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20240412 Elon Musk Says Congress Has Inquired About X's Actions In Brazil TWITTER
20240220 Ehefrau des Kremlkritikers Onlinedienst X sperrt kurzzeitig Konto von Julija Nawalnaja NAVALNY, JULIJA / TWITTER


Date Source Title Tags
20231210 "People Have Spoken": Elon Musk Restores X Account Of Alex Jones After User Poll TWITTER / JONES, ALEX
20231122 Elon Musk is fighting a crucial battle for free speech / X (formerly Twitter) is suing watchdog Media Matters, accusing it of manipulating a hate speech report to tarnish the platform’s reputation MUSK, ELON / TWITTER / MEDIA MATTERS
20230417 Elon Musk Says US Government Had Access To Private Twitter DMs TWITTER
20230417 Musk says Twitter secrets ‘blew’ his mind / The social network’s boss says the US government had “full access” to everything TWITTER
20230117 Musk Says ZeroHedge Did "Nothing Warranting Suspension" After 'Twitter Files' Expose Big Pharma Bullying PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY / TWITTER / COVID-19


Date Source Title Tags
20221215 Spionage für Saudi-Arabien Ehemaliger Twitter-Mitarbeiter muss ins Gefängnis TWITTER
20221209 Twitter's ‘secret blacklists’ exposed / A new investigation details the practice of “shadow bans,” known internally as “visibility filtering” TWITTER
20221206 White House dismisses Musk’s Twitter leak / The press secretary has accused the platform of seeking a “distraction” from rising “hate speech” / White House dismisses Musk’s Twitter leak TWITTER
20221206 Artikel zu Hunter Biden Weißes Haus nennt Offenlegung von Twitter-Dokumenten Ablenkungsmanöver TWITTER
20221105 Elon Musk threatens ‘thermonuclear name and shame’ / The billionaire has warned that he may identify advertisers that boycott Twitter, enabling backers of free speech to punish them TWITTER
20221029 Was hat Elon Musk mit Twitter vor? »Ja, so etwas in der Art ergibt Sinn« / Nach der Übernahme durch Elon Musk soll sich bei Twitter einiges ändern. In einigen Bereichen hat der Milliardär bereits Nägel mit Köpfen gemacht. Andere Punkte sind noch offen – und Gedankenspiele. TWITTER / MUSK, ELON
20221021 Pläne nach Übernahme Musk will offenbar 75 Prozent der Jobs bei Twitter streichen TWITTER
20220713 Twitter Officially Sues Musk To Force Deal Completion TWITTER
20220712 Wegen Vertragsbruchs Twitter verklagt Elon Musk TWITTER
20220708 Kurzbotschaftendienst Elon Musk bricht Twitter-Übernahme ab TWITTER
20220513 44-Milliarden-Dollar-Deal Musk setzt Twitter-Kauf aus, Aktie stürzt ab TWITTER
20220505 Musk Reportedly Secures $10 Billion For Twitter Deal From 'Old Friends TWITTER
20220504 Twitter Ask Employees To Show Up For Work After Comments From Musk TWITTER
20220504 Elon Musk suggests investigating calls for boycott / Organizations funded by European governments and George Soros say Musk’s goal of free speech will “toxify” the internet TWITTER
20220426 Übernahme für 44 Milliarden Dollar Elon Musk überschätzt Twitter – und unterschätzt dessen Nutzer TWITTER
20220426 Netzreaktionen auf Elon Musks Twitter-Offerte »Kann mir bitte jemand sagen, ob ich reich oder gefeuert bin?« TWITTER
20220426 44-Milliarden-Dollar-Deal: Was Elon Musk mit Twitter vorhat TWITTER / MUSK, ELON
20220425 Für 44 Milliarden Dollar: Elon Musk übernimmt Twitter - Das Twitter-Management gibt seinen Widerstand auf: Elon Musk kann den Kurznachrichtendienst kaufen. Er will das Unternehmen zur »globalen Plattform für Redefreiheit« machen. TWITTER / MUSK, ELON
20220126 Twitter entfernt 4,7 Millionen Tweets, sieht Meinungsfreiheit bedroht - Twitter erhält mehr Anfragen von Regierungen und von Dritten zur Herausgabe von Konteninformationen. Zudem habe der Dienst hunderttausende Konten gesperrt. TWITTER


