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20240329 rt.com FSB detains three foreigners over terrorist plot in Russia / The suspects were allegedly preparing a bombing in the southern Stavropol Region FSB


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20230413 rt.com Mastermind behind military blogger's murder identified / The FSB claims a Ukrainian man was behind the assassination of Vladlen Tatarsky in St. Petersburg ST. PETERSBURG / FSB / TATARSKY, VLADLEN


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20210201 rt.com Top Navalny aide asked alleged British spy for millions in funding, intelligence video released by Russia's FSB claims to reveal NAVALNY, ALEXEI / ASHURKOV, VLADIMIR / FSB / FORD, JAMES WILLIAM THOMAS / MI6


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20210127 spiegel.de Russland Mutmaßliche Nawalny-Attentäter in weitere Anschläge verwickelt NAVALNY, ALEXEI / BELLINGCAT / FSB / KUASCHEW, TIMUR / YABLOKO / KUDRJAWZEW, KONSTANTIN / ALEXANDROW, ALEXEJ / OSIPOW, IWAN / MAGOMEDRAGIMOW, RUSLAN / ISAEW, NIKITA
20200707 spiegel.de Angeblicher Spion Russischer Geheimdienst nimmt Journalisten fest FSB


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20191219 spiegel.de Moskau Mindestens ein Toter nach Schüssen nahe russischer Geheimdienstzentrale FSB
20191219 rt.com FSB shooting: Man opens fire near HQ of Russian intelligence in central Moscow, one FSB staff killed FSB
20190722 spiegel.de Russischer Geheimdienst Massives Datenleck bei FSB-Auftragnehmer FSB / SYTECH
20190720 zerohedge.com Russia's Spy Agency Hit In Massive Hack; 7.5 TB Of Data Stolen In 'Largest Data Breach In History' FSB
20190720 zdnet.com Hackers breach FSB contractor, expose Tor deanonymization project and more - SyTech, the hacked company, was working on research projects for the FSB, Russia's intelligence service FSB / SYTECH / TOR
20190720 forbes.com Russia's Secret Intelligence Agency Hacked: 'Largest Data Breach In Its History' RU / FSB / SYTECH / TOR
20190719 bbc.com Москит, Надежда, Наутилус: хакеры раскрыли суть проектов тайного подрядчика ФСБ FSB / SYTECH
20190430 meduza.io Russia's FSB reportedly purges dozens of officers following arrest of top colonel for bribery FSB


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20181231 spiegel.de Spionageverdacht US-Bürger in Russland verhaftet WHELAN, PAUL / FSB / RU
20181031 meduza.io Russian federal agents allegedly arrest Border Service official for selling information from the closed database that helped identify the Salisbury suspects RU / FSB
20180404 rt.com Cryptocurrencies have become terrorist tool, says Russian security chief BORTNIKOV, ALEXANDER / TOR / FSB
20180313 rt.com UK intelligence may be complicit in Skripal’s poisoning – ex-FSB head SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / KOVALEV, NIKOLAY / FSB
20180130 zerohedge.com Second "Trump Dossier" Emerges One Day After FISA Memo Vote SHEARER, CODY / FSB / STEELE, CHRISTOPHER / FUSION GPS / TRUMP, DONALD
20180126 zerohedge.com Dutch ‘Cozy Bear’ Farce Does Not Show DNC Emails Were Hacked By Russians AIVD / COZY BEAR / DNC / ATTRIBUTION / FSB / GRU


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20171217 rt.com Putin thanked Trump for CIA tip-off which helped Russia prevent terror attack PUTIN, VLADIMIR / TRUMP, DONALD / FSB / CIA / ST. PETERSBURG
20171217 rt.com Trump to Putin: US was glad to save many lives in Russia by helping foil major terrorist attack PUTIN, VLADIMIR / TRUMP, DONALD / CIA / POMPEO, MIKE
20171215 rt.com ISIS cell planned attacks on Kazan Cathedral & other St. Petersburg landmarks, foiled by FSB ST. PETERSBURG / FSB
20170721 spiegel.de Russlandaffäre Trump-Kontakt war Anwältin des russischen Geheimdiensts FSB VESELNITSKAYA, NATALIA / FSB / TRUMP, DONALD
20170203 rt.com ‘I haven’t eased anything,’ Trump says after Treasury amends sanctions on Russian FSB TRUMP, DONALD / US / RU / FSB
20170202 themoscowtimes.com An American Cover Story for Russia's Undercover Hackers: An unprecedented spy saga plays out at the heart of Russia's intelligence community. FSB
20170202 buzzfeed.com There’s Something Very Weird Happening Inside Russia’s Cybersecurity World - The arrest of several of Russia’s top cybersecurity figures has led to speculation that there’s a shake-up inside the country’s national security service related to hacks surrounding the US election. STOYANOV, RUSLAN / KASPERSKY / RU / FSB / MIKHAILOV, SERGEI / DOKUCHAZEV, DMITRY


