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20200820 Kremlin, WikiLeaks, hackers, trolls, you name it: US spies’ OBSESSION with RT comes full circle in Senate report RUSSIA TODAY
20191118 ‘Censored because they gave me platform’: Ecuador’s ex-leader Correa slams sudden move to cut off RT Spanish in his country CORREA, RAFAEL / RT / EC
20180319 ‘Campaign against RT is propaganda & McCarthyism’ – journalist John Pilger GB / PROPAGANDA / RT / PILGER, JOHN
20180313 No British outlet will work in Russia if London shuts down RT - Foreign Ministry RT / RU / GB
20180313 UK TV regulator writes to RT, says it may consider whether channel's license is 'fit and proper' GB / RT
20171225 National Security: Kremlin trolls burned across the Internet as Washington debated options PROPAGANDA / DONOVAN, ALICE / INFLUENCE OPERATIONS / FBI / CIA / NATO / OBAMA, BARACK / RT
20171123 Ein Jahr nach US-Wahl Anti-russische Stimmung bei Internetkonzernen - Facebook, Google und Twitter wurden dafür kritisiert, russische Propaganda im US-Wahlkampf geduldet zu haben. Neuerdings werden die Konzerne gegen Einflussnahme aus Russland aktiv. FACEBOOK / GOOGLE / TWITTER / RT / SPUTNIK
20171120 Google will ‘de-rank’ RT articles to make them harder to find – Eric Schmidt GOOGLE / RT
20171115 How did WikiLeaks become associated with Russia? WIKILEAKS / ASSANGE, JULIAN / RT / RU
20171114 USA Russischer TV-Sender RT lässt sich als "ausländischer Agent" registrieren RUSSIA TODAY / US
20171113 Forcing RT to register as 'foreign agent' is a ‘horrendous blow to press freedom’ RT / US / FREEDOM OF PRESS
20171111 Putin: Moscow will introduce tit-for-tat measures over US attack on Russian media RU / US / RT / RU-US
20171109 DOJ To Russia Today: Register As A Foreign Agent Or Face Arrest RT / US
20171109 DOJ To Russia Today: Register As A Foreign Agent Or Face Arrest US DOJ / RT
20171101 Meddling for Trump? The most expensive Twitter ad was about Bernie Sanders – RT Editor-in-Chief RT / TWITTER
20171027 Twitter’s multi-million dollar US election pitch to RT revealed in FULL TWITTER / RT / US
20171026 Nach Einmischung in US-Wahl Twitter verbannt Anzeigen von RT und Sputnik TWITTER / RT / SPUTNIK
20170530 As Putin Looks On, Macron Says Russian State News Channels Spread Lies About Him MACRON, EMMANUEL / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RT / SPUTNIK / FEDOROVA, XENIA / SIMONYAN, MARGARITA
20170530 Macron leads war on ‘deceitful propaganda’ against RT – but #ZeroFactsGiven MACRON, EMMANUEL / PUTIN, VLADIMIR / RT / SPUTNIK / FEDOROVA, XENIA / SIMONYAN, MARGARITA
20170119 Facebook blocks RT from posting until after Trump inauguration FACEBOOK / CENSORSHIP / RT
20161126 EU neither specified propaganda, nor gave Russian media right to defend – IFJ president to RT EU / RT / IFJ
20161123 'At war with Russia’: EU Parliament approves resolution to counter Russian media ‘propaganda’ EU / RU / PROPAGANDA / RT / SPUTNIK
20161118 Trumps Sicherheitsberater Flynn Hardliner mit Putin-Connection FLYNN, MICHAEL / RT / PUTIN, VLADIMIR
20161117 'New form of segregation?': Moscow reacts to US State Dept treatment of RT reporter US / RT
20161021 Clinton campaign yet again distracts from Podesta revelations with misinformation about RT CLINTON, HILLARY / WIKILEAKS / PODESTA, JOHN / RT
20161017 UK bank to close RT accounts, 'long live freedom of speech!' – editor-in-chief NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK / RT / GB / FREEDOM OF SPEECH
20160914 US presidential campaign generating 'ridiculous & dangerous' charges against Vladimir Putin RUSSIA TODAY / TRUMP, DONALD / WAGNER, DANIEL
20151107 Washington: Putin-Berater tot in Hotelzimmer gefunden LESSIN, MICHAIL / RU / RUSSIA TODAY
20140319 How Cold War-Hungry Neocons Stage Managed RT Anchor Liz Wahl’s Resignation RUSSIA TODAY / WAHL, LIZ
20130831 US-Dienst Reddit sperrt Nachrichten von Russia Today RUSSIA TODAY / REDDIT
20130820 How the press reacted to Guardian editor's revelation about security pressure - Or should that be - how newspapers didn't react? GUARDIAN / FREEDOM OF PRESS / GCHQ / DAILY TELEGRAPH / THE TIMES / THE INDEPENDENT / DAILY MAIL / WASHINGTON POST / USA TODAY / NEW YORK TIMES / WALL STREET JOURNAL / LE MONDE / RUSSIA TODAY
20130814 Kreml-Sender Russia Today: "Wenn Russland Krieg führt, ziehen wir mit in die Schlacht" RUSSIA TODAY
25.01.2012 WikiLeaks-Gründer: Assanges Talkshow läuft bei russischem Sender ASSANGE, JULIAN / RUSSIA TODAY