Date Source Title Tags
20210707 Ärger über gesperrte Accounts Trump verklagt Twitter, Facebook und Google TRUMP, DONALD / TWITTER / FACEBOOK / GOOGLE
20210115 Eine Woche Funkstille Kommt Twitter die Trump-Sperre teuer zu stehen? TWITTER
20210114 ‘I do not celebrate or feel pride’: Twitter CEO defends Trump’s permaban, but admits speech crackdown can ‘destroy’ open internet TWITTER
20210109 Trump’s blanket ban from social media proves the information war is over. If you’re reading this, you’ve lost. TWITTER
20210109 US-Präsident Twitter sperrt Trump-Account dauerhaft TRUMP, DONALD / TWITTER


Date Source Title Tags
20201014 Twitter suspends accounts for posing as Black Trump supporters - Company reports spam and platform manipulation by accounts containing identical language TWITTER
20200911 US-Präsidentschaftswahl Twitter befürchtet den Aufstand TWITTER
20200901 Russians Again Targeting Americans With Disinformation, Facebook and Twitter Say - The companies said the F.B.I. had warned them that the Kremlin-backed Internet Research Agency set up a network of fake user accounts and a website. FBI / TWITTER / FACEBOOK / PEACEDATA
20200806 Kinder und das Virus "Schädliche" Falschinformation - Facebook und Twitter gehen gegen Trump-Beitrag vor TRUMP, DONALD / FACEBOOK / TWITTER
20200805 Covid-19 misinformation’: Facebook scrubs Trump post stating children ‘virtually immune’ to coronavirus TRUMP, DONALD / MISINFORMATION / FACEBOOK / TWITTER
20200718 Mutmaßlicher Drahtzieher beim Twitter-Hack Der rätselhafte "Kirk" TWITTER
20200716 Nach Hackeranriff Ausschuss des US-Senats fordert Informationen von Twitter TWITTER
20200716 Alleged screenshots of internal Twitter tools suggest platform maintains user ‘blacklists’ despite denying practice for years TWITTER
20200716 ‘Coordinated social engineering attack’: Twitter confirms employees with access to internal systems targeted in bitcoin scam hack TWITTER
20200715 Is Twitter Hiding A Screenshot Of Its Trend And Search Blacklist Tools? TWITTER
20200710 Twitter data-mining tool Dataminr fed police real-time info on Black Lives Matter protesters, despite promises not to spy TWITTER
20200528 Twitter needs Trump more than Trump needs Twitter: Why @realDonaldTrump should do a Joe Rogan to punish the social media giant TWITTER
20200528 Nach Twitter-Disput Weißes Haus kündigt Trump-Verfügung zu sozialen Medien an TWITTER / TRUMP, DONALD
20200527 Behauptungen über Briefwahl Twitter zerpflückt Trump-Tweet in erstem Faktencheck TWITTER / TRUMP, DONALD
20200526 In Unprecedented Move, Twitter Tags Trump Tweets As 'Misinformation TWITTER / TRUMP, DONALD
20200505 Pre-crime: Twitter will warn users about their 'HARMFUL' language, BEFORE they tweet TWITTER
20200217 Why Did Twitter Just "Lockdown" WikiLeaks Account? TWITTER / WIKILEAKS
20200217 WikiLeaks demands answers as Twitter account LOCKED ahead of Assange extradition hearing TWITTER / WIKILEAKS
20200217 Kristinn Hrafnsson @khrafnsson - WikiLeaks twitter account has been locked, shortly before Assange extradition hearing. All attempts to get it reopened via regular channels have been unsuccessful. It has been impossible to reach a human at twitter to resolve the issue. Can someone fix this? TWITTER / WIKILEAKS / HRAFNSSON, KRISTINN
20200201 ZeroHedge banned from Twitter after BuzzFeed accuses it of coronavirus conspiracy and ‘doxxing’ a Chinese scientist ZEROHEDGE / TWITTER / 2019-nCoV
20200131 Zerohedge Suspended On Twitter ZEROHEDGE / TWITTER


