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20211008 Saudi Arabia: Saudi aide accused of directing Khashoggi murder edges back to power SA / AL-QAHTANI, SAUD
20210712 Lawsuit Centered On Saudi Ex-Spymaster Threatens To Make US Covert Ops Public AL-JABRI, SAAD / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / SA / US
20210323 Jamal Khashoggi: Top Saudi official issued death threat against UN's Khashoggi investigator SA / UN / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / CALLAMARD, AGNES


Date Source Title Tags
20201230 US approves sale of $290m in bombs to Saudi Arabia WEAPONTRADE / US / SA
20201229 US green lights sale of 3,000 bombs worth $290 million to Saudi Arabia & flurry of other Middle East arms deals WEAPONTRADE / US / SA
20201119 'Night of the beating': details emerge of Riyadh Ritz-Carlton purge RITZ-CARLTON RIYADH / SA
20200819 Saudi Arabia Breaks Silence, Tentatively Embraces Israel-UAE Peace Deal SA / IL / AE
20200513 FBI 'Mistakenly' Releases 9/11 Bombshell In Court: Key Saudi Diplomat Who "Tasked" Hijackers Named US 20010911 / SA / AL-JARRAH, MUSSAED AHMED / AL-THUMAIRY, FAHAD / AL-BAYOUMI, OMAR / AL-MIHDHAR, KHALID / AL-HAZMI, NAWAF
20200513 Oil Price War Puts Entire Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia At Risk SA
20200425 Saudi Arabia to take on billions in debt to survive the oil price crisis SA
20200125 Jamal Khashoggi - Saudi Arabia 'planned to spy on Khashoggi's fiancee in UK' / Exclusive: US agencies believed kingdom intended to monitor Hatice Cengiz after journalist killed SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / CENGIZ, HATICE
20200122 UN experts demand US inquiry into Jeff Bezos Saudi hacking claims UN / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / BEZOS, JEFF / SA / WASHINGTON POST


Date Source Title Tags
20191106 Two Former Twitter Employees Charged With Spying For Saudi Arabia, May Be Involved In Khashoggi Murder SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TWITTER / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20190929 Saudi king’s long-time trusted and close bodyguard is SHOT DEAD after ‘personal dispute’ at friend’s home SA / AL-FAGHAM, ABDULZIZ
20190918 Putin's Multipolar Offer To Saudi Arabian Exceptionalism RU / SA
20190916 Trump: US locked and loaded for response to attack on Saudis SA
20190725 Veto gegen Kongressblockade Trump gibt grünes Licht für Waffengeschäfte mit Saudi-Arabien TRUMP, DONALD / WEAPONTRADE / SA
20190720 Hundreds Of US Troops Begin Deployment To Saudi Arabia To Counter Iran US ARMY / US / SA / IR
20190629 Khashoggi-Mord Erdogan wirft Saudi-Arabien lückenhafte Aufklärung vor ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20190620 Senate Blocks Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia In Bipartisan Trump Rebuke WEAPONTRADE / US / SA
20190619 Saudi Arabia responsible for ‘premediated execution’ of Khashoggi – UN KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / SA / UN
20190616 Exporte im Wert von einer Milliarde Berlin genehmigte Waffenlieferungen an Jemen-Kriegsparteien WEAPONTRADE / DE / YE / SA
20190617 Arabische Halbinsel Der Irankonflikt eskaliert - und der Jemenkrieg gleich mit SA / IR / YE
20190613 Saudis Release Dramatic Video Of "Iran-Ordered" Houthi Missile Attack On Airport Terminal SA / YE / IR
20190512 CIA Briefed Colleagues Of Khashoggi That Saudis Are Now Targeting Them KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / CIA
20190508 Saudis To Meet All Ex-Iran Crude Orders As Possible OPEC Collapse Looms SA / OIL / IR / SANCTIONS / OPEC
20190504 Hinrichtungen in Saudi-Arabien Die grausame Logik des Prinzen SA
20190427 Saudi Savagery: Kingdom Beheads 16-Year-Old For Sending Whatsapp Message SA
20190424 Saudi Arabia beheads 37 people, mostly from Shia minority, puts body on display SA
20190423 Wegen "Terrorismus" Saudi-Arabien richtet 37 Menschen hin SA
20190417 Gabbard Campaign Video Slams Trump For Making US "The Prostitute Of Saudi Arabia" GABBARD, TULSI / US / SA / YE
20190331 Alleged Khashoggi killers received training in US – report KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20190329 Um sechs Monate Bundesregierung verlängert Rüstungsembargo gegen Saudi-Arabien WEAPONTRADE / DE / SA
20190310 Vakanzen im US-Außenministerium Trumps leere Botschaften: Saudi-Arabien, Türkei, Ägypten, Katar - in den Schlüsselländern des Nahen Ostens haben die USA derzeit keinen Botschafter. US / SA / TR / EG / QA / SD / SY / PK / AE / MA / IQ / IR
20190228 Kushner's Multibillion-Dollar Plot To Give Saudis Nukes KUSHNER, JARED / SA / NUCLEAR WEAPONS / US
20190219 House Oversight Whistleblowers Claim Trump Trying To Transfer US Nuke Technology To Saudi Arabia US / SA
20190207 Fall Jamal Khashoggi: Saudi-Arabien soll Ermittlungen behindert haben KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20190106 Saudi-Arabien Frauen sollen per SMS über ihre Scheidung informiert werden SA


