russische Konten frei BE / YUKOS / RU
20150620 50-Milliarden-Dollar-Urteil wegen Jukos: Russland droht wegen Kontensperrungen mit Vergeltung YUKOS / RU / BE / FR
20150619 Russian military to order major research to counter ‘color revolutions’ COLOR REVOLUTIONS / RU
20150618 Trotz Ukraine-Krise: Russland gilt als zuverlässiger Handelspartner RU
20150618 Russia to construct new gas pipeline to Germany via Baltic Sea – Gazprom RU / GAZPROM
20150618 France freezes Russian state assets, Moscow plans to appeal FR / RU
20150617 Russia cuts US debt holding by more than 40% over year RU / US
20150617 Ukraine-Krise: EU einigt sich auf Verlängerung von Russland-Sanktionen EU / RU / EMBARGO POLITICS
20150616 Moscow will respond to NATO approaching Russian borders ‘accordingly’ – Putin RU / NATO


Date Source Title Tags
20150602 The Agency - From a nondescript office building in St. Petersburg, Russia, an army of well-paid “trolls” has tried to wreak havoc all around the Internet — and in real-life American communities. FAKE NEWS / INTERNET RESEARCH AGENCY / RU / FACEBOOK / TWITTER
20150530 Diplomatischer Eklat: Moskau weitet Einreiseverbot auf weitere Deutsche aus DE / RU / EU
20150530 Einreiseverbote für Russland: Bundesregierung verlangt Aufklärung über Visa-Sperrliste DE / RU / EU
20150530 Trotz Sanktionen: Handel zwischen USA und Russland floriert EMBARGO POLITICS / EU / US / RU
20150529 Russische Troll-Bekämpferin: "Diese Scheusale an die Öffentlichkeit zerren" RU / PROPAGANDA
20150529 Russische Propaganda: Insiderin berichtet aus der Trollfabrik des Kreml RU / PROPAGANDA
20150528 Auch in Friedenszeiten: Putin erklärt Verluste in der Armee zum Staatsgeheimnis RU
20150526 Foto-Shooting mit Nationalflagge: Behörden ermitteln gegen "Miss Russland" RU
20150525 Ukraine-Vermittler: Russland verweigert CDU-Politiker Einreise WELLMANN, KARL-GEORG / RU / UA
20150520 Russia to take legal moves if Ukraine defaults on $3bn debt - finance minister RU / UA / IMF
20150518 Ukraine-Krise: Russische Gefangene sollen als Terroristen angeklagt werden UA / RU
20150512 Russisches Öl für China: Pumpen für die neue Weltordnung RU / CN / OIL


Date Source Title Tags
20150418 Schäuble zu Pipeline-Deal mit Moskau: "Alles, was Griechenland hilft, ist gut" RU / GR
20150418 Merkel says free trade zone with Russia possible DE / RU
20150412 Moscow hits out as Finland and Sweden seek closer ties with NATO NATO / FI / SE / RU
20150411 against Russia a counterproductive American game’ FR / RU
20150408 Griechischer Premier in Moskau: Tsipras lockt, Putin bremst GR / RU
20150406 Poland to build Russia border towers at Kaliningrad PL / RU
20150403 Hackers Leak Messages 'Between Kremlin and France’s Front National' FR / RU
20150402 Russia’s Yemen consulate damaged amid Saudi-led airstrikes – embassy source YE / RU / SA
20150401 Prognose: Weltbank rechnet mit langer Rezession in Russland WORLD BANK / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20150331 Russian analyst urges nuclear attack on Yellowstone National Park and San Andreas fault line RU / US
20150326 Russia warns NATO drills a ‘problem’ as US attack planes buzz Poland NATO / PL / RU
20150322 Diplomatischer Eklat: Russland droht Dänemark mit Atomraketen DK / RU
20150319 Lavrov: Washington is pushing Kiev to military solution of Donbass conflict UA / RU / US
20150303 Russia's Gulag Museum Shuts Doors Amid Mounting State Pressure RU


Date Source Title Tags
20150224 Nach Krisengipfel in Paris: Kerry bezichtigt Russland der Lüge KERRY, JOHN / US / RU / UA
20150220 Putin-Rede: "Niemand ist Russland militärisch überlegen" PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / UA
20150219 Jahrestag des Maidan-Aufstands: "Im Palast herrschte Panik" UA / LUKIN, VLADIMIR / RU / JANUKOVITSCH, VIKTOR
20150204 Another Conspiracy Theory Becomes Fact: The Entire Oil Collapse Is All About Crushing Russian Control Over Syria US / SA / RU / SY / OIL
20150202 Waffenlieferungen an Ukraine: Obamas Planspiele gefährden Europas Einheit UA / US / DE / RU
20150201 PRES OBAMA on Fareed Zakaria GPS OBAMA, BARACK / US / DRONES / SA / IL / UA / RU / CN / IN / TERRORISM


Date Source Title Tags
20150127 Waffenverkäufe: Russische Rüstungsexporte übersteigen 15 Milliarden Dollar RU / WEAPONTRADE
20150126 Wirtschaftskrise: Rating-Agentur S&P stuft Russland auf Ramsch herunter FINANCIAL WARFARE / RU / S&P
20150124 Russische Luftwaffe fliegt Scheinangriffe gegen Nato-Staaten RU
20150124 Russlands Raumfahrt: Mit neuem Staatskonzern zurück zur Weltspitze RU
20150116 Gorbachev Interview: 'I Am Truly and Deeply Concerned' GORBACHEV, MIKHAIL / RU / UA



Date Source Title Tags
20141202 Konflikt mit der EU: Russland gibt Pipeline-Projekt South Stream auf SOUTH STREAM / EU / BG / TR / RU
20141201 Treffen in Ankara: Putin umwirbt Erdogan ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / TR / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20141126 Putin’s allies channelled billions to oligarch who backed pro-Russian president of Ukraine FIRTASH, DMYTRO / YANUKOVICH, VIKTOR / RU / UA
20141119 Kerry to Lavrov: Ignore Obama’s naming of Russia on top threats list RU / US


