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Date Source Title Tags
20240202 Turkish banks closing Russian accounts – Vedomosti / The moves reportedly follow warnings of secondary sanctions by Washington US-TR / TR-RU / SANCTIONS
20230120 ‘Putin considers Erdogan a real man’: Why Russia maintains friendly relations with one of NATO’s key members / How Russia and Türkiye have managed to keep friendly ties despite conflicts and contradictions PUTIN, VLADIMIR / ERDOGAN, RECEP TAYYIP / RU-TR / TR-RU
20230109 Poll reveals how Turks feel about Russia - Almost three quarters of the people surveyed have said they have a positive view of the country TR-RU
20220313 Turkey reveals Putin’s stance on meeting Zelensky - Ankara is doing its best to stage face-to-face talks between the Russian and Ukrainian leaders, the country’s FM said TR-RU
20220308 Turkey may use ruble for Russia trade – media / Ankara keen to keep business going with Moscow despite sanctions TR-RU / RUB
20220227 Turkey restricts Russian Navy access - Situation in Ukraine has escalated into a full-blown war, Turkey’s top diplomat has said TR-RU / TR
20220227 Die Türkei und der Ukraine-Krieg: Zwischen den Fronten - Um russische Kriegsschiffe zu behindern, könnte die Türkei den Bosporus sperren. Allein: Erdoğan würde damit einen weiteren Krieg riskieren. TR-RU
20200306 New Putin-Erdogan deal is sugar-coating the Turks’ surrender TR-RU
20170504 Russia to resume wheat exports to Turkey, Ankara told to keep tomatoes TR-RU
20160706 Moskaus Versöhnung mit der Türkei: Wie frisch verliebt TR / RU / TR-RU