Date Source Title Tags
20181227 Saudi reshuffle: ‘Riyadh signals to US foes that it’s ready to cooperate’ SA
20181217 Saudi Arabia slams US Senate for naming Prince MBS as ‘responsible’ for Khashoggi murder SA / US / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
2081217 Fall Jamal Khashoggi Riad kritisiert "gehaltlose Vorwürfe" des US-Senats SA / US / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181216 Imagine If Saudi Arabia Was Not A US Ally SA
20181214 Israelgate? As Russia probe runs dry, Mueller may turn to Middle East to pursue Trump ‘collusion’ MUELLER, ROBERT / TRUMP, DONALD / AE / SA / IL
20181214 Pentagon corrects $331mn ‘accounting error,’ bills Saudis & UAE for refueling jets bombing Yemen PENTAGON / AE / SA / YE
20181213 US Senate passes resolution blaming Saudi Prince MBS for Jamal Khashoggi murder US / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181213 Saudi-Arabien US-Senat hält Kronprinz für Khashoggi-Tod "verantwortlich" US / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181210 ‘The thing is done’: Khashoggi killing tape indicates hit squad was briefing Riyadh, report says KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181210 Turkey says Saudi consul ‘apparently complicit’ in Khashoggi killing KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TR
20181205 Saudi-Arabiens Atomprogramm: Der Prinz und die Bombe US / SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181205 Mordfall Khashoggi Die Saudi-Lobby bröckelt SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / DE
20181127 Fall Khashoggi Durchsuchte Villa gehört offenbar Freund von saudischem Kronprinzen KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TR / SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181123 Deutsche Rüstungsexporte Lieferstopp nach Saudi-Arabien gilt nur für zwei Monate WEAPONTRADE / DE / SA
20181122 Rebuffing C.I.A., Trump Says It Only Has ‘Feelings’ About Khashoggi Killing BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TRUMP, DONALD / CIA
20181122 Trump brushes aside CIA assertion that crown prince ordered killing, defends him and Saudi Arabia BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TRUMP, DONALD / CIA
20181122 Criticism Of MbS A "Red Line" In Khashoggi Probe, Warns Saudi Arabia BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181121 Killing of Khashoggi tests U.S. defense industry as backlash builds on Capitol Hill US / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181121 Trump’s Amoral Saudi Statement Is a Pure Expression of Decades-Old “U.S. Values” and Foreign Policy Orthodoxies TRUMP, DONALD / US / SA / US-SA
20181120 Fall Khashoggi in Saudi-Arabiens Medien Wahr ist, was er will BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181120 For Trump, the bottom line on Saudi Arabia takes precedence over human rights KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181120 Trump slanders Khashoggi and betrays American values KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181120 Trump Stands Up for Saudi Arabian Values KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181120 In Extraordinary Statement, Trump Stands With Saudis Despite Khashoggi Killing KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181120 Fall Khashoggi Trump schwört Saudi-Arabien die Treue KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181119 Saudi King Stands by Crown Prince as Outrage Over Khashoggi Killing Spreads BIN ABDULAZIZ AL SAUD, SALMAN / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181118 Trump refuses to listen to audio tape of Jamal Khashoggi's 'vicious' murder: Turkish defence minister says killers of Khashoggi may have taken his dismembered body out of Turkey in a luggage KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TR / TRUMP, DONALD
20181117 White House Official Involved In Saudi Sanctions Resigns US / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181115 Nach Mord an Journalist Khashoggi USA verhängen Sanktionen gegen 17 Saudi-Araber KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181115 Getöteter Journalist Saudi-arabische Staatsanwälte fordern Todesstrafe für Verdächtige im Fall Khashoggi KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181115 Saudi-Arabien und der Mordfall Khashoggi Tödliche Loyalität - Saudi-Arabiens Justiz hat im Mordfall Jamal Khashoggi mehrere Personen angeklagt, für fünf Personen fordern sie die Todesstrafe. Mit dem harten Vorgehen will das Königshaus Kronprinz Mohammed bin Salman schützen. KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181115 Five Saudis Face Death Penalty Over Khashoggi Killing; Crown Prince Cleared KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181115 Treasury To Sanction 17 Saudis Over Khashoggi Killing KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181112 A $2bn Saudi Plan To Assassinate Iran's Leaders Involved Erik Prince And The Trump Transition Team IR / SA
20181111 Saudi Journalist Tortured To Death After Online Identity Exposed By Regional Twitter HQ BIN ABDUL AZIZ AL-JASSER, TURKI / SA / TWITTER
20181111 Türkischer Geheimdienstchef Fidan Der Mann, der alles über Khashoggis Sterben weiß KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / FIDAN, HAKAN / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / TR / SA
20181110 US won't refuel Saudi coalition planes bombing Yemen anymore YE / SA
20181110 "They've Listened, They Know": Erdogan Announces Turkey Shared Khashoggi Death Tapes With U.S. KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / US / GB / FR / DE
20181110 How Khashoggi was killed: Erdogan says chilling audio sent to Saudi Arabia, US, UK, France & Germany KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / US / GB / FR / DE
20181109 Find Khashoggi’s killer or you’ll be helping Iran, Boris Johnson tells Saudis JOHNSON, BORIS / SA
20181108 Yemen-bombing Saudi Arabia says it ‘stands with' suffering Yemeni children in govt poster SA / YE / PROPAGANDA
20181107 Another Journalist Killed During Torture By Saudi Arabia SA / TORTURE / BIN ABDUL AZIZ AL-JASSER, TURKI
20181105 Saudis ‘don’t know how to use’ US bombs: Trump condemns deadly Yemen school bus strike… kind of SA / WEAPONTRADE / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20181103 ‘Wheels in motion to replace MBS with someone compatible with West,’ ex-Pentagon analyst tells RT SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181102 US needs ‘handful more weeks’ before sanctioning strategic partner Saudi Arabia for Khashoggi murder KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / US
20181102 Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Saudi Arabia still has many questions to answer about Jamal Khashoggi’s killing KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP
20181102 Erdogan attackiert Riad "Khashoggi töten und abhauen" ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181101 Did The Saudi Hit Squad Dissolve Jamal Khashoggi's Body In Acid? KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181031 Saudi Coup "Imminent" As Crown Prince's Uncle Arrives To Oust "Toxic" MbS SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181031 Boris Johnson was treated by Saudis to £14,000 trip two weeks before Khashoggi murder JOHNSON, BORIS / SA
20181031 Prosecutor says Khashoggi was strangled and dismembered, but fate of body still a mystery KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TR
20181031 Authorities probing immigrant Saudi sisters’ mystery deaths SA / US / NEW YORK
20181031 Staatsanwaltschaft in Istanbul Khashoggi wurde kurz nach Betreten des Konsulats erwürgt KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TR
20181030 Saudis demanded good publicity over Yemen aid, leaked UN document shows SA / YE / UN
20181030 Trotz Khashoggi-Mord Werbekonzern Publicis hält Saudis die Treue PUBLICIS / QORVIS / SA / LEVY, MAURICE
20181029 Israel Quietly Transferred $250m Of Sophisticated Spy Systems To Saudi Arabia: Report IL / SA
20181028 Regime Change In Riyadh? The CIA Has Just Publicly Dumped MbS SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / CIA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181028 Saudi Arabia Refuses Turkey's Request To Hand Over Suspected Khashoggi Killers KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181027 Getöteter Journalist Saudi-Arabien liefert Verdächtige im Fall Khashoggi nicht an Türkei aus KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181024 Saudi prince may be involved, but I want to believe he's not – Trump TRUMP, DONALD / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / BIN ABDULAZIZ AL SAUD, SALMAN / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181024 Fall Khashoggi Was Saudi-Arabien jetzt drohen könnte SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181024 Fall Khashoggi USA kündigen erste Sanktionen gegen Saudi-Arabien an US / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181024 Iran's Rouhani: 'Saudi Wouldn't Have Killed Khashoggi Without US Approval' KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / US / ROUHANI, HASSAN
20181023 "Worst Coverup Ever": Trump Blasts Saudis Over Khashoggi Murder; US To Revoke Visas KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD / COVERUP
20181023 Beileidsbekundung Saudischer König und Kronprinz empfangen Khashoggis Familie KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181023 Die Saudis und der Fall Khashoggi Ungebremste Dummheit KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181023 Fall Khashoggi Saudi-Arabien verspricht "umfassende Ermittlungen" KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181023 Fall Khashoggi Nervenkrieg zwischen Erdogan und dem Prinzen KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181023 Erdoğan spricht von geplantem Mord an Khashoggi KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181023 Fall Khashoggi Erdogan spricht von "politischem Mord" KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181023 Turkish president says Jamal Khashoggi’s killing was a planned operation KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TR / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP
20181023 Strong evidence ‘vicious’ murder of Khashoggi was planned operation – Erdogan (VIDEO) KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TR / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP
20181023 Erdogan: Tötung Khashoggis wurde Tage im Voraus geplant KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TR / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP
20181023 Exporte aus Deutschland Was Sie über Waffendeals mit Saudi-Arabien wissen sollten SA / WEAPONTRADE / YE / DE
20181022 CIA director flies to Turkey amid growing controversy over Jamal Khashoggi killing HASPEL, GINA / CIA / US / SA / TR / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181022 Riad und der Fall Khashoggi Das Ende der Legende KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181022 Waffenexport-Debatte nach Khashoggi-Tod "Saudi-Arabien richtig, richtig treffen" DE / SA / WEAPONTRADE
20181022 Saudi Arabia Restores Bonuses For State Employees After Oil Price Resurgence SA
20181022 Fall Khashoggi Riad verzögert offenbar weitere Ermittlungen KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181022 Getöteter Khashoggi Auswärtiges Amt bittet saudi-arabischen Botschafter zum Gespräch KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / DE
20181022 Skandal um Beratungsfirma Özdemir fordert Auftragsstopp für McKinsey MCKINSEY / DE / SA / OEZDEMIR, CEM
20181022 New twist in Khashoggi mystery: MBS spoke to journalist moments before his death – report KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181022 Surveillance footage shows Saudi operative in Khashoggi's clothes after he was killed, Turkish source says KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / COVERUP / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181022 Getöteter Journalist Saudische Herrscher kondolieren Khashoggis Sohn KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / BIN ABDULAZIZ AL SAUD, SALMAN
20181022 Saudi king and prince phone Khashoggi's son to give condolences - Turkish president says details of journalist’s killing will be revealed in parliament KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / BIN ABDULAZIZ AL SAUD, SALMAN
20181021 Inside the Saudis’ Washington influence machine: How the kingdom gained power through fierce lobbying and charm offensives SA / LOBBYING / US
20181021 Saudi Crown Prince Spoke To Khashoggi By Phone Moments Before He Was Killed: Report KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181021 Selman ile konuştu sonra öldürüldü - İstanbul’daki başkonsolosluğa giren Cemal Kaşıkçı’nın önce alıkonulduğu belirtiliyor. İddiaya göre Kaşıkçı, telefonla Veliaht Prens Muhammed bin Selman ile görüştürüldü. Selman, Kaşıkçı’dan Riyad’a dönmesini istedi. Ancak Kaşıkçı bunu reddetti. Cinayet de bundan sonra gerçekleşti. KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181021 Saudis don't know how Khashoggi was killed, incident was ‘aberration, mistake’ - FM KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / AL-JUBEIR, ADEL
20181021 Khashoggi’s death was a ‘rogue operation’ that the crown prince was not aware of, Saudi foreign minister says KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / AL-JUBEIR, ADEL
20181021 Germany can't sell arms to Saudi Arabia amid unanswered questions about Khashoggi's death - Merkel MERKEL, ANGELA / DE / SA / WEAPONTRADE / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181021 Khashoggi-Affäre Merkel stellt Waffenexporte nach Saudi-Arabien infrage MERKEL, ANGELA / MAAS, HEIKO / DE / SA / WEAPONTRADE / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181020 ‘The Saudis still aren’t coming clean’: Doubt expressed on explanation of Khashoggi’s death SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181020 Amid Khashoggi uproar, many Saudis see a foreign plot and rally around their prince SA
20181020 Trump doubts Saudi account of journalist’s death: ‘There’s been deception, and there’s been lies’ KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181020 Saudis’ Image Makers: A Troll Army and a Twitter Insider KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181020 Global Anger Boils Over Saudi Response: "We Will Never Allow A Cover-Up Of Khashoggi Murder" KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181020 Europe finds Riyadh’s Khashoggi death story ‘inadequate’, Berlin talks arms sale freeze KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181020 Trump finds Saudi version of Khashoggi death ‘credible,’ touts arms deals with ‘great ally’ TRUMP, DONALD / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20180819 Saudi Arabia admits Jamal Khashoggi killed in Istanbul consulate - Kingdom sacks intelligence official, arrests 18 Saudis saying missing journalist was killed in a 'fist fight'. KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181019 How Turkey’s president pressured the Saudis to account for Khashoggi’s death ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / TR / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / POMPEO, MIKE / SA