Date Source Title Tags
20141029 Putin to Western elites: Play-time is over PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU
20141016 Koalition gegen Terrormiliz: Russland verweigert sich beim Einsatz gegen den IS LAVROV, SERGEY / RU / KERRY, JOHN / US
20141015 USA und Russland: Geheimdienste wollen im Kampf gegen IS kooperieren ISLAMIC STATE / US / RU
20141003 Biden says US 'embarrassed' EU into sanctioning Russia over Ukraine US / EU / RU / BIDEN, JOSEPH


Date Source Title Tags
20140924 Ukraine-Konflikt: Nato meldet "signifikanten Rückzug" russischer Truppen UA / RU / NATO
20140921 Military Plant In East Ukraine Devastated By Massive Explosion; Kiev Accuses Russia Of Using Tactial Nuke UA / RU
20140911 Großmanöver in Sibirien: Putin lässt Gefechtsbereitschaft der Armee prüfen RU
20140905 Gipfeltreffen in Wales: Merkel flüstert, die Nato folgt NATO / MERKEL, ANGELA / RU
20140905 EU-Beschluss gegen Russland: Schärfere Sanktionen treffen Gazprom EU / RU / GAZPROM
20140905 Estonian security officer detained in Russia on suspicion of spying EE / RU
20140905 Estonia intelligence officer abducted by gunpoint and taken to Russia EE / RU
20140904 UKRAINE UND RUSSLAND: US-Geheimdienst-Pensionäre warnen Merkel vor Fehlinformationen UA / RU / MERKEL, ANGELA / BINNEY, WILLIAM
20140903 Geplante Militärübung: Moskau nennt Nato-Manöver in der Ukraine Provokation NATO / UA / RU
20140903 Papier im Wortlaut: Putins Sieben-Punkte-Plan UA / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20140830 U.K. Wants EU to Block Russia From SWIFT Banking Network SWIFT / GB / RU
20140829 Ostukraine-Krise: Berlin spricht von "militärischer Intervention" Russlands UA / RU
20140829 Kämpfe in der Ostukraine: Putin lobt Erfolge der Separatisten UA / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20140829 Zweiter Heimkehrversuch: Russischer Minister darf doch noch über Polen fliegen PL / RU
20140828 Putin calls on Ukraine militia to let out surrounded Kiev troops to avoid ‘needless loss of life’ PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / UA
20140822 Russischer Hilfskonvoi: Ukrainischer Geheimdienstchef wirft Moskau Invasion vor UA / RU / SBU / NALIWAITSCHENKO, VALENTIN
20140807 Russia bans agricultural products from EU, USA, Australia, Norway, Canada RU


Date Source Title Tags
20140728 Sanktionen im Ukraine-Konflikt: Westen schließt die Reihen gegen Putin MH17 / UA / RU
20140728 Russland-Sanktionen: BND sieht Brüche im Machtblock Putins BND / RU
20140726 Ukraine-Krise: EU setzt russische Geheimdienstchefs auf Sanktionsliste EU / UA / RU
20140725 Russland: 3,9 Millionen Rubel für De-Anonymisierung von Tor TOR / RU
20140723 "Russisches Blackwater": Moskau will Privatarmeen aufbauen RU
20140722 Ukraine-Krise: Putin verbittet sich Drohungen des Westens PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / UA / MH17
20140722 Wirkung der Russland-Sanktionen: Vergiftetes Geschäftsklima in Moskau RU / NEWA / STRSCHALKOWSKI, WLADIMIR / SOGAZ / KOWALTSCHUK, JURI
20140717 Ukraine-Konflikt: Russland bestreitet Abschuss von ukrainischem Kampfjet UA / RU
20140716 Horchposten auf Kuba: Russland plant neuen Lauschangriff auf die USA RU / CU
20140709 NSA-Affäre: Snowden bittet um Verlängerung seines Asyls in Russland SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU
20140708 Kreditkartenbetrug: US-Ermittler nehmen russischen Hacker fest SELEZNYOV, ROMAN / US / RU / US SECRET SERVICE
20140708 US ‘kidnaps’ Russian MP’s son to ‘exchange him for Snowden’ RU / US / SELEZNYOV, ROMAN / MV / US SECRET SERVICE
20140706 Verhafteter deutscher Doppelagent wollte Russland seine Dienste anbieten – Medien BND / NSA / DE / US / RU
20140704 Verhaftung in Abwesenheit: Was steht der "Kolomojski-Brigade" bevor? KOLOMOJSKI, IGOR / RU


Date Source TItle Tags
20140528 Syrien: Russland hilft Assad mit 175 Millionen Euro RU / SY
20140522 Britischer Thronfolger: Prinz Charles' Hitler-Putin-Vergleich erzürnt Russland CHARLES, PRINCE OF WALES / SLANDERING / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU
20140511 Brückenkopf in die EU: Bundesregierung fürchtet Russlands Einfluss in Bulgarien BG / EU / RU / GAZPROM
20140501 Sanktionsstreit: Mastercard fürchtet die Putin-Card MASTERCARD / VISA / RU


