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20210201 As the coronavirus pandemic bites, Thailand is desperate for its US$43 billion Eastern Economic Corridor to pay off TH
20210119 Rekordstrafe Majestätsbeleidigung – Thailänderin muss 43 Jahre ins Gefängnis TH


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20201227 UN expert urges Thailand to stop targeting protesters with royal insult law TH
20201122 Thai teenagers tell rulers: ‘You’re dinosaurs’ - Thousands of students continue to take to streets of Bangkok to demand reform of monarchy, government and education TH
20201119 Thai PM threatens to use 'all laws' against pro-democracy protesters - Comments prompt concern that this could include the use of lese-majesty that bans criticism of the monarchy TH
20201026 "Sofortige Konsequenzen" Maas droht Thailands König wegen Aufenthalt in Bayern VAJIRALONGKORN, MAHA / TH / DE
20201024 Is Germany about to lose patience with Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn? VAJIRALONGKORN, MAHA / TH / DE
20201021 Thailand protests: PM Prayuth Chan-ocha will lift state of severe emergency to ‘de-escalate’ unrest TH
20201016 Thai police fire water cannon at Bangkok monarchy protesters - Pro-democracy demonstrators assemble for second day in defiance of security crackdown TH
20201015 Thailand uses emergency decree to ban gatherings after Bangkok protests - Protest leaders arrested and publication of news that could harm national security banned as authorities crack down on dissent TH
20200924 Thailand delays decision to amend constitution, as protest held outside parliament TH
20200920 Thai protesters call for reform of monarchy and general strike: Thousands march to demand curbs on the power and budget of the royal family TH
20200904 Dubious Buddhist religious practices under fire from young Thai monk who’s become a social media star BUDDHISM / TH
20200817 Thailand’s economy sees biggest second quarter contraction since Asian financial crisis TH
20200813 Thai government threatens legal action against Facebook over posts criticising monarchy TH
20200812 Thailand protesters 'cross the Rubicon' and risk all to criticise the monarchy TH
20200809 Proteste in Thailand Der König, der nie da ist TH
20200801 Boss saga a critical test for justice system TH
20200731 Dentists reject police cocaine story in 'Boss' case - Drug not used as anaesthetic, making decision not to press drug charge questionable TH / COCAINE
20200730 Key witness in 'Boss' case dies TH
20200725 Thailand protests: how Hong Kong and the Hunger Games inspired revolution of Thais TH
20200724 Thailand drops charges against Red Bull heir in deadly hit-and-run accident TH
20200719 Scuffles as thousands take to Bangkok streets to protest against Thailand’s government TH
20200619 Thailand to turn away from mass tourism, target the wealthy - Kingdom considers protocols for return of foreign tourists TH
20200425 Prayut to chair meeting on THAI's fate THAI AIRWAYS / TH / KRUNG THAI BANK / CHAN-O-CHA, PRAYUT
20200421 Coronavirus quarantine in Thailand: great food and fast Wi-fi, sleeping with a stranger … and a shame about my underpants TH
20200326 All doors closed to foreigners: No curfew but public told to cooperate TH
20200311 Thailand cancels visa on arrival for 18 countries, visa exemptions for 3 TH
20200209 Mass shooter killed at Terminal 21 in Korat TH / SOCIAL MEDIA / FACEBOOK
20200208 Thai Army Officer Kills 17, Takes Hostages, In Another Mass Shooting Broadcast On Social Media TH / SOCIAL MEDIA / FACEBOOK
20200208 Police & military operation underway in Thailand as soldier kills at least 17, takes hostages (VIDEOS) TH / SOCIAL MEDIA / FACEBOOK
20200204 Understanding Thailand's soft power TH
20200202 Incense burning falls under air pollution spotlight: Wat Mangkon Kamalawat joins scheme to reduce emissions caused by worshippers. TH
20200131 Prayut did not catch virus: doctors CHAN-O-CHA, PRAYUT / TH
20200115 Have dementia in the UK? You’re better off flying to Thailand for some quality care GB / TH
20200113 Falling water levels deliver a taste of things to come - The public and private sectors are racing against time to counteract likely drought TH


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20191110 Thailand wants to ban these three pesticides. The US government says no TH / PESTICIDES / US / FDA
20190806 Cops identify suspects for all bombs: PM boots claims govt had hand in violence TH
20190802 Chaos in capital as bombings stir worries - Damage and injuries minimal but government's image takes a beating during high-profile Asean event TH / ASEAN