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20161202 spiegel.de Russischer Geheimdienst FSB warnt vor Cyberattacke gegen Banken FSB
20161112 rt.com FSB detains 10 terror suspects, Moscow, St. Petersburg on their target list FSB / MOSCOW / ST. PETERSBURG
20160811 rt.com FSB busts internet ring recruiting terrorists for ISIS FSB / RU / ISIS
20160810 rt.com Russian FSB foils terrorist attacks plotted by Ukrainian intel agents in Crimea FSB / RU / UA
20160331 sputniknews.com FSB meldet Festnahme von ukrainischem „Doppelagenten“ – auch CIA im Spiel FSB / SBU / CIA
20160121 rt.com UK Litvinenko death probe: Putin 'probably involved' LITVINENKO, ALEXANDER / PATRUSHEV, NIKOLAY / FSB / OWEN, ROBERT / BEREZOVKSY, BORIS / LUGOVOY, ANDREY / KOVTUN, DMITRY / GB / RU


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20151013 vice.com How Putin Tried to Control the Internet INTERNET / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RU / KRUTSKIKH, ANDREY / GROMYKO, ANDREI / FSB / FAPSI
20150220 rt.com FSB director calls for further cooperation with the US in face of common threats FSB


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20140520 spiegel.de Angeblicher Terrorverdacht: Putins Geheimdienst hält ukrainischen Regisseur fest FSB
20140410 dailystar.co.uk They're alive! MH370 passengers were hijacked and taken to Afghan says Russia's FSB MH370 / AF / FSB


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201308016 rt.com Russia’s FSB mulls ban on ‘Tor’ online anonymity network TOR / FSB
20130726 spiegel.de NSA-Informant in Moskau: Russischer Geheimdienst verhandelt mit FBI über Snowden SNOWDEN, EDWARD / FBI / FSB
20130701 de.ria.ru Fall Snowden: Putin und Obama lassen FSB und FBI eine Lösung finden SNOWDEN, EDWARD / PUTIN, WLADIMIR / FSB / FBI
20130701 guardian.co.uk Snowden applies for political asylum in Russia - Vladmir Putin says US whistleblower can stay if he stops 'bringing harm to our American partners' SNOWDEN, EDWARD / RU / PUTIN, WLADIMIR / FSB / FBI
20130518 globalresearch.ca Gloves Off: Russia Names CIA Station Chief in Moscow RU / FSB / CIA / HOLMES, STEPHEN / DILLON, BENJAMIN / FOGLE, RYAN CHRISTOPHER
20130518 spiegel.de CIA in Moskau: Russischer Geheimdienst lässt US-Spione auffliegen CIA / RU / FSB
20130517 telegraph.co.uk Russia's FSB reveals identity of CIA Moscow station chief FSB / CIA / FOGLE, RYAN CHRISTOPHER
20130517 rt.com FSB: CIA crossed ‘red line’ with agent Fogle CIA / RU / FSB
20130515 rt.com FSB releases tapes of 'CIA agent' talking to officer he wanted to recruit (VIDEO) FSB / CIA
20130514 zerohedge.com Russia Captures US Embassy Worker In Act Of CIA Recruitment; CIA's "Dropbox" Gmail Address Revealed FSB / FOGLE, RYAN CHRISTOPHER / CIA
20130514 rt.com Cloak, dagger and a blond wig? FSB says CIA agent nabbed in Moscow (VIDEO, PHOTOS HUMINT / US / RU / FSB / CIA / FOGLE, RYAN CHRISTOPHER
20130514 spiegel.de Geheimdienst-Affäre: Russland nimmt US-Diplomat wegen Spionageverdacht fest HUMINT / US / RU / FSB / CIA / FOGLE, RYAN CHRISTOPHER
20130514 spiegel.de Spionage-Thriller in Moskau: Kreml führt angeblichen Spion im Staats-TV vor HUMINT / US / RU / FSB / CIA / FOGLE, RYAN CHRISTOPHER