Date Source TItle Tags
20140427 Ostukraine-Konflikt: Kerry wirft Russland Sabotage vor KERRY, JOHN / RU
20140425 Yandex, und Co.: Putin ruiniert Russlands IT-Branche RU / YANDEX
20140424 Erklärung zu Manövern: Ukraine stellt Russland Ultimatum UA / RU
20140423 Ukraine-Krise: Russland verbietet Sicherheitsbeamten Reisen in mehr als hundert Länder RU
20140418 Special Report: How the U.S. made its Putin problem worse US / RU / BUSH, GEORGE W / OBAMA, BARACK / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / NATO / UA
20140417 Russland und Deutschland Es geht nicht um die Krim DE / RU
20140414 Konflikt in der Ostukraine: Russland im Sicherheitsrat isoliert RU / UN / UA
20140412 Russland ist dicht: Der Rückzug aus Afghanistan jetzt ein logistischer Alptraum AF / RU / US
20140411 Telefonat mit Merkel: Obama droht Russland neue Sanktionen an OBAMA, BARACK / MERKEL, ANGELA / US / DE / RU
20140411 Finanzhilfen für die Ukraine: Russland bietet IWF und EU Zusammenarbeit an RU / UA / IWF / EU
20140410 Ukraine-Krise: Nato zeigt Russlands Truppen auf Satellitenbildern NATO / RU
20140406 Russia will not import GMO products - PM Medvedev RU / GMO
20140405 Distanz zu den USA beunruhigt die Politik DE / US / RU / NATO / BROK, ELMAR / OEZDEMIR, CEM
20140404 US Threatens Russia Over Petrodollar-Busting Deal USD / US / RU / OIL
20140404 Relax and do some yoga, Moscow tells sanctions-waving US leaders RU / US / RYABKOV, SERGEY
20140404 Russia prepares to attack the petrodollar RU / USD
20140402 Ukrainische Grenze: Nato-Kommandeur besorgt über russische Truppen UA / NATO / RU
20140401 Ukraine-Konflikt: Nato stoppt zivile und militärische Zusammenarbeit mit Russland NATO / RU


Date Source TItle Tags
20140329 Russia has no intention to send troops into Ukraine – Lavrov LAVROV, SERGEY / RU / UA
20140328 Krim-Krise: Gabriel hält russisches Erdgas für praktisch alternativlos GABRIEL, SIGMAR / DE / GAS / RU
20140328 Krim-Krise: Was für deutsche Konzerne in Russland auf dem Spiel steht DE / RU
20140320 Krim-Krise: Merkel kündigt neue Sanktionen gegen Russland an MERKEL, ANGELA / DE / RU
20140319 Westliche Sanktionen gegen Russland: Rosneft-Chef rechnet mit Eskalation des Konflikts ROSNEFT / SETSCHIN, IGOR / RU
20140318 Putin-Rede zur Krim-Krise: Der Großmächtige PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / CRIMEA / UA
20140318 Address by President of the Russian Federation RU / CRIMEA / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20140318 Ukraine-Krise: Japan schließt sich Sanktionen gegen Russland an JP / RU
20140317 Ukraine-Krise: Putin erkennt Krim offiziell als unabhängigen Staat an RU / CRIMEA
20140316 Krim-Referendum: Putins Scheinsieg CRIMEA / RU
20140315 MH370 captured by US Navy: Russia “Puzzled” Over Malaysia Airlines “Capture” By US Navy MH370 / US NAVY / RU / GRU / RUSSIAN AEROSPACE DEFENCE FORCES / MV Maersk Alabama / KENNEDY, MARK DANIEL / REYNOLDS, JEFFREY KEITH / TRIDENT GROUP / HAK
20140315 Far East bonanza: Resource-rich Sea of Okhotsk all Russian, UN confirms OKHOTSK / RU
20140316 Kiew verkündet Abkommen mit russischem Militär UA / RU
20140314 Attempt to jam Russian satellites carried out from Western Ukraine UA / RU / JAMMING
20140314 Markets fear Russia has cut US treasury bill holding over Ukraine crisis: Transfer of more than $100bn out of US prompts speculation Russia is moving funds out of reach of possible sanctions USD / RU
20140314 Russisch-amerikanisches Krim-Treffen: Letzte Chance, vorbei UA / RU / US / KERRY, JOHN / LAWROW, SERGEJ
20140310 Ukraine-Krise: Kerry schlägt Einladung Moskaus aus KERRY, JOHN / US / RU / LAWROW, SERGEJ
20140308 Krim-Krise: Hacker attackieren ukrainische Behörden UA / RU / CRIMEA / CYBERWAR
20140308 Crimea hopeful of referendum, ready to join Russia ‘by end March’ CRIMEA / RU
20140306 Russia hits back at US ‘barefaced cynicism and double standards’ over Ukraine RU / US / UA
20140306 US navy confirms missile destroyer USS Truxton approaching the Black Sea US NAVY / US / UA / RU / TR / BG / RO
20140306 Ukraine crisis: Crimea parliament asks to join Russia UA / RU
20140306 Sevastopol and Crimean parliament vote to join Russia, referendum to be held in 10 days UA / RU
20140306 Krim-Krise: EU verhängt leichte Sanktionen gegen Russland UA / EU / US / RU
20140305 The Ukraine crisis through the whimsy of international law UA / US / RU
20140305 Krisendiplomatie: Russlands Außenminister blockt den Westen ab UA / EU / US / RU / LAWROW, SERGEJ
20140305 Sanktionen gegen Russland: Europas Angst vor der hohen Rechnung RU / EU
20140305 Gas, Öl, Autos, Maschinen: So eng sind Deutschland und Russland verflochten DE / RU
20140304 Moskaus Außenminister Lawrow: "Niemand hat das Recht, über Russland verärgert zu sein" LAWROW, SERGEJ / RU
20140304 US suspends trade talks, military cooperation with Russia over Ukraine US / RU / UA
20140304 Kremlin aide warns US of response if sanctions imposed: RIA RU / UA / US
20140304 Putin Says Those Aren't Russian Forces In Crimea UA / RU
20140303 Diplomatie in der Krim-Krise: Alle schauen auf Merkel MERKEL, ANGELA / EU / UA / RU
20140303 Is China Siding With Putin in the Ukraine Crisis? CN / RU / UA
20140303 Moscow will halt military steps in Ukraine – only after a US guarantee not to post missile shield there UA / RU
20140303 Yanukovich sent letter to Putin asking for Russian military presence in Ukraine YANUKOVICH, VIKTOR / UA / RU
20140303 Ukraine-Russland-Konflikt: Krim-Regierung meldet Tausende übergelaufene Soldaten UA / RU
20140303 Krim-Krise: Das deutsche Desaster DE / RU / UA / STEINMEIER, FRANK-WALTER
20140303 Russian Defense Ministry dismisses Ukraine ultimatum reports as ‘total nonsense’ RU / UA
20140302 Militärarsenal im Vergleich: So sind Russland und die Ukraine gerüstet RU / UA
20140302 Krim-Krise: Truppenbewegungen und Telefon-Diplomatie UA / RU
20140301 Putins Aufmarschpläne: Operation Protektorat Krim UA / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20140228 Krim-Krise: Ukraine wirft Russen Aggression vor UA / RU
20140228 'No takeover' at Crimean capital’s airport, ‘self-defense squads’ on nearby patrol UA / RU
20140228 Konflikt zwischen Russland und Ukraine: Lage auf der Krim spitzt sich dramatisch zu UA / RU
20140227 US, NATO, EU lecture Russia with 'provocative statements' on Ukraine RU / US / NATO / EU / UA
20140227 Ukraine names pro-Western cabinet as US warns Russia UA / US / RU
20140226 Krise in der Ukraine: Putin versetzt Truppen in Alarmbereitschaft UA / RU
20140225 USA gegen Russland: Kalter Krieg um die Ukraine UA / US / RU
20140222 Ukraine-Vermittlung: Steinmeier lobt Russland UA / RU / STEINMEIER, FRANK-WALTER
20140206 Olympische Winterspiele: USA warnen vor Überwachung in Sotschi US / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20140105 Russland fordert Saudi-Arabien auf die Terrorliste zu setzen RU / SA / TERRORISM