20190802 Bombs rattle Bangkok during Asean summit - Three people hurt in incidents apparently intended to embarrass government during international event TH / ASEAN
20190710 Thailand’s king endorses new civilian cabinet weeks after disputed election TH
20190622 Southeast Asian authorities accused of ‘trading’ dissidents - Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia seen as complicit in rights violations TH / VN / KH / MY
20190615 HM gives Queen agencies TH
20190615 Thailändische Dissidenten im Exil "Sie werden uns finden, verschleppen, töten" TH
20190614 Prawit puzzled as students' floral displays turn political TH
20190612 Foreign minister rejects US editoria TH / WASHINGTON POST
20190612 Lese majeste suspect bailed after almost 5 years behind bars TH
20190608 Transsexualität So leben Thailands Ladyboys TH
20190606 Korruption in Thailand "Eine Million Dollar für eine Stimme" TH / FUTURE FORWARD / JUNAGROONGURANGKIT, THANATHORN
20190531 Thailand Post upgrading air mail security TH
20190504 Dreitägige Zeremonie Thailand krönt einen neuen Monarchen TH
20190502 Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn weds bodyguard in surprise ceremony TH / VAJIRALONGKORN, MAHA / TIDJAI, SUTHIDA
20190502 Data sharing stirs the pot Scheme faces pushback from Big 3 WORLD BANK / TH
20190501 New queen named TH / VAJIRALONGKORN, MAHA / TIDJAI, SUTHIDA
20190501 Überraschende Ankündigung Thailand hat jetzt eine Königin TH
20190410 Fire kills 2 at CentralWorld in Bangkok TH
20190228 Thailand Umstrittenes Gesetz gegen Cyberkriminalität verabschiedet TH
20190211 EC rejects Thai Raksa Chart PM nomination PRINCESS UBOLRATANA / THAI RAKSA CHART PARTY / TH
20190209 Pressure mounts for EC to dissolve Thai Raksa Chart TH / THAI RAKSA CHART PARTY
20190208 Princess Ubolratana 'may not take political position' TH / PRINCESS UBOLRATANA / VAJIRALONGKORN, MAHA
20190208 Thailand Prinzessin und Junta-Chef treten bei Parlamentswahl an TH
20190208 Gen Prayut confirms candidacy for PM under PPRP banner TH / CHAN-O-CHA, PRAYUT / PALANG PRACHARATH PARTY
20190123 DNA tests prove disappeared activists were murdered TH
20190114 Cops turn to GPS to keep eye on themselves: New 'check-in' system means errant officers can no longer skip patrol work TH
20190103 Hypocritical cyber bill TH


Date Source Title Tags
20190101 Keeping tabs on cybercrime A lack of trained staff makes it difficult for authorities to clamp down on this emerging form of crime TH
20181226 Draft air navigation bill progresses Aiming to lure foreign investors into aviation TH
20181203 Government readies handout of free SIM cards TH
20180818 Student Union calls on Prayut to scrap new 'code of conduct' Freedom of expression is at stake, leaders say TH / CHAN-O-CHA, PRAYUT
20180707 Thai threatens audio proof of bribes B30m said to be the reward for defectors TH / CORRUPTION / KOMPROMAT
20180701 Thailand leads in crypto by skipping the big debate TH
20180628 Deluge of electronic waste turning Thailand into 'world's rubbish dump' TH / WASTE
20180609 SEC releases crypto details Supervision summary lays out guidelines for digital asset trade TH
20180609 Only an outright ban will solve waste woes TH
20180609 IT waste factory, foam plant face charges TH
20180608 Piles of hazardous waste found at illegal recycling factory TH
20180603 Fears grow over waste imports Plastics found from 35 countries TH
20180601 Durian in space: Thailand to send smelly fruit into orbit TH
20180525 Red-shirt weapons seized, plot derailed, say police TH
20180518 Digital asset framework enters hearing phase TH
20180328 Mapped: The breathtaking global reach of Cambridge Analytica’s parent company CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA / US / GB / AR / CO / GY / UY / TT / GD / VC / LC / KN / AG / CY / NG / GA / KY / ZM / ZA / LV / LT / UA / RO / IT / MD / AL / IN / PK / NP / TH / ID / PH / MU
20180315 Correction: Trump’s Pick to Head CIA Did Not Oversee Waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah ZUBAYDAH, ABU / TORTURE / CIA / TH / HASPEL, GINA / AL-RAHIM AL-NASHIRI, ABD
20180314 New CIA chief ran Thailand's secret waterboarding site HASPEL, GINA / CIA / TORTURE / TH
20180109 The Rockefeller Foundation president discusses the future mission in Thailand and the need to forge fruitful political climate ROCKEFELLER / TH
20180109 Bitcoin speculation allowed for Thais BTC / TH
20180109 "Fragen Sie den da!" Thailands Junta-Chef setzt Journalisten Pappaufsteller vor die Nase CHAN-OCHA, PRAYUTH / TH


