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20240227 Ukraine-Konferenz: Macron schließt Entsendung westlicher Soldaten in die Ukraine nicht mehr aus MACRON, EMMANUEL / FR-UA / UA
20220828 Trump Bragged He Had ‘Intelligence’ on Macron’s Sex Life - The FBI seized a document with “info” on the French president during the Mar-a-Lago raid, and that has officials in both countries hunting for answers TRUMP, DONALD / MACRON, EMMANUEL
20220408 Macron nennt Polens Premierminister »rechtsradikalen Antisemiten« Mateusz Morawiecki kritisierte Emmanuel Macron für seine Telefonate mit Kremlchef Putin. Nun provoziert Frankreichs Präsident in einem Interview den polnischen Premier – und erhebt schwere Vorwürfe. MORAWIECKI, MATEUSZ / MACRON, EMMANUEL / PL / FR / PL-FR
20220308 Always respect Russia,’ Macron urges - French president has pledged to continue talking to Putin despite a “historic mistake” by the Russian leader MACRON, EMMANUEL / FR-RU
20220225 Macron reveals details of call with Putin - The French president said he believes that a path should be "left open" for dialogue with Russia MACRON, EMMANUEL
20201026 Erdogan Calls On Turks To Boycott French Goods Over 'Macron's Anti-Islam'; Lira Continues Implosion ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / MACRON, EMMANUEL / TR-FR
20201026 Muslims in Europe subjected to a ‘lynch campaign’ like Jews before World War II - Erdogan ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / MACRON, EMMANUEL / TR-FR
20200516 ‘Desperate even before Covid-19’: Underequipped French nurses roast Macron at Paris hospital MACRON, EMMANUEL / FR
20190611 ‘New rules of trust & security’: Macron wants EU ties with Moscow independent of NATO & US MACRON, EMMANUEL / EU / EU-RU / RU
20190516 US tech industry regulations are ‘no longer subject to democratic checks & balances’ – Macron MACRON, EMMANUEL
20190426 Macron suggests shrinking Schengen zone because EU migration policies 'do not work' MACRON, EMMANUEL / SCHENGEN / MIGRATION
20190207 Yellow Vest drama or Nord Stream spat: Why did Macron suddenly abandon Merkel in Munich? MACRON, EMMANUEL
20181210 Macron announces state of “economic emergency” in France, promises small salary increases (VIDEO) FR / MACRON, EMMANUEL
20181113 'They were starting to learn German in Paris before US came along' – Trump taunts Macron TRUMP, DONALD / MACRON, EMMANUEL
20181113 Trump Mocks Macron: "They Were Starting To Learn German In Paris Before The US Came Along" TRUMP, DONALD / MACRON, EMMANUEL
20181110 Spannungsgeladenes Treffen Trump und Marcon begrüßen sich mit Daumen-hoch-Geste MACRON, EMMANUEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20181109 Pläne für europäische Armee US-Präsident wirft Macron Beleidigung vor MACRON, EMMANUEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20180515 Dutzende Tote im Gazastreifen Macron verurteilt israelische Gewalt gegen Demonstranten MACRON, EMMANUEL / FR / IL / UN
20180425 Macrons Rede im US-Kongress "Make our planet great again" MACRON, EMMANUEL
20180419 As Macron heads to US, 'strong relationship' with Trump under test MACRON, EMMANUEL / TRUMP, DONALD
20180410 Reaktion auf Giftgasattacke Macron erwägt Militärschlag in Syrien FR / MACRON, EMMANUEL / SY
20180315 ‘Fantasy politics’: France accuses May of punishing Russia prematurely over ex-spy poisoning GB / RU / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / MAY, THERESA / FR / MACRON, EMMANUEL
20180213 'France will strike' if proof found chemical weapons used in Syria - president MACRON, EMMANUEL / FR / SY
20170725 Emmanuel Macron: Nur die Reichen jubeln noch MACRON, EMMANUEL
20170612 Macron nach den Parlamentswahlen Präsident in Eile MACRON, EMMANUEL / FR
20170612 Macrons Wahlerfolg im Parlament Das Jammern der Abservierten MACRON, EMMANUEL / FR
20170601 No trace of Russian hacking in Macron election campaign attack – French cyber defense chief MACRON, EMMANUEL / FR / LEAKS / POUPARD, GUILLAUME / ANSSI
20170601 AP Interview: France warns of risk of war in cyberspace MACRON, EMMANUEL / FR / LEAKS / POUPARD, GUILLAUME
20170530 ‘Disgusting hypocrisy’: Macron’s ‘RT-Sputnik propaganda’ comments ignite social media backlash MACRON, EMMANUEL
20170530 Macron’s ‘fake news’ swipe belies his ambition for French-Russian relations MACRON, EMMANUEL
20170530 As Putin Looks On, Macron Says Russian State News Channels Spread Lies About Him MACRON, EMMANUEL / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RT / SPUTNIK / FEDOROVA, XENIA / SIMONYAN, MARGARITA
20170530 Macron leads war on ‘deceitful propaganda’ against RT – but #ZeroFactsGiven MACRON, EMMANUEL / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RT / SPUTNIK / FEDOROVA, XENIA / SIMONYAN, MARGARITA
20170519 Frankreich Macron schottet sich von Journalisten ab MACRON, EMMANUEL
20170508 Analyzing a counter intelligence cyber operation: How Macron just changed cyber security forever FR / MACRON, EMMANUEL
20170507 Frankreich Macron gewinnt Präsidentschaftswahl gegen Le Pen FR / MACRON, EMMANUEL
20170506 U.S. far-right activists, WikiLeaks and bots help amplify Macron leaks: researchers FR / MACRON, EMMANUEL / WIKILEAKS / POSOBIEC, JACK / THE REBEL
20170506 Frankreich vor der Wahl Gezielter Angriff FR / MACRON, EMMANUEL
20170506 Emails & docs from France’s Macron campaign leaked after ‘massive’ hacking attack MACRON, EMMANUEL / FR
20170506 There Are No “Macron Leaks” in France. Politically Motivated Hacking Is Not Whistleblowing. FR / MACRON, EMMANUEL
20170506 Französischer Präsidentschaftskandidat Macrons Wahlkampfteam meldet Hackerangriff FR / MACRON, EMMANUEL
20170217 ‘Colonization was a crime against humanity’: French presidential favorite Macron sparks firestorm MACRON, EMMANUEL
20170213 Wahlkampf in Frankreich Macron sieht sich als Ziel russischer Angriffe MACRON, EMMANUEL / FR