Date Source Title Tags
20131231 Harsche Neujahrsansprache: Putin droht Terroristen mit "völliger Vernichtung" RU / WOLGOGRAD
20131212 Putin: Russia not aspiring to be superpower, or teach others how to live RU
20131210 Medien-Gigant "Russland heute": Putins neue Propagandamaschine gegen den Westen RU / RIA NOVOSTI
20131206 Protestcamp-Besuch: Russland kritisiert Westerwelle-Auftritt in Ukraine WESTERWELLE, GUIDO / RU / UA
20131204 Deutsch-russischer Dialog: Moskau setzt auf einen Außenminister Steinmeier STEINMEIER, FRANK-WALTER / DE / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20131124 Großer Lauschangriff in Berlin: Kanzlerin Merkel von fünf Geheimdiensten abgehört MERKEL, ANGELA / US / RU / CN / KP / GB / COVERUP
20131107 Hans-Georg Wieck: Ex-BND-Chef warnt vor Snowden-Vernehmung in Moskau WIECK, HANS-GEORG / RU / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / DE
20131102 Nach Ströbele-Besuch: Jetzt wollen alle zu Snowden SNOWDEN, EDWARD / STROEBELE, HANS-CHRISTIAN / BROK, ELMAR / DE / CH / RU / US
20131102 NSA-Affäre: Russland will Snowden-Befragung in Moskau zulassen SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / DE
20131101 Snowden in Moskau: Unter Aufsicht von Putins Spionen SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20131025 Behind the Saudi crack-up SA / US / RU / BIN SULTAN, BANDAR / AL FAISAL, SAUD / AL FAISAL, TURKI
20131020 Edward Snowden: I brought no leaked NSA documents to Russia - US whistleblower says he handed over all digital material to journalists he worked with in Hong Kong SNOWDEN, EDWARD / NSA / RU / GREENWALD, GLENN / POITRAS, LAURA
20131020 Greenpeace-Crew in russischer Haft: Gazproms Rache RU / GREENPEACE
20131008 Festgenommener Diplomat: Putin fordert Entschuldigung RU / NL / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20131004 Saudi black op team behind Damascus chem weapons attack – diplomatic sources SY / SA / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20130915 Kerry says Syrian strike 'still an option' as Israel awaits 'results, not words' from Russia-US chem deal KERRY, JOHN / US / SY / IL / RU / NETANJAHU, BENJAMIN
20130913 Reaktion auf "NYT"-Artikel: US-Regierung weist Putin in die Schranken US / RU / SY / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20130912 Genfer Syrien-Gespräche: Showdown im Interconti RU / SY / US / KERRY, JOHN / LAWROW, SERGEJ
20130912 Syrien-Gespräche in Genf: Westerwelle verlangt klare Zusagen von Russland WESTERWELLE, GUIDO / SY / RU
20130909 Russia urges Syria hand over chemical weapons to intl control to avoid strike RU / SY
20130904 Snowden, NSA, and Counterintelligence SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / SNOWDEN A RUSSIAN SPY