Date Source Title Tags
20171230 Thailand Drei Finger gegen die Diktatur TH
20171223 Bitcoin catches fire in Thailand BTC / TH
20170826 Sugary drinks tax imposed gently TH / SUGAR
20170826 Snapping at the heels of social justice - Forget Big Brother — now the BMA wants you to spy on your neighbours and report wrongdoing for cash rewards TH
20170826 Officials 'abetted' Yingluck's flight to Cambodia - Letting ex-PM go best option, source says SHINAWATRA, YINGLUCK / TH
20170826 Yingluck fled to Dubai - senior party members SHINAWATRA, YINGLUCK / TH
20170809 Thailand 91-Jährige schafft Uni-Abschluss TH
20170802 Priced out of home property market, Chinese swoop in TH
20170530 Britischer Journalist in Thailand Wegen Gasmaske verhaftet TH
20170526 Fingerprinting for SIMs made mandatory TH / ANONYMITY
20170522 Police: Bomb at hospital wounds more than 20 TH / BANGKOK
20170512 Harter Junta-Kurs in Thailand Im Namen des Königs TH / FREEDOM OF SPEECH / FREEDOM OF PRESS
20170501 Cloud data centre in works for Bangkok TH
20170401 Thailand on Trump's trade hit list TRUMP, DONALD / TH
20170331 NLA kills Oil Corp plan NATIONAL OIL CORPORATION (TH) / TH
20170330 Tierschutz Seltene Tiger in Thailands Dschungel entdeckt TH
20170320 The State of Internet Censorship in Thailand TH
20170314 Govt rushes to snag tax from Thaksin TH / SHINAWATRA, THAKSIN / SHIN CORP / TEMASEK HOLDINGS
20170226 With the police denying prostitution exists in Pattaya, activists say there's little chance of the sex trade being decriminalised - No sex please, we're Thai TH / UTP / R&R / US ARMY / VIETNAM WAR
20170208 UN envoy, Amnesty denounce regime tactics TH / AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL / FREEDOM OF SPEECH / KAYE, DAVID
20170203 New CIA deputy director used to run ‘black site’ torture prisons HASPEL, GINA / TORTURE / TH / CAT'S EYE
20170203 Seasoned spymaster named deputy CIA director CIA / TH / HASPEL, GINA / TORTURE / BLACKSITES


Date Source Title Tags
20161218 Every computer is a crime scene TH
20161206 King appoints 10 members to his Privy Council TH
20161023 The hostage crisis solved in the name of the King TH / IL / PS
20161016 Thaise prins heeft jaar nodig om dood Bhumibol te verwerken VAJIRALONGKORN, MAHA / TH
20161016 Prayut, Prem granted audience with Crown Prince TH
20161014 All TV channels carry monochrome broadcasts TH
20161014 EDITORIAL: Honour the King's legacy TH / ADULYADEJ, BHUMIPOL
20161014 PM: Honour the King's words TH / ADULYADEJ, BHUMIPOL
20161013 Langjähriger Monarch Thailands König Bhumibol ist tot ADULYADEJ, BHUMIPOL / CHAN-O-CHA, PRAYUT / TH / / VAJIRALONGKORN, MAHA
20161013 Prayut: Prince asks for time CHAN-O-CHA, PRAYUT / TH / ADULYADEJ, BHUMIPOL / VAJIRALONGKORN, MAHA
20161013 PM: Nation is in its greatest sorrow, expects new King by tradition CHAN-O-CHA, PRAYUT / TH / ADULYADEJ, BHUMIPOL / VAJIRALONGKORN, MAHA
20161013 HM the King passes away TH / ADULYADEJ, BHUMIPOL
20161013 Parliament to hold special meeting Thursday night TH
20161012 King 'not stabilised' as Royal Family gathers at Siriraj TH
20161011 Former Khun Sa aide arrested, 20kg of ya ice seized STING OPERATIONS / TH
20160915 B60m cash, submachine guns in drug boss's condo TH
20160910 Prayut, Najib vow to put an end to violence TH / MY
20160906 Father, daughter killed, 8 wounded by bombs in South TH
20160904 CIA spook recalls Thailand's role in secret war CIA / PARKER, JAMES / TH
20160829 Russian man wanted for hacked ATM heist TH / SHAMBASOV, RUSTAM
20160829 Cyber-banking gang busted: Auto parts trader fell victim to sophisticated int TH / CYBERCRIME
20160827 Thailand and Cambodia discuss trade, rail links TH / KH
20160824 Hotel in Thailand: Eine Tote und mehrere Verletzte bei Bombenanschlag TH / PATTANI
20160820 Family protests after losing B1m in mobile phone banking scam CYBERCRIME / TH
20160816 Anschläge in Urlaubsgebieten: Thailands Terror-Tabu TH
20160814 Anschlagsserie in Thailand: Polizei entdeckt mehrere nicht explodierte Sprengsätze TH
20160814 Anschlagsserie: Behörden in Thailand melden erste Festnahme TH
20160812 Explosionen in Thailand: Bombenterror am Geburtstag der Königin TH
20160812 Hua Hin bombs kill one, injure many HUA HIN / TH
20160811 2 explosions hit Thailand’s Hua Hin resort town, 1 killed, 23 injured incl. foreigners – reports TH / TRANG / HUA HIN
20160811 One dead, five injured in Trang bombing TH / TRANG
20160810 Takorn: Tracking SIMs not for expatriate foreigners TH
20160807 Neue Verfassung: Thailänder legitimieren die Militärjunta TH