20181019 Khashoggi outcry galvanizes critics against Saudi arms sales KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / WEAPONTRADE / US / LOCKHEED MARTIN
20181019 The world has a question for the White House: When do murders matter? KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / WHITE HOUSE
20181019 Saudi electronic army floods Twitter with insults and mistruths after Khashoggi’s disappearance SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TWITTER
20181020 Trump says Khashoggi death ‘unacceptable’, but he ‘prefers’ to keep defense contracts with Saudis TRUMP, DONALD / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181019 Saudi prince MBS put in charge of intel purge following Khashoggi death KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181019 Verschwundener Journalist Saudi-Arabien bestätigt Tötung Khashoggis in Istanbuler Konsulat KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181019 Saudi Arabia fires 5 top officials, arrests 18 Saudis, saying Khashoggi was killed in fight at consulate KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / AL-QAHTANI, SAUD / AL-ASSIRI, AHMED / BIN SALEH AL-RUMAIH, MOHAMMED / AL-SHAYA, ABDULLAH BIN KHALIFA / BIN HAMED AL-MOHAMMAD, RASHAD
20181019 Royal Order Terminating Services of A Number of General Intelligence's Officers KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / BIN SALEH AL-RUMAIH, MOHAMMED / AL-SHAYA, ABDULLAH BIN KHALIFA / BIN HAMED AL-MOHAMMAD, RASHAD
20181019 Saudi Arabia's statement on Jamal Khashoggi's killing in full KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181019 Saudi Public Prosecutor: Preliminary Investigations into Case of Citizen Jamal Khashoggi Showed his Death KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181019 Evidence suggests crown prince ordered Khashoggi killing, says ex-MI6 chief SAWERS, JOHN / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / WHITE HOUSE
20181019 Fall Khashoggi Istanbuler Staatsanwalt verhört Mitarbeiter des saudi-arabischen Konsulats TR / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181019 How Saudi Arabia's media is covering the Jamal Khashoggi disappearance SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181019 Turkish officials suspected Khashoggi had been killed within hours of disappearance KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SAAD H. ALZAHRANI, MUHAMMED / MUHAMMED A TUBAIGY, SALAH / SA
20181019 Waffenexporte Saudi-Arabien ist zweitbester Kunde der deutschen Rüstungsindustrie WEAPONTRADE / SA / DE
20181019 Gabriel-Kritik an Saudi-Arabien "Diese Art Gewalt kennen wir aus dunkelsten Zeiten des Kalten Krieges" DE / GABRIEL, SIGMAR / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181019 Fall Khashoggi FDP-Politiker nennt Verhalten von Siemens-Chef Kaeser "unverantwortlich" KAESER, JOE / SIEMENS / FDP / DJIR-SARAI, BIJAN / DE / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181019 Turkish Investigators Think They Know Where Khashoggi Is Buried KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / SA EMBASSY ISTANBUL / TR
20181019 Saudi Royal Family Considering Replacement For Crown Prince bin Salman: Report SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181018 Saudi Explanation of Jamal Khashoggi’s Killing Fails to Squelch Skepticism KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181018 In Shift on Khashoggi Killing, Trump Edges Closer to Acknowledging a Saudi Role KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181018 Saudis May Blame Intelligence Official for Killing Jamal Khashoggi AL-ASSIRI, AHMED / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181018 Aide to Saudi Crown Prince, Suspect in Khashoggi Case, Is Shown Walking Into Consulate ABDULAZIZ M. MUTREB, MAHER / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181019 Reaktionen auf den Fall Khashoggi Gabriel fordert "klare Linie" im Umgang mit Saudi-Arabien DE / GABRIEL, SIGMAR / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181019 ‘It certainly looks like’ Khashoggi is dead, consequences will be ‘severe’ – Trump KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181019 US-Präsident Trump zum Fall Khashoggi "Bad stuff" KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181018 Obama's National Security Advisor Continues To Work For The Saudis JONES, JAMES L. / SA / OBAMA, BARACK
20181018 Turkish Officials Played Audio Recording Of Khashoggi Murder To Pompeo: Report KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / POMPEO, MIKE
20181018 Turkish source says Pompeo heard recording of Khashoggi murder, State Department denies KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / POMPEO, MIKE
20181018 Pompeo warned Saudis they have 72 hrs to finish probe into Khashoggi case, or risk blowback – report POMPEO, MIKE / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181018 Fall Khashoggi US-Demokraten fordern Aufklärung über Trumps Geschäfte mit Saudi-Arabien KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181018 Suspected member of Khashoggi ‘hit-team’ dies in mysterious ‘traffic accident’ in Saudi Arabia SAAD M ALBOSTANI, MESHAL / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181018 Verschwundener Journalist "Washington Post" publiziert bislang letzten Beitrag Khashoggis KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / FREEDOM OF SPEECH / SA
20181017 Fall Khashoggi Berichte über Folter und Enthauptung KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181017 Fall Khashoggi Bundesregierung hält saudische Erklärungen für unglaubwürdig KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / DE
20181017 ‘Sawed while still alive’? Gruesome ‘taped’ details of Khashoggi’s alleged murder cause media stir SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181017 Mike Pompeo Meets Turkish President to Discuss Saudi Journalist’s Fate KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / POMPEO, MIKE / TR / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / FIDAN, HAKAN / CAVUSOGLU, MEVLUT / KALIN, IBRAHIM
20181017 "They Cut Him Up While He Was Still Alive": Grisly Details Of Saudi Journalist Killing Emerge KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / MUHAMMED A TUBAIGY, SALAH
20181017 Verschwundener Journalist Khashoggi Trump nimmt Saudi-Arabien in Schutz TRUMP, DONALD / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181016 Pompeo, Khashoggi and the problem MBS created - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on a quest to sell an utterly unbelievable story about Jamal Khashoggi's death. KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / POMPEO, MIKE / TRUMP, DONALD / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20181016 Police found evidence in Saudi consulate that Khashoggi was killed there - Turkish official to AP KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA EMBASSY ISTANBUL / SA / TR
20181016 US thanks Saudi for ‘transparent’ probe as new evidence points to Khashoggi’s murder in consulate US / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181016 Verschwundener Journalist Trumps Taktieren im Fall Khashoggi KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181016 Trump spins cover-up for Saudi killing, signaling no ‘turning-point’ in US relations TRUMP, DONALD / SA
20181016 US won’t impose economic sanctions against Saudis to protect its arms sales to kingdom – analysts KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / US / SA / SANCTIONS
20181016 Saudi diplomatic immunity must be waived over Khashoggi case - UN rights chief KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / UN
20181016 Forensics expert ‘cut to pieces’ Saudi journalist’s body as colleagues listened to music - sources KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / MUHAMMED A TUBAIGY, SALAH / SA
20181016 Telefonat mit Trump: Saudischer Kronprinz bestreitet Kenntnis im Fall Khashoggi KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / BIN ABDULAZIZ AL SAUD, SALMAN / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / POMPEO, MIKE / TRUMP, DONALD
20181016 Some materials at Saudi consulate in Istanbul where journalist vanished were painted over - Erdogan SA EMBASSY ISTANBUL / TR / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181016 Pompeo Took 12-Hour Flight To Saudi Arabia For '15 Minute Meeting' With King Salman POMPEO, MIKE / SA / BIN ABDULAZIZ AL SAUD, SALMAN / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181016 Fall Khashoggi Türkische Ermittler durchsuchen Haus des saudi-arabischen Konsuls SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TR / AL-OTAIBI, MOHAMMED
20181016 Mögliche Ermordung von Jamal Khashoggi Halbes Geständnis aus Riad KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20181015 Saudi Arabia To Admit Khashoggi Killed During "Botched Interrogation" SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181015 Rogue killers or state murder? Riyadh gets benefit of doubt from Trump where Russia doesn’t TRUMP, DONALD / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181015 'Rogue killers' might have killed Saudi journalist - Trump TRUMP, DONALD / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL|
20181015 Verschwundener Journalist Khashoggi Trump schickt Außenminister nach Saudi-Arabien KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TRUMP, DONALD / US / SA / POMPEO, MIKE
20181014 Fall Khashoggi Saudi-Arabien warnt US-Präsident Trump vor Sanktionen SA
20181014 Saudi Stocks Crash Most Since 2016 As Riyadh Threatens US With "Very Strong" Retaliation SA
20181014 Saudi stocks nosedive after Trump’s threats to Riyadh over missing WaPo journalist Khashoggi SA
20181014 Saudi Arabia rejects ‘threats’ after Trump vows ‘severe punishment’ on Khashoggi disappearance KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181013 National Security: After journalist vanishes, focus shifts to young prince’s ‘dark’ and bullying side BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181013 Saudi Media Casts Khashoggi Disappearance as a Conspiracy, Claims Qatar Owns Washington Post SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / DISTRACTION
20181013 Trump vows ‘severe punishment’ if U.S. determines Saudi Arabia killed Khashoggi KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TRUMP, DONALD / US / SA
20181013 Vermisster Journalist Türkei und Saudi-Arabien ermitteln gemeinsam KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TR / SA
20181012 Jamal Khashoggi Wasn’t the First — Saudi Arabia Has Been Going After Dissidents Abroad for Decades SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL
20181011 Trump’s $110 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia: still fake] TRUMP, DONALD / US / SA / WEAPONTRADE
20181011 Is This the Beginning of the End of the U.S.-Saudi Alliance? KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / US
20181010 Khashoggi case: CCTV disappears from Saudi consulate in Turkey - Security footage removed and Turkish staff told to go home on day missing journalist visits KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA EMBASSY ISTANBUL / TR / SA / HZ-SK1 / HZ-SK2 / CENGIZ, HATICE / AKTAY, YASIN
20181010 İşte 15 kişilik suikast timi - SABAH, Suudi gazeteci Cemal Kaşıkçı’nın ortadan kaybolması olayına karışan 15 kişilik esrarengiz istihbarat timinin, Türkiye’ye giriş yaparken Atatürk Havalimanı’ndaki görüntülerine ulaştı KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / SAAD M ALBOSTANI, MESHAL / MUHAMMED A TUBAIGY, SALAH / HASSAN S. ALARIFI, NAIF / SAAD H. ALZAHRANI, MUHAMMED / OTHMAN M. ABAHÜSEYIN, MANSUR / AEDH G. ALTAIBI, HALID / MUHAMMED M. ALHAWSAWI, ABDULAZIZ / ABDULLAH M. ALSEHRI, WALEED / MÜSERREF M. ALSEHRI, TÜRKI / GHALEB T. ALHARBI, THAAR / ABDULAZIZ M. MUTREB, MAHER / SHABIB A. ALBALAWI, FAHAD / LAFI M. ALOTAIBI, BADR / MUHAMMED M. ALMADANI, MUSTAFA / SAAD Q ALQAHTANI, SAIF / HZ SK2
20181010 US senators demand Magnitsky Act probe, sanctions on Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi disappearance KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / US / SA
20181010 Verschwundener Journalist Khashoggi Trump verschärft Ton gegenüber Saudi-Arabien KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TRUMP, DONALD
20181007 Verschwundener Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Türkei bekräftigt Vorwürfe gegen Saudi-Arabien KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA / TR
20181007 Verschwundener Journalist Was geschah mit Jamal Khashoggi? KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / SA
20180902 Huge fire engulfs Saudi Arabian public prosecution building (VIDEOS) SA
20180812 Saudi Arabia Starts To Weaponize Its Wealth SA
20180812 The Real Reason Why Trump Cancelled The Iran Deal TRUMP, DONALD / SUNNI ISLAM / SA / IR / CA / SHIA ISLAM
20180809 Diplomatischer Streit Saudi-Arabien droht Kanada mit weiteren Konsequenzen SA
20180801 Saudi Arabia Planned to Invade Qatar Last Summer. Rex Tillerson’s Efforts to Stop It May Have Cost Him His Job. SA / QA / US / TILLERSON, REX
20180712 Saudi King absolves troops of any future accountability for their conduct in Yemen war SA / YE
20180701 Leaked Emails Reveal Pro-Saudi Intrigue At 2016 GOP Convention, Attempts To Suppress 9/11 Documents GOP / SA
20180610 More Than Just Russia — There’s a Strong Case for the Trump Team Colluding With Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the UAE TRUMP, DONALD / SA / IL / AE
20180525 Saudis Halt Orders From German Companies; Crown Prince "Deeply Offended" SA / DE / IR
20180525 Nahost-Politik Saudi-Arabien verhängt Auftragsstopp für deutsche Firmen SA / DE / IR
20180524 Here's The Viral Interview Of Exiled Saudi Prince Calling For Regime Change In Riyadh SA / BIN FARHAN, KHALED
20180519 Treffen im Trump Tower Golfmonarchien boten Trump Hilfe für Wahl an TRUMP, DONALD / AE / SA / PRINCE, ERIK / ZAMEL, JOEL
20180428 Pompeo lands in Saudi Arabia, immediately calls for new sanctions against Iran POMPEO, MIKE / US / SA / IR / SANCTIONS
20180428 Atomabkommen USA fordern Europäer zu Sanktionen gegen Iran auf POMPEO, MIKE / US / SA / IR / SANCTIONS
20180402 Saudi-Arabiens Kronprinz bin Salman "Israelis haben das Recht auf ein eigenes Land" SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / PS / IL
20180321 ‘Peanuts for you’: Trump showcases weapons US sold to Yemen-bombing Saudi prince (VIDEO) WEAPONTRADE / SA / US
20180311 Saudis Said to Use Coercion and Abuse to Seize Billions SA
20180309 ‘Toxic, damaging & shameful’: Fury as UK and Saudi Arabia sign huge arms deal WEAPONTRADE / GB / SA