Date Source Title Tags
20191106 Two Former Twitter Employees Charged With Spying For Saudi Arabia, May Be Involved In Khashoggi Murder SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TWITTER / BIN SALMAN AL SAUD, MOHAMMED
20190713 Roger Waters brands Twitter ‘thought police’ for suspending Assange support account (VIDEO) ASSANGE, JULIAN / TWITTER / WATERS, ROGER
20190605 Twitter Is Making You Stupid: Study TWITTER


Date Source Title Tags
20181111 Saudi Journalist Tortured To Death After Online Identity Exposed By Regional Twitter HQ BIN ABDUL AZIZ AL-JASSER, TURKI / SA / TWITTER
20181019 Saudi electronic army floods Twitter with insults and mistruths after Khashoggi’s disappearance SA / KHASHOGGI, JAMAL / TWITTER
20181018 Twitter veröffentlicht Propaganda-Archiv So arbeiten russische Internet-Trolle TWITTER / PROPAGANDA
20180906 Twitter permanently bans Alex Jones and Infowars for ‘abusive behavior’ JONES, ALEX / TWITTER
20180824 Trump accuses social media giants of censorship, says ‘millions’ being silenced TRUMP, DONALD / FACEBOOK / GOOGLE / TWITTER
20180823 Tech Companies Are Gathering For A Secret Meeting To Prepare A 2018 Election Strategy INFORMATION OPERATIONS / TWITTER / GOOGLE / FACEBOOK / SNAPCHAT / GLEICHER, NATHANIEL
20180822 Facebook, Twitter take down ‘inauthentic Iran-linked’ accounts… but Russia takes the heat FACEBOOK / TWITTER
20180802 'Twitter interfering in elections on Dems' side' – Republican candidate banned over Stalin gif TWITTER
20180525 Donald Trump´s 2016 Presidential Campaign - Analysis PSY-GROUP / CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA / TRUMP, DONALD / FACEBOOK / TWITTER
20180525 Israeli Intelligence Firm’s Election-Meddling Analysis Comes Under Mueller’s Scrutiny - Psy-Group presentation outlines ways Trump campaign was helped by fake social media accounts PSY-GROUP / CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA / TRUMP, DONALD / FACEBOOK / TWITTER
20180523 Israeli Intelligence Company Formed Venture With Trump Campaign Firm Cambridge Analytica -Psy-Group is owned by entrepreneur Joel Zamel, who has been questioned by special-counsel investigators PSY-GROUP / ZAMEL, JOEL / CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA / TRUMP, DONALD / FACEBOOK / TWITTER
20180519 Mueller Probe Expands to Israeli Entrepreneur With U.A.E. Ties - Investigation has sought testimony regarding work of Joel Zamel, founder of several private consulting firms PSY-GROUP / ZAMEL, JOEL / CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA / TRUMP, DONALD / FACEBOOK / TWITTER
20180304 Kim Dotcom proposes Twitter alternative over 'censorship of Seth Rich tweets' SCHMITZ, KIM / TWITTER / RICH, SETH
20180116 Sex sting: ‘Hundreds’ at Twitter tracking & storing ‘d*ck pics’ - Project Veritas TWITTER
20180113 ‘CIA friends’ asked Moby to spread word of Trump-Russia collusion on social media MOBY / CIA / TWITTER / PROPAGANDA / TRUMP, DONALD / RU
20180111 Project Veritas Exposes Twitter "Shadow Banning", Blocking Opposing Views TWITTER
20180105 World Leaders on Twitter TWITTER