20160807 Abstimmung über neue Verfassung: Thailands Junta bittet zur Wahl TH
20160803 Regime takes on powerful Buranupakorn clan TH
20160803 PM 'will not step down' if charter fails TH
20160607 Govt defends data access law change Court order needed to remove content TH
20160523 US frozen out of defence deals Long-time hardware seller bypassed for Russia, China TH
20160522 'Intrusive' form irks travellers, expats TH
20160408 Officials with Panama Papers link 'will face action' TH / PANAMAPAPERS
20160406 OAG wants Panama list tax probe TH / PANAMAPAPERS
20160402 Farmers go back to the future to retain water TH
20160401 Drought killing next year's sugar crop TH
20160331 New NCPO order 'abuse of power' TH / NCPO
20160328 Data breach puts southern expats' personal details online TH
20160324 Water supplies in major dams continue to plunge TH
20160324 Thai police smash Malaysian drugs train gang TH / MY / DRUG TRAFFICKING
20160316 Water shortage grips half of country - officials TH
20160316 Water shipped in for thirsty Prachuap island monkeys TH
20160213 Questions emerge over police officer's 'suicide' Wife says senior cop not under any stress TH
20160204 Regime clamps down on foreign journos TH / FREEDOM OF PRESS
20160203 Anonymous-linked hackers leak 100 Thai prison databases TH / ANONYMOUS
20160125 Russia ties with Thais at 'strongest' point RU / TH
20160121 Australia seeks to aid terror fight Keenan to meet Prawit before heading to KL AU / TH / KEENAN, MICHAEL / WONGSUWON, PRAWIT
20160119 Russian faces deportation over gun attack TH
20160113 CDC drops plan for additional media-censorship powers TH
20160113 Hackers take out Thai court websites over Koh Tao ruling TH


Date Source Title Tags
20151220 Wild elephants have village on edge for half a year TH
20151220 Court set to hear Thaksin passports case SHINAWATRA, THAKSIN / TH
20151207 Draft data privacy bill heads for NLA debate TH
20151129 Thai Economy and Spirits Are Sagging TH
20151028 Mor Yong cited royalty to extort B5.9m, police claim TH / WARUNPRARA, PRAKROM / SUCHARITPOLWONG, SURIYAN
20151028 Prosecutors brace for bomb suspects' trial TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20151027 Reaktion auf EU-Drohung: Thailand zieht Tausende Fischerboote aus dem Verkehr TH / EU
20151027 Police say suspects 'linked to graft network' Paiboon rebuffs calls to shut temporary jail TH / WARUNPRARA, PRAKROM / CORRUPTION
20151025 What the vote means for Thailand Policies force migrant workers and border security into spotlight MY / TH
20151024 Lese majeste suspect found hanged TH / WARUNPRARA, PRAKROM
20151020 Army sets up unit to fight cyber threats TH
20151018 Activists threaten full-scale 'cyber war' on government TH
20151010 Studenten in Thailand: "Sie sind zu mutig, das ist gefährlich" TH
20151004 Police link 'PT lawyer' to suspect TH
20151004 Cyber activists hit refresh on single gateway protest TH
20150918 Bomb blitz kills three despite peace move TH / NARATHIWAT
20150904 Bombing tied to people smuggling TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING / TH / CN / TR / UIGHUR
20150903 Turkish link to Erawan blast firms up TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150902 Arrested suspect handled explosives container TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150901 Authorities believe arrested foreigner likely Erawan bomber TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150831 More attacks may have been planned, police say TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING / TH
20150830 Bomb ingredients found in apartment TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150830 BANGKOK BLAST: Turkish embassy denies suspect it citizen TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING / TR
20150830 Thai army chief says Bangkok bomb suspect uncooperative TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150830 Bomb suspect held TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150830 Foreign suspect stays mum : Prawut TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150830 Phone data leads to bomb arrest TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150829 Police arrest Erawan blast suspect TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150829 Thailand: Polizei nimmt mutmaßlichen Bangkok-Attentäter fest TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150829 Police arrest possible bomb suspect TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150824 Police interview Lao 'slaves' over trafficking HUMAN TRAFFICKING / LA / TH