Date Source Title Tags
20171223 Saudi General Reportedly Tortured To Death After Refusing To Fork Over His Fortune SA
20171219 Krieg im Jemen Saudi-Arabien meldet Angriff auf Hauptstadt SA / YE
20171129 Saudi prince freed from Ritz-Carlton 'prison' after $1bn settlement with authorities SA
20171124 Mohammed bin Salman Saudischer Kronprinz wettert gegen Irans "neuen Hitler" BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / SA / IR / KHAMENEI, AYATOLLAH
20171111 If The Saudi Arabia Situation Doesn't Worry You, You're Not Paying Attention SA
20171110 Saudi "Deep State" Prince Bandar Among Those Arrested In Purge: Report BIN SULTAN, BANDAR / SA
20171109 Saudi-Arabien Mehr als 200 Menschen bei Verhaftungswelle festgesetzt SA
20171109 Saudi Arabia Tells Its Citizens to Leave Lebanon Immediately SA / LB
20171108 Real Motive Behind Saudi Purge Emerges: $800 Billion In Confiscated Assets SA
20171108 Satellite Images Reveal Saudis May Be Lying How Much Oil They Have In Storage SA / OIL
20171107 Nach Dutzenden Festnahmen Trump stellt sich hinter saudischen König und Kronprinz SA / TRUMP, DONALD / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20171106 Saudi Arabia says Lebanon has declared war on it SA / LB / HEZBOLLAH
20171106 Arab coalition affirms Saudi Arabia’s right to respond to Iran’s ‘act of war’ SA / IR
20171106 Saudi-Arabien: Der Kronprinz räumt die Konkurrenten weg SA
20171106 Saudi-Arabien gegen Libanon "Wir betrachten das als Kriegserklärung" SA / LB / HARIRI, SAAD / HEZBOLLAH
20171106 Saudi Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd, a business partner of former Lebanese PM Hariri, dies during arrest BIN FAHD, ABDUL AZIZ / SA
20171106 Saudi-König Salman greift durch Warum Protzprinz Alwaleed jetzt im Luxusknast im Ritz sitzt BIN TALAL, ALWALEED / SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20171106 Saudi-Arabiens Kronprinz Mohammed Morgen ein König - Saudi-Arabiens Kronprinz Mohammed bin Salman gibt den Kämpfer gegen Korruption. Doch das ist nur ein Vorwand, um unliebsame Rivalen aus dem Weg zu räumen. Ob der junge Mann damit Erfolg hat, ist völlig offen. SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20171105 Größter Börsengang der Welt Trump will Ölkonzern Saudi Aramco nach New York locken SA / SAUDI ARAMCO / US / TRUMP, DONALD
20171105 Dutzende Festnahmen Saudi-Arabiens König entlässt Minister und stärkt Kronprinz SA
20171105 Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal arrested in corruption crackdown: Reports BIN TALAL, ALWALEED / SA / CORRUPTION
20171104 In Shocking Purge, Saudi King Arrests Billionaire Prince Bin Talal, Dozens Of Others In Cabinet Crackdown SA
20171104 11 Saudi princes, 4 ministers arrested as crown prince unleashes crackdown on corruption – report SA / CORRUPTION
20170818 ‘Shameful’ Theresa May rejects 9/11 survivors’ appeal to release Saudi Arabia terrorism report US 20010911 / GB / SA / MAY, THERESA
20170713 Saudi-Arabien und Ägypten Bundesregierung genehmigt milliardenschwere Rüstungsdeals DE / WEAPONTRADE / SA / EG
20170710 Britischer High Court: Waffenhandel mit Saudi-Arabien ist rechtmäßig GB / SA / WEAPONTRADE
20170623 Krise am Golf Katars Gegner stellen 13 Forderungen SA / AE / BH / EG / QA / ALJAZEERA / IR / TR
20170621 Aufstieg von Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi-Arabien Der Kriegerprinz BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / SA
20170616 Waffen für die Welt WEAPONTRADE / DE / SA / AE / DZ / EG / KR / AU / SG
20170614 Ägypten Parlament billigt Insel-Übergabe an Saudi-Arabien EG / SA
20170614 Iraq takes Saudi crown to become oil king of key Asian market OIL / IQ / SA / IN
20170605 Golfstaaten: Alle gegen Katar - Die jüngste Eskalation am Golf hat nicht viel mit Terrorismus zu tun. Es geht um die vergleichsweise guten Beziehungen Katars zum Iran, die Saudi-Arabien missfallen. QA / IR / SA / BH / AE / EG / BIN HAMID AL THANI, TAMIM
20170605 ‘Terrorism, meddling in affairs’: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia & Egypt cut diplomatic ties with Qatar QA / BH / SA / EG
20170522 Saudis gave the U.S. $360b in deals. Now they want Trump to rescind 9/11 lawsuit law. US / US 20010911 / TRUMP, DONALD / SA
20170522 Widow of 9/11 victim to Trump: Saudis should be held accountable for ‘role in murdering 3,000’ US / US 20010911 / TRUMP, DONALD / SA
20170522 Frauenförderung Arabische Megaspende für Ivanka Trumps Fonds TRUMP, IVANKA / SA
20170521 Grundsatzrede in Riad Donald Trump und wie er den Islam sieht TRUMP, DONALD / ISLAM / SA
20170520 Trumps Reiseauftakt in Saudi-Arabien ...und dann ein "unglaublicher Tag" beim König TRUMP, DONALD / SA / US / WEAPONTRADE
20170520 Trump strikes arms deal with Saudis worth $350bn, $110bn to take effect immediately SA / TRUMP, DONALD / US / WEAPONTRADE
20170508 Saudi-Arabien hat überraschend seine Frauengesetze gelockert SA
20170430 Besuch in Riad Merkel fordert Ende saudischer Bombardements im Jemen MERKEL, ANGELA / SA / YE
20170415 Meet The Lawyer Who's Suing Saudi Arabia For Financing The 9/11 Attacks US 20010911 / SA
20170414 Saudi banks, bin Laden companies sued by US insurers over 9/11 terror attacks US 20010911 / SA
20170406 Terrorism Smear Campaign Against Democratic Contender for Congress Run By Saudi Lobbyist CONGRESSIONAL LEADERSHIP FUND / COLEMAN, NORM / SA / OSSOFF, JON
20170321 Flüge aus Nahost und Afrika Auch Großbritannien verbietet Laptops im Handgepäck GB / TR / LB / JO / EG / TN / SA / AIR TRANSPORT
20170321 UK to follow US with electronic devices ban on flights from Muslim majority countries GB / TR / LB / JO / EG / TN / SA / AIR TRANSPORT
20170314 Export-Genehmigung durch Regierung Neue deutsche Waffen für Saudi-Arabien SA / DE / WEAPONTRADE
20170228 Torture, abuse, & harassment: ex-housemaids describe horrors of working in Saudi Arabia to RT SA
20170219 CIA-Chef Pompeo zeichnet Saudi-Arabien aus POMPEO, MICHAEL / US / CIA / SA / BIN NAYEF, MUHAMMAD