Date Source Title Tags
20171230 Twitter-Datenanalyse "Wir hatten eine falsche Vorstellung von der Filterblase" FILTER BUBBLES / TWITTER / KREIL, MICHAEL
20171225 Assange's Twitter Account Mysteriously Deleted, Reappears Hours Later Under Strange Circumstances ASSANGE, JULIAN / TWITTER / US NAVY / JOHNSON, CHARLES / ROHRABACHER, DANA / KELLY, JOHN / POMPEO, MIKE
20171123 Ein Jahr nach US-Wahl Anti-russische Stimmung bei Internetkonzernen - Facebook, Google und Twitter wurden dafür kritisiert, russische Propaganda im US-Wahlkampf geduldet zu haben. Neuerdings werden die Konzerne gegen Einflussnahme aus Russland aktiv. FACEBOOK / GOOGLE / TWITTER / RT / SPUTNIK
20171112 Twitter-Verbot Iranischer Ajatollah wird selbst illegaler User CHATAMI, AJATOLLAH / TWITTER / IR
20171103 Dianne Feinstein Wants Twitter To Just Hand Her A Bunch Of Private Communications FEINSTEIN, DIANNE / TWITTER / WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN
20171102 Confessions of a (verified) Russia-linked Twitter Bot TWITTER
20171102 Manipulationen im US-Wahlkampf Plötzlich sind Google und Facebook ganz kleinlaut FACEBOOK / TWITTER / GOOGLE / US
20171101 Meddling for Trump? The most expensive Twitter ad was about Bernie Sanders – RT Editor-in-Chief RT / TWITTER
20171027 Twitter’s multi-million dollar US election pitch to RT revealed in FULL TWITTER / RT / US
20171026 Nach Einmischung in US-Wahl Twitter verbannt Anzeigen von RT und Sputnik TWITTER / RT / SPUTNIK
20170907 The Fake Americans Russia Created to Influence the Election FACEBOOK / RU / US / DCLEAKS / FIREEYE / KRUTSKIKH, ANDREY / TWITTER / CLINTON, HILLARY / DNC
20170824 Strap in for an awesome investigative Twitter thread TWITTER / PROPAGANDA
20170823 Outed CIA agent seeks to raise $1bn to buy Twitter and ban Trump PLAME WILSON, VALERIE / CIA / TWITTER / TRUMP, DONALD
20170324 Twitter explores subscription-based option for first time TWITTER
20170311 British ‘hacker’ Lauri Love suspended from Twitter after anti-Nazi posts LOVE, LAURI / TWITTER


Date Source Title Tags
20161208 Twitter-Chef über Donald Trump "Es ist kompliziert" DORSEY, JACK / TWITTER / TRUMP, DONALD / THIEL, PETER
20161119 Twitter accounts of major media, celebrities, Red Cross hacked, posting spam TWITTER
20161107 Microblogging service Twitter briefly down worldwide TWITTER
20161027 Twitter’s ‘Firehose’ of Tweets Is Incredibly Valuable—and Just as Dangerous - There are half a billion tweets a day. For the company, they’re sellable data. For despots, they’re a great way to hunt dissidents. TWITTER
20160923 Twitter in Sales Talks With Google, (Report) TWITTER / GOOGLE
20160809 analysis of Trump's tweets confirms he writes only the (angrier) Android half TRUMP, DONALD / TWITTER
20160503 Twitter shares just fell to their lowest closing price ever TWITTER
20160113 Twitter zeigt nicht immer alles - wie wird gefiltert? TWITTER


Date Source Title Tags
20151007 Kurznachrichtendienst: Saudischer Prinz steigt zu zweitgrößtem Twitter-Aktionär auf BIN TALAL, ALWALEED / TWITTER
20150915 Is Twitter spying? Social media giant hit with lawsuit for 'eavesdropping' on messages TWITTER
20150904 Is El Chapo hiding in Costa Rica? Net closes on the world's most wanted drug lord after his son forgets to switch off location data in Twitter picture GUZMAN, JOAQUIN / CR / TWITTER
20150722 Terroranschlag in Suruc: Türkische Provider blockierten Twitter TR / TWITTER / CENSORSHIP
20150612 Rücktritt von Dick Costolo: Die drei Probleme des neuen Twitter-Chefs TWITTER
20150602 The Agency - From a nondescript office building in St. Petersburg, Russia, an army of well-paid “trolls” has tried to wreak havoc all around the Internet — and in real-life American communities. FAKE NEWS / INTERNET RESEARCH AGENCY / RU / FACEBOOK / TWITTER