20150824 Bomb probe slows TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150824 R3A Highway a major corridor for drug gangs Traffickers use the trans-national road for moving narcotics CN / LA / TH
20150823 NCPO: More evidence related to blasts found TH
20150823 Police launch massive crackdown on crime TH
20150823 Suspect sought in Sathon blast TH
20150822 Charter draft ready for download TH
20150822 Govt warns netizens on blast posts TH
20150820 Motorcycle taxi driver tells police about suspect TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150820 Bombenanschläge in Bangkok: Polizei streicht zwei Personen von Verdächtigenliste TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150820] Two other men unlikely bombing accomplices TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150820 Police ask Interpol to help track bomber suspect TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150820 B30,000 offered for Erawan tuk-tuk driver to come forward TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150819 Arrest warrant for Erawan bomb suspect TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150819 Red-shirt denies involvement in Erawan TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150819 Mutmaßlicher Attentäter von Bangkok: Polizei veröffentlicht neues Fahndungsbild TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150819 Bombenanschläge in Bangkok: Polizei fahndet nach mehreren Komplizen TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150819 B1m bounty on Erawan bomber's head TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150819 City police probe Uighur revenge motive for blast TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150818 Somyot: Sathorn, Erawan attacks work of same bombers TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150818 Bangkok blast: the Hindu shrine beloved by Buddhists TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150818 Bombenanschläge in Bangkok: Bauart der Bomben deutet auf dieselben Täter hin TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150818 Bombenanschlag von Bangkok: Fahnder suchen Mann in gelbem Shirt TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150818 Bombenanschlag in Bangkok: Auswärtiges Amt aktualisiert Sicherheitshinweise für Thailand TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150818 Anschlag in Bangkok: Thailands Armee hat Verdächtige im Visier BANGKOK / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150818 Bomb toll revised: 20 dead, 125 injured TH / TH 20150817 ERAWAN BOMBING
20150818 1MDB Swiss blackmailer jailed for three years TH / JUSTO, XAVIER ANDRE / MY / PETROSAUDI / 1MDB
20150817 Bombenanschlag in Bangkok: Thailand sucht Hintermänner des Terrors TH
20150817 Thailand: Bombe in Bangkok - mindestens zwölf Tote, viele Verletzte TH
20150817 18 killed, 117 hurt as bomb blast rocks Bangkok tourist attraction TH
20150817 'Influence' found in dead billionaire case TH / SAE TANG, CHUWONG / TANGPAKORN, BANYIN / SIWATHANAPOL, KANTHANA / WACHIRAKULTON, URACHA
20150808 Inheritance tax takes effect in January TH
20150807 Prayut not keen to prolong power TH / CHAN-O-CHA, PRAYUT
20150807 Thailand: 30 Jahre Haft für Majestätsbeleidigung per Facebook TH
20150801 NBTC seeks to extend prepaid SIM deadline TH
20150724 Stockbroker surfaces as 2nd Chuwong mistress TH / WACHIRAKULTON, URACHA / SAE TANG, CHUWONG
20150717 Plan der Militärjunta: Thailänder sollen größer und cleverer werden TH
20150715 Thailand to apply for free trade zone with EEU by 2016 - minister EEU / TH
20150626 PM pushing for 'quality democracy' TH / CHAN-O-CHA, PRAYUT
20150621 Wild cats, cocaine and claims of a police set-up TH / RAMOS, CHACHCHAYA YUYEE CUESTA
20150408 Bangkok-Besuch: Thailands Putschführer lobt Russland als wahren Freund TH
20150309 Street Food ade: Bangkok will Straßenhändler aus der Innenstadt verbannen BANGKOK / TH
20150125 Cyber bill powers to be scaled back: Government yields to public pressure TH
20150125 Yingluck free to travel, if she asks TH
20150123 Urteil in Thailand: Haftstrafe für Studenten wegen Majestätsbeleidigung TH


Date Source Title Tags
20141202 Police offer B1m for information on fugitive 'Sia Jo' TH
20141201 Protecting monks from themselves Special report: Regime tackles sex, money scandals in nation's temples TH
20141201 Pongpat allies surrender Men are accused of abducting creditor TH
20141130 Royally-given surname stripped: Crown Prince's office orders graft suspects to use old name TH
20141124 DSI links senior police to oil smuggling, South violence TH
