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20231205 US ‘out of money’ for Ukraine – White House / Ending American military assistance would “kneecap” Kiev, a top budget official warned US-UA / UA
20231016 Ukraine is not a US ally – ex-Pentagon official / Washington “had never committed to defend” Kiev, so failure to do so wouldn’t hurt America’s credibility, according to Elbridge Colby US-UA
20230902 A Dire Warning: The US Plan To Make Ukraine Into Europe's 'Big Israel' US / US-UA
20230901 US Getting "Money's Worth" In Ukraine Because American Troops Aren't Dying: Sen Blumenthal US / US-UA / BLUMENTHAL, RICHARD
20221106 US Privately Telling Ukraine Be Open To Negotiations With Putin US-UA
20220614 US to send heavy guided missiles to Ukraine / Pentagon policy chief Colin Kahl revealed the payload for HIMARS launchers US-UA
20220512 No nukes for Ukraine – State Department / The US won’t gift nukes to Kiev, but a top official refused to publicly rule out a first strike with such weapons US-UA
20220504 US training Ukrainians at ex-Nazi Wehrmacht base / The US has been training Ukrainian forces for eight years and is using a major base in Germany to continue doing so, a top general said US-UA
20220428 US Congress approves WWII-like weapons program for Ukraine / Senate-approved “Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act” clears the House, waives restrictions of arms deliveries US / US-UA / UA
20220331 US tells Americans in Russia and Ukraine to leave immediately - State Department says Russia is targeting Americans after basketball star is jailed on drug charges US / US-UA / US-RU
20220122 American ‘lethal aid’ arrives in Ukraine US-UA / UA