Date Source Title Tags
20130831 Giftgasangriff in Syrien: Putin fordert Beweise für Schuld des Assad-Regimes RU / SY / US / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20130831 Putin: US should present Syria evidence to Security Council RU / SY / US / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20130827 Russia ‘regrets’ US decision to shelve Syria talks RU / US / SY
20130826 Report: Snowden stayed at Russian consulate while in Hong Kong SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU
20130816 Snowden not interrogated by Russians: Assange SNOWDEN, EDWARD / ASSANGE, JULIAN / WIKILEAKS / RU
20130810 Kritik an Obama-Äußerungen: Moskau wirft den USA antirussische Aktionen vor RU / US / OBAMA, BARACK / PUSCHKOW, ALEXEJ
20130810 Amerikanisch-russische Gespräche: Minister wollen Krise in Syrien gemeinsam managen SY / RU / US
20130807 United States: Assange attorney to Snowden: Stay out of the US ASSANGE, JULIAN / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / US / RU / VE
20130807 Russian senator raises funds for Edward Snowden's work on personal data: United Russia politician Ruslan Gattarov says he has set up a website to gather money for the NSA whistleblower's work SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / GATTAROV, RUSLAN
20130807 On Obama's cancellation of summit with Putin and extradition - The US frequently refuses extradition requests where, unlike with Snowden, it involves serious crimes and there is an extradition treaty SNOWDEN, EDWARD / OBAMA, BARACK / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US / RU / EXTRADITION
20130807 On Obama's cancellation of summit with Putin and extradition - The US frequently refuses extradition requests where, unlike with Snowden, it involves serious crimes and there is an extradition treaty SNOWDEN, EDWARD / OBAMA, BARACK / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US / RU / EXTRADITION
20130807 Kremlin ‘disappointed’ Obama calls off Putin talks, decision 'Snowden-related SNOWDEN, EDWARD / OBAMA, BARACK / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US / RU
20130807 Obama cancels Moscow meeting with Putin over Snowden SNOWDEN, EDWARD / OBAMA, BARACK / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US / RU / SE
20130807 Eklat um Snowden-Asyl: Obama sagt Treffen mit Putin ab SNOWDEN, EDWARD / OBAMA, BARACK / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US / RU
20130807 Obama vs. Putin: Die neuen Kalten Krieger OBAMA, BARACK / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / US / RU
20130803 ‘Russia is not a colony, US has no legal basis to claim Snowden’ – lawyer SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / US
20130803 Switzerland Warning Against Obama Regime Stuns Russia CH / US / RU / NDB / MI6 / WIKILEAKS / GRU / CIA
20130801 US-Reaktion auf Snowden-Asyl: "Wir sind extrem enttäuscht" SNOWDEN, EDWARD / US / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20130727 Russian police ‘puzzled’ by Interpol refusal to assist in Browder arrest BROWDER, WILLIAM / INTERPOL / RU
20130726 Russia won’t extradite Snowden to US – Kremlin SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU
20130725 Russia calls on NATO to review Cold War methods of arms control NATO / RU / WEAPONTRADE
20130724 Snowden asylum still under review, stays in airport for now SNOWDEN, EDWARD / ASYLUM / RU
20130724 Edward Snowden's personal safety is top priority – lawyer to RT SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / KUCHERENA, ANATOLY
20130724 Anwalt des NSA-Whistleblowers: "Russland wird Snowden nicht herausgeben" SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / KUCHERENA, ANATOLY / HARRISON, SARAH / WIKILEAKS
20130723 Viktor Bout’s wife sets up foundation to help Russian’s convicted abroad BOUT, VIKTOR / RU
20130723 Snowden plans to settle and work in Russia – lawyer to RT SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU
20130718 Obama May Cancel Moscow Trip as Tensions Build Over Leaker SNOWDEN, EDWARD / US / RU / OBAMA, BARACK
20130717 Snowden’s lawyer to RT: ‘He fears torture, execution; never witnessed such persecution by the US’ SNOWDEN, EDWARD / KUCHERENA, ANATOLY / RU / US / HUMAN RIGHTS
20130717 ‘US-Russian relations above Snowden case' – Putin SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / US / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20130717 Snowden has no plans to leave Russia, might seek citizenship - lawyer SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / ASYLUM
20130716 NSA-Enthüller: Snowden beantragt offiziell Asyl in Russland SNOWDEN, EDWARD / ASYLUM / RU
20130713 US warns Moscow on Snowden US / RU / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20130712 Edward Snowden inflames US-Russian tensions with Moscow meeting - Obama and Putin to discuss situation after NSA whistleblower meets representatives of human rights agencies in Moscow SNOWDEN, EDWARD / OBAMA, BARACK / US / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU
20130712 Edward Snowden accuses US of illegal, aggressive campaign - Whistleblower uses first public appearance since surveillance leaks to defend decision and praise states that offered asylum SNOWDEN, EDWARD / ASYLUM / US / RU
20130712 Treffen mit Menschenrechtlern: Russland garantiert Snowden Rechtssicherheit SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU
20130712 Moskauer Flughafen: Snowden bittet um vorübergehendes Asyl in Russland SNOWDEN, EDWARD / ASYLUM / RU
20130712 Edward Snowden appears at Moscow airport and renews asylum claim – live / NSA whistleblower meets human rights groups / Renews Russia asylum claim in tactic to leave Moscow / Calls on international groups to offer protection / Media scrum at Sheremetyevo airport for meeting SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU
20130710 Snowden: I never gave any information to Chinese or Russian governments - As a new poll shows widespread American approval for him, the NSA whistleblower vehemently denies media claims SNOWDEN, EDWARD / CN / RU / NEW YORK TIMES / DISINFORMATION
20130707 Snowden's Venezuela offer 'last chance' for political asylum – Russian official Alexei Pushkov tweets warning as Martin Dempsey claims whistleblower's leaks have damaged US relations with allies SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / PUSHKOV, ALEXEI / VE
20130706 Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia offer asylum to Edward Snowden: President Maduro offers to protect NSA whistleblower 'from persecution by the empire' and rejects US extradition request SNOWDEN, EDWARD / ASYLUM / RU / PUSHKOV, ALEXEI / VE / NI / BO
20130705 Prozess gegen Alexej Nawalny: Ankläger fordern sechs Jahre Haft für Anti-Putin-Blogger RU / FREEDOM OF SPEECH
20130703 ‘Transit zone’ can mean many things SNOWDEN, EDWARD / TRANSIT ZONE / RU
20130703 Morales' Zwangslandung in Wien: Diplomaten-Drama im VIP-Terminal BO| / MORALES, EVO / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / AT / ES
20130702 Snowdens Asyl-Suche: Neun mal Nein und ein Vielleicht SNOWDEN, EDWARD / ASYLUM / AT / BO / BR / CN / CU / EC / FI / FR / DE / IS / IN / IT / IE / NL / NI / NO / PL / RU / ES / CH / VE
20130702 Edward Snowden's options dwindle after political asylum rejections - Several countries have denied whistleblower's request to seek asylum and others say he must be on their territory to apply SNOWDEN, EDWARD / ASYLUM / RU / EC / CORREA, RAFAEL / VE / MADURO, NICOLAS / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / LAVROV, SERGEI
20130702 Edward Snowden asylum: countries approached and their responses: The NSA whistleblower has made 21 applications for asylum worldwide as he flees the US – with little success SNOWDEN, EDWARD / ASYLUM / AT / BO / BR / CN / CU / EC / FI / FR / DE / IS / IN / IT / IE / NL / NI / NO / PL / RU / ES / CH / VE
20130702 Edward Snowden: Obama guilty of deceit over extradition - US president pledged to avoid 'wheeling and dealing' while bullying countries that might grant asylum, says whistleblower SNOWDEN, EDWARD / OBAMA, BARACK / EC / RU / CLAPPER, JAMES
20130701 NSA-Whistleblower: Putin bietet Snowden Bleiberecht an - unter einer Bedingung SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / PUTIN, WLADIMIR