20141115 Udomdej denies part in TV ban TH
20141006 Myanmar suspect 'took phone' TH
20141004 Torture alleged in Koh Tao questioning TH
20140930 Nach Mord an Briten: Thailand legt Touristen an die Leine TH
20140912 Prayuth: We know everyone behind attacks TH / CHAN-OCHA, PRAYUTH
20140524 Putsch der Generäle: Thailands Militär löst Parlament auf TH
20140524 Yingluck 'well', to be released soon SHINAWATRA, YINGLUCK / TH
20140524 Putsch in Thailand: Militär hält Ex-Regierungschefin an geheimem Ort fest SHINAWATRA, YINGLUCK / TH
20140523 Umsturz in Thailand: Militär verhängt Ausreiseverbot gegen Top-Politiker TH
20140523 Umsturz in Thailand: Putsch-General zitiert 100 Top-Politiker zu sich TH / CHAN-OCHA, PRAYUTH
20140522 As US weighs sanctions, foreign reaction rolls in TH / US
20140522 Thailands Militär an der Macht: Das riskante Spiel des Putsch-Generals TH / CHAN-OCHA, PRAYUTH
20140522 Putsch in Bangkok: Armee hat ganz Thailand im Griff TH
20140522 Aufmarsch in Bangkok: Putsch in Thailand - Armee übernimmt die Macht TH
20140522 Military coup in Thailand: Constitution suspended, all TV & radio broadcasts halted TH
20140520 Nach Unruhen: Thailands Armee verhängt das Kriegsrecht TH
20140507 Amtsenthebung: Gericht setzt Thailands Regierungschefin ab TH / SHINAWATRA, YINGLUCK
20140507 Thai Prime Minister Ordered Removed From Office TH / SHINAWATRA, YINGLUCK
20140418 Capo backs King’s say on cabinet fate - Govt issues challenge to charter court ruling TH
20140418 Terror suspect admits Israeli attack plan - Two detained men believed to have Hezbollah links TH / HEZBOLLAH
20140406 Poll: Majority say civil war possible TH
20140404 Reds mass in display of strength TH
20140401 CIA 'misled' on Thai black site CIA / US / TH
20140329 The Big Issue: The Men in Black TH
20140303 Der Traum vom eigenen Weingut: Thailands tropenfester Tropfen TH
20140302 PDRC to renew Shinawatra targeting from new base TH
20140226 Security Situation in Thailand Is Rapidly Deteriorating TH
20140224 Gewalt in Bangkok: Thailands Regierungschefin flieht aus Hauptstadt TH
20140223 in Thailand: Tote bei Bombenanschlag in Bangkok TH
20140208 Farmers: Sell rice stockpiles TH
20140203 PDRC shuts two stages, moves to Lumpini TH
20140130 EU urges a free and peaceful vote TH / EU
20140129 Grenade attack at Lat Phrao stage TH
20140128 ACC probes PM on rice Key govt figures insist election will proceed TH / SHINAWATRA, YINGLUCK
20140128 Protester shot, gunman caught TH
20140127 Suthep asks military to protect protesters after Pefot leader slain TH / THAUGSUBAN, SUTHEP / THARATIN, SUTIN
20140120 Army armour fuels coup rumours TH
20140120 Violence will only extend stalemate ANALYSIS: Third-party intervention looks more likely TH
20140119 Democrat 'aide' sought over blast TH
20140118 Police pressured for answers on protest grenade attack TH
20140118 Yingluck stands by Feb 2 poll TH
20140118 Suthep says govt behind blast Police raise suspicions over demo route change TH
20140117 'White-shirt' Bangkokians call for end to PDRC protest TH / UDD / PDRC
20140117 Daylight bombing of protest heightens fears TH
20140117 Weapons found in room near bombing TH
20140117 UPDATE: Blast injures 28 protesters TH
20140116 Three navy officers arrested with arms TH
20140115 Bomb attack on Abhisit’s home TH / VEJJAJIVA, ABHISIT
20140113 Suthep promises to shutdown Bangkok indefinitely THAUGSUBAN, SUTHEP / TH / BANGKOK


Date Source Title Tags
20131209 Police accuse protesters of stealing TH
20131209 Machtkampf in Thailand: Regierungschefin Yingluck macht Weg für Neuwahlen frei TH
20131207 Students left under siege as day turned to nightmare: When shots rang out and five were killed around Ramkhamhaeng University last weekend, police were nowhere to be seen during 17 hours of terror TH
20131206 Unruhen in Thailand: Protestführer in Bangkok plant Showdown am Montag TH
20131202 Machtkampf in Bangkok: Thailands Protestführer ruft zum Sturm auf die Polizei TH / THAUGSUBAN, SUTHEP
20131201 Police fire tear-gas, water cannons at protesters TH / THAUGSUBAN, SUTHEP
20131201 Massenproteste in Bangkok: Regierungsgegner greifen Machtzentrale an TH
20131130 TOT power cut hits 750,000 users TH
20131130 Gewaltsame Proteste: Thailands Regierung schickt Truppen nach Bangkok TH
20131129 Proteste in Bangkok: Thailands Regierungsgegner stürmen Armee-Hauptquartier TH
20131129 Thailands Regierungschefin Yingluck: "Ich flehe euch an, das bringt doch alles nichts" TH / SHINAWATRA, YINGLUCK
20131129 Proteste in Bangkok: Thailands Regierungsgegner stürmen Armee-Hauptquartier TH