Date Source Title Tags
20140403 White House denies 'Cuban Twitter' ZunZuneo programme was covert USAID / TWITTER / CU / ZUNZUNEO / WHITE HOUSE
20140403 Kuba: USA wollten Castro-Regime mit Twitter-Klon destabilisieren USAID / TWITTER / CU
20140402 Turkey’s constitutional court: Twitter ban violates free speech TR / TWITTER / FREEDOM OF SPEECH
20140323 Türkische Reaktion auf Twitter-Sperre: "Lass deinen Vogel zwitschern" TR / TWITTER / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP
20140322 Twitter-Sperrung in der Türkei: Erdogan schiesst ein Eigentor TR / TWITTER / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP
20140321 KRITIK AN TÜRKEI-PREMIER: Merkel wertet Twitter-Blockade nicht als Zensur TR / TWITTER / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / MERKEL, ANGELA
20140321 TİB'den Twitter açıklaması TR / TWITTER
20140321 Kurznachrichtendienst: Twitter in der Türkei abgeschaltet TWITTER / TR
20140320 Turkey's Erdogan threatens to ban Twitter - Erdogan warns he will "wipe out" Twitter after audio recordings on social media exposed alleged government corruption. TR / TWITTER / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP
20140207 NSA-Affäre: Twitter erwägt rechtliche Schritte gegen US-Regierung TWITTER


Date Source Title Tags
20130802 Syrian Electronic Army Declares War on Twitter After Hackers’ Accounts Are Suspended SY / TWITTER / SYRIAN ELECTRONIC ARMY
20130605 Proteste gegen Erdogan: Türkische Polizei setzt Dutzende Twitter-Nutzer fest TR / TWITTER
20130604 Soziale Netzwehr: Erdogan wird wissen, weshalb er Twitter fürchtet TWITTER / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP
20130603 Türkischer Ministerpräsident: Twitter ist eine Plage TWITTER / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP
20130330 Webdiskussion mit Terroristen: Al-Qaida lädt zur Twitter-Stunde AL QAEDA / TWITTER / AQIM
20130125 Twitter Wikileaks Court Order TWITTER / WIKILEAKS
20130104 Twitter-Pranger: "Ja, du bist Rassist!" TWITTER / RACISM


Date Source Title Tags
12.07.2012 Twitter: Die falschen Freunde der CDU TWITTER / CDU
03.07.2012 140-Zeichen-Netzwerk: Twitters gefährlicher Strategiewechsel TWITTER
17.05.2012 New tailored suggestions for you to follow on Twitter TWITTER
21.04.2012 Kritik unerwünscht: Kristina Schröder meldet andersdenkende Bürger ans BKA SCHROEDER, KRISTINA / TWITTER
28.02.2012 Twitter partners with Datasift to unlock tweet archive TWITTER / DATASIFT
16.02.2012 What does Twitter know about its users? #NOLOGS TWITTER
10.02.2012 Saudi-arabischer Blogger: Drei Twitter-Nachrichten - schon droht die Todesstrafe SA / MY / TWITTER / KASCHGARIS, HAMZA
27.01.2012 Twitter setzt auf Selbstzensur TWITTER CENSORSHIP


Date Source Title Tags
29.12.2011 Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Takes $300 Million Stake In Twitter TWITTER
11.11.2011 WikiLeaks-Ermittlungen: Twitter muss Nutzerdaten herausgeben WIKILEAKS TWITTER
28.07.2011 Klarnamenzwang im Web: Frau Fake verteidigt die Pseudonyme FACEBOOK / GOOGLE / TWITTER / PSEUDONYMITY
30.05.2011 Twitter gibt Account-Daten an britische Behörden TWITTER
29.05.2011 Twitter unmasks anonymous British user in landmark legal battle: California court forces site to reveal personal details of user accused of libelling local authority in north-east England TWITTER
20.05.2011 Twitter faces legal action by footballer over privacy: Website faces action after users purported to reveal name of player who allegedly had affair with model Imogen Thomas TWITTER