20130701 Putin: Snowden darf unter einer Bedingung in Russland bleiben SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / PUTIN, WLADIMIR
20130701 Snowden applies for political asylum in Russia - Vladmir Putin says US whistleblower can stay if he stops 'bringing harm to our American partners' SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / PUTIN, WLADIMIR / FSB / FBI
20130701 Hat Snowden Asyl in Russland beantragt? Migrationsamt dementiert SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20130630 Snowdens Asylantrag: Ecuador schiebt Verantwortung auf Russland ab SNOWDEN, EDWARD / EC / RU
20130626 Snowden-Spekulation in Moskau: Phantom vom Flughafen SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU
20130626 Edward Snowden 'not likely to gain asylum in Ecuador for months' - As NSA whistleblower waits at Moscow airport, Ecuadorean foreign minister says entry decision will be considered carefully SNOWDEN, EDWARD / EC / RU
20130625 White House to Vladimir Putin: Extradite Snowden “without delay” SNOWDEN, EDWARD / US / WHITE HOUSE / RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20130625 Putin: Edward Snowden in Moscow airport but will not be extradited - Russian president confirms NSA whistleblower is in Moscow airport transit lounge but refuses US calls for cooperation SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / PUTIN, WLADIMIR
20130625 Putin confirms Snowden in Moscow airport but denies extradition – live - Vladimir Putin says Snowden is in Moscow airport transit zone and has committed no crime in Russia - Russian president says NSA whistleblower will not be extradited to US SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / PUTIN, WLADIMIR
20130625 Edward Snowden never crossed border into Russia, says foreign minister - Sergei Lavrov's comments about fugitive US whistleblower deepen mystery surrounding his whereabouts RU
20130625 US scrambles to find Edward Snowden and urges Russia to co-operate - Washington criticises China for allowing NSA whistleblower to leave but Snowden's whereabouts remain a source of confusion SNOWDEN, EDWARD / US / CN / RU
20130624 Cold war: U.S. tells Russia to give back Snowden, or else SNOWDEN, EDWARD / US / RU
20130624 USA kritisieren China und Russland: Scharfe Attacken gegen Snowdens Helfer US / CN / RU
20130624 US warns Moscow not to let Edward Snowden escape Russia - Confusion surrounds Snowden's whereabouts as journalists report NSA whistleblower was not on plane bound for Havana US / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU
20130624 Edward Snowden leaves reporters chasing shadows around an airport - US whistleblower's rumoured arrival then non-departure from Russia leaves many in Moscow asking: was he ever even here? SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU
20130624 Affäre um Whistleblower Snowden: Kerry droht China und Russland KERRY, JOHN / US / CN / RU / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20130624 Edward Snowden missing after failing to fly to Cuba - live - Whereabouts of former NSA contractor whose leaks to Guardian have caused global controversy a mystery after he does not catch expected flight to Cuba SNOWDEN, EDWARD / US / CU / RU
20130624 Kerry says would be deeply troubled if China, Russia had known of Snowden's travel plans SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / RU / CU / KERRY, JOHN
20130624 Edward Snowden booked on plane from Moscow to Havana – live coverage SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / CU
20130624 Edward Snowden seeks asylum in Ecuador amid diplomatic storm - Whistleblower escapes from Hong Kong to Moscow on a commercial flight despite a formal US extradition request SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / US / RU / EC / WIKILEAKS
20130624 Prism-Informant: Weißes Haus verlangt Snowdens Auslieferung SNOWDEN, EDWARD / US / RU
20130623 Edward Snowden asks for asylum in Ecuador: live updates - The NSA whistleblower left Hong Kong on an Aeroflot flight to Moscow, two days after the US charged him with espionage, before applying for asylum in Ecuador SNOWDEN, EDWARD / EC / RU
20130623 US politicians issue warning to Russia as Edward Snowden arrives in Moscow - Senator warns Vladimir Putin of 'serious consequences' if country neglects to send NSA whistleblower back to US SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / US
20130623 Whistleblower Snowden escapes arrest in Hong Kong thanks to US errors - Edward Snowden heads for Ecuador after flight to Russia leaves authorities in various countries amazed and infuriated SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / RU / EC / US
20130623 Venezuela or Ecuador: where next for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden? Having left Hong Kong for Moscow, Edward Snowden will be assessing a number of criteria as decides on a final destination SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / RU / VE / EC
20130623 US-Informant Snowden: Entwischt SNOWDEN, EDWARD / US / RU / EC
20130623 Snowden, in Russia, Seeks Asylum in Ecuador SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / EC
20130623 Snowden 'booked to Venezuela' SNOWDEN, EDWARD / VE / RU / CU
20130623 Snowden examined by Ecuadorian embassy doctor at Moscow airport upon arrival – RT source SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / EC / VE / CU
20130623 No clarity yet whether Snowden will seek political refuge in Russia - Pushkov SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU
20130623 Edward Snowden 'arrives in Moscow' - NSA whistleblower lands in Russia after Hong Kong allows him to leave, with WikiLeaks saying it is providing assistance SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / HK
20130623 US-Informant Snowden in Moskau gelandet: Der Kreml als Fluchthelfer SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / RU
20130623 Hong Kong has 'no legal basis' to keep Snowden, bound for Venezuela via Moscow and Cuba SNOWDEN, EDWARD / HK / VE / RU / CU
20130621 St. Petersburg: Merkel und Putin besuchen doch Beutekunst-Ausstellung DE / RU
20130621 Beutekunst-Streit zwischen Berlin und Moskau: In der Problemzone DE / RU
20130619 Head of Russian news website faces prison RU / PANOVA, AKSANA
20130616 Treffen mit Cameron: Putin verteidigt Waffenlieferungen an Syrien SY / RU / GB
20130614 Russia dismisses US claims of Syrian chemical weapons use: Moscow says evidence it has been shown 'does not look convincing', and cautions US against arming Syrian rebels SY / RU / US
20130614 Angeblicher Chemiewaffeneinsatz: Obamas Syrien-Vorstoß verprellt den Kreml SY / US / RU
20130611 NSA Prism scandal: Russia ‘would consider Edward Snowden asylum claim’ – live coverage SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU
20130611 Russia May Consider US Spy Leaker’s Asylum Request – Media SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU
20130603 Sexuelle Revolution in Russland: "Plötzlich gab es an jeder Ecke Stripshows" PORN / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20130518 Gloves Off: Russia Names CIA Station Chief in Moscow RU / FSB / CIA / HOLMES, STEPHEN / DILLON, BENJAMIN / FOGLE, RYAN CHRISTOPHER
20130519 Russisch-amerikanische Initiative: Assad gibt Friedensgesprächen keine Chance AL-ASSAD, BASHAR / SY / RU / US
20130518 CIA in Moskau: Russischer Geheimdienst lässt US-Spione auffliegen CIA / RU / FSB
20130517 "Jachont"-Raketen in Syrien: Russland liefert moderne Anti-Schiff-Raketen an Assad SY / RU / WEAPONTRADE
20130517 FSB: CIA crossed ‘red line’ with agent Fogle CIA / RU / FSB
20130514 Cloak, dagger and a blond wig? FSB says CIA agent nabbed in Moscow (VIDEO, PHOTOS HUMINT / US / RU / FSB / CIA / FOGLE, RYAN CHRISTOPHER
20130514 Geheimdienst-Affäre: Russland nimmt US-Diplomat wegen Spionageverdacht fest HUMINT / US / RU / FSB / CIA / FOGLE, RYAN CHRISTOPHER
20130514 Spionage-Thriller in Moskau: Kreml führt angeblichen Spion im Staats-TV vor HUMINT / US / RU / FSB / CIA / FOGLE, RYAN CHRISTOPHER
20130510 Abwehrsysteme für Syrien: Russland verteidigt Waffendeals mit Assad WEAPONTRADE / SY / RU
20130509 Raketenabwehr: USA warnen Russland vor Rüstungsdeal mit Syrien SY / RU / US
20130509 Lieferung von Raketensystem: Russland will Assads Flugabwehr stärken SY / RU / WEAPONTRADE