20131126 ASIA: Thai Leader Invokes Security Law Amid Protests TH
20131125 Unruhen in Thailand: Demonstranten stürmen zweites Ministerium TH
20131112 Senators shoot down blanket amnesty bill TH
20131105 PM: Senators will decide amnesty bill's fate TH
20131013 Strict traffic law enforcement to start on Oct 21 TH
20131013 China agrees to buy more Thai rice every year CN / TH / RICE
20131012 Graft scares away foreign investors - Surin: 'Black hole of corruption' looms TH / CORRUPTION
20130831 Triple hit to the wallets: Utility bills, tolls rise from Sunday TH
20130823 Officials grill embassy workers over lost visas - Jakkrit blames missing labels on Malaysian staff TH
20130819 'No conspiracy' in Post Today attack Gunshots at Pattara's home spur blame game TH / KHAMPITAK, PATTARA / POST TODAY
20130801 Cabinet invokes ISA in capital Security law imposed to tackle amnesty bill rallies TH
20130729 Trading suspended due to Bank of Thailand advisement BITCOIN / TH
20130617 Thailand cracks down on monks living it up with luxuries - YouTube video of Buddhist monk sporting stylish aviator sunglasses and wireless headphones on a private jet prompts complaints TH
20130531 Royal attack suspects arrested TH
20130530 Police suspect more than robbery in Malaysian crown prince case TH
20130528 V stands for very confusing Thai politics TH
20130526 Bomb suspected in Ramkhamhaeng blast TH
20130523 Thaksin passport details still unclear SHINAWATRA, THAKSIN / TH / THEPKANCHANA, PONGTHEP / SHINAWATRA, YINGLUCK
20130517 Chiang Mai reds' strange concept of democracy TH / UDD
20130411 Illicit South cash targeted - Amlo suspects money used to fund terrorism TERRORISM / MONEY LAUNDERING / AMLO / PRAYOONRAT, SEEHANAT / FATF
20130410 Army chief also demands answers TH
20130405 NSC: Peace talks not derailed by Yala officials' deaths TH / NSC TH / YALA / BRN / THONGTHAWAT, ISRA
20130330 Infrastructure bill sails through: Govt plans special May session to fast-track law TH
20130329 B2-trillion bill months away from passage TH
20130324 Police target Vietnamese crime gangs - The shocking murder of a man, dismembered then dumped in a rubbish bin, has prompted police to take action. ORGANIZED CRIME / VN / LA / TH
20130318 Journalist puts troops in clear: King's Guard did not kill civilians, witness says TH / ROTROU, OLIVIER / POLENGHI, FABIO
20130311 B650m drugs found in septic tank truck DRUG TRAFFICKING / TH / MM
20130211 Rauschgifthandel in Thailand: Gewaltmarsch gegen die Drogenbarone TH / DRUG TRAFFICKING / UWSA / MM
20130206 Activists want 'CIA jail' truths CIA / RENDITION / BLACK SITES / TH / TORTURE
20130125 Cops filmed 'extorting cashier' TH
20130123 Somyot gets 11 years for lese majeste TH / PRUEKSAKASEMSUK, SOMYOT / LESE MAJESTE
20130115 Thai Navy buys advanced missiles TH / TH NAVY / RAYTHEON / WEAPONTRADE
20130102 Corruption: Tried but failed CORRUPTION / TH
20130101 Unity tops His Majesty's wish-list: King's health leads poll of Thais' hopes for 2013 TH


Date Source Title Tags
20121231 His Majesty urges compassion TH
20121231 In 2012, police end up as their own worst enemies: A string of high-profile busts of crooked cops does few favours for the reputation of the force CORRUPTION / TH
20121231 Cops to fight trafficking by the book HUMAN TRAFFICKING / TH
20121226 Govt vows to find way in charter bid: Change by sections likely if vote falls short TH / SHINAWATRA, YINGLUCK
20121215 Anschlagsserie: Thailands Süden im Griff des Terrors TH
20121215 Five cops sacked after 1m speed pill bust DRUG TRAFFICKING / TH
20121206 King calls for kindness, goodwill: Crowds jam Royal Plaza for HM's 85th birthday TH / KINDNESS / GOODWILL
20121130 COMPUTER CRIME: Ministries seek to avert cyber security 'crisis' IT SECURITY / TH
20121127 FBI to help set up DNA database DNA / TH / CIFS
20121127 Offshore companies and the boom in villas on Phuket - .BVI companies have helped British buyers snap up luxury villas in Thailand – not for tax avoidance, they say, but to avoid Thai curbs on foreign owners OFFSHORE / TH
20121127 Police defend media arrest TH
20121124 Tear gas fired at protesters: Boonlert expects ISA will boost Pitak Siam crowd TH / KAEWPRASIT, BOONLERT
20121122 Beijing eyes train deal: Premier Wen calls for fair, open competition TH / CN
20121106 Senators urge House debate on ICC role TH / ICC / TOVICHAKCHAIKUL, SURAPONG
03.11.2012 Oil smugglers threaten to kill reporters TH / MY / OIL
27.10.2012 MONEY LAUNDERING: Over B345bn smuggled out of the country MONEY LAUNDERING / TH
25.10.2012 PITAK SIAM: Prayuth issues protest warning TH / CHAN-OCHA, PRAYUTH
