Date Source Title Tags
20200328 Run for the hills! Pentagon sends teams into MOUNTAIN BUNKERS as pandemic preparations go into full swing PENTAGON
20190621 Assange lawyer reveals Pentagon behind pursuit of WikiLeaks publisher PENTAGON / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20181214 Pentagon corrects $331mn ‘accounting error,’ bills Saudis & UAE for refueling jets bombing Yemen PENTAGON / AE / SA / YE
20181010 The Pentagon's Weapons Are 'Easily Hacked' With 'Basic Tools' PENTAGON
20181007 Hype um „chinesische Spionagechips“ kommt vom Pentagon SUPERMICRO / PENTAGON
20180503 Pentagon bans sale of Chinese ‘spy phones’ on US military bases PENTAGON / ZTE / HUAWEI
20180404 ‘The Business of War’: Google Employees Protest Work for the Pentagon GOOGLE / PENTAGON
20180322 ‘Pentagon cyber-espionage op’: US reportedly behind Slingshot malware targeting Mid East & Africa KASPERSKY / PENTAGON / US / ATTRIBUTION
20180320 Kaspersky's 'Slingshot' report burned an ISIS-focused intelligence operation KASPERSKY / PENTAGON / US / ATTRIBUTION
20180306 Privacy and Security: Google Is Helping the Pentagon Build AI for Drones GOOGLE / PENTAGON / DRONES
20170406 Pentagon, White House in detailed discussions on military options in Syria - US official PENTAGON / WHITE HOUSE / US / SY / RU
20170314 Trump gave CIA power to authorize drone strikes – report CIA / PENTAGON / TRUMP, DONALD / US / DRONES / ASSASSINATIONS
20161213 Islamischer Staat Pentagon meldet Tod von Hintermännern der Paris-Attentate FR 20151113 / PENTAGON / ISIS
20161016 US destroyer ‘appears’ to have fallen under new attack off Yemen – Pentagon YE / US / PENTAGON
20161002 Pentagon paid PR firm 540mn to make fake terrorist videos PENTAGON / BELL POTTINGER / CIA / PROPAGANDA
20160522 Geheimdienste: Ehemaliger Top-Beamter des Pentagon ergreift Partei für NSA-Whistleblower WHISTLEBLOWING / DRAKE, THOMAS / SNOWDEN, EDWARD / CRANE, JOHN / NSA / PENTAGON / US
20160202 Pentagon wants $582bn in 2017 budget, quadrupling of spending in Europe PENTAGON
20141108 Pentagon raises specter of Chinese superiority to boost funding PENTAGON / US / CN
20140806 Pentagon Confirms Arrival of US European Command Team in Kiev UA / PENTAGON / US
20140329 Pentagon plans three-fold cybersecurity staff increase to counter attacks PENTAGON / NSA / HAGEL, CHUCK / ALEXANDER, KEITH / CYBERWAR
20140307 Pentagon studying Putin's body language to predict his behavior PUTIN, VLADIMIR / BODY LANGUAGE / PENTAGON
20131003 Pentagon spent $5.5bn only hours before govt shutdown PENTAGON / US ECONOMY
20130808 Pentagon considers employees unhappy with US policies a security threat PENTAGON