Date Source Title Tags
20130429 Japan and Russia want to finally end World War II, agree it is 'abnormal' not to RU / JP
20130413 Russia Bans 18 Americans After Similar US Move RU / US / TORTURE / YOO, JOHN / ADDINGTON, DAVID / MILLER, GEOFFREY / HARBESON, JEFFREY


Date Source Title Tags
20130329 Schwarzes Meer: Putin verfolgt Großmanöver von Kampfhubschrauber aus RU / PUTIN, WLADIMIR
20130328 Schwarzes Meer: Putin ordnet überraschend Großmanöver an RU
20130325 Zypern-Rettung: Moskau bezichtigt Euro-Gruppe des Diebstahls CY / RU
20130321 Russian fleet abandons Tartus, docks in Beirut RU / SY / LB / TARTUS
20130321 Russische Milliarden: Zyperns Zentralbank schmettert Kritik ab CY / RU
20130320 Flugverkehr und Finanzströme: Zypern, Einflugschneise für Russen-Jets CY / RU
20130320 Bolshoi ballet was a 'giant brothel' claims former dancer RU
20130318 Goldman-Sachs-Banker O'Neill: "Ich bin Außenseiter in meinem Beruf" GOLDMAN SACHS / ONEIL, JIM / BR / RU / IN / CN
20130318 Weltweite Rüstungsexporte: China rückt zu den Top-Waffenhändlern auf WEAPONTRADE / CN / PK / US / RU / FR / DE


Date Source Title Tags
20130119 Georgien: Regierung verhindert Beisetzung von Mafia-Pate Aslan Usojan (Update) USOJAN, ASLAN / GE / RU
20130118 Snowpocalypse Russia: 'Snow tsunami' swallows streets, cars, buildings (PHOTOS) CLIMATE / RU
20130102 Diamantenmine Mirny: Edelsteine aus der Eishölle DIAMONDS / RU