24.10.2012 Pitak Siam rally hopes to oust govt: Organiser Boonlert wants to see a coup TH / KAEWPRASIT, BOONLERT
23.10.2012 Army chief calls for help: Weekend attacks 'show of insurgent strength' TH
22.10.2012 Undersea cable to Phangan approved TH
20.10.2012 NSB busts net drugs worth B1bn - Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB) officers have confiscated 2.8 million speed pills and almost 60kg of crystal methamphetamine in five separate operations DRUG TRAFFICKING / TH
14.10.2012 Abhisit urges truth about men in black: POLITICALLY-CHARGED RALLY SLAMS GOVT TH
20121012 US pressured Thai officials in Bout extradition case – attorney BOUT, VIKTOR / TH / US
22.09.2012 Criminal Court to rule on Surapak case on Oct 31 TH / PURCHAISENG, SURAPAK / LESE MAJESTE / FORENSICS
18.09.2012 Programmer on trial for lese majeste TH / PURCHAISENG, SURAPAK / LESE MAJESTE
18.09.2012 Muslims protest at US embassy TH / US
17.09.2012 Protest gegen Mohammed-Video im Libanon: Hunderttausende folgen Aufruf von Hisbollah-Chef HEZBOLLAH / NASRALLAH, HASSAN / US / IL / LB / AF / PK / ID / TH
15.09.2012 Billigpille Sidagra: Thailand plant Viagra für Arme TH
12.09.2012 Workers fight to hold back torrent: Sandbag wall breached as flood levels reach 2m TH
02.09.2012 DEET in drinks killed sisters TH
02.09.2012 PACC chief vows to fight corruption even if he is moved TH / ARAYAWUH, DUSSADEE / CORRUPTION
02.09.2012 Bombing a 'blow to the economy': SOUTH ATTACK CAUSES B60 MILLION IN DAMAGES TH
29.08.2012 Suthep implicates Tarit in red-shirt crackdown: Abhisit to testify in case of taxi driver's killing TH / PENGDITH, TARIT / THAUGSUBAN, SUTHEP / VEJJAJIVA, ABHISIT
25.08.2012 26 drug inmates face transfer from South TH / DRUGS / RAYA, NATTHAPOL
25.08.2012 10,000 named in insurgency handbook - Key far South networks, names, suspects detailed TH / BASOR, SAPAE-ING / DPP
17.08.2012 Major drug dealer's home raided TH / DRUGS/ SWIWATTANAKSULSUK, SOMPORN
16.08.2012 Anti-graft drive 'making little progress' CORRUPTION / SHINAWATRA, YINGLUCK
13.08.2012 UPDATE: Senator shot cousin at dinner TH / KOWAWISARAT, BOONSONG / DETKARD, CHANAKARN
13.08.2012 Senator 'accidentally' kills secretary TH / KOWAWISARAT, BOONSONG / DETKARD, CHANAKARN
13.08.2012 Don't shoot the messenger - The conflict in the deep south TH / CHAN-OCHA, PRAYUTH / YUBAMRUNG, CHALERM
20.07.2012 Free doughnuts from Thaksin TH / SHINAWATRA, THAKSIN
26.06.2012 NASA REQUEST: Scientists enthuse about benefits TH NASA
25.06.2012 Navy denies hosting Nasa gear: Agency's website claim takes govt by surprise TH NASA
19.06.2012 U-tapao use gets armed forces' nod: Top brass suggest asking other nations to take part TH US
19.06.2012 Abhisit backs Suthep over 'Thaksin envoys' TH / SHINAWATRA, THAKSIN / THAUGSUBAN, SUTHEP
06.06.2012 FTI: Govt must enact two key laws TH
06.06.2012 Govt urged to rush through key anti-terror laws: Business sector worried financial transactions could be affected TH
16.05.2012 SOUTH: Prayuth tells UDD not to set up villages TH UDD CHAN-OCHA, PRAYUTH
20120511 Blutschuld des Drogenbosses vom Goldenen Dreieck - 15 Jahre beherrschte er das Mekong-Gebiet, betrieb Rauschgiftschmuggel, Piraterie, Mord und Kidnapping. Doch dann legte sich Drogenboss Naw Kham mit China an – das eine Task-Force schickte. KHAM, NAW / TH / CN / MM / LA
28.04.2012 Top brass China visit secures joint missile deal TH CN
13.04.2012 Courting 'financial pariah' status TH MONEY LAUNDERING
31.03.2012 Case Study: Thai Police Politically Exploit Death of Italian Journalist TH SHINAWATRA, THAKSIN
15.03.2012 Thai govt blocks 5,000 webpages insulting royal family TH
23.02.2012 Iran-Thai Bomb Blast Update — Thaksin: Another Jesuit Educated CFR Run Tyrant SHINAWATRA, THAKSIN TH IR MOSSAD
22.02.2012 Iran-Thai Bomb Blast Update IR TH DAMAPONG, PRIEWPAN
31.01.2012 South shooting sparks outrage: Military rangers deny they targetted innocents TH
26.01.2012 Suspect ties top military officer to drugs gang TH DRUGS
25.01.2012 CABINET RESHUFFLE: Embattled Nalinee asked to lift the nation's image TH TAVEESIN, NALINEE
12.01.2012 Majestätsbeleidigung in Thailand: Verwandte des Königs wollen Gesetz lockern TH


Date Source Title Tags


Author Publisher Title Year ISBN Tags
ABUZA, ZACHARY CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform The Ongoing Insurgency in Southern Thailand: Trends in Violence, Counterinsurgency Operations, and the Impact of National Politics: Institute for ... Studies, Strategic Perspectives, No. 6 2012 978-1478199441 TH