Date Source Title Tags
20161219 Saudi Arabia lobbies to amend JASTA law which allows 9/11 victims to sue the Gulf state SA / US 20010911
20161206 Saudi-Arabien 15 angebliche Iran-Spione zum Tode verurteilt IR / SA
20161104 Assange: Clinton & ISIS funded by same money, Trump won’t be allowed to win (JOHN PILGER EXCLUSIVE) ASSANGE, JULIAN / ISIS / CLINTON, HILLARY / SA / QA
20161018 Saudi-Arabien Mitglied der Königsfamilie wegen Mordes hingerichtet SA
20161015 "Falsche Informationen" Saudi-arabische Allianz übernimmt Verantwortung für Angriff auf Trauerfeier SA / YE
20161011 Clinton knew Saudi Arabia, Qatar provide ‘clandestine’ support to ISIS – WikiLeaks CLINTON, HILLARY / ISIS / SA / QA / WIKILEAKS
20160930 Nach US-Votum zum 9/11-Gesetz Saudi-Arabien warnt vor "katastrophalen Folgen" SA / US / US 20010911
20160929 Saudis could pull billions from US economy, hinder access to Mideast bases following 9/11 lawsuits SA / US 20010911 / US / GCC
20160922 ‘If US can’t stop the war, it can at least stop selling weapons to Saudis’ - 10yo Yemeni girl to RT YE / US / SA / WEAPONTRADE
20160915 British ambassador to Saudi Arabia converts to Islam, attends Hajj GB / COLLINS, SIMON / MUJARKESH, HUDA / SA
20160915 Krieg im Jemen Saudi-Arabien bombt, Millionen hungern YE / SA / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20160909 Repräsentantenhaus stimmt 9/11-Klagen gegen Saudi-Arabien zu US 20010911 / SA / OBAMA, BARACK
20160909 US House adopts ’Sue the Saudis’ 9/11 bill US 20010911 / SA / PODESTA GROUP / PODESTA, JOHN / PODESTA, TONY / CLINTON, HILLARY
20160813 Germany asks NSA to decipher Bavaria attackers’ chat with ISIS mastermind – report DE / TERRORISM / SA / NSA / BND
20160813 Attentate in Würzburg und Ansbach NSA knackte verschlüsselte Befehle für Anschläge in Bayern DE / TERRORISM / SA / NSA
20160805 Anschlägen in Bayern: Saudi-Arabien bietet Hilfe bei Ermittlungen an DE / TERRORISM / SA
20160601 Russia and Saudi Arabia dump $50bn in US assets RU / SA / US
20160531 Interview zu Waffenexporten: Riad erhöht den Druck auf die Bundesregierung WEAPONTRADE / DE / SA
20160527 Banken erwarten Ausstieg Saudi-Arabiens aus dem Dollar-System SA
20160518 Saudi Arabia warns of ‘Plan B’ for Syria while US calls on all sides to work together SA / AL-JUBEIR, ADEL / SY / AL-ASSAD, BASHAR
20160518 Terror: US-Senat will 9/11-Klagen gegen Saudi-Arabien zulassen US 20010911 / US / SA / OBAMA, BARACK
20160517 Bill allowing 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia passes the Senate US 20010911 / US / SA
20160516 Saudi embassy branded ‘Daesh bank’ in Berlin projection stunt (PHOTOS) SA / BERLIN / ISIS
20160502 Massenentlassung in Saudi-Arabien: Bin Laden feuert bis zu 90.000 Mitarbeiter SA
20160418 The Romanian foreign minister accuses the Saudi ambassador of sexual molestation and murder of a local female secretary, giving the Saudi mission 48 hours to leave RO / SA / AL RASSI, ABDULRAHMAN I.
20160331 Are Saudis buying Israeli drones through South Africa? SA / IL / ZA / DRONES
20160323 The Saudi origins of Belgium’s Islamist threat BE / SA / WAHHABISM
20160318 Soros-Obama-Merkel-Erdogan Win Control of Europe SOROS, GEORGE / OBAMA, BARACK / MERKEL, ANGELA / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / EU / REFUGEES / OIL / QA / SA / TR / US / IR / IQ / RU
20160314 Hubschrauber und Gewehre: Regierung genehmigt Waffendeals mit Saudi-Arabien WEAPONTRADE / DE / SA / OM
20160224 UK downgrading of human rights sets dangerous precedent, says Amnesty WEAPONTRADE / GB / HUMAN RIGHTS / SA / YE
20160214 Will Saudi jets change balance of power in Syria? SA / SY
20160211 Saudi Arabia turns to Turkey SA / TR
20160127 Tunesiens Ex-Diktator Ben Ali: Lebensabend mit 1,5 Tonnen Gold BEN ALI, ZINE EL-ABIDINE / TN / SA
20160123 'Secret wife' of Saudi prince reveals monarchy’s mysteries SA
20160122 Fatwa: Saudi-Arabiens Großmufti verbietet Schach SA
20160118 Jemen: Mehr als 20 Tote bei Saudi-arabischem Luftangriff YE / SA
20160107 Anschlag in Mekka 1979 Die Blutspur des Terrors SA
20160106 ISIS vows to destroy Saudi prisons holding terrorists SA / ISIS
20160104 Konflikt um Hinrichtungen: Saudi-Arabien kündigt Bruch mit Iran an SA / IR
20160104 Konflikt zwischen Iran und Saudi-Arabien: Es geht um viel, viel mehr IR / SA
20160103 Hinrichtung von Geistlichem: Irans Führer droht Saudi-Arabien mit der "Rache Gottes" IR / SA
20160102 Reaktion auf Hinrichtung von Geistlichem: Demonstranten greifen saudi-arabische Botschaft in Teheran an SA / IR
20160102 MidEast leaders lash out at Saudi Arabia over Shiite cleric's execution, protests erupt SA / IR
20160102 Saudi Arabia executes 47 people, incl prominent Shiite cleric, on terror charges SA


