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20210416 Russia to expel 10 American diplomats and considering ‘painful’ measures aimed at US businesses – Lavrov RU-US
20210318 Putin replies to Biden's insinuation that he's a ‘killer’: Says US President is talking about himself but ‘I wish him good health’ PUTIN, VLADIMIR / BIDEN, JOSEPH / RU-US
20210317 Nach Bidens Kritik an Putin Russland ruft seinen Botschafter in Washington zurück RU-US
20201219 Diplomatische Vertretung USA schließen verbleibende Konsulate in Russland US-RU / RU-US
20191016 Three US diplomats held near Russian test site where mystery blast killed five RU / US / RU-US
20190802 Russian assets in America: A field guide RU-US
20180331 ‘US expelling America’s friends’: Russian Ambassador decries Trump’s move as diplomats leave DC RU / US / RU-US
20171111 Putin: Moscow will introduce tit-for-tat measures over US attack on Russian media RU / US / RT / RU-US
20171019 ‘We gave you uranium, you repaid us by bombing Belgrade’: Putin slams US over nuclear treaties RU-US / US-RU / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20170905 'Violation of international law’: Russia to sue over diplomatic property row, Lavrov tells Tillerson RU-US / LAVROV, SERGEY / TILLERSON, REX
20170711 Moscow says preparing ‘tough response’ to US closure of Russian diplomatic compounds RU / US / RU-US
20170629 Putin aide blasts stall in Russia-US relations as ‘impermissible’ USHAKOV, YURY / RU-US
20170510 Lavrov: Trump admin are business people, dialogue free from ideological bias RU-US / US / LAVROV, SERGEY / TRUMP, DONALD
20170407 Reaktionen auf US-Angriff in Syrien Russland sieht Beziehungen zu USA "signifikant beschädigt" RU / US / RU-US
20170401 ‘Maybe worse than Cold War’: Kremlin spokesman on US-Russia relations RU-US
20161111 Russia-US ties ‘the default victim’ in every US election – Kremlin spokesman RU-US
20160630 CIA agent attacked US Embassy guard in Moscow – Russian Foreign Ministry US EMBASSY MOSCOW / CIA / RU-US
20160523 US spy plane flew ‘dangerously close’ to passenger jets near Russian border – MoD RU-US
20160430 ‘Stay away from Russian borders or keep transponders on’: Russian MoD on US spy planes in Baltics RU-US / BALTIC SEA