Date Source Title Tags
20121222 U.S., Russia forge 'action plan' on piracy: The two countries agree on a plan to curtail theft of intellectual property, after President Obama grants Russia "permanent normal trade relations" and the two nations agree to have the WTO's tenets apply between them. RU / US / WTO / INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY
20121223 Russian military presence in Syria poses challenge to US-led intervention: Advisers deployed with surface-to-air systems bolster President Assad's defences and complicate outcome of any future strikes SY / RU
20121223 Reise nach Neu-Delhi: Putin plant milliardenschweren Waffendeal mit Indien RU / IN / WEAPONTRADE / PUTIN, WLADIMIR
20121216 Moskauer "Marsch der Freiheit" endet mit Festnahmen: An einer nichtgenehmigten Kundgebung der russischen Protestbewegung vor der Zentrale des Inlandgeheimdienstes FSB beteiligten sich nur wenige RU
20121128 Steuerbetrug: Englische Polizei findet Leiche von russischem Topinformanten - Er lieferte Schweizer Staatsanwälten Beweise dafür, dass korrupte russische Beamte Steuergelder in Millionenhöhe erschwindelten. Jetzt wurde der Unternehmer Alexander Perepilitschnij tot vor seinem Anwesen in England gefunden. Es war nicht die erste Leiche in einem mysteriösen Fall. PEREPILITSCHNYJ, ALEXANDER / MAGNITSKIJ, SERGEJ / HERMITAGE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT / CREDIT SUISSE / RU / CH
20121128 Swiss prosecutors say death of Russian whistle blower will not derail huge fraud investigation - Alexander Perepilichnyy, a 44-year-old businessman who left Russia three years ago, was found dead outside his luxury mansion on an exclusive private estate in Surrey two weeks ago PEREPILITSCHNYY, ALEXANDER / MAGNITSKIJ, SERGEJ / HERMITAGE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT / CREDIT SUISSE / RU / CH / WHISTLEBLOWING
20121123 Akteneintrag Agent: Litauen stellt KGB-Dokumente online LT / RU / KGB
20121119 "Gierige Menschen": Schönheitskönigin prangert Putins Russland an RU / PEREWERSAWA, NATALIA
20121117 Berlins Ostpolitk: Niederlage der Nachsicht DE / RU
20121106 Russischer Untergrund: Hacker-Werkzeug kostet nur acht Dollar RU
02.11.2012 In Russland gilt nun Internet-Zensur RU / CENSORSHIP
23.10.2012 Neue russische Waffen sind fast alle mit US-Mikrochips bestückt RU / US / ARC ELECTRONICS INC / FISHENKO, ALEXANDER
10.10.2012 Flughafen Ankara: Türkische Jets zwingen syrisches Flugzeug zur Landung TR / SY / RU
27.09.2012 Spione in Deutschland: Bundesanwaltschaft klagt russische Agenten an ESPIONAGEDE / RU
25.09.2012 Statistik: Forscher finden Indizien für Wahlbetrug in Russland RU
22.09.2012 Kreml-Chef Putin: Russlands Wutbürger Nummer eins RU / PUTIN, WLADIMIR
10.09.2012 Rohstoffe: Russland will sein größtes Goldvorkommen versteigern RU / SUCHOI LOG
06.09.2012 Bürgerkrieg in Syrien: Putin hält unbeirrt an Assad fest SY / RU / PUTIN, WLADIMIR / AL-ASSAD, BASHAR
02.09.2012 Pussy-Riot-Sängerin: "Ich liebe Russland, ich hasse Putin" RU
27.08.2012 Haftstrafe: Pussy-Riot-Punkerinnen legen Berufung ein RU
20120823 Russia officially requests US to hand over Bout BOUT, VIKTOR / RU
21.08.2012 GREENWALD,,uk Human rights critics of Russia and Ecuador parade their own hypocrisy: The media's new converts to civic freedom over the Pussy Riot and Assange asylum affairs show a jingoism blind to US abuses ASSANGE, JULIAN / EC / RU / US
18.08.2012 Pussy-Riot-Proteste: Schachspieler Kasparow droht Haft RU KASPAROW, GARRI
17.08.2012 Solidaritätsaktion: Nobelpreisträger lesen für Pussy Riot RU
17.08.2012 Straflager für Pussy Riot: Der Kreml sät Hass RU
17.08.2012 Urteil in Moskau: Pussy Riot müssen zwei Jahre ins Straflager RU
15.08.2012 Pussy Riot supporters detained during protest: Three activists protesting in support of jailed feminist punk band Pussy Riot detained ahead of trial verdict RU
04.08.2012 Wirkung der Sanktionen: Assad fleht Russland um Geld und Treibstoff an SY / RU
14.07.2012 Syriens Opposition: "Die Islamisten reißen die Macht an sich" SY QA SA IR RU
29.06.2012 Waffen für Syrien: So rüstet Russland Assads Flugabwehr auf RU SY
28.06.2012 Friedensplan für Syrien: Russland geht auf Distanz zu Assad SY RU UN
14.06.2012 Morddrohung gegen Reporter: Putins Schnüffler und das Waldrätsel RU
13.06.2012 Russland: Moskaus Chefermittler soll Journalist mit Tod bedroht haben RU
04.03.2012 Putin zum Dritten: Nach einer Pause von vier Jahren übernimmt Wladimir Putin wieder direkt die Leitung Russlands. Er erreichte nach Auszählung von 30 Prozent der Stimmzettel 63,42 Prozent der Stimmen RU PUTIN, WLADIMIR
20120119 Vorwurf von 2006: Briten geben Einsatz von Spionage-Stein zu RU / GB / ESPIONAGE


Date Source Title Tags
20110208 WikiLeaks-Berichterstattung: Russland weist britischen Journalisten aus - Russland hat einen Korrespondenten des britischen "Guardian" ausgewiesen. Der Zeitung zufolge wurde ihrem Russland-Experten Luke Harding die Einreise verboten, als er nach zwei Monaten wieder nach Moskau zurückkehren wollte. Er hatte von London aus über die WikiLeaks-Dokumente berichtet. WIKILEAKS / GB / RU / GUARDIAN / HARDING, LUKE


Date Source Title Tags
20070925 Eye On Harding RU / HARDING, LUKE


Author Issuer Title Published ISBN Tags
VON FRITSCH, RUEDIGER Aufbau Verlag Zeitenwende - Putins Krieg und die Folgen 2022 978-3351041762 PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / UA
ALIBEK, KEN/HANDELMAN , STEPHEN Econ München Direktorium 15. Russlands Geheimpläne für den Biologischen Krieg. 3-430-1101-30 RU BIOLOGICAL WARFARE
FELFE, HEINZ Rasch & Röhrig Im Dienst des Gegners 3-89136-059-2 BND RU
HOPKIRK, PETER Oxford Paperbacks The Great Game on secret service in High Asia 0-19-282799-5 HISTORY GB RU ASIA
PIERRE, ALLAN Strategische Studien Sowjetische Geheimdokumente zum Afghanistankrieg (1978 - 1991) 3-7281-2207-6 AF RU



Date Source Title Tags
20180315 Zakharova Tells Who Is Really Behind The Salisbury Anti-Russian Campaign ZAKHAROVA, MARIA / RU / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / GB