Date Source Title Tags
20151222 "Die Ausbreitung des saudischen Einflusses wird verheerende Folgen nach sich ziehen" SA / IL / ANTISEMITISM / SCHOLL-LATOUR, PETER
20151218 Islamic State declares war against Saudi Arabia ISIS / SA
20151217 Saudi-Arabiens Anti-Terror-Allianz: Überrumpelte Partner erfuhren von ihrer Teilnahme aus den Medien SA
20151216 Role of Saudi-led ‘military alliance’ put to question as some members reject participation SA
20151215 Bündnis gegen IS: Das steckt hinter Saudi-Arabiens neuer Anti-Terror-Allianz BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED / SA / YE / SAUDI ARAMCO
20151215 Bündnis mit 34 Ländern: Saudi-Arabien schmiedet islamische Anti-Terror-Allianz SA
20151206 Islamisten in Deutschland: Gabriel warnt Saudi-Arabien vor Finanzierung von Extremismus GABRIEL, SIGMAR / SA
20151203 Eklat wegen Analyse: Regierung distanziert sich nach Saudi-Schelte vom BND BND / SA / DE
20151203 "Interventionspolitik": BND warnt vor Saudi-Arabien BND / SA
20151124 Kampf gegen den Terror: Unser Freund, der Kopf-ab-Saudi ISLAMIC STATE / SA
20151028 Saudi Arabia and ‘royal crimes’: Can the Prince do no wrong? BIN WALID BIN ABDUL AYIY AL-SAUD, ABDUL MOHSEN / AL SHAALAN, NAYEF / DRUGS / SA
20151027 Jemen: Krankenhaus von "Ärzte ohne Grenzen" bombardiert MSF / YE / SA
20151027 Saudi prince held over record Beirut airport drug bust - Prince among five Saudis detained over seizure of two tonnes of amphetamines and cocaine at Lebanese capital's airport. BIN WALID BIN ABDUL AYIY AL-SAUD, ABDUL MOHSEN / DRUGS / LB / SA
20151028 Saudi prince caught up in drugs bust lucky the incident happened in Beirut BIN WALID BIN ABDUL AYIY AL-SAUD, ABDUL MOHSEN / SA / LB / DRUGS
20151026 Saudi Arabia’s Royal Drug Problem SA / DRUGS / AL SHAALAN, NAYEF / CAPTAGON / ABDULAZIZ AL-SAUD, MAJED
20151026 Saudi prince arrested on private plane with 2 tons of drugs - reports SA / BIN WALID BIN ABDUL AYIY AL-SAUD, ABDUL MOHSEN / DRUGS
20151006 Saudi King Hospitalized for Dementia SA
20150929 Saudi princes said planning regime change: Senior member of Saudi royal family urges coup against King Salman SA
20150928 Massenpanik beim Hadsch: Diplomaten stellen offizielle Opferzahlen infrage MECCA / SA
20150916 Unglück in Mekka: Saudischer König bestraft Baukonzern für Kransturz BIN LADEN FAMILY / MECCA / SA
20150902 TV Station Owners Report Unexpected Flood of Money From Iran Deal Opponents PROPAGANDA / IR / SA / US / AIPAC
20150901 Yemen’s Hidden War: How the Saudi-Led Coalition Is Killing Civilians YE / SA
20150820 Wave of TV Ads Opposing Iran Deal Organized By Saudi Arabian Lobbyist AMERICAN SECURITY INITIATIVE / IR / SA / COLEMAN, NORM / US
20150806 ISIS claims responsibility for Saudi suicide bombing SA / ISIS / ASIR
20150801 Bin Laden kin die in plane crash HZ-IBN / BBS / SA / BIN LADEN FAMILY
20150726 Jemen: Saudi-Arabien fliegt schwerste Luftangriffe seit Beginn der Offensive YE / SA
20150628 Enthüllung von Wikileaks: Saudi-Arabien wollte deutsche Journalisten bestechen SA / WIKILEAKS / CORRUPTION / JOURNALISM
20150627 Secret Australia-Saudi deal on intelligence BIN SULTAN, BANDAR / SA / HAWKINS, NEIL / AU
20150626 WikiLeaks: Saudi Embassy in Tehran Adopted Plan to Support Salafist Channels to Face Iranian Media SA / IR
20150626 WikiLeaks exposes Saudi liquor runs, Clinton's passport SA / WIKILEAKS
20150624 Sticks and stones - How WikiLeaks could help precipitate the fall of the Saudi empire SA / WIKILEAKS
20150623 tribune.compk Saudi govt offered $10b for Mubarak's release: Wikileaks MUBARAK, HUSNI / SA / WIKILEAKS
20150622 ‘Saudi Cables release is just one tenth of what we have’ – WikiLeaks to RT SA / WIKILEAKS
20150620 Bin Laden’s son asked US for father’s death certificate – WikiLeaks BIN LADEN, OSAMA / SA / US / WIKILEAKS
20150619 The Saudi Cables: Over half a million cables and other documents from the Saudi Foreign Ministry. WIKILEAKS / SA
20150606 Rand Paul seeks to tie Pentagon funding to release of classified 9/11 docs US 20010911 / SA
20150530 ISIS declares war on Shias on Arabian Peninsula – monitoring group ISLAMIC STATE / SHIA / SUNNI / SA
20150518 S. Arabia calls in off-the-shelf nuke option with Pakistan – report SA / PK / NUCLEAR WEAPONS
20150517 Saudis ‘to get nuclear weapons’ SA / PK / NUCLEAR WEAPONS
20150505 Saudi-Arabien: Amnesty prangert "beispiellose Hinrichtungswelle" an SA
20150410 Exclusive: U.S. expands intelligence sharing with Saudis in Yemen operation YE / US / SA
20150408 Krieg im Jemen: USA beschleunigen Waffenlieferungen an Saudi-Arabien YE / SA / US
20150402 Russia’s Yemen consulate damaged amid Saudi-led airstrikes – embassy source YE / RU / SA
20150325 Saudi Arabia bombs Yemen, launches coalition op against Houthi rebels SA / YE
20150312 Zerwürfnis mit Saudiarabien - Schweden beendet Militärkooperation SE / SA / WEAPONTRADE
20150210 Todesstrafe: Saudi-Arabien hat seit Jahresbeginn 25 Menschen hingerichtet SA
20150204 Another Conspiracy Theory Becomes Fact: The Entire Oil Collapse Is All About Crushing Russian Control Over Syria US / SA / RU / SY / OIL
20150204 Terrorfinanzierung: Saudische Herrscher sollen Al-Kaida gesponsert haben SA / AL QAEDA / MOUSSAOUI, ZACARIAS
20150204 ‘Saudi princes planned to down Air Force One with missile’: 9/11 terrorist gives damning testimony MOUSSAOUI, ZACARIAS / SA / AL QAEDA
20150204 Moussaoui Calls Saudi Princes Patrons of Al Qaeda MOUSSAOUI, ZACARIAS / SA / AL QAEDA
20150201 PRES OBAMA on Fareed Zakaria GPS OBAMA, BARACK / US / DRONES / SA / IL / UA / RU / CN / IN / TERRORISM
20150130 Abdullah-Nachfolge: König Salman räumt am saudischen Hof auf SA
20150125 New Saudi King Was Major Supporter of Al Qaeda AL-AZIZ, SALMAN IBN ABD / SA / AL QAEDA
20150123 Saudi-Arabiens neuer Herrscher Salman: Der neue, kranke König SA / AL-AZIZ, SALMAN IBN ABD
20150123 Tod des saudischen Königs: Wulff soll Deutschland bei Trauerfeier vertreten SA
20150115 Saudi cleric issues fatwa on snowmen: Religious leader forbids building of anti-Islamic idols that might resemble human beings, after winter storm in north of country SA


