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20190720 Hackers breach FSB contractor, expose Tor deanonymization project and more - SyTech, the hacked company, was working on research projects for the FSB, Russia's intelligence service FSB / SYTECH / TOR
20190720 Russia's Secret Intelligence Agency Hacked: 'Largest Data Breach In Its History' RU / FSB / SYTECH / TOR
20190502 Law enforcement seizes dark web market after moderator leaks backend credentials TOR


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20181113 Deutsche Darknet-Größe: Wie "Lucky" demaskiert wurde TOR / BKA
20181004 Debunking "OSINT Analysis of the TOR Foundation" and a few words about Tor's directory authorities TOR
20180920 Cloudflare Ends CAPTCHAs for TOR Users While Blocking Bad Actors CLOUDFLARE / TOR
20180518 Russia’s Tor Node Administrator Acquitted of Terrorism Charges TOR
20180404 Cryptocurrencies have become terrorist tool, says Russian security chief BORTNIKOV, ALEXANDER / TOR / FSB
20180402 Sunsetting Tor Messenger TOR
20180324 OSINT Analysis of the TOR Foundation TOR
20180302 Tor Project "Almost 100% Funded By The US Government": FOIA TOR
20180227 Fact-checking the Tor Project's government ties TOR
20180123 When A Small Leak Sinks A Great Ship: Deanonymizing Tor - Hidden Service Users Through Bitcoin Transactions Analysis TOR / BTC


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20170915 Secret documents reveal: German foreign spy agency BND attacks the anonymity network Tor and advises not to use it TOR
20170914 Überwachung: Geheime Dokumente: Der BND hat das Anonymisierungs-Netzwerk Tor angegriffen und warnt vor dessen Nutzung TOR


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20161129 The FBI Used a 'Non-Public' Vulnerability to Hack Suspects on Tor TOR / FBI
20161011 Power, secrecy and cypherpunks: how Jacob Appelbaum ripped Tor apart APPELBAUM, JACOB / TOR
20160904 Tor’s Branding Pivot is Going to Get Someone Killed TOR
20160818 (tor-project) A Vote of No Confidence in Shari Steele: A Proposal For A Tor Relay Operator Strike. TOR
20160816 My Letter To The Tor Project TOR
20160721 Tor-Alternative Riffle: Neues Netzwerk soll absolute Anonymität bieten TOR / RIFFLE
20160719 Core Tor Contributor Leaves Project; Shutting Down Important Tor Nodes TOR
20160708 Researchers Discover Tor Nodes Designed to Spy on Hidden Services TOR
20160626 Tor Project Battled Over Hiring Ex-CIA Agent, Chat Logs Show TOR / CIA


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20151211 Announcing Shari Steele as our new executive director STEELE, SHAARI / TOR
20151111 Court Docs Show a University Helped FBI Bust Silk Road 2, Child Porn Suspects TOR
201510 RFC 7686 - The ".onion" Special-Use Domain Name TOR / FACEBOOK
20150826 IBM Tells Companies To Block Tor On Security Grounds TOR / IBM
20150803 Norse Appoints Andrew Lewman As First VP of Data Development NORSE / LEWMAN, ANDREW / TOR
20150725 ‘Internet-scale anonymity’: Researchers unveil high-speed Tor alternative TOR / HORNET
20150625 Can you trust Tor's exit nodes? TOR
20150301 Internet privacy, funded by spooks: A brief history of the BBG OTF / BBG / TOR / RADIO FREE ASIA / CIA


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20141127 The Pando Tor conspiracy troll TOR
20141023 The Case of the Modified Binaries TOR
20140919 users become FBI's No.1 hacking target after legal power grab - Be afeared, me hearties, these scoundrels be spying our signals TOR / FBI
20140822 Project's struggle to keep the dark net in the shadows TOR
20140822 NSA and GCHQ agents 'leak Tor bugs', alleges developer TOR
20140731 Anonymes Internet: Tor-Betreiber warnen vor möglicher Enttarnung TOR
20140725 Russland: 3,9 Millionen Rubel für De-Anonymisierung von Tor TOR / RU
20140722 Hall of Mirrors: Wikileaks volunteer helped build Tor, was funded by Pentagon APPELBAUM, JACOB / WIKILEAKS / TOR
20140716 Almost everyone involved in developing Tor was (or is) funded by the US government TOR / DOD / NSA / DARPA / IBB / BROADCASTING BOARD OF GOVERNORS / DINGLEDINE, ROGER / MATHEWSON, NICK / APPELBAUM, JACOB / SANDVIK, RUNA / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20140716 NSA-Opfer angehört NSA / DE / TOR / HAHN, SEBASTIAN / CCC
20140703 NSA überwacht Tor-Infrastruktur und alle Nutzer – auch Betreiber in Deutschland TOR / NSA
20140703 Tor-Netzwerk: Aktivisten trotzen der NSA TOR
201402 The Sniper Attack: Anonymously Deanonymizing and Disabling the Tor Network TOR


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20131228 30C3: Keine Hintertüren in Tor 30C3 / TOR
20131113 BKA-Herbsttagung: Bitcoin, Silk Road und TOR beschäftigen die Kriminalistik 2.0 BKA / BITCOIN / SILK ROAD / TOR / ZIERKE, JOERG / SNOWDEN, EDWARD
20131004 Talk by Roger Dingledine of at the NSA NSA / TOR / DINGLEDINE, ROGER
20131004 Tor anonymizer network among NSA’s targets, Snowden leaks reveal NSA / TOR
20130919 Privacy group demands answers about government's influence on Tor TOR
20130907 Tor anonymity network could be ‘easily compromised,’ researcher says TOR
20130905 How to handle millions of new Tor clients TOR
20130829 Anonymes Surfen: Nutzung des Tor-Netzwerks verdoppelt sich TOR
201308016 Russia’s FSB mulls ban on ‘Tor’ online anonymity network TOR / FSB
20130713 Tor-Proxy: Fritzbox als Tarnkappen-Router: Tor für die Fritzbox TOR
20130702 Tor-Router zum Selberbauen: Internet-Tarnkappe für 65 Euro TOR


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11.09.2012 BROADCASTING BOARD OF GOVERNORS: US Top Propaganda Board Tor-Funder Meet TOR


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20100601 WikiLeaks Was Launched With Documents Intercepted From Tor WIKILEAKS / TOR