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|20190814||spiegel.de||[https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/brexit-boris-johnson-wirft-abgeordneten-kollaboration-mit-eu-vor-a-1281901.html Brexit Johnson wirft Abgeordneten "schreckliche Zusammenarbeit" mit EU vor]||[[JOHNSON, BORIS]] / [[GB]] / [[BREXIT]]
|20190814||rt.com||[https://www.rt.com/uk/466477-boris-collaboration-eu-brexit/ ‘Terrible collaboration’: PM Boris Johnson accuses lawmakers of working with EU to stop Brexit]||[[JOHNSON, BORIS]] / [[GB]] / [[BREXIT]]
|20190814||rt.com||[https://www.rt.com/uk/466477-boris-collaboration-eu-brexit/ ‘Terrible collaboration’: PM Boris Johnson accuses lawmakers of working with EU to stop Brexit]||[[JOHNSON, BORIS]] / [[GB]] / [[BREXIT]]

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20190814 spiegel.de Brexit Johnson wirft Abgeordneten "schreckliche Zusammenarbeit" mit EU vor JOHNSON, BORIS / GB / BREXIT
20190814 rt.com ‘Terrible collaboration’: PM Boris Johnson accuses lawmakers of working with EU to stop Brexit JOHNSON, BORIS / GB / BREXIT
20190731 spiegel.de Ärger mit Schottland, Wales, Irland und den USA Johnsons Ankunft in der Brexit-Realität JOHNSON, BORIS / BREXIT / GB / IE
20190730 rt.com Boris Johnson rattles Irish peace, but his arrogance may backfire with Irish reunification JOHNSON, BORIS
20190729 spiegel.de Großbritanniens neuer Premier Johnson stellt Bedingung für EU-Gespräche JOHNSON, BORIS / EU / BREXIT
20190725 rt.com BoJo's cabinet - a free market Taliban unleashed JOHNSON, BORIS
20190725 spiegel.de Regierungswechsel in Großbritannien Stilbruch GB / MAY, THERESA / JOHNSON, BORIS
20190628 zerohedge.com Brexit "Do-Or-Die" Game Theory: Is Johnson Lying? Hunt? Ireland? EU? JOHNSON, BORIS
20190625 spiegel.de Brexit Boris Johnson setzt auf "Kooperation" mit der EU JOHNSON, BORIS
20190622 spiegel.de Besorgter Nachbar Polizeieinsatz bei Boris Johnson JOHNSON, BORIS
20190618 spiegel.de Kampf um May-Nachfolge Johnson baut Vorsprung bei den Tories aus JOHNSON, BORIS
20190616 rt.com Brits won’t buy used car from Boris Johnson – but think he’ll be the one to steer them into Brexit JOHNSON, BORIS
20190609 rt.com ‘Money is a great solvent’: Boris Johnson pledges to withhold £39bn Brexit bill to push new EU deal JOHNSON, BORIS / BREXIT
20190516 spiegel.de May-Nachfolge Boris Johnson will Premierminister werden JOHNSON, BORIS
20181210 rt.com Boris Johnson’s new haircut fires up rumor mill about Tory leadership challenge (PHOTOS) JOHNSON, BORIS
20181109 rt.com Find Khashoggi’s killer or you’ll be helping Iran, Boris Johnson tells Saudis JOHNSON, BORIS / SA
20181031 rt.com Boris Johnson was treated by Saudis to £14,000 trip two weeks before Khashoggi murder JOHNSON, BORIS / SA
20180712 rt.com Trump says his ‘talented’ friend Boris Johnson would be a ‘great’ PM, ahead of meeting with UK’s May TRUMP, DONALD / JOHNSON, BORIS / MAY, THERESA
20180709 rt.com Jeremy Hunt appointed new Foreign Secretary after Boris Johnson quits HUNT, JEREMY / JOHNSON, BORIS / GB
20180709 spiegel.de Boris Johnson begründet Abgang "Der Brexit-Traum stirbt" JOHNSON, BORIS
20180709 rt.com From bulldozers to bodies: Bojo’s gaffes as Foreign Secretary JOHNSON, BORIS
20180709 rt.com UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigns amid cabinet squabbling over Brexit JOHNSON, BORIS / GB
20180607 buzzfeed.com Let Trump Handle Brexit: An Explosive Leaked Recording Reveals Boris Johnson’s Private Views About Britain’s Foreign Policy - “I am increasingly admiring of Donald Trump. I have become more and more convinced that there is method in his madness.” JOHNSON, BORIS
20180508 spiegel.de Streit über Zollunion Johnson bezeichnet Regierungspläne als "verrückt" JOHNSON, BORIS / BREXIT
20180405 rt.com 'Theater of absurd': Russian envoy shows UK version of Skripal case 'falls apart' (VIDEO) UN / RU / SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / JOHNSON, BORIS
20180403 theguardian.com Porton Down experts unable to verify precise source of novichok: Defence lab unable to definitively say where nerve agent that poisoned Sergei Skripal and his daughter came from SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / SKRIPAL, YULIA / NOVICHOK / CHEMICAL WEAPONS / GB / RU / OPCW / PORTON DOWN / AITKENHEAD, GARY / MAY, THERESA / JOHNSON, BORIS
20180316 rt.com Boris Johnson: Likely ‘Putin's decision’ to order use of nerve agent in UK SKRIPAL, SERGEJ / GB / JOHNSON, BORIS
20171222 rt.com Boris Johnson the 'committed Russophile' goes native on first official trip to Moscow JOHNSON, BORIS / RU
20170513 spiegel.de Britischer Außenminister Boris Johnson will Brüssel Brexit-Kosten aufbürden JOHNSON, BORIS / BREXIT
20161016 spiegel.de Großbritannien Geheimer Artikel zeigt Boris Johnsons Brexit-Spiel JOHNSON, BORIS / BREXIT
20151116 rt.com ‘Edward Snowden taught terrorists how to avoid being caught’ – Boris Johnson JOHNSON, BORIS / SNOWDEN, EDWARD