Date Source Title Tags
20141225 Verfahren vor Sondertribunal: Frauen am Steuer gelten in Saudi-Arabien als Terroristinnen SA / TERRORISM
20141016 Syrian Ambassador Calls ISIS An ‘American Myth’ SY / ISLAMIC STATE / US / TR / SA / QA
20140923 Krieg gegen "Islamischen Staat": USA fliegen mit arabischen Partnern Luftangriffe in Syrien US / SY / AE / BH / JO / SA
20140914 US failure to see Saudi role in 9/11 contributed to rise of ISIS – ex-senator US 20010911 / SA / GRAHAM, BOB
20140911 Ex-Senator: FBI covered up 9/11 investigation US 20010911 / SA / GRAHAM, BOB
20140417 Saudi Arabia Replaces Spy Chief Who Failed to Deliver on Syria BIN SULTAN, BANDAR / SA
20140114 Vorfall in Saudi-Arabien: BND-Agenten unter Beschuss BND / SA / AWAMIYA
20140113 Schüsse auf Fahrzeug: Angriff auf deutsche Diplomaten in Saudi-Arabien BND / SA / AWAMIYA
20140105 Russland fordert Saudi-Arabien auf die Terrorliste zu setzen RU / SA / TERRORISM


Date Source Title Tags
20131120 Waffenlieferungen: Bundesregierung verteidigt Rüstungsexporte nach Saudi-Arabien WEAPONTRADE / DE / SA / SEIBERT, STEFFEN
20131119 Beirut bombings are ‘a clear message by Saudi Arabia’ LB / IR / SA
20131025 Behind the Saudi crack-up SA / US / RU / BIN SULTAN, BANDAR / AL FAISAL, SAUD / AL FAISAL, TURKI
20131022 Saudi Arabia Warns of Shift Away from US Over Syria, Iran SA / US / BIN SULTAN, BANDAR
20131020 GCC backs Saudi Arabia rejection of UN seat - Group's head praises Saudi stance, while Qatar backs neighbour's reasons for turning down place on Security Council. UN / SA / QA / GCC
20131004 Saudi black op team behind Damascus chem weapons attack – diplomatic sources SY / SA / RU
20130903 Giftgaseinsatz durch Rebellen in Ghouta? Es gibt Hinweise, dass von Saudi-Arabien unterstützte Rebellen für das Freisetzen von Giftgas in Ghouta verantwortlich gewesen sein können BIN SULTAN, BANDAR / SA / SY / CHEMICAL WEAPONS / US / AL-JUBEIR, ADEL
20130901 Der saudische Sonderweg - ein Motiv für 9/11? US 20010911 / SA / US
20130827 Defying International Concerns, US To Sell Cluster Bombs To Saudi Arabia US / SA / WEAPONTRADE / CLUSTER BOMBS
20130812 Saudi prince defects: 'Brutality, oppression as govt scared of Arab revolts' (EXCLUSIVE) SA
20130616 Krieg in Syrien: Saudi-Arabien will Flugabwehrraketen an Rebellen liefern SY / SA
20130608 Menschenrechtsreise: Saudis laden Claudia Roth aus ROTH, CLAUDIA / SA
20130531 Saudi-Arabien verbietet Guy Fawkes-Masken SA
20130530 Prozess in New York: Höchststrafe für Mordkomplott gegen Saudi-Botschafter SA / US / DEA / AL-DSCHUBEIR, ADEL
20130506 Klimawandel: Saudi-Arabien befürchtet Zunahme schwerer Regenfälle: Über 20 Menschen im Wüstenstaat starben in der vergangenen Woche an den Folgen von Überflutungen CLIMATE / SA
20130501 EXCLUSIVE: Saudi Arabia 'warned the United States IN WRITING about Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2012' BOSTON / TSARNAEV, TAMERLAN / SA / US
20130422 U.S. finalizes exclusive arms sale aimed at ensuring Israel's 'air superiority' WEAPONTRADE / US / IL / SA / AE / HAGEL, CHUCK / YAALON, MOSHE
20130419 Waffen für Israel und Saudis: USA planen riesigen Rüstungsdeal im Nahen Osten WEAPONTRADE / US / IL / SA
20130418 U.S. Arms Deal With Israel and 2 Arab Nations Is Near US / AE / SA / IL / WEAPONTRADE / HAGEL, CHUCK / PANETTA, LEON E. / BARAK, EHUD / YAALON, MOSHE
20130221 Ägypten: Sexuelle Übergriffe auf Demonstrantinnen - Salafistischer Prediger rechtfertigt Vergewaltigung EG / SA / SALAFISM
20130209 Arabian Airport (Drone Base?) Under Construction SA
20130206 CIA using Saudi base for drone assassinations in Yemen: Disclosure comes as architect of programme, John Brennan, prepares for Senate confirmation hearing to become CIA director CIA / US / SA / YE / DRONES / BRENNAN, JOHN / AQAP
20130206 Terrorkampf: USA betreiben Drohnenbasis in Saudi-Arabien DRONES / SA


Date Source Title Tags
20130131 Krieg in Syrien: Saudi-Prinz warnt Israel vor Einmarsch: Jerusalem ist nervös: Der Nachbarstaat Syrien zerfällt. Was wird aus Assads Chemiewaffen? Nun hat ein Mitglied des saudi-arabischen Königshauses Israel ausdrücklich vor einer Intervention gewarnt. Doch nun gab es einen Luftschlag gegen einen Lastwagenkonvoi. SY / IL / SA
20130105 US Covert War in Yemen Receives Support from Saudi Air Force DRONES / US / SA
20121224 Transporter für Saudi-Arabien: Frankreich beklagt Blockade von Rüstungsdeal durch Berlin WEAPONTRADE / FR / DE / SA
20121202 Rüstungsdeal: Saudi-Arabien will erneut deutsche Panzer kaufen SA / DE / WEAPONTRADE
20121123 Behördliche Überwachung: SMS warnt Saudi-Männer, wenn ihre Frauen reisen SA
20121122 Is the Saudi Government Monitoring Women? SA
20121122 Sharia police state? Saudi husbands can track wives’ travels electronically SA
20121105 Sozialist Hollande macht Antrittsbesuch beim saudischen König: In der Außenpolitik unterscheidet sich Hollande nicht von Sarkozy FR / SA
19.10.2012 Saudi Arabia reveals plans to be powered entirely by renewable energy: World's biggest oil producer says it wants to make a 100% switch from fossil fuels to clean energy SA
20121010 Prince Bandar bin Sultan – profile: Saudi Arabian intelligence chief has been coordinating policies towards Syrian uprising BIN SULTAN, BANDAR / SA / SY
05.10.2012 Die Macht der saudischen Religionspolizei soll begrenzt werden: Die saudische Monarchie will ein bisschen liberaler werden SA
14.07.2012 Syriens Opposition: "Die Islamisten reißen die Macht an sich" SY QA SA IR RU
17.06.2012 600 bis 800 Leopard 2 für die Wüste: Saudi-Arabien will mehr Panzer SA
17.06.2012 Saudischer Kronprinz gestorben: Die vom Westen verwöhnte, autoritär regierende, islamisch fundamentalistische Monarchie könnte wegen der Folgen der Vielehe in Probleme kommen SA
16.06.2012 Naif Bin Abd al-Asis: Kronprinz von Saudi-Arabien ist tot SA
27.04.2012 Pakistan: Bin Ladens Witwen fliegen nach Saudi-Arabien aus PK SA
09.04.2012 Konservative Monarchie: Saudische Prinzessin beklagt Regime der Ungleichheit SA
16.08.2011 Ghana's GNPC inks oil and gas MOU with PetroSaudi GNPC PETROSAUDI GH SA CN
06.03.2012 Saudi diplomat killed in Dhaka BD SA
25.02.2012 Aufstand in Syrien: Saudi-Arabien für Bewaffnung der Rebellen SY SA
10.02.2012 Saudi-arabischer Blogger: Drei Twitter-Nachrichten - schon droht die Todesstrafe SA / MY / TWITTER / KASCHGARIS, HAMZA
21.01.2012 Cyberwar im Nahen Osten: X-Omar gegen Hannibal SA IL


Date Source Title Tags
20111012 US-Ermittlungen gegen Iraner: Falscher Killer deckt Attentatsplan auf US / SA / DEA / HOLDER, ERIC / MUELLER, ROBERT / AL-DSCHUBEIR, ADEL / ARBABSIAR, MANSSOR / SCHAKURI, GHOLAM / FBI
08.02.2011 WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia cannot pump enough oil to keep a lid on prices - US diplomat convinced by Saudi expert that reserves of world's biggest oil exporter have been overstated by nearly 40% WIKILEAKS SA


Date Source Title Tags
20101207 WikiLeaks cables: Saudi princes throw parties boasting drink, drugs and sex - Royals flout puritanical laws to throw parties for young elite while religious police are forced to turn a blind eye SA / WIKILEAKS / DRUGS
20101205 WikiLeaks cables portray Saudi Arabia as a cash machine for terrorists - Hillary Clinton memo highlights Gulf states' failure to block funding for groups like al-Qaida, Taliban and Lashkar-e-Taiba SA / WIKILEAKS / TERRORISM / CLINTON, HILLARY / AL QAEDA / TALIBAN / LASHKAR-E-TAIBA


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Date Source TItle Tags
20060831 Israel's second largest base is on Eritrea's Dahlak Islands ER / ET / DAHLAK ISLAND / IL / AFEWERKI, ISAIAS / RABIN, YITZHAK / SA / YE / SD


Date Source Title Tags
20040506 Royal Coke - How the US and France Let the Smuggling Prince Get Away to Help the War on Terror AL SHAALAN, NAYEF / COCAINE / DRUGS / SA / CAMPUZANO ZAPATA, OSCAR EDUARDO


Author Publisher Title Year ISBN Tags
HOLLINGSWORTH, MARK / MITCHELL, SANDY Mainstream Publishing Company SAUDI BABYLON - Torture, Corruption and Cover-Up Inside the House of Saud 2005 978-1845961855 SA
MONTI, FABRICE Flammarion La coke saoudienne : Au coeur d'une affaire d'Etat 2004 978-2080686442 AL SHAALAN, NAYEF / SA



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